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Zardari Wooing PML-Q: Adding Insult To Injury – By D. Asghar

In Politics, as always there is no final word. Yesterday’s adversaries can potentially emerge as allies, when push comes to shove. It seems like due to the bickering and fighting with PML-N and the constant tug of war with MQM, Zardari Sahib has chosen to woo the Musharraf’s sidekicks (who have also incidentally said goodbye to their former godfather). Not a good move at least politically.

A delegation of PML-Q leadership meeting with President Zardari and PPP leaders

PPP won by unseating the same people and getting Pakistan out of the clutches of an iconic charlatan, called Pervez Musharraf. The PML-Q was the brainchild of Musharraf and one can argue that so is PML-N, of course of another dictator par excellence, General Zia. However, the hatchets that PML-N and PPP had from the eighties and nineties were supposedly buried under the COD and infamous Murree Declaration. The nation was rejoicing this chapter of reconciliation within the two major political foes, and it was hoping for a better start.

President Zardari, made a few good moves, like Balochistan package and NFC awards and then came a lull with restoration of Chief Justice. Of course PML-N used that opportunity to score some political points and with its much touted “Long March”, had the deposed CJ restored. So from there on the rift began and the gap has been widened, each day. All subsequent efforts of reconciliation, between the two have failed to materialize. The blame game is in vogue as usual from both sides.

Honestly, it pains me to say this, but greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of PPP. Being the largest party and truly the only party representative of the entire federation, it has to be more pragmatic and more flexible with PML-N. Many would disagree with me, and that is quite alright. But perhaps taking Sharif along would have been a bit better than partnering up with the opportunist, “lota brigade”, at one point termed as “Qatil League”, by Zardari himself.

The scenario is not pretty. Assuming this alliance will materialize, there will be a constant tension in the National Assembly as well as Provincial Assembly of Punjab. The two parties are ideologically poles apart. PPP being the anti establishment and the Q- League being the brainchild of the establishment. Some would argue that Politics is a game of chess and every single move is very critical. I would agree with that statement, but to give PML-N a “check-mate”, checking in with the “pawns” of “Khakhis“, may not be the best of the moves.

On the other hand, there is Judiciary on the case of PPP as well. Amazingly, the “Adlia” is very swift when it comes to PPP and takes impromptu notices. But when it comes to a lot of other stuff, let’s say it moves at a typical snail’s pace or not at all. So here we have another element that Zaradari Sahib has to deal with some finesse. Lately, the President has that in very short supply. Sorry Mr. President, but jut wanted to call a spade a spade.

About the author

D. Asghar

D. Asghar is a Pakistani American. A Mortgage Banker by profession who loves to write as well. He blogs frequently at popular South Asian websites. A repository of some of his scribbles is http://dasgharspoliticalprism.blogspot.com/. He can be reached at dasghar@aol.com.


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  • @mussalman; then what the fuck u r doing on this website. Go to ziad hamid or jumat-e-islami mussalman website or PLM-N or MQM wafadaar and get lost from here..

  • @Mussalman;
    Please state the reason for you accusation, and back it up with proof. If you are a ‘Mussalman’, you should very well be aware that wrongful accusation and accusation without proof carries half the penalty of the accusation itself.
    Please be responsible with your opinion, as it matters and makes a difference. Every man is entitled to his own opinion UNLESS it gets in the way of someone else’s rights. You have a right to refrain from stating your opinion, but when you do state your opinion, it is your responsibility to make sure it is not a message of hate, that it is unbiased, open minded, based on facts and promotes a positive atmosphere of learning and advancement rather than hopeless conflict.
    This is my opinion on the matter.

    Yours truly,
    M Ahmad Khan Lodhi

  • @Lodhi Sahib, thanks for doing the honours. Unfortunately, we have many characters like “Mussalmaan”, calling themselves “Mussalmaan. Without even knowing what it actually means to be “one.”