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10 radars urgently needed by Pakistan army and Al Qaeda – by Ali Sher Mussali

Top TV anchors and the fake civil society (FCS) loyalists of Pakistan army have announced to collect funds and donations on urgent basis to purchase 10 radars to save at least 10 top Al-Qaida leaders in various safe houses in Pakistan. Anchors will donate half of their lucrative salaries and the FCS will raise funds from industrialists, PML(N), JI, PTI leadership and the urban elite of Pakistan.

This has been decided after the disloyal civilian government refused to impose Radar tax but determined to levy bloody flood taxes. A survey was conducted by Geo group, under the instructions of Mir Shakilur-Rehman and his political advisers, in which athara crore awaam (180 million people) voted in favour of Radar tax but the PPP government once again proved to be a sell out to Americans, Indians and Israelis.

Dear readers,

To be good Pakistani it is our responsibility to help Pakistan Army and ISI as they can save our Muslim Arab leaders who were safe in the safe houses before Osama bin Laden’s assassination. However, after OBL’s Shahadat our army is not sure about the security of other assets of the Muslim Ummah.

Our army commanders are determined; they have threatened the USA with dire consequences in case of one more helicopter operation. They have also threatened India against any such helicopter operation against General Hafiz Saeed. As a counter strategy, our commanders have decided to install a radar on each safe house. Therefore, our army needs 10 radars on urgent basis. Please come forward and help our loyalist anchors and FSC for a good cause.

May Allah and Saudi Sheikhs bless your hearts and jackets.

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  • Mullah Omar should be ‘worried’: US general

    Updated at 23:53 PST Thursday, May 05, 2011

    WASHINGTON: A top US general on Thursday said Taliban leader Mullah Omar should be “worried” after US forces killed Osama bin Laden, predicting the raid would damage the Afghan insurgency’s morale.

    Major General Richard Mills, who recently finished his tour commanding Marines in southern Afghanistan, said the assault on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan demonstrated “that we don’t leave our missions.”

    “Once we’ve targeted you, we’re going to maintain our focus on you until the mission’s accomplished,” he told reporters.

    “If I was Mullah Omar I would certainly be worried. It shows the Americans are focused,” the general said.

    Omar is the one-eyed spiritual leader of the insurgency who presided over the 1996-2001 Taliban regime in Kabul, which was toppled in a US invasion for its support of Al-Qaeda.

    Mills said the death of bin Laden would undermine the morale of the insurgents fighting the Kabul government while giving a “tremendous” boost to troops in the NATO-led force.

    “I think that has to have a psychological impact on the leadership of the insurgency that’s caused the trouble in Afghanistan,” he said.

    He also said the demise of Bin Laden would have a tactical effect in the war, jeopardizing continued financial support to the Taliban from Al-Qaeda militants in neighboring Pakistan.

    A trove of hard drives and computer files retrieved from Bin Laden’s compound will help US forces target those providing material support to the Taliban, he added. (AFP)

  • In the wake of the brilliant execution of Osama Bin Laden, more pressure is on the US Government. After the highly skilled US Navy Seals had pumped a bullet into the head of Bin Laden blowing away a large area of his skull above the eye, then making sure he was dead by shooting a final bullet into his chest. Then the mission got really interesting the seals gathered up a number of PC hard drives and paper materials and other items that may contain intelligence information. Let us look at the words ‘may contain intelligence information. The reality is that they will reveal a ‘treasure trove’ of information about Al Qaeda and the Taliban. It is pretty safe to assume that by now the US Government will know where Mullah Omar and Ayman al Zawahiri were living on Sunday May 1, 2011 when they executed GERONIMO E-KIA.

    So for sure Omar and al Zawahiri and their cohorts will have been relocating since Sunday. What these two very high profile terrorists have is lots of cash, so they will have had no problem to find a new place to stay. But and this is the but, they will for sure be receiving help and assistance by well connected people and/or Pakistan security protection in Pakistan. Hence the US need to pressurize the Pakistan government for assistance in tracking down these murderous terrorist killers. The Pakistan government are so corrupt and duplicitous and blatantly did not help in the liquidation of Bin Laden. But now it is a different ball game as Ayman al Zawahiri will for sure be planning a retaliation attack on USA now that Bin Laden is dead!

    Already just now on BBC TV the Pakistan Government have said that the US Navy Seals after killing Bin Laden they captured one of the terrorist’s security lieutenants and bundled him onto one of the helicopters. No news of this man has been reported by the US government to date, maybe it is lies, or it is real and he is being processed by the US by way of undergoing advanced interrogation techniques ie they are waterboarding him to get information. Who knows this news is just breaking and is all very sketchy ala the fogs of war!

    What is certain though is that Mullah Omar and Ayman al Zawahiri are On the Move!

  • This is complete security failure…Pakistan army and ISI should give answer how SHEIKH HADHRAT OSAMA BIN LADIN killed in the hands of infidal and kafir army…we urge for immidiate enquiry under the chairmanship of ALLA HADHRAT MULLAH AZIZ of LAL MASJID ( burqa fame)..other members should be HAMID MIR,ANSAR ABASI,MIR SHAKEEL UR REHMAN…

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