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Thieves protecting thieves? I am confused

MSR led Jang Group is a known tax chor

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Here are some facts: Geo TV, Geo News, Geo Super and Aag TV, owned and operated by Jang Group’s Independent Media Group are known to be tax evaders. Off course, their tax evasion till June 2010 was in excess of Rs. 1.8 billion. They have filed cases against the tax authorities and have gotten stay orders, which effectively means that the matter will linger on forever.  They will never pay and will keep on delaying other payments. What they do is collect sales tax and withholding tax on their advertisement income from their advertisers and do not pay the tax authorities. This would have a spiraling effect as tax submitted on your behalf (in this case advertisers) has to be recorded. Now the advertisers have apparently paid the tax, but it is not recorded anywhere. Imagine the questioning tax authorities would be doing with the advertisers. To say that Geo and Jang Group is a “Tax chor” may not be so wrong.

In today’s The News and Jang, there are two news items next to each other. First one being “Thieves Have Assembled to Save Thieves: CJ” in relation to FIA investigation on the NICL “Scam” and the next one being “Only Geo Super to broadcast world cup matches: SC”. One thing is for sure: Jang, Geo etc are Tax Thieves. The SC is protecting them on the world cup screening. Wouldn’t that mean that SC is also a …..?  You can guess better.

We are currently working on revealing the sinister plan of Geo to destroy PTV which will be posted very soon.

Thieves have assembled to save thieves: CJ

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court was informed on Monday that an arrested accused of Rs5 billion corruption scam in the National Insurance Company Limited (NICL) had told the investigators that he had given Rs220 million to Moonis Elahi, the son of former Punjab chief minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi, from the plundered money.

A three-member bench of the apex court, comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Justice Muhammad Sair Ali and Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, was hearing a suo motu case against the alleged corruption of over Rs5 billion in the NICL affairs.

Appearing on notice, Deputy Director of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Zafar Qureshi, told the court that Muhammad Malick, an arrested accused of the NICL scam, had admitted that he had given Rs220 million from the plundered amount to Moonis Elahi. He said the accused was the Manager of Al-Tahoor International, a company owned by Moonis Elahi.

At the outset of the hearing, the chief justice expressed annoyance over the transfer of Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, who has been supervising the NICL scam since the last year, but has now been posted at the Police Foundation, Islamabad.

The chief justice ordered Interior Secretary Qamar Zaman, who was summoned in the court on a short notice, to look into the matter, otherwise the court will pass an order in this regard. The secretary told the court that Zafar Qureshi is an honest officer of the FIA. The chief justice said: “That’s why he has been changed.” The CJ directed the secretary to write to the concerned authority and submit reply in this regard today (Tuesday).

Justice Iftikhar said corruption and corrupt practices involving billions of rupees are going on in the country but no government official is showing interest for its recovery. “It seems as if efforts are being made to hush up all the corruption cases as the responsible persons are not being arrested,” he remarked.

Justice Ramday said the officials found involved in corrupt practices should not think that they would go scot-free as strict action would be taken against them, adding that the officers who are working honestly are being changed.

Zafar Qureshi informed the court that the problem in the NICL scam is the evaluation, as difference in value of Airport Road, Lahore, property deal is Rs80.4 million. However, Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, counsel for the NICL, informed the court that the money in two cases of the NICL in Lahore has been recovered.

He said after the notice of the Supreme Court, the authorities have been asked to freeze the company’s account. FIA Deputy Director Basharat Shahzad, who is now investigation officer of the NICL scam, told the court that there was corruption of Rs5 billion in the scam.

The chief justice observed that the culture of not arresting big fish should end, adding that plundering the national wealth has become routine practice, which needed to be stopped forthwith. “Thieves have gathered to save thieves,” he said.

Basharat further submitted that letters have been issued to the accused but still they have not yet received any response. At this Justice Ramday, while admonishing the official, said that it was their duty to investigate the case by visiting the accused instead of waiting for their responses.

“The properties itself will not come to you but you have to make efforts for this,” Justice Ramday told the official. “You are the real criminals as you are bent upon giving protection to such people,” he added. He further observed that anyone who works honestly is transferred.

During the course of hearing a reply from Moonis Elahi was submitted before the court at which the FIA deputy director expressed dissatisfaction. “What you have smelled from the reply of Moonis Elahi,” Justice Sair Ali asked the FIA official. “The reply is unsatisfactory,” the official replied.

Appearing on notice, an official of the Commerce Ministry told the court that the right of commercial audit of the companies has been taken from the ministry and given to the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

“You should have been bring in into the notice of the interior secretary and prime minister and other concern officials,” the CJ asked the official. “The Nature of this crime is different and it’s a white-collar crime which must be look into,” Justice Sair Ali observed.

The chief justice then directed the commerce secretary to submit the audit report of the NICL and adjourned further hearing till today (Tuesday). APP adds: The chief justice remarked: “We have declared in loud and clear message that no compromise will be made over corruption cases.”

Addressing FIA officials, he said it was not their personal wealth rather it belonged to the countrymen. The CJ remarked that more than Rs18 billion loss as reported was involved in the scam.

FIA Deputy Director Basharat Shahzad apprised the bench that three accused including Javed Syed and Amin Qasim Dada had not been arrested. He told the court that Amin Qasim Dada had the pivotal role as being a member of the Board of Director and investment committee.

He said reports over authenticity of banks accounts were yet awaited. The bench castigated him for his poor performance and his team including Mohammad Ahmed, an Assistance Director and Javed Hussain, a Deputy Director of the FIA.

Tariq Mahmood Kurri, acting Chairman NICL, apprised the bench that he was making all his efforts to keep the company fully functional. He said the company earned a profit of Rs6 billion and it was a valuable asset of the country.

He said the company still enjoyed AA+ ratings and said audits of the company would be done. The bench expressed its reservation over his stance regarding audit of the company accounts directed him to write special letter to Auditor General of Pakistan.


Only Geo Super to broadcast ICC World Cup matches: SC;

 ISLAMABAD: After hearing at length a petition filed by the Geo Group, the Supreme Court on Monday directed the regulatory body, Pemra, to ensure that all matches of the ICC World Cup 2011 were broadcast throughout the cable network in Pakistan on Geo Super nly.

Pemra had issued a letter on December 22, confirming to all cable operators that Geo Super had the exclusive cable rights for the global cricket event. But it arbitrarily withdrew that notification on January 10 under pressure from the government and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

The Supreme Court restored the original notification, ordering Pemra to implement it in letter and spirit. Pemra was represented by Salman Akram Raja and the Geo Network by seasoned lawyer Akram Sheikh in the proceedings. Geo moved the court last week after Pemra cancelled the December 22 notification to deny Geo exclusive rights to air the mega event.

The December 22 notification says: “All cable TV operators/MMDS distributors are therefore intimated that unauthorised distribution of the event through any satellite TV channel other than ‘Geo Super’ shall invoke strict action, under Pemra ordinance and rules/regulations made there under, for infringement of legal rights acquired by (Geo TV) M/s Independent Music Group (Pvt) Limited”.

Pemra Chairman Mushtaq Malick held out a categorical assurance that the apex court ruling on Geo Super having exclusive cable satellite rights “will be fully implemented”. He said action would be taken by the authority for any “unauthorised broadcast” on cable.

Pemra lawyer Raja admitted the court verdict was binding on all stakeholders. “I am sure Pemra will act according to the verdict of the Supreme Court and the notification issued by the authority on December 22.”

Geo lawyer Akram Sheikh warned any unauthorised use would entail strict legal action and would constitute contempt of court. “Geo Super has the exclusive cable rights and no other TV channel can broadcast the World Cup matches on cable,” Sheikh told reporters outside the Supreme Court after the ruling.

Pemra’s withdrawal of the notification had shocked this cricket crazy nation of 170 million people. Geo and Jang Group, the largest media network in the country, had already suffered losses worth billions of rupees due to their independent editorial policy that focuses on bringing people closer to the truth through their reporting, to the dislike of powers that be.

The government was trying to block Geo Super from airing the World Cup and use the potential financial losses as a tool to influence editorial policy of the largest media group, observers believe.

The Supreme Court directions ensure that not only millions of cricket fans will be able to enjoy the World Cup, but also that the editorial independence of the country’s largest media group is preserved. This is a win for cricket fans and independence of media as well, observers say.

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  • geo always get favourable decisions from sc , when some ppp mpas said something against geo in punjab assembly they were summoned to sc and was given warning not to say anything against geo and jang group.uzma bokhari was summoned to sc for contempt of geo charges.now geo got favoure from sc to get world cup rights ,akram shiekh always get gud decsion in a day for geo from sc all the time. u know why akram shikh always represent geo in sc.when geo file an application it decided within a day in sc.both j protecting eachother’s intrests very well.

  • FBR ko chahiyeh utha kar jail mai daalen isko! Court aur tu koi maamla sunti nahi hai, TV pe hero bannay ke liye Geo ki tax chori barabar chupaati hai. Aik taraf kehtay hain salay ke tax koi nahi bharta, khud apnay giraawan mai jhaankon — tum khud tax chor ho.