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Are we building abusive Pakistan? – by Ahsan Abbas Shah

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • Ahsan, Can you identify those sentences which have hurt you? I bet you cannot.

  • You are accusing Fauzia Wahab in the same way as Right Wingers are doing this.
    I think you are not regularly visiting LUBP as you dont know what LUBP stance was on the whole Raymond Saga.
    It means you are in agreement with SMQ who was denying diplomatic immunity to him.

  • @ Omar Khattab
    I wish i can identify that language in front of u so that u realize what u have written.

  • @ Omar
    What was that if my article was edited i will resign LUBP?
    What u mean by this… Dont behave like Mafia writers…
    if u were so much well approached y u need to ask for resign..

  • Dear Ahsan
    Omar Khattab is one those people who have developed LUBP from a tiny blogspace to such successful website. The way you have described him amazed me.
    Omar was asking the President and his team a simple question whether they have recorded their protest over King Abdullah’s remarks, NO
    why not they have used this opportunity to show some grace by denying a meeting to KSA representative.
    And I request you please dont mix religious emotions and aspirations with those of political ideas and weave it around political personalities.
    PPP is not a party representing Shia population as like other delusional Pakistanis from various sects Shia too are protesting for Al Quds, Hezbollah and Iranian Thugs, accuse CIA and Mausad for the attacks and genocide but their religious representatives feel no shame in sitting with their own killers and mentors of their assasins as JUI etc…

  • Have u Even been witnessed in any of Bomb Blast occured on Shia?
    I have also written one piece on LUBP labelling

    Munafiq ki Aqeedat

    wohi aqeedat aap nay Shia’s say show ki apnay article main

  • @ Ali Arqam

    Sir in any case was PIMP justified
    Was Condom Justified
    Plzz what he have done for LUBP i damn care…
    I m just asking where is the code of conduct of LUBP?

  • @Ahsan

    Omar Khattab is true jiyala and he is deeply hurt. When some of ppp leaders and PPP affiliated cyber jiyalas were supporting Sheikh Rashid in his bye election .

    Omar sb wrote honest piece depicting how large number of jiyalas like my father felt on seeing his party sympathizers supporting Sheikh Rashid .

  • @ Omar was asking the President and his team a simple question whether they have recorded their protest over King Abdullah’s remarks, NO

    Sir was abuisve language the only way to ask President.
    Whats the differnce than between Ansar Abbasi, Shahid masood, Saleh zafar, Professor earthman and Omar Khattab?

  • @ Humza
    Plz dont take it on other side
    i m asking abut CODE OF CONDUCT. Where that gone?
    IS LUBP an orphan child?

  • I Second Omar in my wordings that Prez Zardari must say No to Bahrain security recuirement
    But the way Omar Khattab writes it and LUBP Published it is disgusting

  • @ Humza
    And u people are declaring it a bold post..
    It means the bigger i can abuse the Biggest i can write

  • I agree with Ahsan that words such as pimp and condom compromised not increased the value of Omar’s post. Such words were also inconsistent with the LUBP’s norms of civilized discourse.

  • Havent the same Ahsan Abbas written a piece with title, “Morality of Nawaz but Not Sharif”.
    As I strongly protest he has abused a two time prime minister of Pakistan, who co signed COD With Shaheed Rani sahiba, and one of the stake holders in the current set up.
    Where was LUBP when his post was published with such title…

  • @ Ahsan

    I agree yaar. But over past few years some of our post may have had similar language against non-ppp leaders too.

    If you tolerated that then you should tolerate this too. I’m not taking any sides.

    Aap mujhe bohat arsay sai jantay hai , aap ko paata hai PPP meray liye kiya hai !

  • @ Humza
    For example
    Which Post Kindly mention any post which uses the word PIMP and Condom

  • @ Humza
    Bhai aap jantay hoo and main b janta hun.. baat yahan sirf itni hai k when we starts to abuse our leaders and which is also contitunally wrong as he is prez of pakistan.
    then hum doosroo say kaisay expect karain k wo nahi dain gay gali..sorry but jo mujhay laga main nay likha..
    and dont u think that his behaviour that i will resign if it is edited .. what was that lol..

    @ Mujhay Chand chahiyee .. Nai mama Mujhay Chand chahiyee

  • Ahsan, I asked you to identify just ONE sentence from my post. But you have not done that. You say it is the title. Fine. Anything else?

    About seeing blasts. I will soon let you know how many relatives I have lost for supporting the PPP.

  • @ Humza
    Yahan sab Shiat k thaikaydaar ban gayay sirf aik zardari ko gali pari is liyee.. Tell me u know my background and my family.. Kya mujhay is par dukh nahi jo bahrain main ho raha hai… but us ka matlab yeh hargiz nahi k main head of the state ko Galiyan dun

  • @Ahsan
    What Omar has done for LUBP, you damn care just because you damn CARE LUBP.
    You never participate here, not at the group, or at the blog in comments section or any other activities of LUBP. You just visit, post your piece as featured ones and go.
    When LUBP is attacked by the right wingers, when our writers and editors are abused and humiliated with personal attacks you damn care but when it comes to a post rightly criticising the ideological Dallali by Zardari’s associates like R Malik, Babar Awan and many others. These people are an embarrassment for a party with history.

    You are right you DAMN Care.

  • @ Omar
    We arent in the world cup semifinals of how many relatives who lost for PPP.
    Plzz Now i mentioned ur Title and u are askingt anything else.
    Apnay dil pat hath rakh k kahoo if BB Asifa and Bakhtawar read ur Article what they assume of it.
    Is there any differnce left between u and CHD NISAR?
    U dragged all in one and by the way.
    I Salute ur Relative Shuhda’s who gave sacrifices for PPP and democracy but meray bhai u abused their sacrifices by using That kinda language..
    Jab aap BB ki shahadat ko zardari ki syasat ka zarya batain gay then koi doosra kaisa aap aur meray jaisay workers ki shahadat ko khaloos e dil say dekhay ga?

  • @ Shaista Azaar
    I also read ur name First Time …Ask the founder of LUBP for how much time i m associated wid LUBP.
    and Omar ki association to yahan say sabit ho gai when he said i will resign if this piece cuts down.. what a joke it was..
    and plz mind ur language as its not a porn site ..

  • @ LUBP

    Whi will give me certificate of being associated and how much associated with LUBP?

  • @ LUBP
    I m ready to give my details and snap and all description so that it can be proved that i m not a fake writer or not a agenda propogator..

    Every blog has portfolio like this.. where is LUBP’s portfolio.. Plz its a suggestion to make it so that Ghost writers can be indetified

  • As for as I remember, Shaista Aazar’s name is mentioned in LUBP authors list on the main page. But its new for Ahsan, just because he never visits LUBP mainpage, just comes to post his article using his LUBP account and went off.

  • @ Ubaid
    I can laugh at ur poor reading
    Dont read it da list from end my dear…
    In first two lines my name is also mention.. and i m brave enough that i will not resign LUBP.. whether Abdul delete my piece.
    Secondly come to my suggestions dont behave like ghost writers … Make code of Conduct..

  • Yeah…its sensible suggestion on part of Ahsan. But for this one should regularly visit LUBP site not only his own profile dashboard to know who is contributing here in original articles, cross posting and comments. And there should be some merit for featured and headline posts as Ahsan Post deserves featured status as it has comment.

  • This is a humble request to all friends to refrain from ad hominem and in fighting.

    Both writers, Omar Khattab and Ahsan Abbas Shah, are valued members of the LUBP team; both have ably expressed their perspectives, both have been associated with the blogzine for a very long time and both are sincere supporters of the PPP.

    I for one refuse to censor either Omar or Ahsan’s post. Other editors may of course disagree with my opinion which I will respect.

  • Guys just leave this debate . You all are valuable contributors of LUBP . LUBP editors didn’t edited both these posts .

    Both Omar and Ahsan has explained their point of view in detail . There is no point wasting our energies fighting each other .

  • The way Sajid Naqvi, the Shia leader and a member of the Hizbollah Grand Council, sucks up to the Deobandi and Wahabi fascists is simply shameless. Can you believe that he has been siding with the Islamofascists over issues like Raymond Davis and Dr Aafia? Whenever he takes the podium people boo him and say “Shia Karif!”. But Sajid Naqvi has never protested. Like Zardari, he will never boycott and refuse to meet those who call Shias Kafir and wajibul qatal.

    Ahsan, I am a born jiyala on both sides of my family. I have lost quite a few relatives during Zia’s time. My father died speaing about ZA Bhutto rather than God or his aakhrat. Not a single person from my immediate or extended family has taken any benefit. I believe that it is haram to take any benefit from a party we have loved and given blood to. I do not have the luxury of being a secretary to a PPP stalwart like yourself. I have to work around 16 hours a day to feed my family and a few orphans. A jiyala, I will prefer hell to paradise if Allah tells me that even a single Islamofascist is in Paradise.

    Now you can imagine why I hold a crook like Zardari in utter contempt. A person who cannot stand up for a minor issue is contemptible, and this is the issue: A couple of months ago, Pak Army requested 1.6 billion rupees for its dogs. Zardari endorsed the request without saying a word of protest. Pakistan has been going through economic hell and people are committing suicides, and here is our president who has no balls to reject a billion plus for Army’s dogs.

    Ahsan, I challenge you respond to this mail.

  • My brother in law lost his life and my sister is schizophrenic when crooks of the religious gangs attacked Gujra, my uncle lost his business and flew the area now living under dismal conditions in a poor christians locality in Karachi.
    When all this happened at Gojra, were hopeful people’s Govt will take good care of those who were victimised but our President is bury slaughtering black goats in Presidential palace to protect himself from Black magic,
    And paid employees come and teach us how and what to write.

  • @Humza, I agree, we should not fight with each other as well as we should also follow basic liberal principle individual freedom with social responsibility.

  • Good job, someone came forth for damage control.
    There shouldn’t be “Good Jiala, Bad Jiala” discrimination.
    We are all political workers, I most of the time do not comment as find myself incapable to add value to the articles and being a PPP worker agree to most of the content published here.
    If we stick to the liberal principles of individual freedom to speak then Omar didn’t comment anything wrong by calling whatever to whoever as its upon the reader to agree or disagree.
    The most flawed approach AAZ has employed is his inability to connect with the masses.
    Hope chairman Bilawal will come forward to get hold of the party to connect to the people rather than a bunch of thugs around.

  • Are You There Mr President?
    March 6 , by sherryx

    Dr Ayesha Siddiqa is one the most brilliant academic of Pakistan. Daughter of noted Urdu novelist and recipient of prestigious Adam Gee Award for literature Jamila Hashmi she rose to popular fame with the publication of her book “Military Incorporated” a brilliant theoretical contribution on Pakistan Army.

    She also stands out for distancing her self from anti government rhetoric of most liberal intellegentsia of Pakistan. She has frequently drawn attention to Pakistan’s collaboration with Islamist militancy.

    She along with Hassan Askari Rizvi was first to point out the principle contradiction in present bourgeois state set up. The conflict between  President Zardari and GHQ. Amongst the liberal academics she was also first to question the Lawyers Movement’s intentions and changing nature of Judicial activism in Pakistan referring  to it as “Judicial populism”.

    Yet the  persistent capitulation by president Asif Ali Zardari and his failure to give face to liberal and progressive political legacy of PPP has forced almost all of his well wishers to question their perspective. General Zia’s railway minister is Mr Zardari’s prime minister , son of Zia’s governor has  just left the government in an embarrassing situation.

    The unfortunate irony is that he was not stopped when he was changing the direction of Pakistan’s foreign policy to the favour of Pakistan Army. The conflict exploded in form of Raymond Davies incident. His prime minister publicly declared Zulficar Ali Bhutto’s socialist educational policy as wrong.

    PPP’s secretary information Fauzia Wahab criticized very core of Bhutto’s economic policy and lectured every one of privatization and economic liberalism and that when even Sarkozi was forced to condemn it after Global Financial Crisis. When Salman Taseer was murdered in cold blood in Islamabad his home minister who had long ties of Begum Shafiqa Zia and Chaudharies of Gujrat commented “I would personally shoot a blaspher

  • (article continued). This despite the fact that Benazir Bhutto was strongly against Blasphemy law and so far  we believed that Mr Zardari was too. His Law minister , one reputed to enjoy his trust   pledged  to support the infamous ziaist Blasphemy Law even if costed him his life.

    His home minister Mr Rehman Malik also speaks language of IsI when it comes to Balochistan. He too is reputed to be a Zardari’s partisan.

    Yet another his  confidant is Mr Jamshaid Dasti who has strong ties with Sipah e Sahaba. It’s a total right-wing regime on whose top is sitting Chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party , the largest socialist Party of Pakistan which is member of Socialist International as well. One simply fails to understand where is party’s co-chairman? Why there is a complete capitulation to right? Why all of chairman’s confidants  are Ziaist?

    I have frequently drawn parallels from history Zardari should start looking at pictures of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of 1977. became hostage to “loyalists”. Those who were sitting on his right and left during negotiations with PNA. Those too were his most vulgar of partisans those who led him to capitulate to right. Those were first to ditch him after 5 Zardari should always remember Kosar Niazi

    Shaheryar Ali

  • Ahsan, we at LUBP are not enemies and we are not engaged in in-fighting. Our goal is the same: To make Pakistan a viable country where human rights are everyone’s right. Shia, Wahabi, Deobandi, Ahmedi, Chritian, etc are all respectable and equal citizens. Our rulers should show character. Pakistan will survive without Saudi money. We need not suck up to the Saudis.

    Best wishes to all.

  • I am much pleased to read the article by Ahsan Abbas with hid real and brave identity rather fake and cowardice identities and name. This come first that why should one hide his or her real identity of he or she is not liar, abuser and thief. Fron history we know that only culprits and guilty hide their identities.
    I strongly hate the fighting among each other over any tiny issue but the issue is big and concerned with high worth and respect of Co-Chairman PPP. I would never said the article of Omar Khatab (whatever his real name and identity is) if he had criticized the President on the same issue without abusive words. I must say it here once more that “Asif Ali Zardari is not only the President of Pakistan” while “He is co-Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party and the legacy of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto”.
    A very poor and fresh new worker of PPP that the party makes decision over issues in CEC not One-Man Show in PPP.
    We must be patient with issues and problems. More if believe in PPP that inside a party there is a proper way of suggestions rather to abuse Leader of a Party for doing anything.
    Let we all approach toward problems and issues in the circle and limits of Party rules and regulations as well as morality.

  • Janab Aali Muqaam Riaz Riaz Toori Sahab

    The train has long left the station!

  • Waaah! waah! Toori sb…
    What a piece of comment you have posted. First you abused all for of cowardice and then are using diplomatic style.

    I know the way you people show your bravery and dareness. Getting stuff from madam Farahnaz in the USB sticks and posting it on various websites in web cafe…hahaha

  • @Toori sb
    A Pashto saying for you…

    “Da Salaampur Miaagan Yaw Bal Ta Pacha Wai”

    You can understand or can ask some friendr from Swat

  • How I am abusing anyone? I have really very bad sentiments for those who are hypocrites. We must not hide what we do, believe and think.
    The day I am hurt when one of LUBP editor in a meeting told me that the identities of most of the writters at LUBP are fake and they hide their real identities. I am at-least sure about Syed Ahsan Abbas that it is his real name and his real identity.
    Let we change the style of LUBP and there should profile of each writer with a picture like the highly reputed blogs and websites are doing…
    For example see this please http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/5102/world-cup-2011-why-do-we-love-to-hate-india/
    How one can call other cowardice while he or she him/herself unable to even display own name.
    Evils around us are not because of nasty doers while only because of hypocrites.
    I refuse of not writing where I need to hide my identity because I can’t be dishonest with my pen, name, thoughts and ideology.
    Days are not far away when LUBS will be called for “A Blog of unknown people with Fake names and identities”.

  • @Ubaid Ali Sarbazi I just can feel pity over you and I can well understand your feelings and I pray may these feelings grow inside you more…
    @Ali Arqam… I need not ask about the Pashtu proverb from any friend from Swat… as I don’t consider it meaningful here thus no comments..
    keep the good work up

  • Those who dont use pennames are compromised as Mr Toori is, as he like other pro establishment writers is full of praise and appreciations for mentors and masters of the assassins of our own people in Kurram.
    Its the selflessness and dedication on part of the LUBP team of authors and editors like Abdul Nishapuri, Sarah Khan, Omar, Shaista, Qudsia and many others as they are never paid for their works by anyone neither by PPP office Bearers or anyone else.
    People whining on a post regarding AAZ incompetency and incapablity to keep the grace of the People’s office high and could not protest the insulting remarks by an illegitimate King, a thug.

    Omar! You have committee Blasphemy of President and charged employees are ready to issue a fatwa of No-Jiala against you.

  • @Mr Ubaid I don’t know who are you? And it’s enough get it.
    you are even not concerned with my area either I can protect it or not. You are blind about me and even I don’t know to know about me and my views and thoughts. So look into your shirt size please.

  • @Riaz Toori
    LUBS? You must be ashamed of what you are doing and writing here against the blog which is considered as the fifth pillar of PPP by some very genuine intellectuals and writers.
    When we criticise others and publish articles of you people as featured one, especially at various important days and occasions wrt PPP history, you are full of praise and now on a critical note you are spitting venom against our writers and editors.
    You paid employees can never reach to the hights and credibility LUBP got for its works.
    I challenge you to establish one website and blog like that with your paid deficiencies.
    “boht dekhe hain tum jese karwai dalne wale”

  • @Ali Arqam Mind your Language—- Don’t be personal. I can criticize the blog openly and I will. I myself write article to the blog and I will write. For Abdul there is great love and respect inside my heart and it will continue… What do you think you are to accept your challenge? what do you think I am free to accept the challenges of you? I think you well remember your DM to me at twitter last time when you asked apology for your comments on me in very personal but I said no we are brother must not ask apology publically. If you are of so much high clibre then why are you on fire while i am criticizing a common writers of a common blog within which I am even included and you feel no shy while abusing the Co_Chairman of a largest beloved party PPP?
    What a hypocrisy and contradictions that Abusing President of Pakistan and co-chairman of PPP is enough openness and vision wile criticizing common writters with fake identities is a sin?

  • You also dont know me, I am the brother of a PPP die hard worker whose “bori band” dead body was found in a slum after four days of abduction.
    I feel pity for you people how are you reacting to a rather insignificant post by an LUBP writers from the very early days of the blog.
    Good performance Sir, though I heard very unpleasant things about how you acquire that job but leave it.
    Ask Qadir Patel or Nadim Bhutto about Hameed Sarbazi.

  • @Ubaid I salute you and your martyr brother. My head is bowed before you and your family. I was to discuss issue rather persons and all persons are hide here except very few. I am sorry if I have hurt you.
    We have so many conspirators around us and we hurt when enemies become the snake of our sleeves.
    I am once more sorry if I have hurt you and I am feeling no shy in saying sorry publically.
    How I have acquired the job openly you can say and I even know the two persons who are in very ill-manner propagating this…..but Shaheed Bhuttos blood is witness.
    More even those two boys talk to me and many times I have seen them in very miserable condition. But next I will not feel pity over them.

  • The politics of abusing, black-mailing and insulting others can be of any other party of Pakistan but can never of Pakistan Peoples Party in the depth of which is the blood of thousands of Martyrs from the hills of Parachinar to the desert of Baluchistan from Khyber pakhtoonkhwa to the sea-shore of Karachi.
    Last comments.
    Sorry if anyone is hurt

  • Seems like there is another hot topic of debate other than Mohali clash of Pak-India cricket teams!!!

    On a serious note, I agree with the author that for the first time ever, LUPB has lost its standard by publishing an article which was not according to the code of conduct that bloggers should follow. Blogs are considered important part of online media and if any blogger cannot follow the code of conduct then s/he needs serious lessons on the dignity of written word. You may object here that anything can be said in the name of freedom of speech, but if this is the case then we should not protest against any blasphemous content that is present on internet.

    Secondly, no one can ‘Build Pakistan’ (as this blog proudly claims) by using abusive language and distorted facts. Omar Khattab did not only use abusive language but also tried to provoke hatred for President among a certain sect. Otherwise what is the purpose behind his statements like “Has he no compassion for the Shias?… Let the Shia blood give boost to his viability as president. He can do and play politics over the name of his wife.” These statements clearly reveals the purpose of the writer.

    The worst part was the way Omar ended his blog “The least the PPP government could have done was not to meet Prince Bandar” .. This is so childish I must say coz in Democracy, the worst that you can do is not to meet your enemies and other Head of States. President’s meeting with Prince Bandar was a diplomatic requirement and nothing more. If Iranian President Ahmadinejad can meet him and Saudi King then why not President of Pakistan?

    When I take all this in account and also the language used by some other bloggers in the past, I agree with Ahsan that LUBP should have its code of conduct stated clearly on the website.

  • I wondered how some people took it so far and started fighting over an issue which was raised only on principals. Thats how we claim to become a better nation? Always think ourself “right”!!!! You may not be right all times… right?
    First of all we as a nation need to be tolerant to accept criticism. If a valued writer cant take criticism how can he be allowed to criticize Political Figures?
    The guys who are defending a valued writer Omar Khattab, how can they justify “Pimp” and “Condom” used by the above writer? Are these words in social norms? So what’s so wrong in asking for a Code Of Conduct?
    The simple question is that “LUBP” needs a “Code Of Conduct” or not? And thats it!!!!!!!

  • Guys lets raise this issue instead of wasting our energies .

    PPP’s Pervaiz Rafiq, rising on a point of order, said sanitary workers who belonged to the Christian community were protesting in front of the PA because they had been discriminated against.

    He said that the Solid Waste Management administration allowed Muslim workers to come two hours late and leave before Iftar during the month of Ramazan.

  • Toori and others. The train has really moved on. Omar Khattab has obliged all. Ali Arqam and others have said the right things. It is all over. Now move on. This site is critical and not obsequious. What Zardari did was wrong and he got a good bashing by Omar.

    I personally object to some of the expressions Omar has used, but there is nothing wrong with his argument. You should be glad that you have some really good author working I am sure free for this site. They are selfless jiyalay.

    Let us move on. Let Us Build Pakistan!

  • Wah, Wah, kya baat hay. Fauzia Wahab ko Amreeki khushnoodi hasil karnay wala bataya ja raha hay jabkay Ms. Ispahani and her husband are ambassador of Pakistan in USA!!!! Excellent.
    LUBP walas, you must ask for money from Fauzia wahab for making her “devi samaan” if Farahnaz is already taken

  • @Humza
    Sorry Yaar last night i was busy with friends, so could not participate.
    I think now it’s enough, all points well taken & distinguished Writers/commentators have shown their expertise and writing skills as well as party loyalty.

    So, Plz Don’t Make It:
    Farah Naz Isphani vs Fouzia Wahab
    real identities vs fake identities
    paid workers vs unpaid workers
    And no more ‘My Dad is Better Than Your Dad’ Competition at LUBP plz:

    Three boys were talking together about what their father’s did for a living.

    Boy 1 began by saying that his Dad wrote a few words on a piece of paper, sent them away and received £20 for them and they called it a poem.

    Boy 2, not to be outdone said that his Dad wrote a few pages of words, sent them away and received £100 and they called it a story.

    Boy 3 was full of himself and said that his Dad wrote a couple of sides of words, read them out on Sunday morning, called it a sermon and it took 6 people to go round and collect all the money….
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    What I suggest is that simply assume that all are sincere and doing their job…

    Big Boss ka aadesh hae, kae aab Ghar(LUBP)ke sabhi sedhese apne apne kaamion mein lag jayein jo aik tawel mudat se kiya ja reha hae, Jamohriat ko behter shakal dene ka…

  • @Ahsan Abbas Shah
    @Omar Khattab
    @Ali Arqam
    @Riaz Ali Toori
    @Shaista Azaar

    Please Please Please! Don’t argue useless here. It will not give all of us any benefit of fighting & arguing here. Every picture has two sides (even more sides hahaha), positive & negative. Whether it is President Zardari or whoever, the person’s decision will have definitely both positive & negative effects. So it is useless to extend either the positive points or negative points.

    Muhammad Amjad Rashid is the worst Jiyala of PPP. You are all far off better Jiyalas than me. So Be happy! Smile! I am not the author of LUBP. I am just the weakest contributor here. But the way you all wasted your precious energies here, a thing for me to disheart. I am junior to all of you. Isn’t it not a shame if I request you all to please be calm down?

    Be humans first dudes! Muslim, Christians, Sunni, Shias, Jiyalas later!

    Anything disheartening in the article of Ahsan or Omar Khattab, I take the responsibility my dear fellows! So Please forgive me and stop fighting here.



    @ Hamza: Brother! Why are you calling Junaid? Why are you not trying yourself? Is Junaid Sultan Rahi who will make peace after 3 hours lengthy Punjabi film?

    @ Junaid: Brother! I swear that I am not paid at all. & I don’t swear but I am sure that no one here is paid by PPP at all. (It is reality).



    @Abdul Nishapuri: Sir, You are a cool man, I know. But you should manage a video conference, make happen a “JAPHI” between Ahsan & Omar and then distribute the packet of 5 Kg sweets to all authors & contributors here to celebrate the peace between “JIYALAS” of PPP. But don’t forget to bring 10 Kg packet of sweet (including Barfi, Gulab Jaman) for me specially. Afte all! Junior is Ladla!

    Abdul Nishapuri Khappay!

    All authors & contributors Khappay!

    LUBP khappay!

    Zardari Khappay!

    Pakistan Khappay!

    Humanity Khappay!


  • Ahsan Abbas Shah says:
    March 29, 2011 at 6:59 am
    @ Omar Khattab
    I wish i can identify that language in front of u so that u realize what u have written.

    @ AHSAN SAHIB….we can 100% agree with the language and the tone of the ATRICAL written by OMAR Secondly instead of defending ZARDARI SAHAB dont you think that PP need serious soul searching…where is SHERRY REHAMAN…where FAOZIA WAHAB…who is BABR AWAN..can you name only one real leftest arround zardari….give me example of any of his speach during past three years in which he has mentioned that we are secular party…and give me any single example of our PP government in which they stand and resist the prassure from right wing politicians…how many times we have seen Rehman Malik saying we are pro-establishment party..what you think by saying this you will win the hearth of those thugs sitting in GHQ…they are just waiting for suitable time…BHUTTO SAHIB had compromissed with establishment..what was the result…BB compromised with establishment..what was the result…and now we are seeing ZARADARI been driven slowly towards that path….now tell me what is the major differance between NAWAZ league and PP now a days..both claiming to be a central parties..where is PP left wing politics…then why poeple should not feel disappointed…

  • LUBP ka zabta ikhlaq ? GALI ya DALEEL ? of-course bai gali numa daleel . . . daleel numa gali . . .