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Three musketeers and the “PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer” narrative

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The aim of this post is to highlight and confront the “PPP abandoned Taseer” narrative which is currently being transmitted and propagated in Pakistani and international media from certain quarters who are traditionally known for their hatred for the PPP and Asif Zardari. The three musketeers featured in this post pretend to be (fake) sympathizers of the PPP, but are they really?

Cyril Almeida

Mr Almeida blames everyone but the GHQ for investing in jihadi and sectarian terrorism. According to Almeida, Bilawal Bhutto is a young prince of the PPP whose words on Taseer’s murder and the minorities’ rights carry no weight. He discounts the PPP`s fear of establishment-led plots and suggests that the PPP has no genuine interest in Pakistan.

“And since then [Taseer’s murder], there has been nothing but stony silence from the PPP. (Bilawal Bhutto may make the occasional jiyala`s heart flutter, but the young prince`s words carry no weight, at least for now.) The silence has been so total, so complete, so consistent that you know it is party policy. Say nothing, do nothing, starve the fire of oxygen and live to fight another day.” “Assuming the PPP has some genuine interest in seeing a Pakistan different from the one the right wants to perpetuate, what comes after the silence, after the latest furore dies down, when there is time and space to think about ways of pushing back? Looking at the present lot, you can`t help but feel the answer is: nothing. They`ve got no ideas, they`ve got no plans, they`ve got no vision. Not about the blasphemy law, not about militancy, not the infrastructure of jihad, not even about the culture of intolerance generally. They`ve got nothing. Which necessarily leaves you wondering: is the PPP`s absolute silence in the face of right-wing fury simply a function of wanting to hang on to power? Power for power`s sake?” http://www.dawn.com/2011/01/14/tactical-retreat-or-total-defeat.html

Cyril Almeida recycles Declan Walsh and blames the PPP for leaving Taseer alone and also for the ‘return’ of the army. Did the army ever leave the position of power, Mr Almeida?

Declan Walsh of The Guardian has written that Taseer was left “swinging in a lonely wind” after the Aasia Bibi case became a “political football”. “Zardari was powerless to act,” according to Declan. Possibly. That Zardari is often powerless to act is obvious enough. But at least you can admire a man who fights for something he believes in, who stands up for his friends when it matters. Instead, we are left with the rumour of a president who is spending a few weeks by the sea at the suggestion of a soothsayer. The hate-mongers in the vernacular media are particularly malign influences. Having seen the ugliness up close and the slyness with which it is foisted off on an unsuspecting public, you can’t help but feel a little ill. And increasingly if there is anything we should fault Asif Zardari for, it should be for surrendering without a fight on that front. The comeback the army has made, the total control it is exercising over national-security policy, the return to a position of singular prestige in the national imagination, all of that may eventually have come to pass anyway. But because no meaningful resistance was offered, it has happened in double-quick time http://www.cyrilalmeida.com/2011/01/07/dawn-op-ed-who-will-fight-back-by-cyril-almeida/

Mosharraf Zaidi According to a commentator on Twitter, if we read Mosharraf Zaidi’s ostentatiously introspective FP piece on Salmaan Taseer, he finally places blame on the US presence in Afghanistan. Here is an excerpt from the article that Vikhr mentioned:

As an advocate of realistic optimism, Taseer’s assassination for me, and many among the small English-speaking urban community in Pakistan, is gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. It is a reminder that the realities of Pakistan in the New Year are stark and intimidating. The cancer of fanaticism that consumed Taseer’s life is a product of two generations of Pakistani state actions, starting with General Zia-ul Haq’s offering up the country as an assembly line of warriors for the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union in the 1990s, and continuing with General Pervez Musharraf’s offering up the same country as a staging ground for a war against those very warriors. The role of the war in Afghanistan and America’s presence in the region is inescapable. It has helped catalyze and deepen the pre-existing groundswell of a radicalized the mainstream Pakistani narrative. http://afpak.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/01/04/taseers_murder_another_sign_of_the_dysfunctional_pakistani_state

Of course, Mosharraf Zaidi would never acknowledge that shaheed Taseer’s murder is a direct result of the military establishment’s investment into the religious fanaticism industry in Pakistan. Mosharraf Zaidi writes in The News.

More than 2,000 people are estimated to have been killed in drone attacks. The number of civilian casualties is unknown, but no one denies that they exist. Countless Pakistanis who have been programmed to morally equivocate around issues of perceived blasphemy have asked me, “Where is the conversation about drones and legal recourse and compensation for the people of FATA?” It is a legitimate question. It is approving roads and buildings that seem to serve little purpose other than to keep contractors at work. It is subsidising businesses like Pakistan Railways and PIA that have been sucking the lifeblood of its finances for decades. This is unreasonable and to continue to do so is insane.  http://thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=26292&Cat=9

Mosh Zaidi agrees with Imran Khan’s (crappy and apolgistic) logic of linking Taseer’s murder to the US presence in Afghanistan.

On Sunday, Imran Khan made quite a reasonable case in The Guardian for why the US presence in Afghanistan for example, is fuelling the blinding rage of Pakistan’s dignity-warriors. There is little fault in Khan’s argument, except one deeply disturbing fact. The removal of the causes of indignity is based on a completely and deliberately warped and illogical reading of the world we live in. http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=25049&Cat=9

And while many have rightly pointed out that the religious parties are rarely able to garner more than a few percent of the votes in elections, Mosharraf Zaidi suggests that this should not be taken to mean that their views do not enjoy much deeper support in a society which has been becoming increasingly conservative. Really, Mr Zaidi? Would you like to name the institution responsible for the increasing conservative nature of Pakistani society?

“Though the Pakistani right wing is simply instrumentalising Islam, it is tapping into and channelling a political and social force whose appeal and power is unquestionable. Sure, it is unable to translate this appeal into electoral outcomes – but that is because this appeal is not located in the disbursement of patronage, or in administrative prowess. Pakistanis vote for the PPP, the PMLs, the MQM and ANPs because of the certainty that these groups can disburse resources as patronage,” Zaidi wrote. “In total contrast, it is clear that the religious right wing in Pakistan, while electorally impotent, has tremendous appeal.” http://www.mosharrafzaidi.com/2011/01/11/having-the-wrong-debate/

Hamid Mir Interestingly, notorious Taliban apologist, Hamid Mir agrees with Declans Walsh, Mosharraf Zaidi and Cyril Almeida, and blames Asif Zardari and the PPP for ‘abandoning Taseer’. Mir says that “the PPP is responsible for Taseer’s death. When Taseer criticised blasphemy laws, Zardari never took a stand”. Further, according to Mir, both Zardari & Taseer failed to stop the lawyers’ movement & finally were forced to restore the judges

“I must say that the ruling Pakistan People’s Party is also responsible for Taseer’s death. When Taseer criticised the blasphemy laws, his own party, including President Zardari, never took a stand for him. Law Minister Babar Awan said that nobody would be allowed to make a change in the blasphemy laws.” January 11, 2011 http://www.thenews.com.pk/TodaysPrintDetail.aspx?ID=3234&Cat=13&dt=1/11/2011

Summary The above narrative “the PPP abandoned Taseer” is common across diverse PPP-phobes in the media. According to Hina, a commentator at an LUBP post:

Even the more liberal newspaper like DAWN in its editorial on 5th jan wrote,”its more depressing that his (salman taseer) own party didnt stand up in his support”. Cyril Almeida in his weekly column repeated the same rhetoric and also quoted Declan Walsh to prove his point. Moreover, Rana Sanaullah, notorious for his link with the banned Islamic outfits (Sipah-e-Sahaba) ,in his latest statement accused the PPP for ditching Taseer. Its increasingly evident now that a ”deliberate attempt” is being made by the establishment to further malign Mr. Zardari and create confusion in the rank and file of PP and demoralise its workers. https://lubpak.net/archives/36405/comment-page-1#comment-61580

I wonder if the above named journalists (and several of their low-ranking followers in Pakistan’s English media including Ayesha Tammy Haq, Urooj Zia etc) are just the “unwitting fools” or are they well-served “willing tools” whose primary function is to be the propagandists of the military establishment. This decision I leave to my readers.

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  • It is interesting how various proxies of right and left tend to agree or disagree on certain points but never utter a word against their real masters.

    For example, Ahmed Quraishi (known ISI proxy) wrote the following brave words in Aasia Bibi’s support in November 2010:

    Asia Bibi Is Our Sister

    … and we Pakistanis need to stand by her. I endorse capital punishment for those who bash Islam and its sacred symbols. And no one bashes Islam in Pakistan. Certainly not our Pakistani Christian brothers and sisters whose forefathers played a great role in Pakistan Independence Movement.

    We own and defend our great religion and our great Prophet. But harassing a poor Pakistani Christian woman in the name of blasphemy is not justice. The great, fair-minded leaders of Islam, like Omar and Ali, would never endorse this. Shame on these half-educated mullahs who can’t offer a word of support to a weak and poor woman being wrongly accused of blasphemy.


    The same Ahmed Quraishi however revealed that Cyril Almeida has a special place in the GHQ’s list of journalists:

    AQ writes:

    A Dawn newspaper columnist Cyril Almeida has just given a new twist to the term fifth-columnist.

    Today he has published a lousy piece of journalism that should be manadatory reading in schools across the country for pitfalls to avoid in a media career.

    Far from journalistic curiosity, the only purpose of the piece appears to be to embarrass Pakistan Army Chief of Staff in his relations with key officials in US government. Columnist Almeida extensively quoted from a background briefing and turned inaccuracies into policy statements. Thankfully, he didn’t forget to add, “All comments were made strictly on the condition of anonymity being maintained.” Oh really?

    Mr. Almeida apparently was one of four-dozen editors, talk-show hosts and columnists invited by Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Ashfaque Kayani to his office on Sunday for an informal and off-the-record chat on the country’s strategic situation. From the accounts of most of those who attended the dinner, Gen. Kayani spent a lot of time explaining the defense and army budgets and then delved into regional military issues when some of his guests went that way during Q&A.

    All discussion was strictly a ‘backgrounder’, meant to help journalists get a better context for regional developments. Organizers of the event stressed several times to all participants not to report on the event and not to quote.

    One can debate how much a journalist should or shouldn’t stick to such official restrictions on information. What is beyond debate is the fact that Pakistan faces a very difficult and deteriorating strategic situation thanks to the blunders of our own and of some of our allies. If a senior official is candidly sharing information and context with Mr. Cyril Ameida and others, then Mr. Almeida, both as a journalist and as a citizen of the country, has the responsibility to reciprocate trust by controlling his urge to leak, especially when the information he just received deals with diplomacy and war and is not as urgent as exposing corruption and underhand deals.

    Surprisingly for a professional journalist like Almeida, he tried to hide Gen. Kayani’s indentity by identifying him only as a ‘senior military official. Then he wrote, “The comments were part of a wide-ranging briefing given to editors, anchors and columnists on Sunday.”

    So much for being discreet.

    There was advance knowledge the army chief was arranging such a meeting. Several national dailies whose editors were invited ran brief stories on the meeting before it occured. So Mr. Almeida’s ‘source’ was easily exposed.

    Like the rest of us, a reporter at the Indian television news channel NDTV had little trouble figuring out the indentity of Almeida’s ‘senior military official’. The Indian channel reported, “[Dawn] did not name the military official but other media reports said army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had briefed a select group of journalists.”

    The most damaging aspect of this kind of a leak is accuracy, or the lack of. Mr. Almeida inaccurately reported on several points. For example, he said Mr. Kayani “claimed the country has transited from the ‘most sanctioned ally’ to the ‘most bullied ally’” of the US. While absolutely true, many of the participants are not sure they heard the Pakistani military commander make such a direct statement. Disappointingly for many, Gen. Kayani was very mellow and diplomatic, to quote one participant, presenting facts and policy statements and leaving interpretation to the listeners. Several journalists tried to drag him into spilling the beans, provoking him by questioning the timing of the meeting and try to link it to he Wikileaks story, or the start of Gen. Kayani’s second three-year tenure, or the intricacies of Pakistani domestic politics. The general wound’t have any of it.

    Regular backgrounders by the country’s leadership for the dynamic Pakistani media is a welcome step. The media has shown maturity and restraint in dealing with the issues covered in the latest briefing. State media managers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi need to improve the methods of delivery of background information, possibly streamline it in accordance with the latest best practices in public diplomacy methods. Often Pakistani media trails behind its peers in other nations like China, Iran, US, Russia and others in terms of the quality of current background information available to media professionals. Pakistan is a late entrant into this field and it would take stakeholders time to get a handle on it.

    This is why Mr. Almeida’s hiccup is an indiscretion that encourages forward momentum with improvements in the delivery of information to the Pakistani media in the future.


  • I thought Cyril was not as bad as the smutty Urdu media Jamaatias. But this guy is worst! How can he, being part of persecuted minority in Pakistan, support the military establishment. all the time, he has nothing but spewing hatred for PPP and mild criticism of army wallas. What a munafiq

  • Its Almeida, who was sent birthday cake by none other than General Ather Abbas(ISPR), brother of Zafar Abbas of Dawn, Mazhar Abbas of ARY,PFUJ, Azhar Abbas of Jang/The News.
    He receives a Call on weekly basis from the same General(Athar Abbas, DG ISPR) in order to discuss his column, though I dont know whether its before or after it gets published.

  • Declan walsh, gets his minutes from Twitter feeds of the people surrounding him as in the recent days he wrote for the third time one about Karachi, then about Taseer and now about Veena, amazingly he found a ray of light in her for defending her role at the reality show “Big Boss”, he never found a ray of hope when Sharmila Farooqi ditched a Jamati Farid Paracha at a talk show. But how he can do this, she belongs to PPP, dynasty, Feudals, incompetent blah blah blah..

  • i used to like cyril almeida, but now I am quite sure that in order to penetrate a circle, you have to imitate each action of those there in the circle.

  • @Ahmed, Cyril has 2 qualities that endear him to the DAWN reading elitists. His english is good and he has an obssessive hatred of the PPP!

  • From a recent post on cafe piala blog

    Well, we do learn one thing above all from this (bolta Pakistan) programme: that despite their pretense of ignoring all critique, concerted criticism does, in fact, bite our media personalities. At the very least, their egos – remember that they would like to believe they are loved by all – do take a battering. We also learn that in their quieter moments, they can also reflect on their own roles somewhat critically. Now only if they could leave their egos and bitterness aside and stay in their quieter, reflective moments more often.

  • Another interesteng comment from same blog cafe piala

    Dear Café Pyala

    In your lame excuse for not commenting on the murder of journalist Wali Khan Babar in Karachi, you say: “….unlike some, we do not feel we have unambiguous knowledge about who assassinated him and so refuse to be drawn into a blame game based on pure speculation”.
    Have you always commented on a murder when you have “unambiguous knowledge” about who murdered him/her?
    You simply had to say the same things just after the murder of Mr Babar what you have said now: “We feel we have lost a very bright and upright colleague and a warm-hearted human being………. And we deeply mourn his death. All we can say is that journalism has become a much more dangerous profession in this country in the wake of his murder.”
    Please don’t try to fool your “regular” readers because they know that you have commented on several murders/crimes where you didn’t have “unambiguous knowledge” about the accused.

    Asif Ali Khan

    January 25, 2011 12:14 AM

    Anonymous said…
    @Asif Ali Khan, well said, dude.

    ISI, MQM, DAWN and the Abbas brothers
    are holly cows and Cafe Pyala can’t write about them. Everyone knows the reason!

  • While I was always suspicious of Musharraf Zaidi’s pro-establishment writings, it is saddening to see the reality of Cyril. Very very sad!!

  • From Twitter:

    The PPP workers MUST feel free to insult any one who is using Taseer’s martyrdom to spew venom against the PPP and its leadership.

    Fake Civil Society (FCS) cannot collect 10 persons on their own. The PPP workers WILL NOT allow them to spew venom against PPP and Zardari.

    Any one using Taseer’s murder to malign the PPP and Zardari must not be allowed to speak at events or vigils in Taseer’s memory

    To LUBP well-wishers: Please don’t pay attention to minions, concentrate on the main musketeers & their mentors. Don’t waste energy on pawns

  • Weird. How can you ignore the fact that Dawn also has widely read columnists like Nadeem F. Paracha (NFP) who is blatantly pro-PPP and also has a soft corner for MQM and ANP.

    Also, he along with Kamran Shafi (another Dawn writer) have been very strong-worded against not only the reactionaries but also the military establishment.

    Just how can one judge a newspaper based on just what one of their writers is scribbling.

    Dawn has one of the finest English columnists. All are liberal, but they differ on their choice of politics and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    NFP is pro-PPP and pro-MQM; Kamran Shafi and Irfan Hussain are also both pro-PPP; so what if men like Cyril and Cowesjee aren’t? They are as liberal as Paracha, Shafi or Hussain.

  • And come to think of it Cafe Pyala too seem to have a soft corner for PPP and MQM. But then so bloody what??

    It is a fantastic website and seem to have some of the finest writers and brains in blogistan.

  • And why on earth are we taking ppl like Moshrraf Zaidi or for that matter Naveen Naqvi so seriously? They’re hardly columnists or journos.

  • Dear Y Bhatti,
    You have given valid points, but the issue is that those who are against the PPP are taken very seriously by the chattering class. Those who are against the PPP are interviewed and their views are given credence. e.g. how many times do you see NFP giving interviews to BBC, CNN or is quoted in Guardian, NY Times etc. He doesnt even appear on Dawn News. What he writes is great but not carries that much weight in the mainstream media. On the other hand, if you are vocal against PPP and its leadership, you can make the headlines.
    I have stopped readin Ardeshir Cowasjee long time back because even when he writes about an encroachment, he has to bring in ZAB and BB and that was the time when the PPP was not even in power.
    Mosharaf Zaidi, Naveen Naqvi etc are inconsequential but they are a nuisance and have to be exposed.

  • Looking at the state of affairs, it is not only the Urdu (or vernacular) press in Pakistan, English press in Pakistan is equally rotten or worse.

    Cyrils and Mosharrafs are more dangerous than Hamid Mirs because they hit from within. Ghus Bethiyay

  • Hold just a minute, Ahmed. I tend to agree with Mr. Bhatti here. Who gives a flying rats butt which Pakistani writer is coming on CNN, or BBC?

    When it comes to readership and popularity in the english reading public of Pak, ppl like mosharraf zaidi, naveen naqvi don’t even come close to ppl like Cowasjee, Nadeem F. Paracha, Kamran Shafi of Irfan Husain.Within pak they have far more impact than these two ever will. Moshy, naveen or for that matter more than half the ppl writing for The News or Express Tribune are just glorified bloggers.

  • my question 2 mr.almeida and all the pseudo intellectuals is, why they think that bilawal words carry no weight.why they r holding ppp responsible 4 taseer’s brutal assassination.it would have been easy 4 the young ppp chairman 2 have kept quiet but he chose at a difficult time 2 speak out and say what is right.even renowned indian journalist ,jawed naqvi,(in his column 4 DAWN on jan,12) was all praise 4 young bilawal when he spoke in favour of protecting minorities and his strong words against religious extremists. I am sure that had salman taseer survied this assassination attempt,he would have been in the forefront defending president zardari and his party(ppp) policies against extremism.(contrary 2 the propaganda being spread by the”liberals” right now).

  • when all the anti-ppp elements r out 2 attack the party, i wonder where is ms fatima bhutto. she claims 2 represent the liberal face of pakistan yet there z no word 4m her side on salman taseer’s brutal assassination.many thought that she would offer sympathy 2 the taseer’s girls but—.i have read that like mr.zaidi and imran khan,she is also linking the governor’s murder with the drones strike and U.S presence in afghanistan. why the fake civil society or admirers of ms.fatima r not ctricising her 4 not condemning taseer’s murder or being so apologetic.atleast,bilawal bhutto had the courage 2 struck a defiant note against the forces of extremism by saying that he will not be silenced by fear.

  • hello all…i m a doctor by profession n i have been a ground level ppp activist since my early college years…i have fought for the party on the streets n i will continue to do so as long as i live but i m also confused…when ppp came to power i had very high hopes that the party will take a staunch stand against right wing extremism n do some fundamental reforms like changing the content of our education curriculum that brews religious bigotry but the party did nothing…i can understand the limitations of a civilian govt in pakistan but some times it feels like the party leadership is not willing to take the challange…similarly after salman taseer’s murder, party missed another opportunity of opening a national debate on the role of religion n state in pakistan…the party top leadership even failed to openly condemn taseer’s murder n refrained from openly n clearly pointing out the root causes of this gruesome act…this was a great disappointment for me…for me,ppp is the only viable platform that can bring some fundamental change in pakistan…its the only platform available for all the true progressive anti status quo forces in pakistan…civil society,NGO’s, human right forums aint gona achieve anything…ppp is our only hope..but the current leadership is lacking the courage n the ordinary worker is disappointed…plz,donot try to hastily label me as “anti ppp” or “anti zardari”…may be i have sacrificed for the party more than any of you ever had…but these r my questions n i want logical answers…regards

  • @Aftab, the PPP efforts in this regard have been scuttled by the media, judiciary and other political parties like PML N and even MQM. Only ANP and PPP have a clear stance against the Taliban. and look at how they have suffered in terms of attacks only on them. Even the MQM which makes tall claims of being secular stabbed them in the back as has been pointed out in so many different articles on LUBP (Sana Jokhio’s current one) and attacked Zardari in partnership with GHQ on the Kerry Lugar Bill which called for taking action against Jaish and Lashkar Tayabba. Aftab, the party needs workers like you to educate others and support the party and make everyone realize that PPP with ANP are the only parties against the establishment that supports Jihadis.

  • So called independent analysts like Mosharraf Zaidi and paid media advisors are now suggesting PPP to remove Asif Ali Zardari from Party, What a joke, why they don’t understand that it is the party workers who decide whether Zardari is good or bad for the party. He is neither a dictator nor has any power to impose himself on the PPP. This is the party which elected him for the office; he enjoys a unanimous support of party workers and leaders. If he is bad, then those who elected him can never be good either. In that case the PPP itself is bad. Leave it alone and move to your ideal political groups, there are plenty to choose from! This is party worker who decides weather they want Bilawal Bhutto or an ordinary worker to head the party. But to your disappointment, PPP workers know very well that Bhuttos can give life for their rights. They are not willing to change their minds because of ‘fake sympathizers’ screaming for their rights. In fact, they are the most aware political class in the country, perfectly able to identify the enemy in disguise.

  • From Twitter:

    Pity the nation where Mosharraf Zaidi is cited by Declan Walsh & Omar Waraich in foreign media as a voice of Pakistanis against blasph law

    Omar Waraich, Mosh Zaidi etc will never say that the GHQ Jihad Enterprise NOT mullahs R the core problem

    Hypocrites writing against Meher Bokhari, Kamran Shahid, Hamid Mir will never criticize media owners & the ISPR as it hurts own interests

    WRONG: Those willing to speak against Taseer’s murder are a forlorn minority, mostly from English-speaking backgrounds/


    What’s visibly missing in Omar Waraich’s piece on Col Imam is: a media colleague, Hamid Mir’s involvement in the murder


    It is entertaining to see known PPP phobes and Zardari phobes praising Sherry Rehman. Hubb-e-Ali or Bughz-e-Muaviya?

  • @ maya,you can go to ft.com 2 read fatima bhutto’s article on salman taseer’s murder titled, ”a pakistan in mourning will not be silenced”. her article z such a dissappointment even 4 those liberals,democrats and psuedo intellectuals 2 whom she is a ”true” heir 2 bhutto legacy. she not only failed 2 condemn taseer murder.but also didnt bothered 2 mention the islamist parties who condoned such voilence.she had not the guts 2 condemn qadri and his supporters 4 their gruesome acts. however,as expected,she did link it with drone strikes by US , then also mentioned the ”liberals” of MQM being killed in karachi.acc. 2 fatima,” liberalism most natural allies in pakistan r women and the press”.and these 2 forces can defend liberalism. her article is very unrealistic.she seems very naive on the whole issue and her analysis is far away 4m ground realities in pakistan. she had not the courage 2 name ISI or the ”hidden forces” who have rasied this monster of extremism in pakistan. even when speaking on the topic of missing persons,she fails 2 mention the agencies factor behind the dissappearences.she is a hypocrite 2 the core.the darling of ISI,i guess.shehrbano taseer,another promising young journalist and the daughter of slain governor taseer is way ahead of miss bhutto.she has the courage 2 caLL spade a spade. i think fatima needs 2 learn a lesson or two 4m her.

  • lets not forget that in an article in Newstatesman(15feb,2010),fatima wrote,” diarrhoea kills many more children in pakistan than the taliban do in our nuclear-armed state.” can a person be more apologetic 2wards taliban’s barbarism than ms fatima.what a shame!

  • Political murder

    Dr Saifur Rehman Jamshoro


    No doubt assassination of Salman Taseer was an attack on liberal forces of Pakistan but it does not mean that behind every killing there must be Baitullah Mehsood or TTP ’ s hand, sometimes political rivalries also work as PPP spokesperson Fauzia Wahab hinted something very important which is very crucial development in terms of investigation of this assassination . Fauzia Wahab said there were “political motives” behind the murder . The killing appeared to be an “organised act ” and the Punjab administration was “equally responsible” for the crime, she said . The Punjab government should explain why a policeman whom senior officers had declared unfit for guarding VIPs was included in the Governor’ s security detail , Fauzia said. Qadri decided to kill the governor three days before Taseer visited Islamabad , when nobody was aware of the trip as it had been kept secret for security reasons, she added. “The question arises as to how Qadri got information about the visit. Why did other personnel in the security squad not act when Qadri fired at Taseer?” she asked. The PML- N, which rules Punjab , could not be absolved of the murder and there is a need to find out whether some of party ’ s elements were behind the act , she said . Despite threats to the governor , PML -N leader and provincial law minister Rana Sanaullah had refused to provide him a bulletproof vehicle, she said . In my view investigation of Salman Taseer’ s assassination should be angled on Miss Fauzia Wahab ’s very important version .

  • Where pseudo-liberals #FCS and right wing #JI coincide: Haroon-ur-Rasheed is sad that Zardari ruined BB’s PPP. http://tiny.cc/1vlhr
    صدر صاحب کے تازہ ارشادات دلچسپ بہت ہیں۔ میرا خیال ہے کہ بہت تیزی سے وہ موبائل پر بھیجے جانے والے پیغامات کا عنوان بنیں گے۔ مثلاً یہ کہ محترمہ بے نظیر بھٹو کی پیروی کرتے ہوئے،مفاہمت کے وہ سب سے بڑے علمبردار ہیں۔ بے نظیر کی پیروی اور مفاہمت؟ محترمہ کے قتل کی تفتیش کس نے روک رکھی ہے اور مفاہمت کے عمل کو کس نے برباد کیا؟ فرمایا: معیشت کی بحالی سب سے بڑا چیلنج ہے اور امن کے بغیر معیشت نموپذیر نہ ہو گی۔ کراچی کے مسلح گروہ کیا امن کو فروغ دینے اترے تھے؟ روٹی، کپڑا اور مکان کے نعرے کی انہوں نے ایک بار پھر تکرار کی۔ کون سی روٹی، کون سا کپڑا اور کہاں کا مکان؟ یہاں تو جان کے لالے پڑے ہیں، جان کے۔ پینتالیس برس پہلے پیپلزپارٹی کا پرچم اس لئے بلند تھا کہ بھارت اور امریکہ کے مقابل وہ قومی خودداری کی دعویدار تھی اور ستائی گئی مخلوق کے احساسات اور امنگوں کی ترجمان۔ آج پورے پاکستان میں امریکی قاتل ریمنڈ ڈیوس کے ہمدرد اگر موجود ہیں تو فقط وہ جواس جماعت کو اغوا کر چکے۔ کبھی وہ عوام کی پارٹی تھی۔ کارکنوں کی ایسی چھاپ کہ خوب سوچ سمجھ کر امریکہ کی مدد سے این آر او کا معاہدہ کرنیوالی بے نظیر بھٹو نے چیف جسٹس کی رہائش گاہ کے سامنے اسکے پرزے اڑا دیئے تھے۔ آج یہ جناب آصف علی زرداری اور ان کے کارندوں کی پارٹی ہے۔ عام آدمیوں کے دکھ درد سے اب اسے کیا واسطہ؟ 1990ء اور 1996ء کے الیکشن میں دھاندلی کا شور و غوغا کیا گیا۔ ایک حد تک بجا طور پر۔ اب یہ ایک دوسری دنیا ہے۔ آزاد عدالت، آزاد صحافت اور امید بھری نظروں سے ان کی طرف دیکھتے ہوئے عوام کی دنیا۔ جدید ٹیکنالوجی کا جہان۔ تین کروڑ تیس لاکھ جعلی ووٹ، اب نادرا کی مدد سے انشاء اللہ العزیز انتخابی فہرستوں سے خارج کر دیئے جائیں گے۔ اخبارات اور ٹی وی چینل آئینہ دکھاتے رہیں گے۔ اب اسی اور نوے کے عشروں ایسی حکمرانی مشکل ہے اور بتدریج ناممکن ہو گی۔ حکومت تو رہی ایک طرف، اپوزیشن بھی اب ہمہ وقت کسوٹی پر رکھی رہتی ہے۔


  • PPP is the only hope of Pakistan’s oppressed groups

    PPP MPA seeks action against Mumtaz Qadri’s supporters
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    LAHORE – Days after religious groups protested in Lahore against the death sentence awarded to the killer of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer, a member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) has asked the chief justice of Pakistan to act against clerics supporting Mumtaz Qadri. Speaking in the Punjab Assembly on Thursday, Malik Pervaiz Rafique of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) said that it was regrettable that Qadri was being provided luxurious facilities in jail, while the life of Christian blasphemy convict Aasia Bibi was in danger in her prison cell. Taseer, who spoke out in support of Aasia, was shot dead by Qadri, a member of the governor’s security squad. Rafique also expressed his concerns over the security of eight million Christians in Punjab. “The Punjab government must provide them security and guard their places of worship,” he said. But Treasury members refused to allow discussion on the topic, asking the opposition members to refrain from commenting on the case until the court gives its final verdict. The opposition parties also strongly protested over the deteriorating law and order situation and blamed the police for all the ills in the province. In their hard hitting speeches, members of the PPP and the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) called Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah the “patron in chief of all the banned and terrorist organisations”. PPP Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shaukat Basra said dacoits were ruling in Punjab and police was getting bribes not only from the accused, but also from those coming to file cases. He said that banned extremist and religious organisations were having a free hand and the provincial law minister was still maintaining contacts with them. At this, Speaker Rana Mohammad Iqbal expunged the remarks, saying the member was calling the law minister patron of terrorist organisations.