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Well done PPP – by Ahsan Abbas Shah

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • PAK FAUJ key ghulam MUSAALMANOON KO SALAAM…..NAPAK FAUJ key IT wing ko SALAAM…….NAPAK FAUJ key agentoon ko SALAAM….

  • I am not too much of being Pak Fauj ko Salam, but I like what is going on currently in the country to the extent that first time in History forces generals were called upon to brief parliamentarians. Even though parliamentarians completely wasted the opportunity but it is applaudable that the faujis were held accountable to Parliament.
    We still have parliamentarians, who have skeletons in their cupboards and they cant stand upto a fauji general due to his sheer power. But inshallah with the strength of democracy things will fall into place.
    One thing I like about this session was when Shuja Pasha took Fazal ur Rehman’s brother & Opposition leader Choudhry Nisar to task.


  • today is the defining moment and great victory of democratic forces usa people of pakistan and great army of pakistan.first of all i recall pm letter to controll lsi under civil govt badly reversed.thn came carry lugar bill only one clause not accepted tht if army will take over no american aid this issue hihly dinanced to media this time establishment compromised. now osama assasination very well planned.mr obama is gifted with a piece of cake for his next election,rest cake is for aaz.pakistan parliament successfully brought lsi under parliament great success killed two birds with one arrow.mr kayani and mr pasha should b highly rewaded for civil award to set the future direction of our brave army to b concentrate on pakistan defence in thr domain no foriedgn policy should b dictated by army or any other institution.john lugar in pakistan inspite of mrs clinton and joint communique indicate completion of carry lugar bill.well done mr president and yr think tanks.v need gud trade and relation with close neighbours not neccesserally only muslim world v need every human being on board even those who wrogly involve in terrorism bring thm under pak constitution for thr childrens future.god bless every body v know u knew bb murderer and soon thy will face the tune of law.