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Emotional Mosquito-ism – by Rameez Karamat Ali

India won and we became emotional mosquitos

It was a straight ball and Razzaq did not have a very good technique to handle that ball“. Those were the exclusive comments by one of the “Emotional Mosquito” outside my room this morning, which forced me to come out of my bed and say something very interesting to him but then I just forgot about it. I should hit that mindset that is actually behind that “Mosquito-ism” and this is the only reason why I am writing this article.

Now I am not a very good Cricket analyst but if anyone, who can hold is nerves, want to know the reason behind our defeat then just remember what Dhoni said about Pakistani batting before semi-final. He said that Pakistanis are relying heavily on Younis and Misbah partnership. Indians prepared their plan and did not give those easy singles to both the batsmen. Unfortunately, they were not well prepared and collapsed. But this tournament was a good learning curve for team Pakistan. We were at top of our group, defeated Australia, exposed the strongest batting line up on the earth and most importantly rediscovered Wahaab Riaz. Tell me just one thing? Were you expecting this team to be in Semi final when they left away?

But you know this “Emotional Mosquito-ism” is not new in this nation. Aftab Iqbal, a well known anchor acting like a satirist, once quoted in his TV show that Raja Dahar consulted his intentions to marry her sister, as a Pandit recommended, with one of his senior minister. Minister suggested Raja to marry her sister immediately but Raja was confused when he thought about this “Public emotional Mosquito-ism”. But his minister asked him to bring a healthy sheep with heavy wool on it. Then he put some mud on the heavy wool of sheep and spread some weeds on that mud. After few days they started growing up as plants on a sheep’s muddy wool. That thing was quite new and wonderful for “Emotional Mosquitoes” there at that time and they started worshiping that sheep. But as every mosquito teases us vigorously when he appears but dies just within 36 hours, same happened with “Emotional Mosquitoes” there. After few days they just forgot that sheep as nothing happened. After that event, Minister recommended to Raja that just marry your sister and forget about “Emotional Mosquitoes”. They can just make that babbling sound like ‘Beeeeing Beeeing’ of Mosquitoes and nothing else and Raja married her sister.

Now I can count about ten to fifteen moments in last one year when this “Mosquito-ism” attached us and after 36 hours it just disappeared. Now this time we don’t want to lose Afridi in this new wave of “Emotional Mosquito-ism”. He is quite emotional and I think he don’t have any idea about this so I just want to say, “Afridi lala, don’t lose your focus. You are a very good captain keep it up, things will get better with passage of time as you will get more and more experience. So, don’t think about these “Emotional Mosquitoes” they will disappear in 36 hours as recent history proved” and I don’t want to waste my words on “Emotional Mosquitoes”.

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  • “It was a straight ball and Razzaq did not have a very good technique to handle that ball“.

    It was not a straight ball, it was a superb leg-cutter..

  • well Sir, it was said by an “Mosquito”…so dun mind…at times they dun even know the basics but commenting on cricket team seems like their religious duty…

  • We have mosquitoes and cockroaches. Spray as much as you want, they come back. There’s a big breeding ground for them….our media

  • very well said…don’t spray…just avoid them or exploit them…simple..??…

  • I think there is always a situation that lead to “Emotional Mosquito-ism”. The important thing is how see it positively and the way we deal with it.