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Politicians united to defend the mighty army and spy masters – by Haris Ubaid

Pakistan’s political elite after due consultation with his highness COAS Kayani and his highness Chief Spy Pasha have come to the defense of the military establishment. This reminds me the following words of Urdu poet John Eliah:

Nahi dunya ko jab parwah hamari,
Tou phir dunya ki parwah kyun karain hum,
Barehna hein sar-e-bazaar tou kia,
Bhala andhon se purdah kyun karain hum

Yesterday, Prime Minister Gilani came with a speech defending the Army and ISI, his arguments were based on content heavily borrowed from the fiction written by former COAS Pervez Musharraf titled as “In the line of fire.” After PM’s histrionics, another douche-bag, the imbecile and feeble-minded Chauhdry Nisar (PML-N) came with rigorous disapproval to PM’s speech, but vowed to defend and resist any humiliation of the Army and its spy agency. Interestingly the same idiot a few days earlier came with opposition of the spy agency’s role in making and breaking political parties and alliances.

Then came the third grade bureaucrat and the most non-serious politician, the architect of Karachi “exemplary” peace and secure environment, Mr. Rehman Malik, with rage and vehemence on Ch. Nisar’s statement. In the words of Faiz:

Wo baat sarey fasaney mey jis ka zikr na tha
Wo baat un ko boht nagawar guzri hei

He behaved like “shah se ziada shah k wafadar” and  called all among us as Osama’s companions for criticising and pointing to the incompetence of the military establishment and their incapability to perform the tasks they have been assigned.

But unfortunately they are in news for all the wrong reasons as being the largest agricultural land owners, Industrial empire builders, bankers, investors, deal brokers, contractors, airline owners and tikka kabab, kata kat and burger shop owners at the army messes.

PPP is still paranoid with the assassination of their leader Benazir Bhutto, who was killed by the same who are defended by our big mouthed Interior Minister on a regular basis.

Well done PPP! Save your own skins! And let the security monsters continue what they are best at, killings of Baloch youth and be involved in extra judicial killings of Pashtuns in Swat, Bajaur, Kurram and Orakzai.

Let the rare species known as Pakistani politicians like Asif Zardari, Rehman Malik, Babar Awan, Ahmad Mukhtar, Asfandyar Wali Khan, Fazlur Rahman, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif be saved for not letting the world especially Pakistan deprived of this lot.

Long Live the Army and ISI
Long Live PPP
Long Live N-League

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  • This is an emotional outpour without any substance. What should the government have done? To sit in government and criticise/take on your own army is not possible, anywhere. There is obviously the option to resign from government and then take on an unambiguous anti-army postion. But if that is the case then the PPP should stop from being a mainstream electoral party to a revolutionary militia.
    Other argument can be that they shold have rolled some heads, instituted a parliamentary/judicial inquiry rather than a military one. For that you need broader parliamentary support and also support in society. After what Nawaz Sharif said yesterday and the response from mainstream media and CS or FCS – note no demos, vigils or seminars against the army – who will support them? Am afraid a handful of LUBP readers and supporters are not enough for a mass party government to take a position to satisfy their desires. Also, this is a long haul struggle and the deep state has got a right royal dent on their faces and this is how over time their influence will reduce. Unfortunately there are not short cuts and this is not the last game the army or the civilian game is playing.

  • I think we should not be incidentalists or much emotionalists because we agreed that “Democracy is the best revenge”. We can put our views and we can criticized politicians’ policies but we can not be good politicians. My agreement with Chandio Sb is due to his unemotional approach that PPP is not a revolutionary party. Let the revolutionists left and FCS do violent coup against the Army and ISI. It is fact that it time to demoralize the powerful Mulla Military and pseudo anchor alliance. There is no scope and space to criticize PPP because there are many to do that. Let Us Build Pakistan

  • Oh come on Dilshand. What stupidity. They should have sacked the two chiefs. As simple as that. What is the point of sitting in govt anyway if you cant move a finger. I guess ZAB should have realized your logic too and behaved like a nice politician rather than a revolutionary martyr.