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LUBP News Room – May-July 2011

The aim of the “LUBP Newsroom” is to provide a corner to critical readers and media monitors to share interesting news, links to recent events and offer their views. This section is archived and updated on a regular basis each month.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • Your aim is to loot Pakistan and Pakistan a failed state.

  • very strange observation:

    I asked some yemenis what is the meaning of Laden, cause billadins are yemeni origin….just like border pathans in pakistan between pak and afghan, and they were weight loaders mazdoors at the start of the century who late progressed to big contractors

    in yemeni arabic the word “laden” mean, to be “loaded” or “loader” who carries weight on his back or head as a cooly…

    now isnt this strange that this word has a close related word in hindi/urdu too with the exact same idea-meaning…”laadna” jese ghoray par laadna, or even stranger is the fact that in english language look at the word,

    Laden Meaning and Definition

    (p. & a.) Loaded; freighted; burdened; as, a laden vessel; a laden heart.

    I am sending this observation to tv anchors, if you guys hear it from mooez pirzada, kashif abasi, talat hussain, javed chaudry etc let me know….and send it to those whose emails you have ….