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Aabpara phobia: An unedited conversation with Riaz Toori

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Editor’s note: The purpose of this post is to highlight our independence as a blog. While we do not conceal our support for the Pakistan Peoples Party, we alse feel that it is important to hold the party to account. Our critique of PPP members and staffers in this regard is based on the core principle of highlighting the truth, no matter how bitter it may seem. Furthermore, we have no problems in highlighting the dangerous games played by the non-elected institutions of this country and their deleterious effects on the body of our nation. After all, we are not here to win a popularity contest with the urban chattering class of Pakistan but to mantain our identity as a blog that caters to the aspirations of the Pakistani masses while holding up the mirror to the venal elite class.


The following conversation took place on Twitter recently with Mr. Riaz Toori, the press secretary of Mrs Farahnaz Ispahani, media advisor to President Zardari. I am reproducing it below without any editing because it offers a clear specimen and ‘origin’ of the arguments and counter-arguments within the PPP on the alleged Aabpara phobia.

Someone (Shah Mahmood Qureshi) whose entire ministry (FO) was being run from Aabpara has the audacity to say “I have no pressure from GHQ or ISI.”

I honestly hope he realizes how conveniently he is letting himself entrapped by the dark forces. He should come back.

RiazToori Riaz Toori [Press Secretary of Farahnaz Ispahani]
@ Bhai 1 told U r suffering from Aabpara phobia as many from Zardari phobe, let not make Aabpara so effective @AbdulNishapuri

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ 1thing I liked more with SMQ dt he knows feelings of #PPP workers well while many don’t, his words wr touching

@RiazToori Is our FO Aabpara free? Joke of the day

@ RiazToori Is Aabpara blocking BB’s murder probe? or is that a phobia?

@ RiazToori Was Aabpara not a part of the Kurram blockade Or was that a phobia?

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ May not be free but U sometime Over and Under estimate, not make it so much effective, b effective 2 overcome

@RiazToori For a change, try to be effective and interrogate the ISI for involvement in BB’s murder. OK?

Now the paid employees will advise us about our “Aabpara phobia”? Make hay while the sun shines, mate.

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ Very soon U become personal… very sad…..

@ RiazToori Mr Toori, I am not a paid employee. Please ask your ‘leader’. Sorry for any offence caused.

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ And I am paid employee of my nation, country, own soil with upright head and proud,

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ I m part of a party in which manifesto “Roti, Kapra & Makan” with honor & self-esteem r included

@ RiazToori Fair enough

Aabpara-phobia is as legitimate as is Nazi-phobia, Islamofascism-phobia, or murder-phobia. It has a long history of murder and persecution.

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ Kise ko “Rizq-e-hallal” with honesty & self respect, fairness & in circle of personal principles ka Tum taana nhe di skty,

@ RiazToori No offence but it’s hard 2b objective when one is paid employee of a person or party. Conflict of interest. Same issue with #FCS

For example, many writers and #FCS don’t criticize MSR or Najam Sethi etc because of their ‘financial’ or ‘career’ interests.

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ Ur perceptions just- won’t argue, will find a place,told dt U over & under estimate things & peoples, its also an illness

@RiazToori Since we under and over estimate things, please enlighten us who was blocking the Kurram agency?

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ My Govt has blockade the road 2 Kurram only to rescue the lives of Shia of parachinar from Taliban nothing else

@RiazToori Also please enlighten who released Qari Saifull Akhtar? Do you know who is that guy? Do you know his link with the Karsaz attack?

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ U r asking me unconcerned things based on ur perceptions & I m not supposed 2 answer

@ RiazToori Don’t be blurry. Be direct please. Who is blocking BB probe?

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ I am not supposed to agree with anyone game perceptions and 2 defame the worthy institutions of my country, I respect

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ And now when Pakistan Army on the high wills of democratic Govt of Pakistan made the ares free of terrorists so road r open

@ RiazToori Perceptions? https://lubpak.net/archives/35205

Kurram agency: Reasons to be circumspect: https://lubpak.net/archives/39478

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ This small piece of article can’t make me 2 b enemy of my country’s worthy esteemed org, v ppl of Parachinar r patriots

@ RiazToori I love this word: “worthy institutions of my country”

@ RiazToori It’s ok. You have clearly explained your position and perceptions, so have I. Won’t argue further.

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ Yes U r right,U must lv as Evry sane,patriot who earns & servs own country & livs under shade of own country wid estem lov

RiazToori Riaz Toori
@ Thanks, Note, I m grandson of Hurr & I m always proud of it & I know keeping respect of my blood @AbdulNishapuri

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  • Frahanaz Ispahani has a press secretary?

    Is she same lady who was in Karachi Illiterate Festival?

    I was told by Haqani that she is ‘engaging’ fake civil society not patronizing it. God knows better but Shah Mehmaood is not the only one in PPP.

  • I don’t know the aim of posting this conversation over here however I know Riaz Ali Toori since long because of his articles for PPP and own area Parachinar.
    Very beautifully he has brought the voice of people from Pakistan Tribal area before us. In order to make a clearer concept about Riaz Ali Toori links to some of his articles are attached here. I have read him on this site too for many times
    And Abdul saying he is dropping in dark hands is “Kidding” and “Theory of Conspirator” when I called Riaz Toori about this, he said I forgot to say one thing more to Abdul sb that “Riaz Toori doesn’t want to be part of conspirators who want spoil image of PPP by Abusing ISI and other institute of Pakistan as well as Riaz Toori doesn’t want to be part of shameless campaign of RAW to defame our worthy insinuations like Inter Service Intelligence because he belongs to a patriot family of patriotic area Parachinar which people are fighting terrorism shoulder by shoulder with Pakistan Army”

  • Please some more links to the articles of my cousin Riaz Toori,
    Its true we the people of Parachinar cordially love and respect Pakistan Army and its all institutions and will. Unlike other Tribal Area we always welcome Pakistan Army to build Cantts and Garrison in Parachinar for the security of our area, long border and Pakistan. Links to some of his more articles are attached please and then decide what Abdul sb has tried to say:


    But by putting his name as Riaz Ali Toori and R A Toori in Google search everyone can find allot

  • Was not he the same R A Toori, who came to Farahnaz via some friends for the admission of Parachinar students, and by the grace of Allah And his perfect skills, found a place at the office. Who writes for the PPP on special occasion as its part of his job…
    What happened to LUBP who is giving so much importance to Khushamdis who claims to be patriot in a party whose leadership were assigned the title of Security Risk.
    He is a perfect choice for the PA Of SMQ, As for his performance he demands attention, increment and promotion

  • Hahaha, Good job LUBP.
    Secretary to Farahnaz Haqqani conveniently forgot the Haqqani group who under the umbrella of his worthy and respectable institutions broke a deal with local people. He misunderstood that Haqqanis have no connection with Husain Haqqani, as Mr Haqqani is the most disliked person in Aabpara books like other PPP leaders, for reason whatever.

  • What Riaz Toori wants to say is that Hussain Haqqani’s book about Mullah Military Alliance is bullshit,

  • @Akram and @Hussain look into his articles either he writes occasionally wor he is writing from last three years. Google Parachinar and R A Toori and Riaz Ali Toori, you will find the issue is only and only high lighted by Riaz Ali Toori in media as well as before Government but No matter a fruitful tree receives stones, he is not doing all these for you or for anyone else while for his own soil of Parachinar and Pakistan, If you can’t mustn’t but let not disturb and hurt those who are very painfully doing for the cause of Parachinar.

  • Oh silly @Kamran Understand, someone told me don’t consider these comments, there is no Toori and Bangash above while just fake names as word Turi is used, Riaz Bhai spells it as Toori only lol, bhoot sadday ho, who have to comment negatively over him, these are people want make issue of things. Playing cards on parachinar issue
    Is Riaz Bhai is supposed to say anything if he is asked by any XYZ ?
    comments with name of Hussain Ali Bangash made me laugh..lol

  • From Twitter

    fispahani farahnaz ispahani
    I wnt LUBP off my case Ive blocked them, dont read it as everyone thr works 4 sum1 w/ an agenda (and secretly). Yet they seem obsessed w/ me

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    I can see a naive #FCS type person causing more damage to her party (which she joined only recently) than what is tolerable.

    fispahani farahnaz ispahani
    by OmarWaraich
    I remember a vicious LUBP post on Salmaan Taseer’s tweets on blasphemy. When Salmaan was murdered the nxt day the post mysteriously vanished

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Lets hope Farahnaz Ispahani will not let Taseer’s mission die & visit Aasia bibi and her family on urgent basis. She is not an opportunist!
    11 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete

    akchishti akchishti
    LUBP is a bunch of guys who think they are on a divine mission to save PPP on net – in reality: nadaaN dost!

  • Madam Farahnaz Ispahani says “I have canceled tweets sent in my name about some pro-PPP Bloggers. Time to unite & respect all on same side”.

  • I am an ardent love of LUBP for it has highlighted the secular image of Pakistan and played an important role in countering the extremist forces. But I was really shocked to read out this blog an unedited conversation between Riaz Toori and Abdul Nisha Puri. Until I came across this topsy turvey discussion published by Nisah Puri, I was a great fan of Nisah puri sahib but his act to publish personal conversation to settle personal scores really hurt me. It shattered the image of Nisha puri. Personal grudges are something else but the way he used his blog is really loathsome. I admit there will be many flaws and mistakes committed by Toori but it was an informal talk, it is unethical and immoral. Furthermore, Mr. Riaz is Toori or not? was not an issues as discussed by one of my fellow Sameen Hussain Toori. Issue is the role of this guy to underscore the issues and troubles of People of Parachinar. One can decided who is underscoring issues of Parachinar Mr Riaz or Sameen?.

    Once again I would like to say it is regretful and does not suit a person like Abdul Nisah Puri, I don’t he is being used by someone or else.

  • @Akhter

    1. The conversation was not private, it was public.
    2. It was clearly not personal but political. It took place between a political worker and the secretary of a political figure.
    3. Transporting a public conversation from one social medium (Twitter) to other (blog) is hardly unethical given that nothing has been added, deleted or misrepresented. Keep the broader context and aim of the post in mind, i.e., to offer a clear specimen and ‘origin’ of the arguments and counter-arguments within the PPP on the alleged Aabpara phobia.
    4. I am being used by Allah mian only. Please deal with it!

  • @ Humza
    It is right Hamza… That post vanished after Salman Taseer Shaheed’s murder.. i also personally asked Abdul About that post and he says i dont know…
    That post was also contains tweets…
    @ Abdul NishaPuri
    Abdul is very much respectable icon for us as he provided us the fuel to write in da favour of damocracy and against Mullaism in his platform.. No Doubt RIaz Toori is also a great Intellectual and contributed his best in the favour of democracy PPP and fata..

    In my opinion if Abdul uses the name ofd Riaz Toori Insted of Press sec to Farahnaz ispahani it would be more suitable for discussion.. coz like using name of Farahnaz it smells like politics going on her name..

    @ “Abpara Phobia”
    Abdul shb u can always say everything openly coz u can afford it while settling outside the country.. but workers like Riaz Toori who came from Fata belongs to Shia and PPP are always on the hitlist…

    @ lubp
    It is a good platform make us unite to express ourselves in a democratic way.. Many times we published criticizm on us as headlines (which reflects our sincerety towards freedom of expression)… Many unknown writers like me get a name and recognisation through this platform… We(LUBP) often citicize on media and Jang Group for thier bad deeds.. for ex. media dont follow their own rles and regulations like visualsing bloodshed in suicide attacks and rushing in no go area where the investigation is taking place… Something like this done by LUBP this time .. in my personal opinion if Abdul and Riaz was conversating something it would rather be publshed by the approval of Abdul and Riaz both. and also again its not about Press sec to Farahnaz ..this conversation must be headlined by Riaz shb’s name…

  • پاکستان پیپلز پارٹی کا حُسن یہی ہے کہ اس میں اختلافِ رائے انتہائی مہذب انداز میں پایا جاتا ہے۔
    عبدل نشاء پوری صاحب اور ریاض طوری صاحب مجھ جیسے طالبعلم کے لیے دونوں ہی قابلِ احترام اور دونوں کی کاوشیں مشعلِ راہ ہیں۔
    اوپر کی گئی ساری گفتگو سے جومیں نے حاصل کیا وہ یہی تھا کہ قرار واقعی یہ بھٹو ازم کا کرزمہ ہی تو ہے کہ ایک ہی موضوع پر انیک رائے رکھنے والے افراد ایک جھنڈے(پی پی پی) تلے اکھٹے ہیں۔۔
    مجھے عبدل کی بات سے بھی کسی حد تک اتفاق ہے کہ انہوں نے ایک پبلک کنورسیشن کو ایک جنرل بلاگ پر رکھا ہے اور اِس کے مواد یا میزان میں کوئی تبدیلی نہیں کی، اگر اسی اصول کا لحاظ اس تحریر کے عنوان میں بھی کیا جاتا اور اسے ریاض طوری کی ذات تک محدود رکھا جاتا اور فرح ناز کی جگہ ریاض طوری کا ہی نام استعمال کیا جاتا تو اس تحریر میں سےسیاست کی بو نہ اآتی۔

    جہاں پاراچنار کے لیے لیٹ اس بلڈ پاکستان پر بہت کچھ لکھا گیا اور ریاض طوری نے مختلف اخبارات میں اپنے علاقے کے مسائل کو اُجاگر کیا وہاں نیشنل اسمبلی کے فلور پر فرح ناز اصفہانی کا فاٹا کے مسائل پر خطاب بھی نہیں بھولا جا سکتا۔۔۔۔جس کے کچھ عرصے بعد پارا چنار روڈ کو کھول بھی دیا گیا۔
    مجھے سلمان تاثیر کے چہلم پر پورے پاکستان میں صرف ایک تقریب نظر اآئی جو کہ پارٹی کی طرف سے کی گئی اسلام آباد میں جہاں محترمہ فرح ناز اصفہانی اور فرحت بابر صاحب نے شرکت کی بلکہ انتظامات کو حتمی شکل بھی دئیے۔اس تقریب کے علاوہ لاہور میں جو چہلم ادا کیا گیا اُس میں پارٹی کی شرکت نہ ہونے کے برابر تھی۔سلمان تاثیر کی شہادت کے فورا بعد جو پی پی پی کی شخصیت مجھے پولی کلینک میں جاتی نظر اآئی وہ بھی فرح ناز ہی تھی۔
    اور سب سے اہم آصف علی زرداری اور بی بی شہید ک بچوں کو جب یہودی اخبارات کے گروپ نے تنویر زمانی سے شادی کا شوشہ چھوڑ کر دُکھ پہنچایا تو میں نے سب سے زیادہ کنسرن ان میاں بیوی کو ہی پایا جو برابر اپنے ٹوئٹس اور بیانات سے بچوں کو اور لاکھوں کارکنوں کو حوصلہ بخشتے رہے بلکہ جیو گروپ کو ہرجانے کے نوٹس بھیجنے تک اس فتنے سے نبرد آزما رہے۔

  • میں اپنی بات دہرواں گا کہ ایسی پوسٹ کرنے میں کوئی ہرج نہیں اگر اس کا عنوان بھی باقی تحریر کی طرح متنازع نہ ہو۔۔

  • I am an ardent love of LUBP for it has highlighted the secular image of Pakistan and played an important role in countering the extremist forces…..KEEP IT UP LUBP…we are with you…

  • I totally agree with Ahsen.. I think one can smell interior motives of Abdul… imagine a person who is scared of appearing with his own identity is talking about other’s fate.. Lets be honest to each other. Lets promote harmony among Party Members. I came across Riaz Turi’s articles and found him very competent. There was no need of such post which has no other aim but to create rifts.

  • غالب وظیفہ خوار ہو دو شاہ کو دعا
    وہ دن گئے کہ کہتے تھے نوکر نہیں ہوں میں

  • @Abdul Nishapuri. I dont think so that there is any difference between a political worker and a political figure. A political figure is always a political worker. It is a political worker who with is his loyalty and works achieves this title.

  • Anways main is conversation ko bht hi positive dekh raha hun… Within the party hum aisay hassass isuue ko discuss kar rahay hain jisay shayad har insan dil hi dil main soochta hai…
    aik baat yahan yeh bhi eham hai k PPP ki hakoomat apnay 3 years first time pooray kar rahi hai.. aaj say pehlay hamay yeh practices nahi thi… hamesha abpara aur constitution avenue ki jang main Abpara jeet jata tha…
    but aaj hamay in main kuch balance b nazar ata hai…

    @ Ali
    Jitna Abdul meray liyee qabil e ehtraam hai utna hi riaz and utni hi party ki koi b khatoon chahay us ka naam F say start ho S say ya phr N say … coz Party aik Aqeeda hai .. Sufiyana party hai yeh…
    baqi yahan pakistan main bht say aisay karkun bhi hain jo paspport uthayay phirtay hain k kab leadership visa day and hum bahar bhet k patrotic honay ka baja baja sakain.
    wo kehtay hain na k “door k dhol suhanay”
    jab qareeb aa k dhol walay ko suno gay to kaan phatain gay.. door say bht syreelay lagtay hain yeh Dhol…
    so passport pakistanio main thora yeh masla hai k wo mineral water peetay peetay pakistan main miltay aaloodaa pani ka wawaila to zarur machatay hain magar wahan say mineral water bhejtay nahi 🙂

  • i think this post was very unfair to Riaz Toori who has often contributed to LUBP and has always highlighted the issue of Parachinar, which is apparently an issue very close to the heart of lubp bloggers. It’s sad how LUBP has become a blog that attacks other people in such a vicious manner, oftentimes in a libelous way, as well, such as accusing people of being agents, or having a hidden agenda. It’s really very sad.

    If Riaz Toori wants to moderate his criticism of the army and ISI, that is his right. As Ahsan said, not everyone has the luxury of openly criticizing the army all the time. We all know that Riaz Toori is a PPP supporter, so why should you run him down just because he’s not so bold in criticizing the army.

  • @Rabia,

    “If Riaz Toori wants to moderate his criticism of the army and ISI, that is his right.”

    Who challenged that right?

    Similarly, if one wants to be bold in one’s criticism of the ISI, how can that right be challenged?

    I don’t want to respond to your criticism of the blogzine in general which I consider unfair and disappointing.

    In short, there is a chronological history of “vicious” posts on this blog attacking the right wing columnists and leaders.

    If we are free to criticize the right wing but cannot criticize the ‘liberal’ chatterers of civil society, then we should better stop pretending as objective and neutral.

  • Dear Rabia
    In the above issue of publishing that post, you are evading very basic points.
    1. The debate is started by Riaz not Abdul, as he called us Aabpara phobes, which is unfair, if he is moderate in his criticism on the security establishment, its ok, but atleast being a political worker, he should not call a credible forum like LUBP as phobes.
    2. If Abdul mocked him for his timid replies, it cant be defended, but if Riaz called the whole blog as on someone’s agenda and also RAW agents to defame Pakistan Army.
    3. It is right, he’s a PPP worker and an active worker, we respect him for that, but the same forum criticised Babar Awan for his dubious credentials and speaking against Ahmedis, and R Malik statements regarding Balochistan, why R Toori is immuned of criticism, when he speaks against the blog publicly on a social network.
    4. Regarding using F. Ispahani’s name, she admitted that her twitter account was used against pro PPP blogs. May we respectfully Ask, who misused her account.
    5. Read her comments(or someone he is authorised to use her account) what she meant by on others agenda?
    5. Babar Awan statement regarding Rahat Fateh Ali is very idiotic and condemnable, should not we write against such statements by a person on such a post. i.e Law Ministry

    And in the end, I principally do not agree to dragging any person who is engaged in a debate or discussion with us on a public forum, if we deal him like this, it will discourage others to engage with us. As our image of some arrogant people and not to hear anyone, will not serve us.

    But on the other hand, I will refrain from discussing our blog issues in comments section as it can serve to our personal image in others eyes, but it will be a blow to the blog, we have other ways to discuss such issues.

  • Mr Riaz has the right to write moderately or between the lines. But it’s unfair to criticize Abdul or blog for critical writing and criticizing the holly institution openly.

    Ali Arqam rightly said we should refrain from discussing blog issues in comments section and we have other ways to discuss such issues.

  • Thanks @Rabia,
    Mr. Riaz Toori’s blog http://riaztoori.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-in-court-of-lubp-let-us-build.html made me laugh over him as I know him since many years as “blind follower of PPP”. I have teased him allot during our days in Qaid-e-Azam Library Lahore when we were preparing for CSS. I remember his fight with all us on the issue of “PPP and Bhutto family”. He had love to say us “I am not in PPP while PPP is inside me, my soul and heart”. He was happiest when he was mailed by his leader Benazir Bhutto from Dubai over the issue of Parachinar as those were blackest days of dictatorship and Toori had been writing over it to different newspapers.
    It is wrong to say him a coward man, No he is man of very strange and staunch but loving principles. Never have we seen him missing any rally of PPP during days of dictator. I remember a wound on his knee by police on Mall Road Lahore.
    This site of very few newer boys laughed me when saying himself a Political Worker while Riaz Toori else.
    Love you “OlO kay Kaan” (I love to call him olo ka kaan)

  • ‘Insan ko ghosa kisi aur baat per hota hae aur woh nikalta kisi aur baat per hae’ and same is the case here. I don’t want to mention the exact reason behind this row in comments section.

    However, i just want to say, in my understanding it is a fair post as both Mr Abdul and Mr Riaz were discussing political not personal issue in public social sphere/twitter.

  • Mr.Toori you are child here, Mr Abdul is highly XIB (Extra Intelligent Bunda), do your work innocently as you are doing. You don’t understand how innocents are turned into wicked in this cruel society.
    I liked your silence however.

  • She appears to be a media advisor of the Aabpara sponsored FCS. Why is she promoting the PPP-phobe, Zardari-phobe, pro-military establishment civil society? Sham!

    fispahani farahnaz ispahani
    Agree!RT @sanasaleem: There’s a Mosharraf Zaidi Facebook page with only 32 likes. Sharam karo Must join now for updates http://bit.ly/eT09BX

    fispahani farahnaz ispahani
    @gawaahi.com new venture by @naveenaqvi & @sanasaleem. On Gawaahi.com now: Photo series of #Pakistan flood survivors http://bit.ly/egpjT0
    17 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    fispahani farahnaz ispahani
    @BinaShah I think he’s brilliant.
    10 Feb Favorite Retweet Reply

    fispahani farahnaz ispahani
    @ejazhaider @OmarWaraich always ahead of the curve!
    8 Feb Favorite Retweet Reply

  • As fellow editor, I would request everyone to stick to the basic principle behind this blog: criticise all for their wrongs and make no exceptions: There are no holy cows. I have criticised Zardari and Gilani on this blog apart from the Army, Pakistan’s Evil Empire.

    All editors, Rabia and Abdul, are crucial to us and the blog. Abdul has done more than anyone to make this blog where it is. Not to forget the bravest of us all: Ali Arqam, the man who does not use a pen name like so many of the editors. We should not get involved in mutual bickering. There is no Indian agent here. We are all Pakistanis. We are all secure-minded. We all want power to the Pakistani masses. We are all against mafiosos like Justice Iftikhar, Nawaz Sharif, and the Generals.

    Get rid of mutual animosities, and give these mafiosos hell! We are all ONE!

  • Jub pakistan bananay ki baat hoe to slogan laga k Pakistan ka matlab kia…………..
    Ab kahtay hain Pakistan secular hona chahye
    agar kisi ko Pakistan main rahna gawara nhe to India chala jae shaed uski rooh ko India main sakoon mil jae
    rahat fateh Ali aur Adnan sami ka hal apko maloom ho ga.
    waisay 1 baat he secular log hain baray khofzada ulama se.
    shame on you Ahmad Baloch

  • @Khan sahib, btw Rahat Fatah Ali Khan aur Adnan Sami ka Pakistan mein kiya haal tha, Ya mehdi Hasan ka Pakistan mein kiya haal hae? Bhai mere yehan to bus molvion, dehshat gardion aur anchors ki chandi aur generals ki mooj hae. Rahat Fatah Ali Khan aur Adnan samih ko India ka shukar guzar hona chaheye jis nae in doo pehlwan numa singers ko papular bana diya warna in ko kon jaanta tha.

    Aap kia Pakistan kae Badshah hein jo kisi ko mulk mein rehne ya na rehne ka ikhtiar diyen ge…?Jamhoriat mein zinda rehne ki aadat daliyen..

    Darindion aur Janwarion se Insan Khoofzada rehte hi hein, ais mein hariyat kisi?

  • the post was proper unfair and aimed at maligning image of a PPP worker who has contributed more than any1 from parachanar..

  • The only thing maligning Toori saab’s and his boss’s image in this post were his own words.

  • Shmae on Riaz Toori, Kufi Shia and other flatterers of Pakistan Army, agents of dark forces in the PPP.

    Shame on Saleem Javed, a Kufi Shia, a worker of Abdul Khaliq Hazara who plays the ethnic card as directed by ISI.



  • Riaz Ali Toori ‏ @RiazToori Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    That time I was alone when was attacked continuously but remained silent. A tree with fruit receives many stones @Razarumi @alisalmanalvi
    In reply to Raza Rumi
    6m Riaz Ali Toori ‏ @RiazToori Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Tnx Bro Rt @Razarumi: Never be bullied by ones sitting abroad.U & Ur family have suffered in FATA while someone acts like puppet.I am w/ u!”
    7m Riaz Ali Toori ‏ @RiazToori Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Yes I was first victim. Rt @alisalmanalvi: @Razarumi OMG… @RiazToori too???”
    Riaz Ali Toori ‏ @RiazToori Close
    Yes I was the first victim. If U go against their will u will be abused & declared agent. @Razarumi

    Raza Rumi ‏ @Razarumi · Open
    .@alisalmanalvi: The problem is that @RiazToori is way too civilised and polite. I have seen him suffer and getting defamed! No more!

    Yasmeen Ali ‏ @yasmeen_9 · Open
    @RiazToori @Razarumi @alisalmanalvi THAT’S too much. If I were you,such scoundrels would be without legs to walk on.

    Laibaah ‏ @Laibaah1 Reply Delete Favorite · Open
    @RiazToori Stop making a fool of yourself. cc @husainhaqqani @fispahani

    Laibaah ‏ @Laibaah1 Reply Delete Favorite · Open
    Let’s enjoy the show how Raza Rumi is luring Riaz Toori into this battle.

    Riaz Ali Toori ‏ @RiazToori Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    I know when #Parachinar was burning & men, women & children were being beheaded only #LUBP raised the issue so I m not a Blind.

    Laibaah ‏ @Laibaah1 Reply Delete Favorite · Open
    @RiazToori I too am thankful to LUBP. We at Pakistan Blogzine too highlighted #ShiaGenocide in Parachinar.