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ISI assets begin their act to ensure “supremacy” of their masters

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We have been talking about the various assets of the ISI in our media. Whether they do everything at the orders of theirs masters cannot be confirmed, however, they do feel it is their moral duty to give one theory after another to justify their previous lies. Off course, if a person does believe in the saying “Sharam tum ko magar nahee aati” or in English “You are just not ashamed!”, then all these assets of the ISI would ideally retire. Unfortunately, as they are puppets being managed by a puppeteer, they are never ashamed and come back with one theory after the other just to justify their fallacies. As they say in Urdu “Aik jhoot chhupanay kay liye 100 jhoot bolnay partay hayn”, the ISI assets just keep doing that.

Some of the eminent ISI assets in Pakistan include the likes of Syed Talat Hussain, Javed Chaudhry, Hamid Mir, Kamran Khan, Mushtaq Minhas etc  but no one beats Ansar Abbasi! The man just doesn’t know how to stop. Last 12 months have not been very good for him. Having been embroiled in a defamation case with a former PPP spokeperson, Ansar Abbasi has only been going downhill. Firstly he came up with a “for your eye only” report that

The desperate asset in chief of ISI

talked about a possible “assassination” of Khwaja Sharif which tried to implicate that actually assassinated Salmaan Taseer. Later on he was at the forefront of leading the judges into a conclave in October 2010 based on hearsay. Then his true colors could be seen when the Raymond Davis saga unfolded. While spewing his venom on an hourly basis on prime time TV and daily basis in The News and Jang, he even went on publish the names, passport numbers and details of visas issued to Americans in Pakistan. Off course, this kind of information can only be fed by the masters. He had to eat a lot of humble pie after Raymond Davis was freed taking the diyat money of Rs. 200 million  with the ISI and his other masters, PML N Government in Punjab facilitating the release.

Osama Bin Laden’s killing and that too in Pakistan in a garrison city has shocked not just the Army and ISI but also their puppets/assets. In order to justify their stories/lies/theories, they have now started focusing on security of our nuclear assets to trumpet support for the Army and ISI.

In today’s The News and Jang, Ansar Abbasi has presented yet another whacky story that Diplomats were caught neat the Kahuta nuclear site and that too just a day before OBL’s killing!!! I don’t want to comment much, but Mr. Ansar Abbasi, please download Google Earth and get to zoom into Kahuta area to see the pictures of our nuclear site.  In a country where no one is safe, do you really expect British and American diplomats to venture into Kahuta area? When the Americans can track OBL in a city and that too a Pakistan Army influenced and controlled city through their savvy equipment, do you think someone will go to Kahuta just to take pictures?

This is yet another attempt by Ansar Abbasi, his gang and his masters to increase their worth which is not even worth a penny now!!!! Grow up!

Diplomats caught near Kahuta nuke site

By Ansar Abbasi

The News, May 5, 2011

ISLAMABAD: A day before Osama was killed in Abbottabad, which earned shame for the whole nation except some excited rulers and exposed serious lapses in our security and defence systems, four western diplomats, including Britons and an American, were caught hiking in the prohibited surroundings of the restricted Kahuta atomic plant.
Interior ministry sources while quoting an intelligence report said that they were taking photographs of the area and carrying electronic gadgets including cameras and a laptop.
These sources said that they were intercepted, questioned and later escorted back to Islamabad by the Pakistan security officials with the clear warning that they were crossing the red-line. Their cameras were confiscated; however, they were not formally arrested or thoroughly probed after they proved their diplomatic status.
Interior Secretary Chaudhry Qamar Zaman, who is presently abroad, could not be approached. However, his Additional Secretary Asif Nawaz, who is currently looking after the ministry as its acting secretary, when approached was unsure if he saw such a report or not.
“Frankly I don’t recollect it. I might have disposed it in routine as fresh receipts are normally marked down and to the concerned agencies for necessary action,” he said. The FO spokespersons despite repeated efforts was not available for her response on the matter.
According to an informed interior ministry source, the ministry not only received the information from the Punjab home department but the ISI is also aware of it.
The UK High Commission spokesperson when contacted responded, “This was a recreational hiking trip in the hills south of Murree. The group cooperated fully with the authorities.” The UK HC though did not explain any further but a diplomatic source explained that out of three of the UK High Commission officials identified in the report, only one is a regular member of the mission.
According to the official report, four foreigners who were found in the forest area around Kahuta Atomic Plant on May 1 and intercepted in the afternoon included one US and three UK diplomats/officials. They include Ms Kilipna (or Kalitna) Merethy of the US Embassy while Mr Granyeer John Scort, Ms Exprece and Ms Angela Hyte were shown by the intelligence report as UK Embassy officials. Scort and Exprece were identified as having been associated with the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) wing of the embassy.
However, US embassy spokesperson Alberto Rodriguez when approached emailed to The News the following response: “A female American diplomat was hiking in the Murree area on Sunday, May 1. That person was accompanied by three other persons of British, Canadian and New Zealand nationalities. While hiking, the group was stopped and questioned by the police. They were stopped, we understand, because the caretaker of a local cell or radio tower was asked by the police to report anyone unfamiliar in the area. The US diplomat was asked for identification and complied with the request of the police officer to show her camera to him. The police official looked at the digital photos on the camera and subsequently returned the camera without deleting any pictures. The group was informed that they were hiking in a restricted area and were subsequently escorted to the outskirts of Islamabad. The group saw no signs or markers indicating that the area was restricted. The American diplomat fully complied with the appropriate travel procedures at the embassy. The group comprised various nationalities. The group was in Murree, as the police can attest to, not in Kahuta or near an atomic power plant. I urge you to go back to your source and verify the information that was provided to you, as I believe there are errors in fact that would put into question whatever other information you have received. I am sure with your contacts, you can easily verify everything I have said with the local police in the area.”
However, the Special Branch Punjab report received by the Interior Ministry from the Punjab Home Department say: “On 01-05-2011 at about 1240 hours, the field staff of Special Branch, Punjab, came to know about the presence of few foreigners in the forest area of Punj Pir, PS (police station) Kahuta taking photographs of the area. Kahuta Atomic Plant is visible from this area. They were also found carrying electronic gadgets including laptops. The matter was immediately brought in to the notice of Federal Intelligence Agency who also reached there and took the custody of the foreigners.” The report also contained the names of four foreigners as reflected earlier and identified as one American and three British.
Quoting the ISI report, the interior ministry source said that according to the ISI these four foreigners had gone there in a black Land Cruiser registration no Islamabad NS 857. They were intercepted initially by police around the restricted area of Kahuta atomic plant. When questioned, these foreigners were reported to have claimed that they were there for sightseeing.
Having unsatisfied with their response, the police is said to have called the security officials of the Special Planning Division, who questioned them, verified their identities and escorted them back to Islamabad only after a clear warning that they were found in the no-go area. Two of their cameras with which they had taken the photographs of the sensitive area were confiscated.
Although Pakistan has now innumerable nuclear sites, Kahuta Atomic Plant for being the first atomic site developed is globally recognised as one of the major nuke sites of Pakistan. There has been repeated efforts made by the western, American and Indian intelligence operators to spy on the Kahuta Atomic Plant but as yet not only this particular nuclear site but each and every nuclear installation of the country has been remained inaccessible and fully secure.
Only a couple of years back, some members of the US private company – DynCorp – reportedly containing CIA’s under cover operators were found involved in spying and several of them were disengaged from the places like Sihala Police College where they were apparently imparting training of police officials but were alleged to have been spying on Kahuta Nuclear facility.
The Pakistani authorities noted suspected activities of certain members of DynCorp, which under a contractual obligation between Pakistan and the US, as was agreed during Musharraf’s regime, was engaged in law enforcement training, security matters and air aviation cooperation here.
Some of the intelligence agencies including the ISI and IB had credible reports about the involvement of certain members of DynCorp in spying business. An intelligence agency had reported to the government in 2009 that three Americans alongwith a Pakistani had tried to trespass into restricted area of Kahuta Power Plant but the official security agency deployed at the check post got alerted and intercepted them when they crossed the check post and entered restricted area.
The Pakistani accompanying these Americans was a retired assistant director of the FIA, who while introducing himself as FIA officer had managed to free the Americans and returned. Through this trespassing, according to the official report, the Americans had tried to check the security arrangement for Kahuta Research Laboratories.
That very incident had played a vital role in moving out DynCorp men from Sihala Police college facility where they were allowed to train the police officials but were found in spying the country’s nuclear facility.

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  • Where the hell is Kahuta? I have heard about it all my life, but never seen it or seem to know where it is. Does Ansar Abbasi know where it is?

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  • Exploiting Public Opinion?
    May 4th, 2011
    by Mukhtar Ahmed
    The latest article by Ansar Abbasi in today’s daily Jang states that there is a huge conflict between the foreign office and the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan, and he implies that the people of this nation have no more trust in the government, army and the security forces of the country. He then goes on and on about several assumption that he makes up himself and presents them as if they are the public’s opinions.

    First of all, I am deeply offended by Ansar Abbasi’s cock and bull story supposedly portraying the awams representation when he says that people of Pakistan have no confidence in their military and security forces. My question here is: Who is Ansar Abbasi to speak for the awam? Has he ever seen the army environment? Or spent time with the families of army personnel who sacrifice so much everyday for their country? Or does he just want to sensationalize everything and make a name for himself?

    I grew up in a military environment as my father served in the military. We moved all over the country every few years just like an average army family does. I have gone to Army Public Schools, shopped at C.S.D stores, and played sports in Services Clubs in various chaownis (cantonments) of my country. It will be an understatement to say that Pakistan Army personnel are the most patriotic people I have ever seen and simply because Pakistan Army’s and other security forces were absent from May 2nd operation does not render them useless and make them a cause for security concern.

    Secondly, Abbasi’s entire story shows that he has no understanding of the way government works. Suggesting there is a huge conflict between the Foreign Office and the Prime Minister and the President of Pakistan makes no sense. The Foreign Office is under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is part of the same government as PM and President and there has been no difference in the statements between any of these three. Both the official statement of the Foreign Office and the statement by President Zardari all say the same thing–we support the fight against terrorists who threaten our own security and sovereignty more than any other nation. He implies that the reservations from Foreign office in contrast to the attitudes of President and Prime minister raise a question mark to the security of the country but this is not logical. Foreign Office speaks for the President and Prime Minister also. This is why each of their statements follows a similar theme.

    Labeling the security forces as ineffective and incompetent is no way to be addressing an institution that has a long tradition of taking pride in their history, culture, identity and heritage. I watched Ansar Abbasi praising Osama on Geo and then today I read his slander against the military and I have had enough. No, Ansar Abbasi certainly does not speak an average citizen of Pakistan, and he certainly does not speak for me!


  • This is for AABPARA INDUSTRY
    Kaba kis mun sey jao ghey Ghalib
    sharam tum ko maghar naheen aati
    Shame on Kiani & its military establishment which could not hide UBL any more & is now crying foul.
    Usama mar gia Mulah Omer wi mar jana

  • I love the title given to Ansar Abbasi by Nazir Naji: Dalair Singh Menhdi.

    He is as despicable as Tammy Haq if not more.

  • ANSAR ABBASI is a big bastard…he is a old JAMAT ISLAMI MEMEBER….and you can expact this munafiqat and oppertunism from JAMATIES..

  • Dead man and the sea

    We asked world famous occult medium, Mr. Abdul Qadir Awami Badami, to connect and communicate with Osama bin Laden’s soul, to ask him what really happened on the night he was shot dead in Abbottabad …

    Mr. Osama, can you hear me? Mr. Osama?
    Bubble … bubble … bubble

    I think I have made contact with the departed soul. Mr. Osama, can you hear me?
    Yes, where am I? Is this heaven?

    No, sir, you are at the bottom of the sea.
    Sea? Hmmm … yes, it does seem that way. Am I dead?

    Well, yes. Kind of.
    Hmm … how did I die?

    I was hoping you could tell me that.
    All I remember is that it was night and I was waiting for the Kakul guys to get my dinner, and then I heard these ’copters and thought maybe the Kakul guys were throwing me a surprise party or something and I got very excited, and …

    The Kakul guys used to give you dinner?
    Well, yes. Biryani on Mondays and Tuesdays, chicken chowmein on Wednesdays, steak on Thursdays, mixed veggies on Saturdays and Sundays …

    And on Fridays?
    On Fridays I used to call them over for dinner. One of my wives makes a darn good Yemeni stew.

    I see. So they knew you were hiding there?
    Of course, they did! They’re my wives!

    I mean the Kakul guys.
    Oh. Well, according to their intelligence reports, I was some rich Arab camel breeder and exporter.

    Really? They didn’t bother to cross-check?
    Let’s just say, I was not on their radar.

    Must be the same radar that failed to pick the American ’copters …
    I tell you, my men have better radars, hehehe … bubble, bubble..
    By the way, you said that I was in hiding?

    Weren’t you in hiding?
    Not at all!

    Then why did the Americans take 10 years to find you?
    Those fools don’t know much about caves.

    But you weren’t hiding in a cave, sir.
    My friend, let me tell you, all of Pakistan is one big cave!

    Then did the Pakistanis really know you were in the country all along?
    My friend, they wouldn’t have been Pakistanis had they not known. Hehe … bubble, bubble.

    Never mind.

    So you are saying they knew?
    Well I was … excuse me, I think I have a fish stuck in my ear. *Plop!* Ah, a red snapper! So, what were you saying? By the way, what is your name, brother?

    Abdul Qadir Awami Badami
    That is a strange name. Are you by any chance a Hindu?

    Hmm … I guess I will have to kill you anyway.

    But you are dead.
    Oh, right, of course. Then I guess I will kill some fish instead.

    Are you a seafood fan?
    No, I just like killing infidels.

    Infidel fish?
    Yes, you have a problem with that, you idol worshipper!

    How can fish be infidel?
    Look at them! Swimming in the sea, all naked!

    But they are fish!
    And stark naked! Shameless.

    Whatever, tell us about your stay in Pakistan…
    It reminded me of home.

    Saudi Arabia?
    No, Afghanistan, but with better cars and escalators.

    But you’re a Saudi.
    I’m a Muslim first. The best there was. And if you disagree I will get you killed. You are a Christian Crusader anyway.


    Human being.

    Any difference between human beings and Muslims?
    Of course there is. That is why we only kill human beings.

    But you and your al Qaeda and Taliban friends have killed thousands of Pakistani Muslims.
    They were all bad Muslims.

    How can you say that?
    I don’t say. I blow!

    No, you say, while others blow…
    Those who blow have true faith.

    Even the small children and infants who have died in these attacks?

    So people who blow themselves up in mosques, shrines and markets are the only true Muslims?
    It is much more complicated than that. A very complex concept.

    Please explain.
    You see, only those Muslims who blow themselves up in mosques, shrines and markets are the only true Muslims.

    But that’s what I said.
    You did?

    I see … you Hindu!

    Why did you say that?
    Because you worship idols.

    But to some, you are an idol too.
    I am an ideal.

    A pretty violent one though.
    Yes, mashallah.

    But I’m not forcing my beliefs on you.
    That is because you are a chicken!

    So I should impose them on you?
    Yes. Come on, I invite you to convert to my faith. Where is your suicide jacket?

    Where’s yours?
    I deal in suicide jackets, not wear them, fool.

    I know so many Muslims who are nothing like you.
    They are not Muslims!

    Then who are they?
    Human beings! Ugh!

    But I thought a good Muslim also meant being a good human being.
    Jewish propaganda!

    Well, as I … excuse me, I think I see a shark approaching.

    Why don’t you move from there?
    No worries. You know that red snapper that got stuck in my ear?

    Well, I trained it to become a suicide bomber. It just exploded over the shark’s head!

    But the shark did not attack you!
    But it could have.

    You’re sounding like George W. Bush. He, too, was into pre-emptive strikes, remember?
    Ah, good ol’ Bushy. He was good for my business. But this Obama guy turned out to be different.

    Different, how? In policy and in strategy?
    No, in colour. He is black.

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    That is the problem. The whole world should be Muslim, instead.

    Yes, just like Bush wanted the whole world to become American.
    Ah, good ol’ Bushy. Those were the days. Right, I guess I’ll kill you now.

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    They buried me here?

    Yes, the Americans buried you in the sea.
    Wow! Has Obama converted to Islam?

    What do you mean? You were a Salafi, right?
    Yes. I am amazed. How did he know we didn’t believe in marked graves?

    But some of your fans around the world are criticising him for not giving you a decent Muslim burial.

    So you are happy that they buried you in the sea?
    Of course! Otherwise bad Muslims would have made a shrine at my grave. We blow up shrines, you know.

    Yes I do. But this is amazing. You are actually happy at what Obama did?
    Yes, but minus the shooting-me-in-the-head part, of course.

    So you do remember that you were shot in the head?
    Well, I really do have this bad headache and … well, I’ll be dammed! There’s a hole in my head! The buggers did shoot me!

    The Americans?
    Yes, who else? The Pakistanis?

    So Pakistanis weren’t at all involved in your assassination?
    Well, their only contribution to this was that on that fateful, tragic night they delayed my dinner. Buggers. Had to be shot on an empty stomach.

    But the Taliban are blaming them and saying that now their top target is Pakistan.
    Really? What was our top target before my death? Guatemala?

    You tell me.
    Hmmm … better warn Mullah Omar.

    Why, is he hiding in Pakistan too?
    Follow the dinner trail, follow the dinner trail …

    So the Pakistanis did know you were there, right?
    Pakistanis don’t know where they themselves are, forget about knowing where I was. What is the Pakistani media saying?

    Some of their TV anchors seem shocked and sad.
    Yes, one of them once worked as a cook for me and another used to give me great massages.

    Can you name them?
    No. Don’t want to give them undue importance. Let the ISI do that.

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    Sort of. They give the ISI great massages too.

    Can you be more specific?
    Yes, I can. I. Want. To. Behead. You. You. Hindu. How is that for being specific, you cunning Jew?

    Human being.
    Same thing.

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    I am disconnecting from you now. May God deal with you in whatever way he thinks you are to be dealt with.
    Darn. I almost forgot. You are right. Now I will have to meet the maker. Do you think he likes seafood?


  • Mullah Omar should be ‘worried’: US general

    Updated at 23:53 PST Thursday, May 05, 2011

    WASHINGTON: A top US general on Thursday said Taliban leader Mullah Omar should be “worried” after US forces killed Osama bin Laden, predicting the raid would damage the Afghan insurgency’s morale.

    Major General Richard Mills, who recently finished his tour commanding Marines in southern Afghanistan, said the assault on Bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan demonstrated “that we don’t leave our missions.”

    “Once we’ve targeted you, we’re going to maintain our focus on you until the mission’s accomplished,” he told reporters.

    “If I was Mullah Omar I would certainly be worried. It shows the Americans are focused,” the general said.

    Omar is the one-eyed spiritual leader of the insurgency who presided over the 1996-2001 Taliban regime in Kabul, which was toppled in a US invasion for its support of Al-Qaeda.

    Mills said the death of bin Laden would undermine the morale of the insurgents fighting the Kabul government while giving a “tremendous” boost to troops in the NATO-led force.

    “I think that has to have a psychological impact on the leadership of the insurgency that’s caused the trouble in Afghanistan,” he said.

    He also said the demise of Bin Laden would have a tactical effect in the war, jeopardizing continued financial support to the Taliban from Al-Qaeda militants in neighboring Pakistan.

    A trove of hard drives and computer files retrieved from Bin Laden’s compound will help US forces target those providing material support to the Taliban, he added. (AFP)


  • @Raza
    Yea, in his satire piece, NFP is certainly talking about Ansar Abbasi and Talat Hussain. They are ones “giving massages to the ISI”. Hahahah.

  • I would just like to say one thing! ISI has done everything to protect this country and this country ONLY! America is cornering them and ur playing along! Its the foolish AWAM like u who play the negative role and breed the hatred amongst the people of Pakistan and exploit the image of the most prestigious organization! I just wish you fools knew how much effort theyre putting in to safeguard your ass! I feel sorry for people like YOU, who have the power to use their pen and write but instead of supporting the REAL cause, u feed shit to the people! Shame on people like you! And just for the record, Ansar Abbasi can jump off a cliff for all I care, dont connect him to ISI!

  • @ISI
    On your point “And just for the record, Ansar Abbasi can jump off a cliff for all I care, dont connect him to ISI!” – I hope he does!!!!

  • @ISI,
    You are so true. ISI is the most patriotic idara in Pakistan. May Allah protect them and Pakistan from their twisted thinking.

    BTW, a teacher of mine in unversity used to sarcastically used to say that “Military” and “Intelligence” are oxymorons. You want to check “Military Intelligence”, see their vehicle number plates. There is an “Arrow” pointing upwards. That is what their intelligence is about.

  • well (S)ansar abbasi’s piece is a very clear case of ‘khisyani billi khamba nochay’ post OBL-capture…where the billi being ISI and its puppets namely mr (S)ansar himself…

  • @Abbas Ansari

    Im glad someone is not blinded here! How much do u ask for man? ISI has given so much blood that goes unnoticed, noone gets to know that he was THE MAN saving our ass collecting INTEL! Our country needs to stand with eachother, unity is required at this point, America is trying and will dissolve ISI and Pakistan if fools like these keep writing and exploiting our people!

    May Allah Bless ISI personal and keep them under his shield! May the ISI workers ( fathers, husbands and brothers ) return home everyday safely and may we see ourself out of this Pandemonium all plotted up by America! AMEEN!

  • ایک محلے میں چوریاں بہت زیادہ ہوتی تھیں ،یہ چور محلے سے باھر بھی چوریاں کرتے تھے ، محلے کے باھر جو دوسرے بدمعاش تھے وہ بھی ان چوروں سے تنگ تھے کیوں کے یہ چور ان بدمعاشوں کی جگہ لینا چاہتے تھے ، انہوں نے اس چور کو پکڑنے اور سزا دینے کا سوچا اور محلے والوں اور اور باہر کے بدمعاشوں نے چور کی تلاش شورو کردی اور محلے والوں نے اپنے پورے تعاون کا یقین دلایا ،محلے میں چوریاں اور بڑھنے لگیں ،باھر کے بدمعاشوں کو شک تھا کے محلے والوں میں سے بھی کوئی ملا ہوا ہے اس لیہ انہوں نے چور کو پکڑنے کے لیہ خود بھی محنت شورو کر دی
    ایک رات ایسا ہوا کہ یہ بدمعاش محلے میں داخل ہوئے اور ایک گھر کی دیوار پھیلانگ کر چور کو پکڑ لیا ،چور کے گھر سے سارے محلے کا سامان بھی برآمد ہو گیا ،چور کا گھر محلے کی کمیٹی کے گھر کے برابر والا تھا اور اس پاس بھی وہ لوگ رہتے تھے جو چور کو پکڑنے کے لئے بدمعاشوں کے ساتھ چور کی تلاش میں شامل تھے
    اب جیسے ہی چور پکڑا گیا ، محلے کے لوگوں نے سکھ کا سانس لیا پر چور کے خاموش حمایتیوں نے یہ شور مچانا شورو کر دیا کہ یہ بدمعاش دیوار پھلانگ کر کیوں آے ، اور ہمارے محلے میں بغیر اجازت کے کیوں آگے ،یہ ہمارے محلے کے قانون کی خلاف ورزی ہے
    بدمعاشوں کو شک تو تھا پر یہ نہیں کے محلے کے ہمافظ ہی چوروں کی حفاظت کر رہے ہونگے اور چوریاں کروا رہے ہونگے …
    اب چور کے حمایتی بدمعاشوں کو ذمدار قرار دے رہے ہیں اور مدماش حیرت میں مبتلا ہے

    ابھی کہانی یہیں تک ہے بقیہ اگلی قسط میں


  • via Zalaan

    Must read/ listen to the statement of General Hamid Gul (ex ISI chief) which is full of contradictions. First he says that OBL was ‘killed several years ago’. Then he blames ISI for total failure and negligence for not knowing that who was living in Abbotabad



    Fmr. Pakistani intel chief: Obama lying

    Steve Frank – Digital Producer

    Hamid Gul, Pakistan’s fmr. intelligence chief, says President Obama knows Osama bin Laden died ‘some years ago.’

    BLOG EXTRA: Here is the transcript of Thursday night’s interview:

    SPITZER: What did Pakistan know and when did they know it? Tonight that’s what we’re asking General Hamid Gul. He led Pakistan’s powerful intelligence service, the ISI, and at one time he worked closely with the CIA.

    It’s clear he has an inside connection into Pakistan intelligence that few have. And when I spoke with him a short time ago, what General Hamid Gul told me, what he apparently believes about us, totally shocked me.

    Take a listen.


    SPITZER: General, thank you so much for joining us.


    SPITZER: So let me ask this very first question. Do you believe that Osama bin Laden was killed just a few days ago by the United States’ raid in Abbottabad?

    GUL: I believe so. But there are stories. People don’t tend to believe this. But I think the third wife of Osama bin Laden has given the version – her version and she says that it was bin Laden, no doubt.

    SPITZER: But I’m asking what you specifically believe because I saw a quotation from you in which you said that you believed bin Laden had died several years ago. So I’m just trying to determine what you individually believe on that issue.

    GUL: Yes, I think he died – he perished some years ago, and I think this was a story which was created and I think this was – because they themselves are saying, I mean, their versions, nobody would want to believe this version.

    Initially they said that he fought back, and there was a firefight. President Obama himself said that in his initial statement. And now they say that he had no weapons, he didn’t do any of those things. Then ISI says that he was living there for the last five years. So – and they said that we have informed the CIA and the American partner in 2009 about it.

    So there are so many versions floating around. As far as I think, I think he had – even if he didn’t kill or didn’t die a natural death, I think it was totally irrelevant to the operations of al Qaeda and I think it is quite futile to have gone and killed him. But I still doubt the story which was given out by the American media and by the American administration.

    SPITZER: All right. You believe he died a few years ago in the United States?

    GUL: Yes. I don’t think he was there. I think it was probably somebody else.


    GUL: Why did they not take him alive?

    SPITZER: Why would the United States government fabricate this entire story, in your view?

    GUL: They must have known that he had died some years ago so they were waiting. They were keeping this story on the ice and they were looking for an appropriate moment and it couldn’t be a better moment because President Obama had to fight off his first salvo in his next year’s election as he runs for the presidential and for the White House and I think it is a very appropriate time to come out, bring this out of the closet.

    At the moment, people simply not in Pakistan alone but around the world people don’t believe the stories that have been put out.

    SPITZER: General, let me interrupt for one moment. I want to ask specifically about the compound in Abbottabad. Do you believe that Pakistan intelligence knew who was living there?

    GUL: Well, there are – this is a huge intelligence failure. I can’t definitely say whether they knew or not, so I have no idea. But the fact is that there is an intelligence failure. I mean, I cannot say whether it was –

    SPITZER: General –

    GUL: – a deliberate hiding or it was an intelligent failure. But my hunch is, my experience tells me that he was very smart finding a place to hide which was to be least suspected because he was in a military town and very close to a military – very important military establishment and this was a smart move on his part. Cut off all linkages from with the rest of the world, because no cell phone have been found there, no Internet connection, therefore he was able to probably – to hide out for so long.

    SPITZER: General, here’s my last question. Did the ISI feed information to bin Laden and al Qaeda to protect him? Yes or no, sir?

    GUL: How could I know that? It’s wrong to assume that I knew about it. Of course they’re wrong. No, not at all.

    SPITZER: So you can’t even – GUL: I don’t know anything about the operations of the ISI. I maintained no contacts after my retirement. After I left them in 1989, I have never once visited the ISI office.

    SPITZER: All right, General, we’re going to lose our satellite link. I thank you so much for joining us. And we will talk in the future. And I look forward to sharing some thoughts with you.

    GUL: OK. Thank you very much. Nice talking to you.

  • Nazir Naji writes

    Finally, the Foreign Office’s spokesman issued a loose and meaningless statement which stated that Americans have conducted an operation as they have stated against OBL. The horrifying fact that Pakistan had been aerially attacked was not even alluded to. Our borders and airspaces violated. An operation was carried out a mere kilometre away from the country’s biggest military academy but our defence systems remained dormant. We neither stopped the helis from entering our borders, nor condemned the aggression committed. The statement was drafted with such nonchalance as if informing of a routine matter. As if the occurrence had taken place elsewhere. As if it did not concern us in the least bit.

    The Pakistanis who remember 1971 will relate that while a full-fledged war was raging in East Pakistan, we were being told some Bengali terrorist were merely disturbing law and order and the situation would soon be under control. On 16th December, a table was set up in the battle-grounds of Dhaka on which the commanders of our military sat down with the enemy commander-in-chief and signed the deal to surrender. But we were told by our Commander-in-Chief that it was a “temporary ceasefire.” His words did not belie at all that the ignominy of the world’s biggest military defeat had befallen us. That united Pakistan was no more. We learnt of the reality when the radios across the world were announcing that India had captured East Pakistan.

    The events of 2nd May were no ordinary events. They exposed the hypocrisy of the people who are supposedly our guardians and exposed the discrepancies in their words and actions. Our lie had been called out. We denied for eight years that OBL was in Pakistan but he was caught here. We kept calling the world mendacious when we ourselves were liars. Because of this lie, our defence system was reduced to tatters but our government was pretending as if our sovereignty and defence remained unscathed.

    On the evening of 2nd May, some people caught their wits and then it was thrown around that we had “aided” the US and our help is what led the US to bin Laden. But what the world really wanted to ask was that why did we repeatedly lie to them? The CIA Chief, Leon Panetta, told the representative of Congress that Pakistan had either willfully hid OBL or it was incompetent. The army’s own retired general, Talat Masood, said that the presence of Osama in Pakistan was due to the incompetence of our institutions and if they knew, that was an even graver mistake than incompetence. Whether it was collusion or incompetence, our defence system and the people responsible for it have failed unequivocally at their professional obligations and national duties. A failure in defence responsibilities is unpardonable. If court-martials had been conducted when necessary, we would never have seen this day. It’s the mistake of a few people; but the humiliation and disgrace is the lot of the entire nation. How much longer will we have to take this? How many times will we pay for the crimes of others?

    Lies, lies and more lies


  • To all Pakistanis who are feeling extremely humiliated, such feelings are understandable.

    However, each one of you should also think – why it has come to this?

    The Osama Bin Laden death is just one of many many symptoms of violent spasms that Pakistan is experiencing. Also, all these spasms are not of violence only – although related. Pakistan is a cesspool of violence. Pakistan has an abysmally bad economic situation. The social order is worsening by the minute. At this rate no one in Pakistan can think of a good future. Frankly, the country is in shambles – which is ALSO an understatement.

    No wonder Pakistan has been labeled as one of the worst five failed states.

    If each one of you do give a fair amount of thought, you’ll realize that the root cause is lack of democracy and therefore transparency – the Rule of Law.

    Well, you may say that you have a democracy because you have an elected parliament.

    However, what you have is not a democracy. At best you can call Pakistan a republic or a theocracy – but not a democracy.

    To be a democracy you have to have a secular constitution and NOT have a state religion. Separation of of “Church and State” is a cardinal principle of democracy. Without secularism, there is NO democracy.

    That is NOT to say that just having democracy is Nirvana. It is not. However with democracy, you will have some chance – and WITHOUT democracy, you have NO chance whatsoever!!