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Faisal Abidi Exposing the Journalists-Judges Alliance

We thank our reader Nasir for identifying February 3, 2011’s program “Islamabad Tonight with Nadeem Malik” on Aaj TV.

The program had Faisal Raza Abidi representing the PPP, Rasheed Godil representing MQM and Ibrahim Khan representing the Jamat-e-Islami. The program started on the matter of “inqalab” in Egypt and its possible ripple down effects on Pakistan.


Faisal explained that in Pakistan you have a democratically elected government only 3 years in government, unlike Hosni Mubarak sitting there for 30 years. Also there is freedom to media who can on a daily basis call the government and the Head of State a “chor” and corrupt. At the same time judiciary is only targeting the current government with cases against the PPP being heard. He gave his personal example that for more than three months, his petition against Javed Chaudhry is not being heard. He even went on to say that media is sitting there to protect the judges and judges are protecting the media houses. He cited that more than Rs. 12 billion worth of tax evasion cases have been stayed by the courts. Isn’t that corruption? Similarly, those judges that are themselves PCO Judges are calling out the PCO Judges and the media doesnt want to talk about it.

The program is very interesting and can be seen here:

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  • This corrupt and inept “Regime” should be thrown out as soon as possible. They are all corrupt. hang them high.

  • @ We love Samad

    Faisal abidi is not clearing by bills , please ask chaudry sahib to help me. Chaudry balcoh ku batao aus kai “mulk” mai kia hu raha hai .

  • I honestly don’t understand whether this nation is blind, deaf and dumb or just pretending. The things Mr. Abidi mentioned, are the core of the problem in Pakistan. The civil-military bureaucracy along with the judiciary ar the prime culprits and now these two have recently been joined by the media as well. May God help cure this nation’s blindness/dumbness.

  • Shame on CJ and Shame on Ansar Abbasi Published June 9, 2009 Articles http://fkpolitics.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/shame-on-cj-and-shame-on-ansar-abbasi/

    We all heard about the recent meeting between CJ and Holbrooke that made no sense.

    Well here is a meaningless @ss-covering being provided by none other than Ansar Abbasi:
    Holbrooke-Iftikhar meeting approved by FO

    Tuesday, June 09, 2009
    By Ansar Abbasi
    ISLAMABAD: The meeting of US Special Envoy on Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke with Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was held following advice of the foreign office to the Supreme Court’s registrar.
    ‘Medal of Freedom’ or Slavery??

    ‘Medal of Freedom’ or Slavery??

    While the meeting led to many tongues wagging, with some drawing their own conclusions and raising questions that in cases stretch out to the limits of conspiracy theories, it was neither a one-on-one meeting between the two nor anything bypassing the government’s foreign ministry.

    Foreign Ministry sources as well as the registrar office of the Supreme Court confirmed to The News after the Supreme Court registrar received a request from the US embassy for Holbrooke’s desire to call on the chief justice of Pakistan, the matter was referred to the Foreign Ministry for advice.

    The Foreign Ministry in its advice said the chief justice in his convenience could meet the visiting US special envoy and his delegation.The Foreign Ministry also deputed its two senior officials to be part of the Justice Iftikhar-Holbrooke meeting which, besides these foreign office officials, was also attended by Supreme Court Registrar Dr Faqir Hussain from the Pakistani side. Holbrooke was assisted by the US ambassador and members of his delegation.

    Sources said Holbrooke told Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry that the purpose of his call was to pay a courtesy visit to the top judge of the country, who led a successful judicial movement in Pakistan.

    Holbrooke, a foreign ministry source said, also disclosed to the chief justice US Secretary Hillary Clinton, who herself was a prominent lawyer, wanted him to meet Chief Justice Iftikhar during his visit to Pakistan. Holbrooke said he had come to the chief justice to pay his respect to the man, whom he had once watched on the television screen waving to the people after his release from house arrest last year.

    Holbrooke said he has also been reading a lot about the efforts at ensuring speedy justice in Pakistan. During the meeting, Holbrooke also inquired about the judicial system of Pakistan, relationship between the judiciary and executive, the application of Islamic and common laws, etc.

    The chief justice informed Holbrooke about the salient features of the recently-implemented National Judicial Policy and said the country’s judiciary is today independent. He also emphasised the need of separation of the judiciary from the executive and said the independent posture of the judiciary is a must.

    Justice Iftikhar said the judiciary’s foremost effort is to end the backlog of cases and ensure quick justice for which the recently implemented National Judicial Policy is the first major step. The chief justice was also of the view that an independent judiciary is imperative for good governance, economic growth and development of the society.

    Foreign Office sources said nothing regarding any particular case pending before the Supreme Court, including that of the missing persons or the NRO, came under discussion in the meeting.

    That’s the best they have come up with so now you know there is more to the story.
    First of all Mr. Abbasi, you yourself state “the meeting led to many tongues wagging” (BTW: I think what you meant was “the meeting led to many jaws dropping”) so you you know it was for a valid reason — the meeting was totally inappropriate. So of course you cannot blame people for raising questions and it is dishonest of you to try and dismiss it as “conspiracy theories.”

    Second, you state it was not a one-on-one meeting. That is not the issue. The issue is why was there a meeting at all? Of course you don’t answer it which shows you have no answer. Someone said “cj is not pakistan ambassador or foreign minister. he is a judge and it does not become him to discuss a sub-judice matter with a foreigner that too somebody he believes is a party to the case,” and I agree. Of course the writer is referring to earlier reports that the missing persons case was on the table. In fact it was the Registrar of the Supreme Court himself who stated:

    ‘Matters relating to judicial reforms as per national judicial policy and the whole judicial structure of Pakistan were discussed‘

    (Remember this is a statement by the same Registrar — which we are now supposed to ignore — who “approved” this meeting — an excuse we are supposed to accept. (Does any one know if it is the the Registrar who holds so much sway as to who the CJ is supposed to meet and who to ignore??? I don’t think so!!!)

    So stating now that no such thing happened is A BOLD-FACED LIE and Ansar is being a party to spreading this lie.; I also agree with Teeth Maestro when he states: “for matters of dignity and norms the Chief Justice should not have met a political official of the US Government, which has been responsible for kidnappings and ‘externments’ from Pakistan to say the least.”