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Mukhtaran Mai case: Other side of the story–By Haider Javed Syed

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Shiraz Paracha

Mr. Paracha has worked as a journalist, with newspapers, television, radio and online companies in Britain, Central Asia and Pakistan. Between 1995 and1996, hosted and presented very popular television programs (Awami Forum and Awami Jirga) in Pakistan. His former employers include the BBC and Press TV among other notable names. Mr. Paracha is also a journalism professor and has taught journalism and communication courses at international universities outside Pakistan.


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  • I am very keen in your articles. However, i cannot read or write Urdu, so could you please publish your articles in English, i am aware some of them are in English but not all. If you could please take my suggestion so as to gain a wider readership.

    Thanking you all in anticipation.

  • I am reading haider javed Sayed for the last 12 years, I want to contact him in person so that I can speak to him, is there any chance of getting his number or contact info please .. HELP