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Pumpkin (kadoo) worth more than human life: A must-watch video on mullah’s brand of Islam

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The Taliban’s war on Pakistan and the role of our religio-political leaders

Rid Pakistan of the fasaadi (mischievous) mullahs and their mentors and affiliates, and everything will be OK.

Pakistan today is ruled by mullahs, military and their affiliates in judiciary and media. These so called defendants and warriors of Islam have brought nothing but misforture to Pakistan and Muslims. They are responsible for countless terrorist attacks against innocent human beings and have done everything in their power to impose their own perverted brand of Islam on the people of Pakistan. For all practical purposes, they have hijacked and ruined not only Pakistan but also the very religion they claim to uphold.

Here is a very interesting video that exposes mullahs’ perverted, bigoted and extremely narrow approach to Islam. It clearly shows that in order to ensure Pakistan’s very existence, we need to boldly confront extremist mullahs and their mentors and affiliates.

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