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Zardari: Is he on the side of truth or Islamofascism?

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Zardari’s was elected by popular vote, not by anti-democratic forces

By Omar Khattab in Islamabad

When on 27 March Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud met President Zardari bin Hakim Ali Bambinowala, the former had just one question to ask: Will Pakistan stand by Saudi Arabia in the face of present popular demands for democracy in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia? “Yes,” was the clear-cut answer by the ever-smiling Zardari.

If only Zardari had asked the Prince this simple question: “Who are the people you wish to crush?”

The Prince would have answered: “The Shias!” If Zardari had probed further, the Prince would have told him frankly that the Shias being Kafirs deserved to be crushed whether in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere.

Alternatively, the Prince might have used a diplomatic register and said: “We want to deal with criminals who plan to undermine Islam.”

What if Zardari had asked: “What about me? I am a Shia too.”

This is all speculative. But one thing is clear: Zardari did not dare tell him that people, whether in majority or minority, deserve a normal, respectable life, a life which has become an impossibility for the Shias in Bahrain where they make up 70 percent of the country’s population, and the Shias in Saudi Arabia where they make up 30 percent of the population.

The Prince very well knows that Zardari is himself a Shia. I guess he must be saying in his mind: “Dude, I am here to recruit your support to kill your fellow Shia brethrens and your situation is no more than that of a tissue paper which will be used and then thrown away!”

Nevertheless, this did not happen. Zardari was too cowardly and too obsequious to put the right question to the Prince. Had he been a man of honor, he would have asked this much: “Why did your King Abdullah call me a rotten snake head? And now how can this rotten head (which he wanted to be chopped off) be of help to him?”

There are a number of mosques in Pakistan which are directly financed and administered by Saudi princes. These mosques spread the most venomous propaganda against the Shias. One of such mosques recently issued a death fatwa against Sherry Rahman. The sovereign Pakistan has never been able to regulate these wicked dens of Islamofascism.

Only two weeks before, the Pakistan Army recruited 1,000 “security guards” for Bahrain. The only task of these guards is to kill the Bahrani Shias who are demanding their natural, democratic rights. But Zardari, the supreme commander of the armed forces of Pakistan, is so cowardly that despite some protests in the media such as Let Us Build Pakistan, he did not even take a token notice of it.

Zardari, just like all Pakistanis, knows that the Shias in Kurram are routinely killed by the Taliban whose supporter Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Army’s Ziaist generals are. But he has never taken an action; never said even a word. Why is he doing it? Has he no compassion for the Shias? The answer is very simple: He wants to stay in power at all costs. Let the Shia blood give boost to his viability as president. He can do and play politics over the name of his wife. By unquestioningly and unequivocally acceding to the demand of Prince Bandar, he has amply shown that he can sell anything and anyone at his disposal just to stay in power. If only he had realized that he became president through the popular vote ONLY; otherwise, the Army and Saudi Arabia did not want to see his face (Just read some of the wikileaks about General Kiani and King Abdullah.). Now that Zardari has decided to become an ideological pimp of the Ziaist generals and the Wahabi Saudis, his days are numbered. He will be used and then consigned to the dustbin of history and people will refer to him as fondly as they do when the name of General Zia ul Haq is mentioned.

The least the PPP government could have done was not to meet Prince Bandar. But Zardari, Yousuf Raza Gillani, and Rahman Mallik were dying to meet and suck up to him. But no. Insecurity, greediness, and shamelessness are a lethal combination.

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Omar Khattab


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  • I congratulate Mr. Omar Khattab for writing this bold, harsh yet sincere assessment of President Zardari.

    Pakistan has already sent thousands of mercenaries to crush the Bahraini people’s uprising for democracy.

    Now Pakistan is assuring the KSA of a similar help?

    Needless to say it was Pakistan army which participated in the massacre of thousands of Palestinians in Jordan and hundreds of Iranian Hajjis in Makkah.

  • Unrest in the Arab world: Islamabad assures Riyadh of support
    By Qaiser Butt
    Published: March 28, 2011

    President Zardari with the Saudi prince at the President House in an earlier meeting. PHOTO: APP/FILE
    In the backdrop of the current political uprisings in the Arab world, Pakistan has decided to play a significant role in the region by supporting Saudi Arabia, sources told The Express Tribune.
    The decision came following a string of meetings that Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, special emissary of the Saudi king, had with the Pakistani leadership over the weekend.
    The Saudi royal family scion met the top political and military leaders, among them President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani.
    Prince Bandar’s whirlwind tour came as mass protests are sweeping across most of the Gulf and Middle Eastern countries. Though there is no immediate threat of an uprising against the Saudi rulers, the situation in neighbouring Bahrain is a cause for serious concern.
    In his interaction with Premier Gilani, the Saudi prince indicated that the oil-rich kingdom would extend meaningful support to Pakistan to improve its ailing economy, sources told The Express Tribune on Sunday.
    Cash-strapped Islamabad has been asking Riyadh for oil on deferred payment for quite some time now.
    Prince Bandar is said to have assured Islamabad of its help to address its immediate oil needs. He also reaffirmed that the kingdom would always stand by Pakistan to confront any challenge and support any initiative to expand bilateral ties.
    According to sources in the Foreign Office, the Saudi move to seek help from Pakistan had a tacit endorsement from the United States whose forces are stationed in Bahrain. The US 5th fleet is stationed in Bahrain under an agreement reached between the two countries 15 years ago.
    “The United States does not consider Saudi security forces’ entry into Bahrain as an invasion,” the White House said on Monday.
    Riyadh sent about 1,000 troops into Bahrain to protect government facilities after protesters overran police and blocked roads.
    Premier Gilani told Prince Bandar, who is also secretary-general of the Saudi National Security Council, that his country supports the Saudi stance in the Gulf and the Middle East and would stand by Riyadh for regional peace.
    The prince briefed the prime minister on the Saudi perception of the situation in the Gulf and the Middle East.
    Sources said that the main purpose of Prince Bandar’s visit was to evaluate Islamabad’s viewpoint on the rapidly changing political situation in the Arab world, particularly on the alarming situation in Bahrain, which borders Saudi Arabia.
    In 1991, Riyadh was disappointed by Pakistan’s attitude towards the Gulf War when the then army chief Gen Aslam Beg had publicly opposed the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s decision of sending army and air force units to Saudi Arabia on the call of the kingdom.
    Faced with the threat of a direct attack from Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussien’s forces, the Saudi authorities were further disappointed when Gen Beg agreed to send only 5,000 troops after a long delay and that too under strict conditions.
    It took Islamabad several years to win back the trust of Riyadh.
    The Saudis kept referring to this ‘betrayal’ during their talks with Islamabad on all forums, a former diplomat, who has served in Riyadh, told The Express Tribune.
    Published in The Express Tribune, March 28th, 2011.


  • Thank you Sarah. I was thinking that if my article is edited, I will resign from Let Us Build Pakistan, and will never even write for it.But your words encourage me.

    I salute you for standing by me.

  • Exchange at Twitter. Read from the bottom-up.

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    History shows: most people ignore genocides while they r happening e.g. Holocaust in Europe, Massacre in East Pak, Shia genocide in Pakistan

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    RT @khattak99 don’t think the prince would have said that. but even if he did, can zardari say NO? @faisalkapadia
    12 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    While Pakistan’s civil society contemplates Rehman Malik’s statement on match-fixing, the country commits more mercenaries to Bahrain & KSA
    13 minutes ago

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Previous excerpts from Omar Khattab’s post: Zardari: From people’s president to ideological pimp http://criticalppp.com/archives/44267
    15 minutes ago

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Zardari’s next question would naturally have been: “Who are Shias?” The Prince would candidly have said “They are Kafirs and must be killed”
    15 minutes ago

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    If only Zardari had asked the Prince this simple Q: “Who are the people you wish to crush?” The Prince would have answered: “The Shias!”
    16 minutes ago

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Will Pakistan stand by Saudi Arabia 2 suppress popular demands for democracy in #Bahrain & KSA. “Yes” was the answer by ever-smiling Zardari
    17 minutes ago

    kristenchick Kristen Chick
    by AbdulNishapuri
    #bahrain ministry of information summoned me for a meeting today. assigned me a “helper” and gave me a folder about “facts on the ground”
    1 hour ago

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    @Owl051 #Zardari: From people’s president to ideological pimp http://criticalppp.com/archives/44267 #SaudiArabia #mercenaries #Pakistan
    20 minutes ago

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Zardari: From people’s president to ideological pimp http://nblo.gs/fX0WT

  • Samajh nahin aati jahan khaare hone ka time aata hai wahan PPP late kion jaati hai? kia isse apni public support per trust nahin hai?

  • Criticism is well and all, but what has happened to LUBP’s standards? Isn’t LUBP supposed to be setting an example for other blogs & mainstream media? The language that is despised upon in comments section is being published in the blogs & that too unedited!! One doesn’t edit out real quotes, but creating fictitious one, exceeds the parameters of freedom of speech.

    This article would’ve made a greater impact only if simple values of dignity were maintained. This was not classy at all.

    I protest!!

  • Anas, a dirty incident evokes a dirty response. I do not belong to the Mummy-Daddy Burger Group. I am not highly educated, and I do not have a foreign degree. I failed my BA twice. I am a middle classia, so I have no class. You are right about it: My article has no class because Prince Bandar and Zardari have no class.

    I have used very undiplomatic language, but what is diplomatic about ganging up against the Shias and kill them like vermin? By the way, I am not a Shia.

    The least the PPP government could hve done was not to meet Prince Bandar. But Zardari, Gillani, and Mallik were dying to meet him. They should have let me meet General Kiani and expose the latter.

    Anas, I am not sophisticated and subtle like you. I stand by my vulgar language. I am a vulgar man, but the topic I have dealt with is not vulgar. My article is vulgar, but the killing of the innocent, even if they are Wahabi, is more vulgar.

  • Great article.

    I however agree with @Anas that the article would’ve made a greater impact with only minor edits in the title.

  • A very sincere piece coming right from the heart of any Jiala who loves PPP not because its family business but for the ideals it has once shown its commitment.
    Sometimes I think PPP in opposition is far better than PPP in Govt.
    As whenever it comes to rule, it is surrounded by opportunists like R Malik, Babar Awan, Riaz Shiekh and many others….
    Kudos! Omar, you are one of the many reason I feel proud about LUBP.

  • I agree with Anas. Vulgarity, whether you are uneducated, or educated, has the same effect on the reader. A well written article is written neutrally, without emotion, and based on facts. Mr.Omar Khattab, while your article might be based on facts, it is not neutral and is written very emotionally. The question is not about ‘Mummy-Daddy’ or ‘Burger Class’, politeness is valued in every social class.

    “No companion can prove more useful than politeness.”
    Imam Ali ibn abi Talib

    I highly doubt Imam Ali was speaking just to the burger class. Accents, languages and attitudes, these might be different and acceptable in different social classes, there are many factors which result in these. But impoliteness is unacceptable in any class or strata. Im sure that Lal Shahbaz Qalandar was not from any burger class or Mummy-Daddy class, but he was polite too.

    “Salvation lies in keeping your tongue away from vulgar talk.”
    The Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

    That said, a good article and an interesting read.

    Please note, I am not against your freedom of speech, and you are surely entitled to your own opinion, but only as long as you are not attacking somebody else’s right to self respect.

  • @Lodhi Thanks for thought provoking comments.

    @Omar I totally agree when you write “The least the PPP government could hve done was not to meet Prince Bandar. But Zardari, Gillani, and Mallik were dying to meet him. They should have let him meet General Kiani and expose the latter.”

  • I have no comments on the theme and body of the article but I am feeling great shy on the language being used by the author in the article. Why we forget that Asif Ali Zardari is not only the President of Pakistan while more than President he is the Co-Chairman of Pakistan leading Political party PPP.
    The language is abusive and bellows the high-standard of LUBS so far we have considered it.
    Omar Khattab will not resign from the LUBS for publishing his un-edited article but many are hurt deeply.
    The article is abusive and the tongue is bellow average. For which we were countering so far the morally damaged article writers like Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Saleh Zafar, Ch.Javeed etc and now we are having at LUBS.
    “If one is abusive he doesn’t belong to the Party of martyrs”.
    The language is condemnable and we strongly condemn it.
    I know in response to my comments many will write that we are not “Paid Employees’ like you but this is matter of faith, morality, language not boldness. Abusing the Co-Chairman of a major leading political party is not boldness while immorality and hurting of workers around the country especially when the writer and blog claim belong to the same party.

  • “Zardari has decided to become an ideological pimp of the Ziaist generals and the Wahabi Saudis, his days are numbered. He will be used and then consigned to the dustbin of history ”
    I think you have missed one very big example of BHUTTO SAHAB…who after winning the vote of people on the name of secularism and socialism become the pimp of establishment and no need to mention his last fate in the hands of those same Generals……

  • Omar Khattab
    @ i am absolutly agree with the topic and language of YOUR artical..i dont think there is any problem in it….i think we uneducated and poor people are becoming more and more sinsible and are getting some courage to ask few questions from…HOLY COWS…Every one of us with little bit sense knows very well the role of SAUDI ARABIA in converting our country in to NAPAKISTAN….

  • I ask these gentlemen to point out specifically what words or sentences have hurt them.

  • Bahrain’s Foreign Minister has arrived in Islamabad to meet the country’s top political and military officials in order to discuss the turmoil in Bahrain.

    But the protestors here condemn the visit.


    We can clearly understand why protesters in Islamabad are upset with the USA’s hypocrisy towards democratic movement in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

  • some context:

    Is Saudi Arabia next?
    By Ayesha Ijaz Khan
    Published: March 28, 2011


    By interfering in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia will give its own disgruntled Shia population more reason to mistrust their government. In the event that the protests of Qatif and Hofuf catch on, the Saudi monarchy will have no option but to turn to the West for help, just as the Bahraini emir has done.

  • I agree with Anas & M Ahmad Khan Lodhi. However it’s good Author realized and he has replaced word ‘Con***’ with “tissue paper”.

    In my view, there are two prominent ways to register your protest in Pakistan, you can either register the way right wing parties are registering their protest by burning American flags, inciting violence and hatred against follow citizens, and the way we have recently witnessed, after the assassination of Salmaan Taseer, a candle light vigil, so It’s up to us how we proceed and register our point of view.

    Being a liberal and democratic blogzine, I think it’s imperative that we should politely but boldly register our protest.

    As a student of Journalism, I have reservation(s) about this post, particularly – it’s abusive language directed towards the head of state, and emotions were preferred over facts/logic.

    We always criticized right wing media and anchors for solely targeting President Asif Ali Zardari and ignoring other stockholders and role of other institutions. I mean we should also question the role of Parliament, opposition parties position, opposition leader Ch Nisar role in this particular case.

    We always lecture the media world that they should act and write responsibly, keeping in mind the dignity of
    Head of the state. But by using abusive language, it appears we are not even following our own principles.

  • @ Omar Khattab

    The under process Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two countries was also came under discussion. The Saudi side proposed that a training programme for the religious scholars and preachers should be launched through joint venture in order to mould the public opinion. He emphasized that the curriculum of the primary education particularly in Seminaries should be devised in line with the modern techniques.


  • someone should write against Saudi desire to control religious curriculum of primary education .

  • Ref Humza Ikram. I think Anas and Ahsan owe me an apology. This is the PPP government is doing: Legalizing Wahabism and thus a Shia-Ahmedi-Christian holocaust.

  • @ Omar Khattab

    Federal Cabinet so far didn’t approved this MOU after some of federal ministers showed serious concern over handing religious curriculum to Saudia Arabia .

    It think it was Shagufta Jumani first woman state minister for religous affair who spoked against her followed by couple of other federal ministers.

    Dekhtay hai kitne dair tak cabinet rok sakti hai ……

  • Yes, Hamza. And I hope it will never be made official. But give me one example where the PPP government has shown character.

    This is a matter of billions. You know very well the most corrupt woman in Pakistan, if not the world, is the wife of our Prime Minister. She owed 500 millions in loans to banks, but got off the hook by paying only 41 million. And she is clean now. This is why, Gillani said: “If my wife is involved in corruption, I will resign.”

    You think about the billions that the Saudis will dangle before the likes of Gillani, the Shairfs, and the generals. It is a matter of time only.

  • @Omar
    You are commiting the same mistake our other fake civil society friends are committing, when you are saying, “this is the PPP government is doing: Legalizing Wahabism and thus a Shia-Ahmedi-Christian holocaust.” And remember we have been continuously criticizing FCS for this. Here, you are also questioning the significance of democracy?

    I think our fundamental problem is undemocratic nature of the state, it’s also true religious minorities including Shia sect are facing discrimination and persecution, and small provinces are blaming big brother Punjab for lion share. But at the same time, we believe that only democracy can solve these problems/questions. And it’s LUBP’s position also.

    After all PPP’s govt is elected govt.

    We have every right to criticize PPP’s policy and positions, but using abusive language against institution(President is a institution) is not fair, even it’s against our constitution and it’s 19th article, as well as against press code of conduct(adopted by the general Assembly of the committee of the press)
    1972): as it’s 2nd article clearly advised that the immorality or obscenity, and vulgar and derogatory expression against individuals, institutions or groups are to be avoided in any forms of publication, such as articles, news items, photographs and advertisements.

    Even Declaration of objectives; a code of ethics adopted in 1993 by the council of Pakistan Newspapers’ Editors(CPNE) suggests the same code of ethics.

  • @ Omar Khattab

    I mainly refer to the use of the word, ‘pimp’!
    Other choices which might have been less impolite and perhaps more expressive and eloquent could have been ‘traitor’, ‘turncoat’, ‘renegade’ or ‘deserter’.

    But the putting the matter aside, excellent article, really! Although I can also see some political wisdom and strategy in the the President’s actions, I cant help but agree with your article.

  • @Junaid

    I agree Zardari is still our best bet . Far better than right-wing and opportunist Fake Civil society .

  • We must agree to disagree. But no acrimony. Our goals are the same. Anas, Ahsan, Ali Arqam, Abdul, Sara, myself, and the rest of our gang has just one goal: Pakistan. So, let is build out country!
    Regards to all.

  • @Omar
    That’s the spirit, love you…
    Hum agar apni ghaltion ko qabool ker ke (President se comon person tak)agayein badhein to boht agaye ja sakte hein…Yehi Jamhoriat hae.

  • @Humza
    Zardari is people’s best bet, because they elected him, if they disagree they can reject in next election.

  • Guys, there is noting wrong with this article. I understand some of the portions have been edited out. So what is the fuss now?

  • I strongly disagree to the change in title, or if it was done, there should be an editorial note for clarifying this , as it has lost the whole context of the comments below and the response to the article by Ahsan. Its very unfortunate that LUBP is succumbed to the pressure from PPP media team employees.

  • Why are you people mixing State institutions and PPP office.
    Omar has criticised him for not taking actions as PPP Co-chairman as he linked it with ideology not Politics of the Govt.


    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan yesterday threw its weight behind Bahrain, rejecting any blatant interference in its internal affairs. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani voiced strong support as they received separately Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

    Shaikh Khalid delivered a letter from His Majesty King Hamad to President Zardari dealing with bilateral relations and regional developments.

    He also conveyed greetings from the King, HRH the Premier and HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander.

    President Zardari backed all the measures which have been taken by the authorities in Manama to protect Bahrain’s security and stability and preserve national achievements.

    He also lauded strong bilateral relations.

    Shaikh Khalid expressed the kingdom’s thanks and appreciation to the Pakistani government and its people for their genuine fraternal supportive stances.

    Prime Minister Gilani also stressed his country’s support for Bahrain, opposing any interference in its internal affairs.

    Shaikh Khalid updated the Pakistani leaders on the latest developments in Bahrain.

  • Pakistani shia always support PPP but its time they should think about their support why we vote ppp and what zardari is giving us we are been slaughtered by ISI and Taliban in parachanar to karachi but no one is here to protect us we should protect us by over selves.PPP and other parties has same behaviour for us and zardari is coward man how can he help us