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Promoting “Spell Check” to gain worldwide acceptance

After our inability to promote moderation and liberal thinking in our country, we are forced to deviate from the topic and offer our sincere apologies to people who have been bugged by us for the last few years.

Instead, we have now decided to focus on the biggest evil hindering Pakistan’s growth and acceptance in the globalized world: Spell Checking. You know Pakistanis have generally excelled in whatever they have done wholeheartedly. In making protests and strikes, we are one of the leading nations in the world. Forget the loss to businesses and daily wagers losing their wages for a day(s), we now need to take our protests to the next level.

Yesterday (Jan 14, 2011), the “entire nation” was up in arms against the statement of Pope Benedict that Pakistan must review the Blasphemy Law as it is discriminatory against the minorities especially Christians. Rallies were held across Pakistan. Though very well attended, some of the pictures that came out were showing an ungly face of Pakistan’s protest organizers: They fail to check the spellings on banners and placards. Here are two examples:

The Pope is "Pop" without corn
She needs to work hard on her "Sacrifies"

My all time favorite was a picture from a couple of years ago. The picture did pass the message, however, contraceptive makers must be very happy that though Pakistanis are not generally following their message, yet their advertising and campaigning is visible.

That's the way to Condemn

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