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Pakistan-India semifinal: A cricket match, for God’s sake! – by Ali Raja

In Punjabi we have a jolly good legend by the title “Satan’s Finger.”

It narrates the story of a pious old fellow who had a habit of cursing the Satan after every prayer that he offered. He continued this routine five times a day, seven day a week and for years and years after which the reaction came. One day as he left the mosque he encountered a strange creature with black face, stretched nose, tiny horns and a long tail. By virtue of his outlook the gentleman concluded that this is the fellow he has been cursing so long. Immediately he took off his shoe and ran towards the enemy of humanity. The Satan instead of countering the man very politely asked “Is there a prevailing issue between us which requires a settlement.” Surprised by the humble tone of Satan the old man abandoned the idea of utilization of his shoe and proceeded verbally. He declared Satan the cause of each and every trouble, unrest and tragedy on mother earth and advised him to mend himself up or be ready to face strength of his shoe. The Satan replied very decently “Dear Sir It is a mere allegation that I am the reason for what evils reside upon this earth. I only poke my finger and the rest is accomplished by you and your fellow brothers.” The old man did not understand this ambiguous answer and demanded for a clarity. The Satan for the sake of practical demonstration moved to the nearby sweet meats stall where the healthy and charming “Halwai” was busy carving “Jalebis.” Satan dipped his finger in the “Sheera” and whipped it over the wall. The Halwai told his son to clean it off who decided to do it after his chores. Instantaneously a fly came a sat over the the mark, it was followed by a lizard who ate up the fly with it’s sticky tongue. A cat standing nearby jumped upon the wall in an attempt to catch the lizard. In this attempt the cat fell in the nearly placed pan of milk. Upon watching his milk go ruin the Halwai leaped towards the cat and managed to get hold of it. With the cat in his grip he started beating the it with fiercely. The cat unfortunately was a pet of the adjacent Kasai who came out and exchanged hot words with the Halwai. The both fell out in a quarrel and the Kasai stabbed the Halwai with his knife. All the Halwais of the city came out to demonstrate their might and consequently all the Kasais also took to roads. Civil war broke out and a curfew was imposed. The Satan passed a smile to the old man and vanished away in the dark.

The reason for narrating this lengthy legend is that another finger has recently poked the sub-continent. This time the finger is well disguised, beautifully wrapped and dipped and super sweet “Sheera.” The Sheera of cricket. ICC World Cup 2011 is into its final show down. An absolutely delightful event which has come about with a lot full of surprises. With the all times best Aussies getting knocked out, with the fathers of cricket England loosing to the associates and winning against the mights, with unpredictable victories and predicted ties this world cup was better than one can even dream of and before it ends it has brought about the contest of the decade.

Pakistan and India the arch rivals facing each other in the Semi-Final of the ICC World Cup 2011. A match lot better than the FIFA final, an entertainment lot better than the OSCAR final and a competition lot better than the ASHES final. In short a cricket match full of entertainment, energy and enthusiasm is coming come. A cricket match like never before is coming up.

This point is beyond domain of debate that the standing of this match is at the peak of the sky but hail our crusaders of the right, crusaders in the electronic, print and e-media that their ambitions lie even beyond the skies. For this is the reason they have turned this full of entertainment cricket match into a clash of civilizations. 24/7 the Television channels are running marathons revolving around this match, news bulletins are semi-final centric and newspaper headlines are cricket oriented.

The media has turned the cricket fever into a cricket tuberculosis. An already steaming curry has been ruined by the spices which are being poured. Nearly each and every television channel has decided to participate in the run for cheap ratings. A cricket match, a healthy entertainment and an exciting contest has been turned into A WAR OF NATIONS, A WAR OF HONOUR and most pathetically a WAR OF RELIGIONS.

A stupid figure of 11 had been circulating around in the SMS world for the last 3 or 4 months but some genius sitting in corridors of transmission thought may be some of the Pakistanis have not been lucky enough to have benefited from this magnificent arithmetical astrology. According to these mathematical geniuses Pakistan won it’s independence in 1947 with 4 and 7 adding up to 11, Pakistan teared the Indian army apart in 1965 with 6 and 5 adding up to 11 and this time the world cup 2011 will be the moment when the Pakistani Team will shatter the Indian castle. Arithmetically I don’t understand if 6 and 5 add up to 11, 4 and 7 add up to 11 then how come 1 and 1 don’t add up to 2? Ahhh leaving the sick calculation apart it is worth mentioning that Cricket is a game, a game and only a game. It is a platform where skills of a certain art are exhibited.

These skills are not bound to nationalities, geographies or ideologies. These skills are combined assets of the cricketing world. An exhibition of this mutual heritage is the English County System or the Indian Premier League. Where players from across the globe not only stand by each other but put in their all to achieve a success for the team which hardly has two of the same nationality. Cricket is the opposite of what happened in 1965 or 1971 or ever more. Cricket is bridge and it must be left so.

The honour brigade after having been ashamed in the Raymond Davis Saga has now decided to perform it’s mujra on the podium  of cricket and the honour of two nations has been made the center of focus. Each and every television channel is trying to surpass the other in this honour transmission. Sentiments of nation are purpousley being poked by the political actors. A cricket match is being portrayed as the battle of prestige by prestige less people. A simple question of continuity arises as if this jig-jaw of game and prestige continues to be so even in the future. Will the national games and the provincial games also become a subject to this theory.

Will Punjab vs Balochistan also become a battle of Punjabi and Baloch honour? Will a gate once opened find closure thereafter? Instead of being preemptive about the future let us extract some lessons from the past. It was the year 1970 and  El Salvador and Honduras were facing each other in the qualifying round for the FIFA world cup.

Some super-intelligent analysts and commentators on both sides used their skills of igniting honour and prestige. to the utmost of their extent. What happened to the match is rarely quoted upon the pages of history but what came out of it surely does stand as a statue of embarrassment for both nations. A four day war broke out between the two states, a war which killed 3000 soldiers and civilians, a war which brought about 22 year suspension of the Central American Common Market and a war known as FOOTBALL WAR. In case this the objective some intend to achieve they are welcome to accelerate honour but in case sanity still resides in the brains one must also peep into the portions of history when Nigerian Civil War was halted for 48 hours in order to watch the football match in Lagos starring the legendary Pele.

Most unfortunately the Semi Final of ICC World Cup 2011 has been transformed into a war of religions. One cannot grab the collars of the SMS brigade who are spreading messages which call for the Khatam of Ayat e Kareema in rivalry of Bhojans being sung in the mandirs but one must definitely bring to accountability the crusaders sitting in the media. People with ambiguous and suspicious characters themselves have made a cricket match a crusade of beliefs. In case these people are so over saturated with religious sentiments that religion falls in by default in every matter brought before them one must ask the SHARAI standing of cricket itself. Ashraf Ali Thanvi from the sect of Deoband, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi from the sect of Barelvi and Maulana Ishaq Younus from the sect of Ahl e Hadith have issued separate fatwas regarding cricket and for different reasons with each have termed cricket Haram as per Islamic perspective.

So in case cricket is Haram how come praying and begging before Allah Almighty for a Haram can be termed as Hallal in Islam? Cricket is nothing beyond exhibition of human skills related to certain art and appreciation and exhibition of art has nothing to do with the religion even in the farthest terms. Rehmat al Lellalameen Hazrat Muhmmmad (S.A.W.) on the occasion of the battle of Baddar asked the non Muslim Prisoners of War to teach the Muslim children. In this way Rasool Allah (S.A.W.) not only accepted the skills of the non Muslims but set a precedent that such matters of world affairs are not associated with the religious sentiments. Had Rasool Allah (S.A.W) been a preacher of the honour brigade theory he would have instructed the Muslim children to counter the non Muslims instead of benefiting from them. When Rasool Allah (S.A.W) did not make matters of world a point of clash of religions how can the ones with tarnished souls be the preachers of religious might?

Cricket no doubt has developed itself into the game of the new millennium and is most possibly the only game which shall be able to stand side by side or even ahead of soccer in late if not near future and within the rows of cricket Asia doubtlessly shall stand as the leader of the ring. Cricket has successfully proved it’s claim of being the entertainment one can dream off.

Pakistan and India have got the opportunity of being a part of this entertainment saturated cyclone. India a country with the world’s 1/3 rd poor, a country with 41% of it’s residents living bellow the poverty line and a country with 456 million children being underfed is about to face Pakistan a country with 38% of malnourished children, a country with 3.2 million people compelled to drink water from animal source and a country with 20 million people living upon the streets. The nerves of the poor nation that resides in the sub-continent are already stretched to the maximum. In case one can not play a part in relaxing them at least one must be human to the extent that he does not stretches them further.

Let an entertainment packed match be an entertainment packed match rather than being a brain  haemorrhage package.

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • Maya (capitalists) has prostituted the once upon a time a noble game of cricket!

    Corporate houses brace for Indo-Pak semi-final match

    Headlines Today Bureau | New Delhi/Bangalore, March 29, 2011 | Updated 11:34 IST

    As cricket mania grips India and all roads lead to Chandigarh to witness the high voltage ICC World Cup semi-final clash between Asian archrivals India and Pakistan on Wednesday, some leading business houses too have come out with ideas to keep their employees happy and working.

    While some corporate houses are offering half-day leave, others are bringing cricket to work. Few others are putting up big projector screens for employees to sit back and enjoy the match in the office. Some companies are even allowing the employees to bring their families for the match.

    Refreshments for the employees was yet another idea the corporate houses have been trying to keep them happy to ensure that work is not affected, while some others have asked the staffers to come dressed in blue to cheer the Men in Blue.

    Insurance company Bharti Axa has rejigged office timings to ensure that neither work nor national spirit suffers. Company’s HR head Chirag Buch said, “We have changed our office timings from 9am-5.30pm to 8am-2pm. So people can reach home and watch the match right from the first delivery is bowled.”

    Spicemobility’s vice-president (marketing) Naveen Paul said, “Wish we all could get an off but that is not going to happen, so what we are going to do is we will be building a stadium like atmosphere in the office. We will be putting up big screens with the loud sound. We are also printing blue T-shirts for all the employees, so everyone will cheer for India in blue.”


  • Clerics pray for India’s victory over Pakistan
    Submitted by admin7 on 29 March 2011 – 10:40pm
    India News Indian Muslim
    By TCN Special Correspondent,

    Lucknow: Cricket frenzy has gripped the city with Muslim clerics organizing special prayers on Tuesday wishing Indian cricket team’s victory over Pakistan in the semi-final in Mohali on Wednesday.

    Imam of the historical Tile Wali Masjid in Lucknow Maulana Fazlur Rehman Waizi organised special prayers after the afternoon prayers on Tuesday. “It is a matter of country’s pride. We will wish that India becomes the world cup champion. We have prayed to Allah for bestowing us with victory. Our players are also performing well and dua of crores of Muslims will be answered,” said Maulana Waizi. He also wished that the players perform to their potential and make the match one


  • India-Pakistan clash could be most watched match ever
    Chetan Chauhan and Sanjib Baruah, Hindustan Times
    New Delhi, March 29, 2011

    The cricket diplomacy plus the frenzy can turn Wednesday’s semi-final match between India and Pakistan at Mohali as one of the most watched cricket matches ever. The hype and the brouhaha over the match could help ESPN-Star Sports, the official broadcaster of the ICC cricket World Cup, earn more tha

    Cricket mania all around, security water-tight in Mohali
    Afridi accuses Indian media of negative campaign
    n 40 television viewership rating points. A rating point means about 1.5 crore people have watched the programme live on that day.


  • کشمیری یونیورسٹی میں شعبہ سیاسیات کے پروفیسر گل وانی کو لگتا ہے کہ دونوں ملکوں کے وزرائے اعظم میچ کے بہانے کشمیری علیٰحدگی پسندوں کو مذاکرات میں شامل کرنے کے لئے اہم ’چینلز استعمال کرینگے۔‘ میچ سے زیادہ یہ بات اہم ہے کہ وزیراعظم نے پاکستانی ہم منصب کو مدعو کیا ہے۔ اس سے بھی اہم بات یہ ہے کہ مسٹر یوسف رضا گیلانی نے دعوت قبول کرلی۔ کچھ نہ کچھ ہے جو کھیل کے حاشیہ پر بھی ہوگا۔‘


    کراچی سے نامہ نگار ریاض سہیل کے مطابق شہر میں کہیں قرآن خوانی اور اجتماعی دعا کا انتظام کیا گیا ہے تو کہیں قوالی کی محفل سجائی گئی ہے۔ اس کے علاوہ پاکستان اور بھارت کے میچ دیکھنے کے لیے صحافتی، سماجی اور ثقافتی مراکز کے ساتھ کئی جگہوں پر نوجوانوں نے الگ سے انتظامات کیے ہیں۔


  • اولمپکس میں نوّے فیصد تمغے روس ،چین ،آسٹریلیا اور امریکا لے جاتے ہیں اس کا مطلب ہے کے یہ سارے سب سے زیادہ دعائیں کرنے والے ہونگے ؟ دین ذاتی ہوتا ہے اور روحانی ہوتا ہے جبکے دنیا مادی ہوتی ہے دیں ضرور قبول ہوتی ہیں پر دنیا کے قاعدے الله نے اسباب سے جوڑے ہیں جس میں محنت اور قابلیت ضروری ہیں ،اگر پاکستان کی فٹبال ٹیم ہو اور ساری امّت بھی دعائیں کرے تب بھی ولڈ کپ کے لیہ کولیفائی نہیں کر سکتی ہے .
    عمران خان جیسا شخص جس کا دور دور تک دین سے واسطہ نہیں تھا پاکستان کے لیہ کپ لے کر آگیا .
    دعائیں کریں پر یہ ایک روحانی عمل ہے یقینن بحیثیت ایک مسلمان میں اس پر یقین رکھتا ہوں کہ الله پاک بغیر کسی سبب کے مدد کرنے پر قادر ہے پر الله کے کرنے کا قاعدہ عام طور پر اسباب سے جڑا ہوا ہے ایسے نہیں ہو سکتا ہے شاہد آفریدی کا بیٹ ہلے بھی نہ اور چھکا لگ جائے .

    اگر کھیلوں میں جیت کا تعلق مذہب سے ہوتا تو چین اور روس جیسے لا مذہب ملک کبھی کھیلوں میں آگے نہ ہوتے

    دین اور دنیا میں فرق ہے

    پر یہ جماعتی مافیا کہاں مانے گی اپنی خلافت چمکنے کا کوئی موقع ہاتھ سے جانے نہیں دیتے ہیں یہ لوگ

  • Pakistan and India have faced each other several times in the field of cricket one of the events even being the final of ICC T20 but sort of hyper attention given to this very incident by the media has no match in the history.

    I don’t know if I am being a bit over spooky but the way the Establishment and the Intelligence Nexus of Pakistan was discredited and torn to pieces in the Raymond Davis saga I guess it is the right time to induce right-wing Islamophised patriotism in the nation and once again bring the people in the net establishment wants them to be in.

    The puppets of the establishment are all in for their master even now:-

    Aik Taraf 17 Corrore logun ki duaen aur dusri taraf 1 Arab logun ke jazbat:-Kamran Khan

    Duaen Hi Hak o Batil Ka Mukabla Suljhaen Gi:-Ansar Abbasi

  • I have not understood one thing: when Pakistan wins anything, it is because of qaum kee dua but when we lose, it is because of satta! Unbelievable people

  • Via Twitter
    Creators of fake WikiLeaks are now singing “Aman ka chaka laga” #Mohali #cwc2011

  • شکریہ میری گل فشانی سرہانے کا ،

    ویسے میں سوچتا ہوں ہے سعودی عرب جہاں شریعت بھی نافذ ہے ،مکّہ اور مدینہ بھی ہے اور نمازیں بھی پڑھی معاف کیجئے گا پڑھوائی جاتی ہیں ایسے ملک کی فوٹ بال ٹیم ترکی جیسے سیکولر ملک سے ہمیشہ ہار جاتی ہے …اب اس سے آگے میں کیا کہوں ….

    پاکستان کی فوج کے بعد جو سب سے بڑا پروپگنڈہ گروپ ہے وہ جماعت اسلامی ہے ،جماعت اسلامی سے تعلق رکھنے والے صحافی کوئی ایسا موقع ہاتھ جانے نہیں دیتے
    ، یہ جماعتی نہ پورے مذہبی ہوتے ہیں اور نہ ہی سیاسی . شاید مجھ سے کافی لوگ متفق نہ ہو پر میں پاکستان کی سب سے بڑی غیر سیاسی مذہبی جماعت تبلیغی جماعت ہے اور اس کی بنیادی تعلیم غیر سیاسی اور سیکولر ہے ،تبلیغی جماعت نہ خلافت کی بات کرتی ہے اور نہ ہی کسی اسلامی نظام کی جبھی خالدہ ضیاء ،نواز شریف یا اور دوسرے سربراہ ان کے اجتما میں شریک ہوتے ہیں .تبلیغی جماعت بنیادی طور پر مذہب اور ریاست کو الگ الگ دیکھتی ہے ، محمد یوسف کا مسلمان ہونا اور سید انور کا تبلیغی ہونا خالص مذہبی رجحان کی وجہ سے تھا اور نہ ہی ان لوگو نے اپنے اس مذہبی رنگ کو سیاسی رنگ دیا . تبلیغی جماعت کرکٹ کو اسلام سے الگ دیکھتی ہے .پکّا تبلیغی عام طور پر غیر سیاسی ہوتا ہے اور میرا خیال ہے کہ سیکولر لوگوں کو ایسے مذہبی لوگو کو سپورٹ کرنا چاہیے .کیونکہ مسلہ مذہب سے نہیں بلکے مذہب کی آڑ میں سیاست کرنے والوں سے ہے

    دین میں یہ سیاسی آمیزش اور نفرت کا بیج بونے والے اصل میں جماعتی ہیں جس کے مودودی افکار کے اثرات دیوبنیوں اور اب بریلویوں میں بھی پر گئے ہیں ،اسی لیہ آج ہر مولوی سیاسی ہو گیا ہے ،انصار عبباسی انہی میں سے ایک ہے

    چاہے زلزلہ ہو ،بارش ہو ،کھیل ہو یا الیکشن ایسے لوگ اپنی لنترانی لے کر آجاتے ہیں ،جب کشمیر میں زلزلہ آیا تو ایک جماعتی نے کہا کہ یہ الله کا عذاب ہے میں نے کہا چلو یہ ایک مذہبی بات ہے پھر انہوں نے کہا کہ یہ عذاب حکرانوں کی وجہ سے آیا ہے تو مجھ سے رہا نے گیا اور میں نے کہا کے اگر الله نے حکمرانوں پر عذاب دینا تھا تو عام لوگوں کو کیوں ہلاک کیا ،اس کا وہ جماعتی جواب نہ دے سکے .

    میں ظہر کی نماز ہمیشہ پڑھتا ہوں اور آج بھی ارادہ تھا آفس میں دوستوں کے ساتھ ٹی وی پر میچ چل رہا تھا پیچھے سے ایک جماعت اسلامی سے تعلق رکھنے والے صاحب آے اور کہنے لگے نماز پڑھ لو ورنہ انڈیا جیت جائے گا .اب میں ان کو کیا کہتا پر دل کر رہا تھا کے پوچھوں کے کیا جماعت اسلامی ہند بھی پاکستان کے لیہ دوا کر رہی ہوگی ؟

  • “Rasool Allah (S.A.W) se aik Arabi ne pucha Ya Rasool Allah (S.A.W) kia main Unth khool dun aur tawaqal karn. Rasool Allah (S.A.W) ne farmaia Unth badn de aur tawaqal kar.”

  • ویسے انڈیا کے لوگوں کو میری طرف سے مبارکباد ، کیا اچھا موقع ہوتاہ ہے جب سرے مذہب اور نسل کے لوگ کسی ملک میں ہوں اور اپنے وطن کو سپورٹ کر رہے ہوں ،انڈیا کے لاکھوں مسلمان اپنی انڈین ٹیم ہی کو سپورٹ کرتے ہیں

    مولوی انصار عباسی اس میچ کو حق اور باطل کی جنگ کہ رہا تھا اب تو باطل جیت گیا ،چلو جنت میں تو اجر ملے گا ہی نہ

    پاکستان میںچ جیتا تو کہتے کے قوم کی دعائیں تھیں
    انڈیا یہ میں جیتا تو انڈین مسلمانوں کی دعائیں تھیں یا ہندووں کی پوجا ؟

  • Praying For Victory In Pakistan

    A wicket from the heavens?
    March 30, 2011
    Watching a private Pakistani Urdu television channel known for being a trendsetter in breaking news — no matter right or wrong — I was struck by images of some Hindu children gathered in their temple (one of only a few left in Pakistan) and praying before their deities for the success of the Pakistani cricket team in today’s semi-final match against India in the World Cup.

    Pakistan Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani will watch the match in India’s Punjab Province with his counterpart, Manmohan Singh. The move — not the first and surely not the last — is seen as part of confidence-building measures between the two neighbors who have consistently failed to win each other’s trust over the past six decades.

    To me, no one will pray more fervently for the success of the Pakistani side than those Hindu children I saw on TV. For them, the fate of the Pakistani team is seen as a matter of life and death.

    They must pray and join the hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who involve God in everything ranging from cricket to politics to social affairs and war and peace. Failure to pray may result in the Hindus being dubbed as ”unpatriotic” — luckily, blasphemy laws can’t be applied in this case.

    But what if Pakistan loses?

    The mullahs gathering in mosques and madrasahs, as shown by the 24/7 Pakistani media, will simplistically call it the ”will of God.” But what will be the fate of those Hindus praying for success? The mullahs may ask them why their gods and goddesses failed to hear their prayers.

    Besides smashing their television sets — which the clergy describe as, among other things, “the voice of Satan” — the mullahs can also turn upon the Hindus for the failures of their gods and goddesses to return their prayers.

    Nothing can be ruled out in a country where a sitting governor, a federal minister, and a two-time prime minister can be executed in broad daylight — not in a remote village in the tribal belt but in the well-guarded and well-managed cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

    One wonders if there is really any need of involving god when the matter is straightforwardly related to team spirit and skills. Or, if God’s help is to be sought for victory anyway, then Pakistani players need not work hard in batting or fielding. Instead, they should relax on the lush green field and wait for the miracle that would be the ”infidels” returning dejectedly to the pavilion one by one without scoring a run.

    To make things even easier, cash-strapped Pakistan need not spend millions of rupees on the players. Instead, the selectors should pick 11 people from remote villages without any regard for age, health, or even eyesight (Mullah Omar need not be excluded), drop them on the ground, and let God do the rest with the help of the prayers of 180 million adoring fans.

    Besides winning the match, such a move from the Pakistani government would help them win the trust of the Taliban, whose trust in God is so firm that they never bat an eyelid while butchering scores of innocent citizens in suicide attacks in their holy war.

    As the Hindu children were bowing before their deities in Mardan, the Pakistani government organized a prayer ceremony at the Faisal Mosque in Islamabad. The mosque, like hundreds of Wahhabi seminaries, was constructed with money from Saudi Arabia and is often used by VIPs for their ”VIP” prayers.

    Potential divine interventions aside, I hope this event can serve as a catalyst for better relations between Pakistan and India. Lord knows we need it.


  • Five things I hated about the Pakistan vs India match
    March 30, 2011

    I hate that our heroes are reduced zeros in a matter of hours
    My love-hate relationship with cricket began a few weeks before the fateful World Cup of 1999, and ever since that horrendous final match that had me and all Pakistanis pulling their hair out, I kept my distance with the sport.

    However, this year was different.

    But I confess that I caught this cricket fever again. While we lost the “historic match”, there were a few things that bugged me while I was actually watching the game (besides the result).

    Here are five somewhat irrelevant things that continued to irritate me as I watched the big match tonight:

    Cheering for the Pakistani team with Indian songs: Oh, come on! Are we seriously that confused? This morning I switched on the telly and my eyes nearly popped out as a chef wearing a skin-tight Pakistani uniform tee showed off his killer dance moves to the beat of a catchyIndian number. He is not alone! Granted our musicians are lazy twits who sing one song and live off it for years, and not one of them has sung a half decent patriotic song in ages, but we’ve still got a good collection of adrenalin stirring tunes from the 80s and 90s. They can do the job, right!?
    The hocus pocus brigade: As much as I feel for the poor Indian parrot that had to sacrifice his life in the name of this momentous Indo-Pak match, I was totally overwhelmed by all the tarot card readers, fortune tellers, astrologers and creepy little birds that came out of their shady little holes to predict the match’s result. Ironically, they all predicted (wrongly, obviously) the same thing out of fear of being lynched by a mob of cricket-crazy patriots!
    Islamic connotations: I have nothing against praying and strongly believe that we should include the exercise in our daily lives to remain on a first name basis with Allah mian so we can ask Him for small favours in desperate times like these. But honestly, I begin to doubt my religious proclivity when jubilant TV hosts solemnly request the nation to watch the match after performing ablution and Islamic scholars come on-air with ridiculous theories about how our team just cannot lose to a bunch of kaafirs because we’ve got players with oh-so-holy names like Yunus and Shoaib!
    Friends for a day? I am totally bowled over by the way our nation came together for a day to cheer for the green boys. I bet even Nawaz Sharif and President Musharraf would have shook hands to watch the game together like best buds. But I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to take for us all to go back to being uncouth rogues that fight on prime time telly? Who’s money on tomorrow?
    And finally, the apprehension. Not for the match, because it was an exciting day even though the Indians had us remembering our grannies all through, but for our poor boys who have successfully managed to go from heroes to zeroes in a matter of minutes, once again becoming the subject of every Pakistani’s poisonous fury for months to come!

  • @Ali Sher Mussali

    Definitely it was not a match between two God and Bhagwan in my opinion, India is a democratic and secular country and believe in multiple God, so there prayers are more powerful…

    It is a fact that India have more muslims than Pakistan, they also have more more Christians, Shias and other Muslims sect, and fortunately they have no religious hypocrites alike Amir Liaqat, Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Syed Manawer Hussain, Syed Talat Hussain, Mulana Faza ul Rehman list is so long…So God answered Indians prayers @ Mohali…

  • Jamaat Islami Hind supported indian team or Pakistani team ? Of course all muslim of india supported their team so whiten islami groups there is no Ummmah ? 😉

  • کھیل کا سیاست کی طرح مذہب سے کوئی تعلق نہیں پر پاکستان کچھ لوگ کرکٹ کو اسلام سے جوڑنے میں لگے ہوئے تھے جبکہ انڈیا میں لاکھوں مسلمان اپنی انڈین ٹیم کو سپورٹ کر رہے تھے
    اگر یہ حق اور باطل کی جنگ تھی یا الله اور بھگوان کا میچ تھا تو باطل اور بھگوان جیت گیا …ہاہاہا
    کھیل کھیل ہوتا ہے اس میں قومی جذبہ ہونا چاہیے مذہبی نہیں

    جماعت اسلامی انڈیا کے جماعتیوں نے انڈیا کو سپورٹ کیا

  • Via Twitter
    Ppl are requesting for prayer support for Sri Lanka,OMG they still have not learnt a lesson that God has no interest in #cricket #cwc2011