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Internet Crime Alert – Al Qaeda’s cyber terrorist: Earthman, International Professor

Abid Ullah Jan is known for spreading hate speech against on the internet.

Earthman International Professor is a pen-name used by a dangerous Deobandi Wahhabi cyber terrorists spreading hate speech against Sunni Sufi Muslims (Barlevis), Shias, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, Jews and other non-Wahhabi and non-Deobandi groups. His hate articles have been published by the following websites:




Another similar character spreading hate speech on the internet is a lunatic based in Ottawa, Canada known as Abid Ullah Jan.

Is Earthman, International Professor yet another alias of Abid Ullah Jan to spread hate speech? Or is Abid Ullah Jan only facilitating hate speech by publishing and spreading pro-terrorism, hate-speech based articles on his hate site Dictatorshipwatch.comh?

There are two further entities spreading similar hate speech and conspiracy theories on the internet, i.e., Syed Adeeb and Dr. Shahid Qureshi (of the internet rag: The London Post). Moin Ansari and Ahmed Qureshi are two similar dubious persons.

Are Abid Ullah Jan, Syed Adeeb and Dr. Shahid Qureshi jointly using the alias Earthman, International Professor to enable more terrorist attacks on Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sunni Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadis etc?

Internet Crime Watch Alert – Watch this man “Earthman, International Professor”

He is dangerous, incites to violence through misleading propaganda and lies. He is clearly involved in hate speech and pro-Al-Qaeda propaganda.

Earthman (International Professor) might have more than one aliases. But he is a continuous source of the pro-terrorism propaganda and hate speech. He is involved in hate speech against all those whose faiths or opinions do not match his. His most favorite targets are: USA, Pakistan, India, Israel, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Muslims of Sunni Barelvi, Sufi or Shia traditions, Ahmedis or Qadianis etc.

Here is how his sectarian and pro-terrorism activities have been reported in the Pakistani media:

Aftab Iqbal writes in Urdu daily Nawaiwaqt – 18 October 2008:

Khalid Hasan writes in Daily Times, 31 August 2008:


POSTCARD USA: All that floats on the Internet — Khalid Hasan

There are countless nuts on the loose on the Internet and the best way of keeping one’s sanity intact is to delete unread any messages they send

There is far less political commotion in Pakistan than there is on the Internet, and it makes you wonder. Have some people nothing better to do than to unload their thoughts on whatever is going on or not going on in Pakistan?

Rarely if ever are these postings funny. When they try to be funny, they are droll, often spiteful and generally in poor taste. Of late, a new parody of the national anthem has been in circulation, which I refuse to read beyond the first two lines because they are unmetred or “vazan se bahar”. Our national anthem, although it contains no more than three or four words of Urdu, is at least metred.

There are some really weird characters out there. One who is probably based somewhere around Boston calls himself “International Professor” and Earthman alternatively. He is a vicious person who is forever spewing anti-liberal, anti-America, pro-Al Qaeda passion. He is also fond of attacking mainstream politicians and journalists, often brutally because many of his writings are an incitement to violence against the people he targets, a crime in America that Homeland Security might care to investigate. Some of those he targets have asked him to reveal his identity if he wants his outpourings to have any credibility. But he is a coward. Whoever he is, he is a dangerous man who is nastier than poison ivy.

The Internet is home to all kinds of scams and rip-offs and millions fall victim to them because of greed or curiosity or both. The FBI has a section that monitors the Internet to warn people of the dangers that lurk there.

This week, the FBI said that its Internet Crime Complaint Centre, called IC3, has been receiving thousands of reports concerning the “hit man” e-mail scam. Dating back to late 2006, the messages claim that the sender has been hired to kill the recipient. Two new versions of the scheme began appearing in July 2008. One instructed the recipient to contact a telephone number contained in the e-mail and the other claimed the recipient or a “loved one” was going to be kidnapped unless a ransom was paid.

Recipients of the kidnapping threat were told to respond via e-mail within 48 hours. The sender was to provide the location of the wire transfer five minutes before the deadline and was threatened with bodily harm if the ransom was not received within 30 minutes of the time frame given. The recipients’ personally identifiable information was included in the e-mail to promote the appearance that the sender actually knew the recipient and their location.

The FBI advised email users not to get “knocked off” by these cyber criminals who would try everything they can to access the recipient’s money and personal information. Advising those who receive “hit man” mails to inform the FBI, the bureau advised Internet users not to respond to unsolicited e-mail or spam, to be sceptical of individuals representing themselves as officials soliciting personal information via e-mail, not to click on links contained within an unsolicited e-mail, and to remain cautious of e-mails claiming to contain pictures in attached files, as the files may contain viruses.

People should open attachments from known senders only and validate the legitimacy of the organisation by directly accessing the organisation’s website rather than following the given link to the site. And under no circumstances should they provide personal or financial information to anyone who asks for it.

However, since a sucker is born every minute, according to Mark Twain, such good advice is fated to be lost on the greedy, the curious and the chicken-hearted.

Khalid Hasan is Daily Times’ US-based correspondent. His e-mail is khasan2@cox.net


Here are some samples of hate speech of International Professor/Earthman:










The following articles written by International Professor were posted on Dictatorship Watch website edited by Abid Ullah Jan:

Pakistani media: “His master’s voice” or “mouth piece”

Monday, October 20, 2008 – 05:55 AM EST – 101 Reads

Section: Journalism/Media

Last week attention of peoples was invited regarding yellow journalists and corrupt media owners: Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only.

After publishing of above article “Lifafa journalists” and “sectarian gangs” attacked, as expected, with their filthy language through various e-mails. Nawai e Waqt was leading among those who were bashing the above report. Due to publicity of the said report, dozens of renowned persons contacted and asked for backup material. Most issues touched in the above report are crystal clear and all related facts are on public record. There is no need to further clarify what is before our eyes. However, some further explanation is due and given below.

To clarify some misunderstanding, it is necessary to point out that International Professor is not Abid Ullah Jan. International Professor is a sane, learned, honest and concerned Pakistani. The reason for his preference to write with a pseudo name is evident from the demands to persecute him as regurgitated in the daily Naw-i-waqt’s note on the international professor’s work.

This also shows how difficult it is to tell the truth in Pakistani press and media. You either have to toe the line or face the fate of Hayatullah Khan. There are quite a few journalists who dare to point out facts and criticise constructively along with partially submitting to the will of the mafia controlling all the strings. However, those kinds of reports and analysis do not make even a slightest dent in the tyrannical grip of the military and civilian feudal lords on the power structure in Pakistan, let alone making a meaningful impact and leading the way out.

That’s why we need persons like International Professor who dare tell as it is, irrespective of any hope for rewards or fear of sustaining their jobs. If there is some element of yellow journalism in it, we better check our ear before running after a dog, thinking that the dog has taken our ear away.

Pakistani media – “his master’s voice” or “mouth piece”

Last week attention of peoples was invited regarding yellow journalists and corrupt media owners: Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only.

After publishing of above article “Lifafa journalists” and “sectarian gangs” attacked, as expected, with their filthy language through various e-mails. Nawai e Waqt was leading among those who were bashing the above report. Due to publicity of the said report, dozens of renowned persons contacted and asked for backup material. Most issues touched in the above report are crystal clear and all related facts are on public record. There is no need to further clarify what is before our eyes. Truth doesn’t need better language skills. Those who have argument don’t criticise language skills of those who expose the facts. Cursing is no argument.

Brothers of DG ISPR (Shia vigilantes Controlling media)
Athar Abbas: DG ISPR
Azhar Abbas: Dawn TV Channel
Zafar Abbas: Editor Dawn
Mazhar Abbas: ARY and Gen Sec PFUJ (note how journalism is under direct influence of Army and Shia’s, it is called Pakistan Federation of Union of Journalists).

Some one must tell us now that these are not Shia, dominating the media in Pakistan.

Tribal areas, Swat, Baluchistan and NWFP
Urbanized media and domesticated reporters are sitting in air conditioned offices and no person is taking pain to search for the truth.

Media has become a profitable business in Pakistan. The cost of newspapers and TV channels and the revenue from advertisement have made media owners richest.

Moreover continuous flow of funds from the sitting regime through various agencies flows in the form of bribe to gag the press and media.

It is not a surprise that BBC’s Mariana Babar was brave enough to visit the entire war zone in Paksitan, suffering under the tyranny of Paksitan’s mercenary and fascist army.

Mariana’s report was relayed throughout the world. Indian channels are continuously showing footage of Pak army invasion of parts of its own country. Foreign media is showing one million refugees dying of starvation. They are crossing into Afghanistan for refuge. But Pakistani media is silent about all this – as if nothing is happening other than what ISPR tells it to report.

Where is the Pakistani regime and private media, those are there to negotiate ads of millions of dollars to fill their stomach just don’t want to see or show the facts. Talk shows are good enough, but where are reports from the ground? Where are interveiws with the victims of the regime’s aggression.

It does not mean that there no honest person is in the media in Pakistan. Certainly there are a lot of honest journalists but none of those have enough power to raise finger against policies of rich media owners.

Watch the following reports. It is western propaganda. Pak media is just stealing their videos and trying to please Zaradri and Gaillani.

1.Dissecting American propaganda

2. Pakistani journalists see one thing and believe and report another

Dr. Shahid Masood’s perks: Silenced with Rs. 775,000 a month

Please click the link above to check perk given to Dr. Shahid Masood to silence him. In my previous article I pointed out that some journalists are jealously trying to copy him. It is not a matter of corruption, shameful event was broadcast of Karazai’s direct speech from India. However Javed Malik of ARY, Hussain Haroon of Dawn and others are trying to suck money in shortest possible time.

A large number of journalists accompanied Gailani and Zardari during overseas visits. However, except Mahmood Sham, Shaheen Sehbai and Azeem Mian (Jang-Group), did you see any proper presentation from any other paper or TV Channel. Columnists and reporters are as usual going to presidency, PM house, governor houses, and Ministry of Info to receive “Lifafas full of something”, next day they glrify Zardari in their reports.

Jahil on Line videos:

Jang group is breeding snakes of MQM, I have a long list of MQM sympathizers working at Karachi, and media is totally in the grip of those fascists. Aamir Liaqat Hussain is also a snake. He always bites on the heel. He is a Shia by faith and his following video is an evidence that Jang-Group is purposely breeding him. Later when he found his blunder, to gain sympathy he called Mrzayees as “Wajib ul Qatal.” This drama was to divert attention. Later another drama of apology was played. If Aamir Liaqat Hussain is provided with further assistance from GEO then surely sectarian war is not too far from us. Kick him out. His fake degrees are witness that to his character. Please watch videos and comments.

1. http://awaz.tv/playvideo.asp?pageId=1091

2. http://www.tauheed-sunnat.com/a/downloads-cat508.html

3. http://www.teeth.com.pk/blog/2008/09/11/aalim-online-inciting-murder-against-ahmedis

Column from Cowsji:

Following column of Cowsji tells us that matter of Zardari who wrote “Goad” at Mazar e Quaid, and how lifafa journalists misguided peoples, yellow journalists, dishonest and greedy, which can do everything for money. This matter is not too old and “The Nation” and “Daily Times” were leading in denying and misguiding facts. It is an example of black sheep in media. Read the parts of original column or click link below for details:

Cowsji wrote: “Now, back to this September 12 when I went to the Mazar and asked the keepers to let me have photocopies of what had been written by the September 11 visiting ‘dignitaries’ in the visitors’ book. I was given copies of remarks recorded by the president, the Sindh governor and the Sindh chief minister. Subsequently, on September 14, I wrote in my column: “Recorded by Asif, in illegible handwriting resembling that of a stressed physician, were the words “May Gaad [sic] give us the street [sic] to save Pakistan.”

The internet then took over, and messages attaching a photocopy of what had been written were flashed around the world. The spooks sprang into action. They removed from the 100-page book the double-page on which Zardari’s message and that of the Karachi station commander were recorded, leaving 98 pages in the book in which visitors will now record their views, and on a fresh page rewrote Zardari’s message correcting the two misspelled words”.

Loot and plunders of Zardari & Benazir, NRO and loot of Mush and army

Media is mum on all national issues why? Load shedding and Kala Bagh Dam, corruption of Zardari, NRO and everything has gone with the wind of govt. ads, is it not dishonesty with the profession of Journalism, if media is helpless to take stand on national issues, then why it claimed to be fourth pillar of state. Neo-moderate editors harshly edits reports and articles, try to hide truth, news reports did not mean to broadcast statements only. Now since emails, SMS and messages are under scrutiny of agencies, only to safe guard Zardari and camouflage his corruption.

Media owners are filling their stomach on public money:

I would like to quote only three ads which gave millions to media.

1. Meray Gaon Main Biglee Aayee Hay (By BB’s Govt.)
2. Parha Likha Punjab (By Mush league)
3. Recent ad on private channels which has mixture of: “voice of rape scene + Islam Bashing + mixing terrorism with Islam + commentary against Islam”.

Question is whether media was running those ads free of cost, half page, full page and 3-5 minutes videos is an example, otherwise Ministry of information and Ministry of Finance has accounts of billions which media’s are receiving. Extra free lamb roasts, air tickets, hotel stay and gifts has a long list. I repeat everyone in media is not same, majority of media groups are running with the help of honest journalists.

Pakistani journalists’ visit to Washington:

My question was why a particularly mentality journalists were invited to visit USA, Dawn group, Salman taseer Singh gang or ARY. I did not mention on speculations, its witness is Khalid Hasan alias Post card, ex bar tender of Bhutto. Who wrote:

“The group brought over by Woodrow Wilson was made up of Zaffar Abbas of Dawn, Mazhar Abbas, secretary general of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists and host of an ARY talk show, Asma Shirazi, whom some call the “Christian Amanpour of Pakistan”, Massoud Ansari of the monthly Herald and our own Ejaz Haider from Daily Times and The Friday Times”.

Khalid Hasan alias Post card:

He is chief advisor of Salman Taseer Singh and Najam Sethi Shia terrorists gang, he feels that he is Kashmiri londa laparia of Bhutto era, now in this age when his everything is shaking and peoples are aware of his old habits, but he still watch dreams of porn and sex. His group is involved in complaining against fellow citizens to his new adopted fathers. In fact he himself is communist and a sleeper cell of Khad and KGB (his activities were started when he was working at Pakistan Times), there is a lot of evidences of his Afghan links, terrorist activities, harboring terrorists and directly or indirectly patronage of terrorists who had been involved in local bombings, high jacking and murders. But it looks awkward to send anonymous letters against old activities of Mr. Post Card, normally it is work of liberal fascists to show their inner hate against their fellow citizens for the sake of a few benefits or govt. grants, because those have no academic ability to answer or face criticism. Whole of “fascist liberal circle” in Pakistan has started worshipping “Kiyani and Pasha” for fulfillment of their satanic desire of blood through fascist army generals.

Khalid Hasan is Kashmiri Mirzayee by faith and pose local media as converted Jew for grabbing some benefits while living at US, he is the only person who continuously making fool to Israeli’s by giving happy news that US is likely to attack on Iran or Syria, he is favorite of Israeli and Jewish websites and bloggers. As a reference please click following articles, or search web for his Israeli friends.

1. Rabwah a place for martyrs – Khalid Hasan

2. Ahmadiya Muslim Community

Aftab Iqbal of Nawai e Waqt:

He is so nice that advertisement of above article reached to the Urdu press and lot of people asked for that article.

It is the second time he is trying to use precious space of Nawai e Waqt to spread hate. However, he also advertised email of Salman Rashid Mirasi of Daily Times, which means that Nawai e Waqt resources have been used in this campaign.

The main cause of Aftab’s anger is based on his involvement with Begum Shafiqa Zia ul Haq in narcotics smuggling case in a column, which later proved to be fabricated; I pointed out his mistake and asked for apology (it was duty of Ijaz ul Haq, not mine, neither am I a supporter).

His column published two days back was based on personal hate. It looked awkward to reply to him in the same tone. However people know him since long that how his father Zaffar Iqbal first time entered Lahore from Okara. His his shoes were in his arms at that time. And when Khalid Iqbal was studying at Lahore, his senior women class mates use to treat him as “Bhai” due to his woenish nature.

I think It is sufficient for him to understand otherwise his storey of joining Nawai e Waqt and many hidden stories could also be sent on the web, including his qualifications.

This is the reason that yellow journalists hate internet which has broken down their monopoly. It is well known that he is double crossing Nawai e Waqt group and its policies and working as a mole of Salman Taseer Singh media. I have no sound grounds to be involved in his character assassination because neither he belongs to liberal fascists nor is he an employee of any fascist media.

Please see part 2 for further details:

International Professor

For further reading and reference for satisfaction of columnist of Nawai e Waqt:
Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only

One million jobless youngmen turned to “kiss me” business as eunuch

Loot and Plunders of Presidential Candidate Zardari (Part 2) –Videos

Meray Gaon Main Bijli Aye hai

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OcBUj-BeTM&feature=related

Corruption of Zardari

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=kF8MXBD-sfk&feature=related

Aunty Shamim

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKx4kWGa5tw&feature=related

Aunty Shamim Shia

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-7JZsgPyoE&feature=related

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6J_NmbepQI&feature=related

Dateline against Jamia Hafsa and favor of Aunty Shamim

http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUqKn24DmLE&feature=related


Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only

Thursday, October 16, 2008 – 10:22 AM EST – 148 Reads
Section: Journalism/Media

Zardari has closed mouth of media with pearls – Now corrupt media is mouth piece only

Dawn group:

Dawn group is completely sold, now it must remove image of Quaid e Azam from of the front page and may put picture of Zardari instead. Two brothers of DG ISI are running Dawn group, complete sectarian and polluted doctrines of ISPR are widely visible, influence of Sheher Bano alias Sherry Rahman who had been working with this group is another example of pressure on Dawn group, It is completely in grip of gay and lesbian liberals, almost all reports, columnists and sectarian agenda is given by Zardari. After appointment of Abdullah Hussain Haroon at UN, a continuity of same sect monopoly is also visible. Large amount of funds are flowing towards Dawn group from different sources including ISI, ISPR, PID and other sources. Its renowned columnist Cowsji when pointed out case of “Goad” written by Zardari at Mazar e Quaid was not presented in proper report and Dawn group tried to cover the story, neither Dawn TV reported on the issue. Israeli and Indian agents are widely visible on this channel including Irfan Hussain and Subaidar Major (retired) Kamran Shaffi, and with complete grip of Ispahani’s and Agha Khani’s on the paper.


ARY is also completely sold, owners of group have deep links with Zardari in corruption cases, and ARY case is its example in money laundering of Zardari. Since long its three top anchors P J Mir, Javed Malik and Mazhar Abbas are already sold and receiving perks from PPP, another anchor Asma Shirazee could be seen with liberal fascist and brother of DG ISPR, it is working on slips of ISPR and PID, moreover it is against sovereignty of Pakistan by joining Indians and providing them access to strategic information. However it is not in the complete grip of liberal fascists as GEO and AAj are.

Jang – Group including GEO:

Have you seen an ad on GEO TV which starts with screaming voice of woman copied from rape scene of any movie? Then a voice starts commentary to bash Islam, soon after that crusaders notorious propaganda and naming terrorists as Islamic terrorist. Whether you think that Mir Shakil ur Rahman is liberal fascist or Jang Group is pro neo-Cons? Both speculations are not correct. In fact sons of Mir Khalil ur Rahman are not fool to side with any ideology openly, it is their history that those jump in ruling boat no sooner any ruler grab power and both sons started to itch palm of the hand, then those start to caress on their belly, finally start looting Govt. sponsored 60% ads, for which those are ready to kill anyone or group irrespective of sympathy. Mir brothers have received millions for running above particular ad to encourage army to attack on peoples.

Have you seen video of Amir Liaqat Hussain to provoke sectarianism, provide opposite sects to take law in their hands. It is out of question that whatever Amir Liaqat Hussain is saying it did not have PPP’s and MQM’s backing, current strategy when Zardari is acting as Ahmad Challibi of Iraq, Benazir is killed like Khoi and all major vacancies have been filled with particular sects to color American made blue print of sectarianism, and convert it in next Iraq. It is feared that a sect which is joyfully distributing Amir Liaqat Hussain’s cassette worldwide could face dire consequences, blue print of Pakistan next Iraq is based on factors to irritate different sects, provoke each other to take law in their hands, communicate hate, and when bomb blasts will start give it color of terrorism. Mir Shakil Ur Rahman is directly responsible if any kind of sectarian fight may start by hiring such polluted person. It is not too late to take action against Amir Liaqat Hussain because print and internet is full of tit for tat replies around the globe, which are difficult to digest.

Role of Dr. Shahid Masood: Perks of Dr. Shahid Masood are another cause of Jealousy among journalists, and a large number of so called journalists are standing in queue to be hired, ARY’s Javed Malik, P J Mir, Hussain Haroon of Dawn is its example. If you may read columns or watch on GEO character of Jang group’s main writers and anchors, surprisingly those are running hate campaign, those have forget NRO and corruption of Benazir and Zardari, tyranny of army and Mush, brutal beating and closures of programs of media only a few months back. Peoples are laughing when Hasan Nisar started to wear Sindhi Ajrak, alcoholics like Nazir Naji, and Masood Ashar, foreign funded NGO’s like Kishwar Naheed, old Shahab and Musawat mentality persons like Irshad Haqqani, Ch: Fawad Hussain, Agha Masood Hussain, Abid Tehami , Imtiaz Alam, and Ikram Saigol have changed their tones. The News is in complete grip of Israeli lobby, a character is Kamila Hayat, hot carnivorous aunty, in this age she keeps eye on teen ager moulvies, it is psychological matter like fiction book “Lehaf” of Ismat Chughtai wrote character.

It was unbelievable that Dr. Shaid Masood will directly broadcast speech of Hamid Karazai from India on PTV, which was rebroadcasted through private TV channels on international networks, standing at SAARC conference and blaming Pakistan, according to him Pakistan is harboring terrorists, reason of broadcast was so plain that he used name of corrupt Benazir as “Shaheed’ two times, in same conference bogus speech of Yousuf Raza Gailani confirmed an impression of third class politician. On the whole a long list of anti-Pakistan elements is on pay role of Jang Group, it has permanent lobby of MQM at Karachi.

Aaj TV:

It is another creation of “Memon Production”, their goal is money, since its anchors have joined liberal fascist groups, its famous programs like “Bolta Pakistan” has lost its credibility. Particularly Nusrat Javed of jamat e Islami has recently joined fascist vigilantes funded by Salman Taseer Singh and neo-crusaders are funding them from hidden resources.

Salman Taseer singh media group:

History of Salman Taseer is based on filth; he is product of cross breed. Mush used him for his purposes later when Benazir-Zardari were allowed for political campaign under deals and NRO, Mush financed him for Urdu paper Aaj Kal. Chief of Shia terrorists groups Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin both runs Daily Times and Friday Times, 99% reports, columns and editorials are based on hate, sectarian agenda and vulgarity. World renowned gay and lesbians, Islam Bashers and Salman Rushdie gang writes for above papers. Mush rule was a golden era for them and those earned billions, and now PPP is using and financing them openly. Newspapers of this group are flag bearers of Judaism, Hinduism and try to pose as agents of crusaders in Pakistan (for overseas financial benefits).

Well distinguished Indian lobby in Pakistan, supported by Zionists, for example Najam Sethi, Ejaz Haider, Aizaz Syed and Jugnu Mohsin are spokespersons of RAW, ex wife of Salman Taseer Singh, Talveen Singh is a resourceful women, and his Sikh son is working with The Times. Daily Times, Friday Times and Aaj Kal have many funny characters such as Khalid Hasan, known as post card, Mirzayee by faith and spokesperson for Israel, a male eunuch, he was hired by Bhutto as bar tender for serving newly joined pedophiles, Kausar Niazi had same taste, he also has some psychological problem of porn and sex, he is scholar of Noor Jahan and Madho Bala, moreover fiction of “Saadat Hasan Minto” is his main contribution, everybody can guess his mindset. In others Rafia Zakria who runs alt-Muslims website, mean to made alterations in Islam, being close girl friend of Salman Rushdie she is trying to alter Islam. Majority of lesbian and ex. Muslims lives around her. In others Irfan Hussain who also writes for Dawn is Israeli agent and head of a leading Israeli organization. Khalid Ahmad and Manzoor Ejaz both are Mirzayee, others most writers are Shia, read analysis of Hasan Askari Rizvi on pay role of CIA or Salman Rashid Mirasi who says that Gen Kiyani is other birth of Bhagvan (if he will continue killing Pushtoons).

Black sheep of media group are sent to USA to shut their mouth:

About two weeks back following so called journalists (black mailers) were financed to propagate in favor of flawed democratic government and blemished president, those all were sent to USA, please watch carefully names which are either moles of ISI or belong to lesbians’ gang.

1. Zaffar Abbas Dawn

2. Mazhar Abbas (Gen Sec of PFUJ and anchor of ARY)

3. Masood Ansari (Dawn group, Herald magazine)

4. Ejaz Haider ( Shia terrorists, daily Times and Friday times)

5. Asma Sheerazi: reporter of ARY, the only lone reporter which uses Hijab, it wondered to watch that her company is always with top pedophiles or gay type journalists. God knows actual matter.

Some other examples:

Nation is hungry and naked and media is running ads of “Benazir support program” since many weeks worth billion, not a single penny has been given to needy peoples but propaganda is at same level which PPP conducted during last regime “Meray Gaon main Bijli Aayee hay”, a loot program. PPP’s main strategy is propaganda, true copy of dictatorship, impatient and non tolerant. Its leaders are issuing bare naked threats to media and want to kill freedom of expression, media is debarred from writing words like “NRO”, “corruption”, “deal” or any criticism against PPP’s flawed democratic government. If any media channels relay discussion programs, PPP’s top leadership did not like to participate. Peoples have stopped watching bogus single sided propaganda programs. There is no doubt that Journalists are filling their pockets and mouth of media owners has filled with pearls, so corrupt Pakistani media is a stigma on the name of journalism. Peoples named them as “his master’s voice” or “mouth piece of corrupt rulers”.

It is wondered that not a single leading channel or paper wrote anything about destruction of Kalabagh Dam by PPP. Where load shedding and lack of power supply has made crazy to citizens.

Responsibilities of media during civil war:

If Pakistani media will not fulfill its obligation to bring truth in public, if it will not raise finger against looters, plunderers and murderers then fate of Pakistan will not different from Iraq, Lebanon or Afghanistan. Stop taking advice of ministry of information or DG ISPR, if there is no way out then at least present both sides of the story. For example in each American aggression in Tribal areas, reports indicate that foreigners are killed, next day it proved to be incorrect, why Pakistani media is not honoring its responsibilities. There is no doubt peoples track and trace truth but it does not mean that media owners are running for for govt. ads to suck people’s money only. It is very well clear that pearls have closed mouths of media and made them mouth peace or his masters voice. There are a few honest journalists who are working on true principals otherwise it was sufficient to trust BBC reports rather local media. Don’t forget tyranny of PPP era’s when Bhutto directly threatened Mir Khalil ur Rahman, and on the issue of “Urdu Vs Sindhi” and “Bangla Desh na manzoor” all newspapers were put under censorship, now media is under threat of corrupt Sherry Rahman, her fourth legal husband is in hospital, otherwise stories of her liberalism are well known. In this flowing Ganga all channels and media groups are directly or indirectly involve in sucking people’s money, role of secret lifafa’s is a separate issue and a kind of corruption and dishonesty.


International Professor

For further reading

1. Congratulation Geo network

2. Merger of beasts, shroud thieves and thugs – Story of Talveen Singh, “Aatish Salman Taseer Singh”


3. Zardari’S Israeli links


4. Another face of double agents f ISIAnother face of double agents of ISI

5. Najam Sethi – Chief of Shia vigilantes


We request Internet Crime Units / Anti-terrorism units in the USA, Canada, Europe and Pakistan to monitor Earthman, International Professor and his various aliases. He may be directly or indirectly involved in acts of violence and terrorism in various parts of the world.

Syed Adeeb
Dr. Shahid Qureshi of The London Post (An ISI rag based in Mansoora, Lahore)
Ahmed Qureshi, an ISI propagandist and an affiliate of Zaid Hamid
Moin Ansari of The Rupee News, an ISI propagandist.

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  • Ahmed Quraishi’s Bizarre Coup Fetish
    July 5th, 2010
    by Editor
    Ahmed Quraishi’s Bizarre Coup Fetish Ahmed’s column today, ‘The next intervention’, is a reprise of his call earlier this year for one more military coup. As an aside, I always laugh when I read that headline about ‘one last military intervention’. Ahmed Quraishi sounds like an alcohol addict asking for just one more drink and then he will quit.

    Despite being a long-time and very public supporter of Gen. Musharraf and a vocal opponent of democracy, Ahmed Quraishi seems to be trying to reinvent himself. This is what Ahmed Quraishi had to say about Gen. Musharraf before the 2008 elections:

    An educated, presentable, and nationalistic middle class Pakistani citizen cannot lead Pakistan. Our ‘democracy’ won’t allow it. Unless, of course, he comes through a military coup like President Pervez Musharraf did. As a Pakistani citizen, I will vote anytime for a Pakistani leader who does not own a house and a list of bank accounts abroad. These days, only President Musharraf fits the bill. For all his real and imaginary sins – and embroiled in what is supposed to be his toughest moment in power – he continues to outshine those feudal lords, wealthy industrialists and family-run political parties that want to see him out.

    Personality cults are the lowest and the most primitive forms of governance. But when our twisted democracy thrusts on us civilian personality cults and civilian dictators who prefer a 19-year-old to giving a chance to other ordinary Pakistanis, then forgive me if – as a young Pakistani citizen – I believe that Mr. Musharraf, with his failings and strengths, is a leader that I admire, even if I disagree with a couple of his policies, which is my democratic right.

    The irony of claiming his ‘democratic right’ in an article where he is praising a military dictator appears to be lost on Ahmed, though it is not lost on me.

    Ahmed Quraishi even condemns the Lawyers’ Movement for challenging his mentor, Musharraf:

    President Musharraf is not more important than Pakistan. The unnatural and manufactured crisis over his presidency is a crime against Pakistan’s interests, where energies are being wasted on a nonissue. And what a lawyers’ movement we have. Those supporting it in good faith should know that the politician leading your movement helped Benazir Bhutto exploit the movement to negotiate a better NRO deal. The movement was long hijacked by vested political interest. No one in his right mind sees any victory for the rule of law. If anyone wins in the end, it will be this shallow and corrupt political system.

    Even the media are lashed by Ahmed’s poisoned pen for failing to support his beloved Musharraf:

    These days, President Musharraf, an upright soldier of Pakistan who gave his best, is under attack from all sides. With a stroke of a pen, he gave birth to Pakistan’s vibrant television news business. Today, when he needs support, he doesn’t even have people on his payroll – like dictators normally do – who could get his side of the story out. He never did. If that was his style, independent news channels wouldn’t be out there today without kickbacks paid into some offshore company account.

    That he is now claiming to be worried about a free press is laughable.

    Do not think this was some accident, a one-time mistake. Actually, Ahmed Quraishi wrote extensively praising Musharraf.

    All The Tough Questions: Why Musharraf Is A Safer Bet For Pakistan, by Ahmed Quraishi:

    The fairest election in Pakistan’s history has restored respect for the Pakistani military, transferred the rising burden of governance to politicians, cut Musharraf’s false allies to size, and empowered the coming parliament to guard Pakistan’s strategic interest in the wider region.

    It’s a welcome transition.

    Only two inherent threats to democracy exist now. The first one stems from disturbing signals coming from politicians that indicate a desire to pursue politics of revenge. This includes the unnecessary digging into the past—Mr. Asif Zardari demanding an ‘apology’ for the judicial trial and hanging of former premier Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – from who? – and Mr. Nawaz Sharif demanding the return of a deposed chief justice.

    You may want to take a moment to read that again. According to Ahmed Quraishi, Musharraf was elected in ‘the fairest election in Pakistan’s history’ and the threats to democracy were Zardari asking for investigation of ZAB’s murder and Nawaz Sharif demanding return of Chief Justice. Amazing. That’s not to say that Ahmed Quraishi has not criticised Pervez Musharraf in the past. In fact, he wrote a column calling on Musharraf to execute Aitezaz Ahsan, Iftikhar Chaudhry in which he criticsed Musharraf for saying he would trasnsition the country to democracy.


    I have been one of a handful of Pakistani commentators who have been urging President Musharraf for the past five years not to prematurely restore democracy and focus instead on reforming the political system, improving the constitution, and cleanse the system through harsh accountability. Today, we are reaping the rewards of that premature decision in Fall 2002.

    Today, howewver, Ahmed Quraishi is singing a different tune. In his column today for The News, he writes:

    This situation might suit the Pakistani military, for good reasons. There is no question that Mr Pervez Musharraf left behind a sordid strategic situation where Pakistan was relegated from confronting a worthy adversary like India to fighting insurgencies that popped up from nowhere, and the PakMil, as the Americans like to call it, was demoted to cleaning up the American mess. Since Mr Musharraf’s escape, the Pakistani military leadership did a tremendous job of juggling many balls in the air and gradually improving Pakistan’s geostrategic position over the past two years. This transformation is a credit to the Pakistani military leadership.

    Is this the same Ahmed Quraishi who did nothing but sing the praises of Gen. Musharraf for so many years? What is also particularly strange is how Ahmed Quraishi refers to “confronting a worthy adversary like India to fighting insurgencies that popped up from nowhere”. Ahmed’s military fetish is on full display here. How can any sensible person wish for a confrontation with India? Only someone that does not understand the sacrifice that our soldiers make every day would wish for such a thing.

    And how does he believe that militant groups have ‘popped up from nowhere’? This is not only willfully ignorant, it is an insult to our Army that is every day fighting these same militants and our fellow citizens who are every day being murdered to suggest that militants are figments of the imagination.

    It is understood that Ahmed Quraishi never did military service, so his fetish for militarism is based in fantasy only. And his refusal to face facts about the evolution of jihadi groups that were formed and supported by CIA and ISI is well known, but saying they ‘popped up from nowhere’ is certainly strange. Is this another example of Ahmed Quraishi giving his support to jihadi militants? Or is he just so out of touch that he does not have any idea what he talking about?

    But at the end of everything, we must ask why Ahmed Quraishi insists on attempting to politicise the military. Why he is always trying to instigate a clash between military and civilian government? Gen. Kayani has been an ardent supporter of democracy and has insisted that military respects the civilian government. If Ahmed Qureshi really respected the military, wouldn’t he respect the COAS and his wish to keep the military out of politics? So why does he continue to push this line of ‘military should depose the elected government’?

    If Ahmed Quraishi ever had any credibility, it is completely gone now.


  • Moin Ansari:

    For details of airing see bottom of page

    Guest For FRIDAY MAY 8, 2009


    Editor: Rupee News


    NOTE: This site is a very important, extremely well

    researched and beautifully formatted (which cannot be duplicated

    here – I tried!) – but is highly recommend to visit to better understand

    Central & South Asian realities! H.H.C.


    American Joint Multifaith Association


    NOTE: This site is a very important, extremely well

    researched and beautifully formatted (which cannot be duplicated

    here – I tried!) – but is highly recommend to visit to better understand

    Central & South Asian realities! H.H.C.

    The program can be viewed in its entirety by clicking the you tube link below:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7xVPVtvFDA – MOIN ANSARI

    More about: MOIN ANSARI

    Mr. Ansari lives in the greater New York Area and has been very active in the interfaith
    movement in the aftermath of the events that led to 911. He is the president of American Joint

    Muslim Association (AJMA) (http://www.ajma.org) and the Editor of Rupee News

    (http://www.rupeenews.com). AJMA started out as the American Jewish Muslim Alliance but

    matured into more faiths joining the organization. Mr. Ansari has worked with the local

    synagogues, churches and mosques and temples to build bridges of harmony among all

    Americans. He works with Rabbi Michael Lerner and ajma is a Tikkun entity.

    As a patriotic American citizen Mr. Ansari has struggled for civil rights issues, specially those
    pertaining to the Muslims in who suffered the backlash of 911.

    Mr. Moin Ansari is a strategic thinker, an investigative historian, a political scientist and an
    expert on South and Central Asia. He focuses on terror and occupation issues of the Greater

    Middle East and looks beyond the rhetoric found in the mainstream media. His in-depth

    analysis, and profound knowledge of Afghanistan and Pakistan allows him to shatter the

    prevalent paradigms and report on latent and hidden issues. His analysis and predictions shed

    light on the complexities of the jig saw puzzle of West Asia. Mr. Ansari has a Bachelor’s in

    Political Science, International Relations and General History. He also has several other

    degrees in Engineering and Management including an MBA. His deep knowledge of the

    history of South Asia, specially Pakistan and India shows well in his current analysis and

    reports on Delhi, Islamabad, and Kabul. Mr. Ansari.

    Mr. Ansari has written extensively on the origins and birth of the Indus Valley Civilization as
    well as the independence movement which led to the withdrawal of the British from South Asia

    and the re-creation of the Pakistan—this time as a homeland of the Muslims of Western part

    of South Asia. Mr. Ansari considers Pakistan as a reincarnation of the Indus Valley

    Civilization which existed on the banks of the Indus .

    As a student of Political Science Mr. Ansari is keenly aware of the Grate Game being palyed
    in the Hindu Kush and sees America’s strategic interests in jeopardy because of the perpetual

    mimetic warfare being conducted across the Khyber. This incessant warfare interferes with

    the American interests beyond the present decade. The current war will not be successful in

    surrounding China and threatening Iran a nd Pakistan. It crates more Anti-Americanism and

    is counterproductive. Mr. Ansari believes that that concerted police actions can nab the bad

    guys hiding in caves. Carpet bombing, daisy cutters and drone attacks will perpetuate the

    situation where ISAF, NATO and the US forces have lost 80% of the land mass of Afghanistan

    to the 38 or so insurgent groups that are fighting the occupation in Afghanistan. If America is

    to succeed in Afghanistan, it must end the war and must implement a Marshal Plan for

    Pakistan and Afghanistan. The US has to sign an FTA with Pakistan allowing Pakistani

    businessmen access to the US and European markets. This will boost Pakistani exports and

    send the money directly to the people, not to corrupt US and Pakistani officials. Eliminating

    poverty will ensure stability in South Asia. Bombs and drones will not.


    Immediately below a brief interview with him from

    Moin Ansari is a political scientist at heart and has been writing for more then two decades about Pakistan, Pakistani history, and building the right international relations of Pakistan. Moin Ansari is an executive in the Information Technology industry and has been for the past 25 years. He has three bachelors degrees, and two masters degrees from the best universities in the USA. He blogs here.

    Could you tell us what made you decide to blog?
    I was one of the original founders of soc.culure.pakistan.history and other newsgroups. This was “blogging” in the 80s and the 90s. It was like today’s forums. In many ways I miss the interactive newsgroups. I learned a lot and created two books out of the interaction. I blog to discuss Pakistan’s lost history, and bring a positive perspective about Pakistan.

    What do you think sets Your blog apart from other blogs?
    My blog has in-depth material and unique ideas that are useful for Pakistan. My blog brings positive views and news about Pakistan, defends the Pakistan ideology and disseminates the moderate Pakistani-Muslim American point of view. There is in depth discussion of our Pakistan movement. My blog uses correct Pakistani maps.

    If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success, what would it be?
    Hard work! Hard Work! and Hard Work!

    What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?
    Happiest: Finding 400 of my lost articles on the internet
    Gloomiest: December 16th 1971

    Urdu Blogs have got huge potential, when do you think they will really take on the online horizon in Pakistan?
    I am trying to get my own Urdu blog going. Our media and Urdu newspapers need to use Urdu instead of “English in Urdu script”. 2.2% of Pakistanis use the internet. Now this government has built the largest WiMax network in the world. Urdu and regional language blogs will allow Pakistanis to discuss Pakistani issues without outside interference.

    If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for – what would your top 3 choices be?
    Ngorogoro Saffari Park ( I am going in 2008)
    Norwiegian Fiojrds (I am going in 2009)
    Tour of historic Islamic Sicily ( I am going in 2010)

    What is your favorite book and why?
    After the Quran (Mohammad Asad’s translation), my favorite book is “Muhammad in our Times” by Karen Armstrong”. She has defined the faith in American terms and answers all the criticism of our prophet. My other favorite book is “The Indus Saga” by Aitizaz Ahsan which describes the Pakistan that existed 5000 years ago.

    What’s the first thing you notice about a person (whether you know them or not)?
    Well that depends if it a man or a woman!!!!!!

    In a woman……!
    OK! because it is a family oriented blog…I will stop! (smile!!!)

    Do you think Pakistani politicians could benefit from the social networks and things like twitter?
    Yes, but our politicians are techo-illiterate. I cannot imagine any one of them logging on to the internet. Our newspapers do not use RSS feeds, or blogging for feedback for their reporting…

    Whose Future is more bright in Pakistan; English blogs or Urdu Blogs?
    Both. We must all work to develop Urdu blogs to preserve our national language and building another vehicle of national unity of Pakistan. All of us must build the Urdu blogs and learn from each other to do this.

    How Pakistani bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?
    Google Adsense. Developing journalistic skills. Sell technology and ideas! Teach others!
    Modeling and placing webcams in their homes? (smile!!!)

    Do you think Pakistani bloggers tend to remain somewhat self-centered and really don’t go out of their shells? Is it the oriental style of blogging, or they are still unsure about it?
    The internet offers a unique opportunity to learn and inform. Pakistani cyber cafes are used for porn, and blogs for “galee galauch”. I see very little historical content and discussion of the Pakistan Ideology or technology that can help Pakistan. Simply cutting and posting newspaper clips is not blogging. Where are the technology Pakistani blogger? Where are the music Pakistani bloggers? Where are the Pakistani bloggers dedicated to archeology, and building religious tourism? Where are the Pakistani bloggers on developing cheap wind farms? I find Pakistani bloggers “cutting and pasting” news and plagiarizing other blogs. The blogs are partisan name calling. I find the level of English really bad. Few Pakistani bloggers bring new and unique stories or in depth analysis. Most of the discussion is about useless babble. For example, I saw hundreds of blogs about the flour shortage, and saw just a couple that tried to investigate the reasons for the global shortage of wheat and rising prices. Pakistani oil is subsidized. When the real prices are raised to market prices, it will create an avalanche of inflation. I don’t see any blogs.

    Is it true that who has a successful blog has an awful lot of time on their hands?
    Yes! Well at least, they are spending time in the pursuit of knowledge which is also an “ibadaat”! Smile! (attempted humor!!)

    What are your thoughts on corporate blogs and what do you think the biggest advantages and disadvantages are?
    I hate them!

    Does it pain you or proud you that we have made a history by electing a uniform general as our president?
    “Democracy” is over rated. China, Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia grew to become Asian Tigers without it. Our best performance was during the “Decade of Development”. In Pakistan and Iraq voting creates problems..Every country needs a few decades to keep the lid of centrifugal forces. India has 89 insurgencies ragin in more than 1000 districts. This is not in the news. Democracy” was invented in 1945 to wage war and occupy Germany and Japan. “Democracy” was used to take power from Muslims in India and dis-inherit and remove Muslims who were in power in India in the princely states. “Democracy” was used to partition Pakistan in 1971 and divide Iraq in 2003. “Majoratarianism” in India keep the 150 million Muslims without any political or economic power

    Do you think this whole emphasis on blogs and whatever online is a significant indicator to show that the web, the social web, is becoming a very important social force?
    Yes! Can we use it to develop Pakistan, or are we going to waste QWERTY on gossip. On a lark I posted the Britney Spear story. Unfortunately it is the number one story on my blog. All substantive articles are second or third!!! My literrary article on Lady Macbeth predicting the death of Benazir Bhutto remains unread!!!

    What do you think where the Pakistani blogosphere is right now?
    It can used to develop our country, or it can be used for ethnic and linguistic divisions. Right now it is being used for the negative. Your site is a notable exception!

    Who are your top five favorite bloggers in Pakistan?
    Check out my blog moinansar.wordpress.com. I constantly update it.
    PakPositive is certainly one of the top ones. I also like Unique Pakistan. Both present a good picture of Pakisan.

    Have you ever become stunned by the uniqueness of any blogger in Pakistani blogosphere?
    No! Most of it is same old same old.
    PakPositive and Unique Pakistan come closest to the “wow” factor..

    What is the future of blogging in Pakistan?
    It has tremendous potential to refute the negative propaganda about Pakistan. Negative propaganda effects each person of Pakistani origins in the pocketbook. If every Pakistani blogger went to news.google.com and searched on Pakistan and then wrote responses to each negative article about Pakistan and Islam, we would have a much healthier image of Pakistan.

    In political respect, can we say blogging a ‘democracy of message’?
    More like “Mobocracy”!

    Can Pakistani blogosphere play any notable role in the forthcoming elections, if they happen at all?
    Blogs should go beyond elections. Each politicians record has to be analyzed. Blogs should defend the reasons why Pakistan was created. Blogs must understand that there was no “partition”, it was separation and independence.This is not just semantics…it is very important because our new generation does not understand the facts of history. “Partition” represents the division of something called “India”. When the British came, they found more than 566 states. When they left they left the same number of states plus the dominions of India and Pakistan. Read all about it on my blog. Even Wikipedia has linked my article to their site

    You have also got a blogging life, how has it directly affected both your personal and professional life?
    None at all. I am still the couch potato I always was!!

    What are your future plans?
    Hakunah Matata! Dont worry be happy…and write books!

    Any Message you want to give to the readers of The Pakistani Spectator?
    Use my material on Pakistani history and defend the genesis of Pakistan and or history. Develop and investigate new technologies to solve Pakistani problems. Watch out for the “foreign hand” and stop the self flagellation. Use the power of the internet to talk about wind farms for energy, geo thermal energy, increasing the per acre yield of wheat, making Balauchistan arable, building ski slopes on K-2, creating new cities, and helping each other develop our journalistic skills to keep a free press.


    Immediately below a comment from his very well

    researched, beautifully formatted and very informative

    web site http://www.rupeenews.com

    If you watched Charlie Wilson’s War, the movie portrayed the war in Afghanistan against the USSR
    as aCIA affair where the Stinger missiles led to the defeat of the Soviet Union and the implosion of the USSR. This is a cardboard caricature of the truth. Reality of course was a lot more complex. The real battle for saving Afghanistan started two years before the CIA decided to join the warriors who were battering the Soviet Empire. 2 million Pakhtuan, Pakistan and Afghan died during the war, which led to the defeat and withdrawal of Kremlin from Kabul.

    It was not just the CIA weapons that did the trick. It was the battle hardened Paktuns that did the actual fighting. Pakistan was a major factor. The Pakistanis threw in their lot with the Afghan fighters before the CIA even contemplated any involvement. If it were not fot the Pakistani ISI, Kabul would have ended up like Prague and Poland–deep in the vice like grip of Moscow. The USSR would then have been able to reach the warm waters of the Arabian Sea–a Tsarist dream. If the USSR had been able to consummate that supply chain, it would have been able to control most of the Oil coming out of the Gulf of Hormuz and the West would have been at the mercy of Moscow for generations.

    Pakistan played a pivotal role in making sure that Mocow never reached the warm waters of Karachi.

    The US helped with arms and money, but the buld of the heavy lifting was done by the Pakistanis. The wold owes Islamabd a huge debt. After the defeat of the USSR, ingrates sanctioned Pakistan and left the Afghans and Pakistans out to dry.

    911 was inevitable!

    After 911 the Pakistanis tried to explain the realities to the blood thirsty Republicans, but they did not listen to the sane advice given to them. They wanted rail road their vision into Kabul. Todaysquagmire is a direct result of the hubris and arrogance of Washington. It now controls less than 20% of the Afghan countryside–the rest owned by the Taliban.

    There are news reports surfacing that claim that the Taliban has now acquired the technology to shoot down British Chinooks. This is a seminal event in the history of Afghanistan. If the US and UK helicopters cannot provide support to their troops, and if the choppers cannot roam about with impunity, then there is a huge problem.

    In the last fortnight coalition forces have destroyed four anti-aircraft guns mounted on trucks averting a potential disaster.
    Insurgents are actively seeking to bring down one of the eight Chinooks operating in Afghanistan, which routinely carry more than 40 armed troops, in the hope it will weaken Britain’s resolve to continue the campaign in Helmand.

    In the last fortnight coalition forces have destroyed four anti-aircraft guns mounted on trucks averting a potential disaster.

    Intelligence sources suggest that the Taliban’s surface-to-air missiles have been made redundant by sophisticated jamming systems fitted to every British aircraft.
    The insurgents have now resorted to the tactic of using AAA (anti-aircraft artillery) that was highly successful during Soviet occupation and are actively seeking to buy the weapons.

    Using a twin barrelled 14.5mm cannons mounted on the back of a truck the Taliban would easily be able to destroy one of the eight slow moving Chinook helicopters operating in Afghanistan.

    An operational helicopter commander said “any British helicopter” would be a high priority target for them but “a Chinook would be a great coup, a bonanza”.

    “We have been extremely lucky so far with a mixture of tactics and a combination of good risk assessment,” he added.

    “But as something that keeps me awake at night the loss of a Chinook would be the most recurring nightmare.”

    Every Chinook flight is always escorted by Apache attack helicopters as a further layer of security.

    Within the space of 12 hours local villager reported two ZPU-1s (anti-aircraft guns) mounted on the back of pick-ups trucks were destroyed by US aircraft in the Nad-e-Ali district close to the town of Lashkar Gahwhere the British brigade headquarters is based and is frequently visited by Chinooks, often carrying VIPs.

    The weapons were loaded and ready to fire in an area which has been a focus of heavy fighting between British forces and the Taliban in recent months.

    A few days later the deadly twin-barrelled ZPU-2 model appeared on April 25 and was destroyed followed a day later by another ZPU-2 towed by a tractor that was taken out by Hellfire missiles fired from a Reaper drone.

    The Taliban almost had a “spectacular” success when they hit a British Chinook which was carrying Gulab Mangal, the governor of Helmand, with AAA hidden in a wadi dry river bed. The pilot, Flt Lt Alex Duncan was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for landing the aircraft safely after a round punched a large hole in a rotor and damaged the hydraulics.

    As all four weapons were destroyed it has been difficult for forensic analysis to be carried out on their origins. But there is some intelligence that suggests the guns were of Chinese origin and might have been bought from arms dealers in Iran and slipped across established smuggling routes through its border into Afghanistan.

    There is confirmed intelligence that Taliban have been in the market for AAA weapons for the last year and could have purchased the weapons from Hezbollah, Pakistan or even China. The insurgent’streasury has been substantially boosted by the opium trade that is said to raise £40 million for fighting.

    “The destruction of this anti-aircraft weapon without a doubt saved the lives of Afghan and Coalition forces,” said a US military spokesman.

    Helicopters are critical in covering the vast distances in Helmand to deliver supplies, troops and medical evacuation.

    Originally produced by the Soviet Union immediately after the Second World War, the single barrelled ZPU-1 and double barrelled ZPU-2 machine guns were feared by US helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War.By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent and Ben Farmer in Kabul, Last Updated: 6:14PM BST 01 May 2009

    We have written several articles about the war in Afghanistan. If the drones can be shot down and if the Chinooks can be incapacitated, this would be akin to the Stingers which prevented the Russians from owning the air routes in and around Kabul. Once the Stingers eliminated the Soviet threat to the Pakhtuns, their defeat was inevitable!


  • ROFL. at you christians so into hating a muslim you are taking the side of an atheist in a legal fight. The irony is you are to dumb and enraged to realize the funny part. The Atheist knows what I know. You are just as nuts as the religious nut who attacked him. The idiot who wrote this article and those like Alexander Gofen above make it obvious

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