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30 December 2007 – The arrival of a new “Bhutto” in politics – by Saria Benazir

When everything seemed to have changed, every life, which had taken a new turn after the events of December 2007, resulting in the assassination of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, the world had become bleak. The vision of a democratic Pakistan appeared to have been masked under tones of sludge. The cries of partition had snatched peace from Pakistani locals and the foes of democracy started to consider this a great victory of them. Nevertheless, democracy has always faced serious challenges here and it is the Bhutto family that has been working for a democratic Pakistan under all the circumstances. When there laid too many hopes with Shaheed Bibi ,but a dark afternoon…that split of second snatched it all….The reality was still under wraps, rather every instant , the reports were changed and the government of the time _ to foolish enough to under that their claims had no legs to stand on. They were nothing……just a bunch of malarkey. Then to their utmost surprise, the voice of “PAKISTAN KHAPPAY”, after a wave of pledges to separate Sindh from Pakistan saved the nation from another December, 1971.

The world had left President Zardari and his children all helpless. Who was there to give them a shoulder to cry on, when his supporters were themselves in need of it..????? Again, the oppressors witnessed the courage of Bhutto, Whose legacy can never finish. With the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, the rumors crying that PPP had deteriorated came as another big issue to deal with. At the same spot, amidst those bewilderments, a new BHUTTO entered politics, under the same red, green and black flag…….Bilawal Bhutto Zardari , who was at the time only a 19 year old Bilawal Zardari , studying history & politics in Christ Church , Oxford entered a blood filled legacy by adding the name of Bhutto to his own _ thus making the same red history , his own identity and thereby the youngest ever Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party started his struggle to complete the same vision , for which his mother Shaheed Benazir Bhutto had laid down her life.

When courage, love, determination and passion all become the same, getting the creeps is something least bothering. In his very first press conference, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari repeated the words of his mother and thus, proved that Bhuttoism cannot be vanished from the very face of the globe. “My mother always used to say that democracy is the greatest revenge”. His words appeared to be the revival of the hope, the world had lost. He was elected as the CM of PPP by the unanimous support from all the provinces of Pakistan and thus , the Bhutto’s son saved Pakistan from drowning into that deep sea , from where , there’s no way to retreat. Thereby, he changed the destiny of a nation, which was moving towards absolute destruction.

In his talks, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari proved to be a true follower of the Bhutto legacy & the son of the great mother – The Daughter of Destiny. Indeed, he is fated to be the future Prime Minister of Pakistan. Long Live PPP & Bhuttoism.

“This was not handed over to me like some piece of furniture. The party asked me to do it & I did”.


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Farhad Jarral


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  • Let’s hope that there is an end to Bhutto family. We need new people and new faces. We are not a monarchy that only one family rules the country and the newborn or even pets of that family are given right to rule 160 million people only because they are son/daughter/pet of king/queen

  • mr.arsalan!bhuttos come in power because people vote 4 them.they havent stopped anyone 4m standing in the election and get elected.so’ i dont agree with ur view point.if u believe in democracy then u got to respect peoples decision.ghandis,kennedys,clintons, r just a few examples of present day dynastic politics.then why u singled out bhuttos only? dynastic politics is not a new trend and its definitely not limited to asia only.moreover, democracy is a weak system in pakistan let us allow it to flourish.by the way,the bhuttos r the onewho have sacrificed the most 2 establish this young democracy in pakistan