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Question to Jang/Geo

It is fair to say that the most innocent in Pakistan are the media and their masters who treat them as puppets. We have the likes of Syed Talat Hussain, Javed Chaudhry, Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Kamran Khan, Mushtaq Minhas etc who have been harping the tune of “Ghairat” and “Pakistan’s sovereignty being compromised” in the aftermath of Osama Bin Laden’s killing in Abbottabad. Now that the Security Establishment’s paradigm is about to be buried forever, they are now playing innocent souls. Off course, the most notorious media group of Pakistan called Jang Group of Publications and its Geo TV have come up with an interesting advertisement that appeared in today’s Jang and The News. Seeing it is believing it:

Published on page 2 of The News on 3rd May, 2011

The questions that they have asked are very pertinent, but are they the honest souls? Who can forget the nauseating jingoism they led at the time of Kerry Lugar Berman Act that promised to give Pakistan civilian aid? Who can forget that when some sane voices in the PPP talked about rationally thinking over the Raymond Davis issue to get something for Pakistan, the group of publications through their mercenary journalists talked about “no compromise on national interest, ghairat and rule of law”. Don’t kid us. On one hand you make us believe that national security is most important thing and then come up with such kind of advertisements with a tagline “Zara Sochiye!”. The most advantageous people are the owners of Jang/Geo that do not pay taxes, seek refuge through the judiciary to evade taxes and then take money from Voice of America to play their bulletins. On top of that, they have the audacity to say “What did you get in return for the people of Pakistan?”!

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  • Sir, you forgot to include the name of a very important person in you list, the political advisor to Mir Shakil Rehman, Sherry Rehman and General Kayani.

    boojho tau janain

  • I think that the political advisor talked the most sensible things last night. He was the most balanced, laying the blame on the security apparatus. Yeh waisay aapas ki baat hee hay!

  • جیو ایک نظام ہے ،جیو ایک مذہب ہے ،جیو ایک سیاست ہے ،جیو ایک مافیا ہے

    جیو پاکستان
    جیو طالبان

  • This is the media whi sing a song for ” Aman kee Ashaa ” when their business interests are ahead ; But when any political leader want to share any information regarding terrorists in Pakistan , this media call them the agents. Jang group is the name of hypocracy.

  • Here are some answers, Ansar Abbasi, Haroon ur Rasheed and Hamid Mir Praise Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden openly whereas their own colleagues Kamran Khan and Late. Najeeb Ahmed (Jang Karachi – what he was doing in Afghanistan) Expose Al-Qaeda:) Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 1 (GEO TV JULY 2008) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wI0zMQ_Mlo

    Kamran Khan Exposes Al-QAEDA & Supports USA – 2 (GEO TV JULY 2008) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OH75NfmRW-Q

  • Geo TV has been showing the snapshot of the yemeni lady’s passport, named Amal Abdul Fattah. Ask them to check the visa. Maybe she also has an Official Business Visa. Maybe then Ansar Abbasi can plead for diplomatic immunity for her.

  • They have the audacity to put up that ad. Ahmed is spot on that Geo and the rest of Pakistan’s right has to decide if national security and ‘honour’ is more important that dollars and development? Gen. Kyani said in his speech at Kakul (that Osama perhaps watched from his wondow!) that honour is more important than development. Do they subscribe to his view or not? If not, then will there be an ad against him also?

    The jang group has historically thrived on blackmailing as a business model. In fact their model fits well with the establishments two faced ‘cat and mouse’ strategy of dealing with jihaids and terrorists. We and other rational and democratic individuals and groups have to keep exposing them. This is a great article in that contect

  • The questions are very relevent. You people have become blind because your eyes have been blindfolded by the dollar bills earned by 10% deal.
    I cant believe that educated people like you can support this Zardari mafia who have no interest in Pakistan. Their target is to fill their bank accounts in 5 years and then go abroad. HELL WITH THIS MAFIA

  • which mafia do you belong to Dr. Tahir? The mafia of jihadi murderers? All that your mafia can do is to take make this society a vengeful, self righteous place isolated from this world. And by the way, the mullah-military combine can never settle for 10%- nothing less than 50% for them!!