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Rauf Klasra’s article on PML-N’s opportunistic politics

'Kya Hoa Tera Vaada Woh Qasam Woh Irada'
'Kya Hoa Tera Vaada Woh Qasam Woh Irada' Mian Nawaz Sharif forget the Charter of Democracy' where he promised that his party will not accept turn coats.

Here’s an excellent article by Rauf Klasra published in the ‘Daily Express’, that provides critical review on Pakistan Muslim league’s recent political move in Punjab, it’s chief boss Mian Nawaz Sharif’s opportunistic politics and undemocratic style of leadership. Mr. Klasra and other political observer are rightly suggesting that such sort of confrontational politics and mindset will surly be a nightmare for the democratic evolution in Pakistan, moreover, political corruption is a biggest problem that, now, Pakistani democracy is facing, has and will continue to affect us all.

The PML-N talks of democratic norms, supremacy of law and constitution but in reality PML-N is trying to find out excuse to topple the PPP civilian elected democratic government from the day one. The true face of Sharif brothers, signatory of Charter of Democracy which called for respecting the mandate of others, has been exposed through this act. Even Sharif brothers has also forgotten that the turncoats were “protégés of Gen Musharraf”.

PML-N made a mockery of the Charter of Democracy (CoD) by accepting turncoat politicians:

Federal Law Minister Babar Awan rightly said that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had made a mockery of the Charter of Democracy by accepting turncoat politicians among their ranks.
Addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Monday, the law minister said that the custodians of Lahore’s politics want to bury the Charter of Democracy in Miani Sahib Graveyard.
He said that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) does not want that its 19-point agenda in Punjab would suffer the fate similar to the All Pakistan Democratic Alliance (APDA).
Babar said that the PPP was taunted for its politics of reconciliation, while its opponents wanted to run the government with the help of turncoats. However, they should know that such turncoats are only loyal to money, he added.
He also said that the PPP will continue the process of dialogues with all political parties, including the PML-N. He said that the PPP does not believe in the politics of deadlines because the PPP has never given a deadline to any party, stating that in politics, decisions can be taken by consultation and not by dictation.
He added that a single party cannot decide the entire country’s fate and that all political parties should work together for the betterment of Pakistan.
Babar also claimed that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s press conference the previous day caused hostility in smaller provinces.
In an attempt to warn the PPP, Shahbaz Sharif had said that February 22 would be the final day for talks with the PPP on the 10-point agenda.
The PML-N will decide on Tuesday whether it wants to have the PPP as a coalition partner in the Punjab government or not. PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has already ruled out giving more time to the PPP to implement the reforms agenda. He has called a special meeting of the party leadership on February 25 to discuss the reforms agenda and PPP ministers’ fate in Punjab.

PML-N Is Violating Charter of Democracy by Horse-Trading; Babar Awan

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  • Mian Nawaz Sharif nae General Zia Ul Haq ko 11 saal diye, General Pervaiz Musharaf us kiye ghalit fasilon ki waja saye 10 saal quoom per musalat reha, aab aaj jab kiye aawam ki muntakhib hakumoot badi mushkil se aayi hae, aur apne 5 saal pore kerne jaa rahi, us ka aik aik din Mian Nawaz Sharif ko nagwar guzr reha hae, PMLN nae shoro hi saye PPP ki Hakumat ko tasleem nahin kiya, un Judges ko behal kerwane kiye liye jo General Pervaiz Musharif ki baqiyat thae, jo Musharaf kaye talwe chat te reha, un ko behal kerwaniye kiye naam per aik muntakhib hakumat ko gerane ka pora intizam kiya hoa tha, aij bhi aik 10 nakati agenda ka jhot bol ker awam ko gumrah ker reha hae aur mahaz araiyi ki siyasat ko dobara zinda kiya ja reha hae.
    Sham on you azooliyon ki siyasat ka keh ker sab sae badi beasoli kerne wale shaksh per…

  • Nawaz Sharif’s letter to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

    سیاست میں حصہ لینے کیلئے دس سالہ پابندی کا خاتمہ،نواز شریف کا سعودی شاہ کو خط

    اسلام آباد(آن لائن)پاکستان مسلم لیگ ن کے قائد میاں نواز شریف نے سعودی عرب کے بادشاہ شاہ عبد اللہ کو خط لکھا ہے کہ وہ عملی سیاست میں حصہ لینے کا آغاز کررہے ہیں کیونکہ سیاست میں دس سال تک حصہ نہ لینے سے متعلق شرط ختم ہوگئی ہے۔ انتہائی مصدقہ ذرائع نے بتایا ہے کہ پنجاب کے وزیر اعلیٰ شہباز شریف نے اپنے بڑے بھائی کو اعتماد میں لینے کے بعد سعودی سفیر ابراہیم الغدیر سے اسلام آباد میں ملاقات کی اور یہ خط ان کے حوالے کیا۔آن لائن نے جب سعودی سفیر سے اس سلسلے میں رابطہ کیا تو انہوں نے شہباز شریف سے ملاقات کی تصدیق کی اور اس بات کی بھی تصدیق کی کہ شہباز شریف نے ا نہیں سعودی شاہ عبد اللہ کیلئے ایک خط بھی دیا ہے۔


    Chithi zara sayan ji ke naam likh de

  • ہم نے پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) کو انقلابی جماعت بنانے کا فیصلہ کیا ہے ملک کے مسائل کو جڑ سے اکھاڑنے کیلئے انقلاب لانا ہو گا انقلابی جذبے سے ہی مسائل حل ہو سکتے ہیں ملک کو ناکام ہوتا نہیں دیکھ سکتے ججز کی بحالی کے حوالے سے ساٹھ سال کے بعد قوم نے اپنا سکہ اور لوہا منوایا کہ وہ کوئی بھی فیصلہ کر سکتی ہے انہوں نے کہاکہ لوٹوں کی سیاست کا خاتمہ کر چکے ہیں جب آصف علی زرداری نے پنجاب میں ہماری حکومت کو توڑا تو لوٹوں نے واپس آنے کی کوشش کی تھی اللہ نے پارٹی پر کرم کیا اور اسے لوٹوں سے دور رکھا انہوں نے کہاکہ میں نے واضح کر دیاتھا کہ پارٹی میں لوٹے واپس آ گئے تو میں سیاست سے دستبردار ہو جاؤں گا۔ حکومت جاتی ہے تو چلی جائے پنجاب میں کسی اور کی حکومت بن جائے مگر لوٹوں کو واپس نہیں لیں گے پارٹی میں لوٹا بازی کی سیاست کو برداشت نہیں کیا جائے گا نواز شریف نے کہاکہ جن کارکنوں نے پرویز مشرف کے ظلم و ستم کا سامنا کیا وہ ہیروں میں تولنے کے لائق ہیں ان جانثار رکاکنوں کو پارٹی کی تنظیم نو میں پورے عزت و قار کے ساتھ جگہ دی جائے گی کارکنان پارٹی کا قیمتی اثاثہ ہیں اس عہد کے ساتھ جمع ہوئے ہیں کہ پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) کو حقیقی معنوں میں بانی پاکستان قائداعظم محمد علی جناح کی میراث بنایا جائے گا ہمیشہ مسلم لیگ کو تماشا بنایا گیا پاکستان مسلم لیگ (ن) نے بانی پاکستان کی سپاہ بن کر اس کی میراث بننا ہے ہم اقتدار نہیں اقدار کی سیاست کر رہے ہیں۔ اقتدار کے کھیل کے کھلاڑی بننے کے لیے اپنے اصول و نظریات کو قربان نہیں کریں گے ۔ ملک میں جب بھی آمر برسراقتدار آیا اسے نے عدلیہ کی آزادی پر شب خون مارنے کے لیے مسلم لیگ میں دراڑ ڈال کر اس پر قبضہ کیا۔مسلم لیگ ہمیشہ آمروں کے عزائم کا کھلونا بنی ہے


    Archive for September, 2009

    سٹیٹس کو ‘‘ کو برقرار رکھنے کے بجائے اسے تبدیل کیا جائے گا پاکستان کو بچانے کیلئے انقلاب لانا ہوگا۔ ۔ ۔ نوازشریف

  • Sharifs lose 80pc of assets, says Qureshi Ansar Abbasi DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending: 16 December 2000 Issue : 06/48 http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/2000/dec1600.html#shar

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 10: The exile of the Sharif family to Saudi Arabia following the pardon announcement by the government, has deprived the Raiwind dwellers of their 15 assets, worth billions of rupees. A spokesman for the government, Maj-Gen Rashid Qureshi, told Dawn on Monday that almost 80 per cent of the Sharifs’ property had been “taken over” by the government. According to Mr Qureshi, the 15 assets that have been taken over by
    the government in return for providing a safe “exit” to the Sharif family include Rs300 million in cash; industrial assets including Brother Steel Mills; Ilyas Enterprises; Hudaybia Paper Mill; Hudaybia Engineering Company; Hamza Spinning Mills; residential property including the Model Town bungalow; three houses at Mall
    Road Murree; property at 135 Upper Mall Lahore; a plot at Model Town Lahore; a plot at Upper Mall, Lahore; agricultural property including 10.2 kanals of land at Khanpur Sheikhupura Road Lahore; 41 acres and 7 kanals of land at Sheikhupura; 14.2 kanals of land and another 35 kanals at Bhaipharu in Chunnian and 88 kanals of land at Raiwind.

    The Raiwind palace of the Sharif family, which ruled the country for almost 15 years, has however not been Confiscated by the government. Mr Qureshi dispelled the impression that there had been any underhand deal between the government and the Sharif family. He said the government had simply responded to the repeated mercy petitions filed by the Sharifs. Contrary to what the Sharifs were pretending before the public and
    in their statements to the media, Mr Qureshi said they had been writing to the government including the chief executive and the president, appealing for pardon.

    “We were receiving their requests for mercy in the past three to four months particularly after the courts handed over decisions against Nawaz Sharif,” he said.
    These requests were renewed recently following Nawaz Sharif’s reported ailment. Mr Qureshi stated that since the chief executive had repeatedly said that he was not vindictive so he recommended to President Tarar that the imprisonment of the Sharifs be pardoned and turned into exile while the rest of the punishments including fines, forfeiture of property and disqualification should stay.

    When told that the people in streets felt as if they had been betrayed by the government for allowing a safe exit to the Sharifs, the government spokesman said, “the Government has actually taken a compassionate view of the situation and converted the imprisonment into exile.”
    Qureshi dispelled the impression that a “deal” was ‘brokered’ either by a Saudi prince or was the exit the consequence of Saudi Arabia’s pressure.

  • Cabinet had no idea of exile deal Ansar Abbasi DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending: 16 December 2000 Issue : 06/48 http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/2000/dec1600.html#cabi

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 12: The government did not consult the Cabinet but took into confidence the military elite while granting pardon to Nawaz Sharif and sending the family into exile. A well-placed government source confided to Dawn that the dramatic decision had been taken purely by the men in uniform. The matter was discussed in the closed circles of the military
    before being put to the corps commanders at their two-day meeting last week. Asked whether the matter was placed before the cabinet, the source said: “No”. It was too sensitive a matter to be discussed by the cabinet, he added.

    The military elite’s support to the idea came when it was explained that the pardon and the exile was being allowed following Saudi Arabia’s request. It was said that the Saudi government had given assurance that the
    Sharifs would not take part in politics “for quite some time”. “Besides, the Sharifs, too, had given the undertaking in writing not to take part in politics,” the source said. Asked how Saudi Arabia would prevent any of the Sharifs to travel to London and issue political statements from there against the military regime, the source said: “If the Saudis can get the
    Sharifs freed, they can also make them behave accordingly. They (the Saudis) are very strict in their commitments.”

    The source, however, refused to accept that there was any Saudi “pressure” on the government to get the Sharifs off the hook. In reply to a question, the source said that those exiled to Saudi Arabia would remain there. “If anyone of them goes to some other country he would be bound to come back to the country of exile,”
    the source said. “We have the best example of Idi Amin who lives in Saudi Arabia with his 19 wives but as a completely non-political entity.” Persuading the government for pardon, the Saudi authorities had
    said that not only would it be an Islamic act to set Nawaz Sharif free after the payment of Qisas but it would also be politically helpful to the military regime.

    “We were told by the Saudis that they had also tried to get Zulfikar Ali Bhutto freed but Pakistan’s response in negative had plunged the country in an unending political turmoil,” the source said. He stated that the military government was expecting that the departure of Sharifs’ from politics would set things, particularly
    economic situation, right for the country. The government, he said, hoped that the present state of “shock” and “uncertainty” would not last long.
    “Don’t you agree with the idea of throwing the dirt out to get the house in order,” the source commented.

  • Exclusively for Jang Group [under Nawaz Sharif DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending : 05 June 1999 Issue : 05/23
    Government] http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/1999/05jun99.html#35jo

    WASHINGTON, June 1: The Committee to Protect journalists, a New York-based press freedom organization, is conducting an investigation into a “hit list” prepared allegedly by the Pakistan government.
    “We are looking into it,” a CPJ spokesperson said, confirming that the list contains the names of 35 prominent journalists. According to the CPJ, the names were: Irshad Ahmed Haqqani, Rehmat Ali Razi, Anjum Rasheed, Suhail Warraich, Sohaib Marghoob and Roman
    Ehsan, (Jang Lahore), M. Ziauddin and Ansar Abbasi (Dawn
    Islamabad), Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Javed Jaidi, Nusrat Javed and Mariana Babar (The News Islamabad), Rehana Hakeem and Zahid Hussain (Newsline), Ejaz Haider, Khalid Ahmed, Jugnu Mohsin and Adnan Adil (The Friday Times), Mahmood Sham (Jang Karachi), Rashed Rehman (The Nation Lahore), Amir Ahmed Khan (Herald), Imtiaz Alam, Beena Sarwar, Shafiq Awan, Kamila Hyat and Amir Mir (The News Lahore),

    Abbas Athar (Nawa-i-Waqat Lahore), Kamran Khan and Shehzad Amjad (The News Karachi), Azam Khalil (Pulse), Mohammad Malik (Tribune), Imtiaz Ahmed (The Frontier Post Peshawar), Ilyas Chaudhry (Jang Rawalpindi), Naveed Meraj (The Frontier Post Islamabad) and Syed Talat Hussain (The Nation Islamabad).

    According to reports received by the CPJ, the federal government had decided to establish a special media cell comprising officials from the police, Intelligence Bureau and the Federal Investigation Agency to punish the journalists who have been writing against the government. Ehtesab Bureau Chairman Senator Saifur Rehman Khan would head this cell which would function simultaneously at Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and Peshawar with its head office at Islamabad.

  • Nawaz orders fresh inquiry against FIA official By Ansar Abbasi DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending : 04 September 1999 Issue : 05/36 http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/1999/04sep99.html#nawa

    ISLAMABAD, Aug 30: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered re-inquiry against an FIA official who investigated the foreign currency accounts of Mian Abbas Sharif, the younger brother of the premier, it was learnt. The PM set aside the findings of the investigation carried out by Sajjad Mustafa Bajwa, assistant director (under suspension). He also rejected the recommendations of a former secretary of interior who had exonerated Mr Bajwa and called for his immediate reinstatement. However, a deputy secretary of the interior ministry who was asked to reopen inquiry against Mr Bajwa refused. Now a joint secretary of the interior division Javed Raza, has been nominated the inquiry officer.

  • Shahbaz Sharif talks of intelligence report; flat denial by FO Ansar Abbasi DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending : 09 October 1999 Issue : 05/41 http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/1999/09oct99.html#shah

    ISLAMABAD, Oct 6: The reported statement of the Punjab Chief Minister, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, in which he had accused the Taliban of backing sectarian violence in Pakistan, has stunned the high authorities here.
    The Foreign Office has formally regretted what it termed “the baseless speculation and incorrect reporting in some sections of the media, claiming that the Taliban government of Afghanistan is allegedly involved in recent incidents of terrorist violence in the
    country.” Sources in the relevant agencies of the federal government have expressed complete ignorance about the availability of any intelligence report that could support what the Punjab CM was reported to have said in his talk with newsmen at Lahore on Tuesday.

    They said the Punjab delegation which had attended an inter-provincial meeting on Monday, a day before the CM’s reported statement, did not mention a word about the Taliban backing the sectarian violence in Pakistan.
    “There was absolutely no mention of the Taliban in the meeting which was called merely to discuss sectarianism,” a source who attended the meeting said.

    The Punjab Chief Secretary, A.Z.K. Sherdil, however, told Dawn by telephone from his Lahore residence that some intelligence reports did suggest that religious extremists from Pakistan got training in Afghanistan and before joining sectarian violence in the country.

    He said these intelligence reports maintained that such elements received training in camps inside Afghanistan, had fought along with the Taliban against the Afghan opposition, and had infiltrated into Pakistan and were involved in sectarian violence. “We are quite concerned about this situation and want a comprehensive policy to check this movement across the Pakistan-Afghan border,”
    Mr Sherdil said. He, however, denied that there was any mention, in these intelligence reports, about Riaz Basra’s protection by the Taliban.

    The chief secretary said there was massive gun-running from Afghanistan to the tribal areas in Pakistan from where the weapons came to the NWFP and then supplied to other provinces. He said since the Pakistan-Afghan border was not properly manned, this practice continues.

    However, official sources in the federal government totally deny having seen any such intelligence report. But some sources believe that the Punjab chief minister who has recently returned from an “important US trip” had taken an initiative to dissociate Pakistan from the Taliban and Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile the Foreign Office, in a press statement issued here on Wednesday evening, regretted “the baseless speculation and incorrect reporting in some sections of the media, claiming that the Taliban government of Afghanistan is allegedly involved in
    recent incidents of terrorist violence in the country.”

  • Over 90 men appointed on political basis Ansar Abbasi DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending: 02 January 1999 Issue : 05/01 http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/1999/02Jan99.html#over

    ISLAMABAD, Dec 27: The year 1998 has been one of the worst years for civil bureaucracy in Pakistan for mounting politicization, intensified inter-service rivalries, controversial promotions and non-resolution of outstanding issues. According to official sources, during 1998 well over 90 persons were appointed on political basis and were given key positions in
    the civil bureaucracy on the orders of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

    The political appointees include retired government servants and persons from open market. At least 13 persons were offered grade 22 positions; 17 were adjusted against grade 21 posts; 31 were offered
    grade 20; and the rest in other grades. These include the retired civil servants re-employed in violation
    of the rules and without fulfilling the conditions for re-employments. These political appointees also include those retired military officers who were re-employed without following the prescribed procedure.

    “Most of these appointments were irregular,” a source said, adding the prime minister had been using his discretionary powers to make these appointments.

    Political appointments in certain cases is allowed under the rules provided it is done in the public interest. However, during the year under review hardly any of these political appointments were made on the recommendation of relevant government agencies.

    “Everything has been travelling down from big office,” a source said. The sources said transfer of bureaucrats remained a tricky issue and most of the appointments at key positions were made without consulting the government agencies which were supposed to initiate
    and regulate the transfers of bureaucrats.

    The establishment division, which is responsible for the career planning of the officers, has turned into a post office and is there only to stamp whatever is communicated to it by the prime minister’s office.

    Under the rules the prime minister issues the transfer order for bureaucrats in grade 21 and 22. The rest is the jurisdiction of the secretary, establishment. But in case of the transfer of grade 21 and 22 bureaucrats the establishment division is the authority to identify the vacancy, look for suitable candidates and propose a
    panel of officers before the prime minister. The PM is then supposed to select one of the officers.

    “But in actual practice no such exercise is done. Now everything is done by the PM’s office who simply conveys as to who should be transferred against which position,” a source said, adding during this year almost all the key positions like federal secretaries, chief secretaries, inspector generals of police (IGPs) and heads of different departments were decided without the knowledge of the ED.

    “The ED has been only bothered at the time of the issuance of notifications,” the source said.

    Even in those cases where the secretary, establishment, is the competent authority, the PM office has been interfering to give the plum postings to ‘blue-eyed’ bureaucrats. Sources in the PM’s office confirmed to this correspondent that most of these posting orders were issued by the PM’s office on the wish of the parliamentarians and other influentials.

    The promotions have also been very controversial during this year. Most of the groups of the civil bureaucracy remained frustrated because of their bleak promotion prospects. The district management group, however, got good promotions. It got two promotion in grade
    22, 14 in grade 21, at least 21 in grade 20 and others.

    Information group officers, having very bleak promotion prospects, were happy during this year because of their en-block promotions. These promotions were made without following the statutory provisions.

    Disparity in the pace of promotion between different groups has further worsened. Bureaucrats, particularly belonging to the groups of office anagement/secretariat, information, military land and cantonment, railways, and commerce and trade, remained the worst as far as promotion is concerned.

    The government has set a new precedent during the year 1998 by giving out of turn promotions to at least four of its ‘blue eyed’ bureaucrats. Two juniors were promoted (in grade 20 and 21 respectively) in PSP; and one each in secretariat group (in grade 22) and DMG (in grade 20) without considering a brigade of their
    seniors. All these officers were promoted without following the statutory provision or fulfilling the prescribed procedure and in complete violation of government rules.

    Long-standing issues, like the fixation of share for different occupations in the secretariat group, remained unresolved. The issue is pending since the introduction of the 1973 administrative reforms.

  • PML leaders being excluded from Ehtesab process Ansar Abbasi DAWN WIRE SERVICE Week Ending : 26 April 1997 Issue : 03/17 http://www.lib.virginia.edu/area-studies/SouthAsia/SAserials/Dawn/1997/26Apr97.html#pmll

    ISLAMABAD, April 25: Government agencies involved in the accountability exercise are said to be avoiding the processing of cases of alleged corruption or misuse of authority against members of the ruling PML, it is
    learnt. Investigations into the working of the Ehtesab commission and the interior ministry which are directly concerned with the accountability process under
    a statute, show that neither of them has been processing the references against PML leaders. According to sources, the two agencies have even been told to lay off certain cases.

    The sources claimed that some of the top PML leaders against whom references had been pending were Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Sindh Chief Minister Liaquat Jatoi, Punjab Assembly speaker Pervez Elahi, former chief minister of the NWFP Pir Syed Sabir Shah, former Balochistan chief minister Zulfiqar Magsi, and former Punjab minister Raja Ishfaq Sarwar. Besides, a case against the NA deputy speaker, Jaffar Iqbal, was referred by an advocate from Multan to the Ehtesab Commissioner. But the commission has denied having received any formal reference in this regard.

    A commission source, however, told this correspondent that the reference had actually been sent to the commission and it had been redirected to the provincial anti-corruption department for verification of the allegations. The Ehtesab Commission has so far referred a total of 54 cases to special benches of the high courts for trial. These include only two references
    against the PML leaders Chaudhry Sher Ali (MNA) and Jam Mashooq Ali (MNA). But both had been sent to the high courts much before the present government came to power.

    It is learnt that the agencies concerned have been told to keep a low profile in some cases involving bureaucrats and other top officials. The case of Raana Sheikh, former MD, PTV, for instance, has been pending with the interior division but they have been asked not to send it to the Ehtesab Commission, interior ministry sources told dawn. Later, the Accountability Cell of the PMs Secretariat suspended all these officers except the two Ahmad Riaz Shiekh and Chaudhry Sharif. The FIA
    administration, the sources said, wanted to move against these two officials but they had not only been saved but the authorities had also been asked to process the case of promotion of one of them.

    According to one source, these officers have set the condition that they will only go to FIA if the incumbent director general is removed.