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Dilemmas of Pride and Pain: Sectarian Conflict and Conflict Transformation in Pakistan

This study is about Shia-Sunni Conflict and the postconflict restoration of peace in Pakistan. It sets case studies of two “contested cities” – Jhang and Gilgit – within a wider national and international framework, examining the historical roots of sectarian conflict, the trajectory and nature of the violence, and the restoration of a relative calm. It draws on existing analyses of sectarian conflict in Pakistan and case studies of the two cities based on individual and group interviews with key informants, including political and religious leaders, government officials and residents. It argues that unless peacebuilding tackles the underlying dynamics of intra-religious conflict, it results in negative pace rather than conflict transformation.

The original working paper (PDF) can be accessed at the following link:

Sectarian Conflict and Conflict Transformation in Pakistan


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  • “This study is about Shia-Sunni Conflict…”

    Really? Do the SSP, LeJ etc (comprising extremist Deobandi individuals) represent the Sunnis of Pakistan?

    The conflict is NOT between Shia and Sunni. It IS between the jihadi-sectarian mafia and the Pakistani nation.

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