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Speechless, Priceless: CJ’s Car

A picture is worth more than thousand words as well as “millions” of people who think the judges and especially the Chief Justice of Pakistan are austere and want to do something for the nation.

We want to thank Adv. Naseem Chauhan for taking a snap of a beautiful car belonging to the most amazing people of Pakistan being used the most honest person in the country.

As they say, “Chief teray jannisar, beyshumar”.

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Ahmed Iqbalabadi


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  • its a political group now, its not a judiciary any more, They are quite on Rs 6 billions corruption of PML(N) MAN Anjam aqeel khan.If Anjam aqeel was from ppp he would have been in jail now, he would have been summoned in SC and would have been answering hostile questions from Chief justice and PMLN(N) judge Khalil ramday.Hamid saeed kazmi is running from one court to another court for bail and he was humiliated in Sc by cheif justice and Khalil ramday but nothing has proved against him.Anjam aqeel admitted that he did RS 6 billion corruption and will return the money but he is free and no court is summoning him.SC is helping PMLN in their effort to disqualify Moonis elahi from assembly and hurt choudris of Gujrat, SC purposely put Zafar qureshi incharge of investigating NICL scandal.Moonis elahi name was in NICL case but he was draged into this case by Zafar qureshi on the instructions of SC.

  • All judges got 2 plots in Islamabad.The holy and pious PML(N) judge Mr khalil ramday who teaches morality to every body in court also got 2 nice plots while they only allowed one plot.They asked for second plot from Govt while ther were hearing NRO case , they knew govt was under-pressur in NRO and will give them another plot.They are slowly getting exposed, najam sethi wrote good column about judiciary yesterday in jang.

  • @Saeed Shah,
    CJ is a sacha adnd khara aadmi. He shouldnt need such vehicles for his safety. Afterall, he has so many jannisars!!!!

  • Anjum aqeel’s case was a dispute between him and police foundation and this case is about six years old and he has promiced to sort this matter in two weeks rathar than blaming fedral gov for false case he accepted his wrongdoin that’s pmln asooly siyasat. Cj does have millions of janesar but there ppp jiyalay who can hurt him for bringing zardari’ cruption out.

  • Oh go duck ur self, build pakistan with the ppp flags, what a joke, n thats not his car u desperado’s, its the Chief Justices-es car whoever that may be, freakin loser…

  • Lawyer accuses Geo CEO of manhandling him Published: March 1, 2011 http://tribune.com.pk/story/125746/lawyer-accuses-geo-ceo-of-manhandling-him/

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) counsel Ali Raza on Tuesday accused the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Geo Mir Ibrahim Rehman of manhandling him outside the Supreme Court (SC). The chief justice also issued a notice to Rehman over the issue.

    Legal expert on Geo CEO case

    Speaking to the media, Raza narrated the incident saying that he was talking to the acting chairman of Pemra Dr Jabbar when Rehman came to complain against potential Satellite channels being aired on cable television.

    Senior lawyer mishandled

    According to Raza’s account, he then advised Rehman that as per the orders of the SC, he should file a written complaint and Pemra would take immediate action over the matter. As a consequence Rehman became angry and allegedly shoved Raza in the chest saying “you are all liars” claimed Raza. Raza said that he has brought the incident to the notice of the court. Senior lawyer Raza Kazim speaking outside the SC said Mir Ibrahim had assaulted a lawyer and a complaint will be filed against him.

  • would u be kind enough to show us Zardari’s and Gillani’s motorcade here or atleast put a pic of qadir gillani’s bullet proof car…those living in glass houses shouldnt be throwing stones at others