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Salman Taseer’s murder and the footsoldiers of media – by Qudsia Siddiqui

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The LUBP has been following Samad Khurrum’s hectic efforts (on Twitter and Facebook) to discredit the anti-Mumtaz Qadri Fatwa posted on our site (which was sent to us by a reader in India on condition of anonymity because of threats to his life).

Now we have two more opinions and statements from progressive, tolerant and moderate scholars from across the border.

In his stirring article, Blasphemy and the Islamic Way, Maulana Wahiduddin Khan has this to say:

“It is on the record that, during the Prophet’s time, there were some non-believers who used to use abusive language against the Prophet of Islam. The Prophet of Islam never suggested any legal punishment for those persons. He simply directed them to one of his companions, Hassan bin Sabit al-Ansari, who would respond to their blasphemous statements and remove their misunderstanding by means of argument.

Islam suggests capital punishment for only one offence, and that is murder. Except in the case of murder, there is no such severe legal punishment in Islam. If ever there were any case of such punishment being meted out, it must have been in obedience to an executive order – an extremely rare exception – and not carried out under any general law of punishment.”

This supports the fatwa posted on LUBP which even provided the Quranic verses in support of this moderate and well reasoned opinion.

Furthermore, here is another instance where moderate and progressive Muslims from across the sectarian divide have issued a statement that opposes the fatwa issued by our establishment sponsored Islamofascists:

“The signatories said they were shocked as much by the killing as by the “cynical and vocal support” extended to the killer by extremist sections in Pakistan. Governor Taseer was one of the “liberal and democratic voices in Pakistan who have been fighting for the repeal of this reprehensible law.” Further, “We are worried by the trend of increasing religious intolerance in Pakistan and feel that if not fought with resolve and courage, it might lead to a deathly silence in Pakistan for a long, long time to come. While concerned for the safety of democratic and progressive voices, we are equally worried for the general wellbeing of the common people of Pakistan and express our solidarity with them.”

We have other instances of scholars and ulema from minority sects and do not wish to reveal them for obvious reasons.

If Samad went through so much trouble in EXCLUSIVELY and SELECTIVELY going after a fatwa based on the Quran and in condemnation of the murderers of Shaheed Taseer, we shudder to think what would be done with the opinion of Muslim minorities?

This is particularly the case in view of Samad’s efforts to prove that Taseer’s murder “is a hate crime and nothing else. The security guard who shot the governor was not funded by a terrorist organisation or a political group.” Critical readers of Pakistani media are quite familiar with such narratives and their origins.

Interestingly, Samad does not question any information or the data provided by his mentor Hamid Mir, the Taliban informant and spokesman, on the “reaction” of the drone attacks and the USA war on Taliban and Al Qaeda. Samad does not investigate the role of the military establishment in the so called Lawyers Movement for the restoration of his hero, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, whom he rendered a medal on behalf of the Harvard University, where he was studying on American tax payers’ money.

Our saviour Chaudhry showed his true colours when he expressed concerns over the Parliament’s right to secularize Pakistan. Those (Almeidas, Walshes, Zaidis etc) who are insisting on the PPP to hastily repeal the Blasphemy Law, can they provide an assurance that their temple of justice will not take a suo moto action against it and will not hear to the arguments of lunatics like Shahid Aurakzai who had the courage to tear apart a copy of the Constitution of Pakistan before the honourable judges. Given the carefully engineered multi-pronged attack on the PPP from right and left, does the Party have enough numbers in the parliament to amend the law in question?

Will the likes of the wonder kid assure that next time they will come out of their homes and cyber cafes to cast vote in support of a secular and liberal party rather than having *** dreams about Imran Khan, Aitzaz Ahsan and other establishment crafted saviours?

Under normal circumstances, we would not bother to respond to someone like him. Nonetheless, our purpose is to alert our readers and other blogs to be careful of plants like Samad Khurrum.

We hope one day he can get over his visceral hatred of the PPP or his support for Taliban sympathizers like Hamid Mir and the destructive narrative spewed by him. Current events have proved that the support for the lawyer’s movement and the Jihadi Judiciary are a clear indication of how civil society too is responsible for Shaheed Taseer’s murder.

Nonetheless, we know that like Mumtaz Qadri, Samad Khurram is simply a foot soldier of those who want to drag Pakistan into the depths of darkness. Neither he, nor his media patrons like Hamid Mir and Cyril Almeida or his model, the Judas Aitzaz Ahsan, have anything of substance to say.

Speaking of Aitzaz, where is he these days? Just like he abandoned Asma Jehangir during the recent SCBA elections between her and two Jamaati sympathizers, he seems to have disappeared when his lawyer collegues are showering petals on murders. To read what Aamer Ahmad Khan has to say about Aitzaz and the other leaders of the establishment sponsored Lawyer’s Movement, one would certainly think so:

“We finally managed to get through to two of them: one simply said that we are free to call him a coward if we want to but he doesn’t want to comment on the issue at all. The other one went even further: he said he would not even allow us to report that he was contacted for his opinion on the issue.”

We wonder if one of these was Aitzaz and if so, which one. Similarly, we wonder how Cyril Almeida is taking to your lone gun theory given his rabid anti-PPP leanings and his narrative of blaming Shaheed Governor Taseer’s murder on President Zardari. You can inform him that the murderer agrees with you. The plan is well executed!

For now, we want to assure our readers and supporters that the fatwa posted by us is not alone. More brave Muslims are coming forward and saying:


If our humble blog can provide these brave souls with the weapons to counter the Islamofascists, then that is the least we can do. In that regard, we will not back down from calling out those who are doing their best to demean our efforts.

Today, it is becoming more and more apparent that the media has played a disgusting role in the tragic murder of Shaheed Taseer. From Mehr Bokhari who incited to Samad Khurrum whose efforts to reduce Taseer’s shahadat to just a hate crime by a lone wolf and his attack on the fatwa condemning the murderer are a matter of public record, our media needs a massive overhaul. Today, much of the media is an obstacle towards a moderate and secular Pakistan.

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  • Here we go again.

    Abdul Nishapuri,

    We need a broadbased coalition against bigotry and religious fascists. Now I am not sure where Samad Khurram has endorsed Qadri… but I know that Samad Khurram (not to be confused with Khurram Samad who is from Lahore and a non-entity)is absolutely opposed to terrorism and blasphemy laws.

    So please – maturity is required on all sides. We need to bring everyone together against religio-fascists instead of playing this game of finger-pointing without any basis.

  • YLH, please address your comments to the author of this post. It is a blog-zine comprising more than 50 authors and editors. We welcome diversity of voices and views. Thank you!

  • I get the impression that the Samad Khurrum types of Pakistan are unwitting foot soldiers of the Taliban. They are for some reason so obsessed with a hatred of the USA that they become blind to the Islamofascist agenda which will devour them before anyone else, if given a free hand. Perhaps, it is only when their own lives are in danger that they will seek refuge in the arms of the very people that gave them their university education. Hypocrites. One more useful idiot.

  • Abdul,

    The point is that an article of this kind causes infighting. We have been down that road. Do you think it is fair to accuse someone like Samad Khurram who has been very active in denouncing Mullahs and other bigots as an ISI foot soldier or as Mr. Fatah puts it “foot soldier of Taliban”?

    Frankly this is precisely why we cannot achieve in this country because we are more interested in scoring party points instead of uniting in principles against the religio-fascist bigots.

    Now I have my fair share of complaints against your blog but I have unilaterally ended my feud with you. Is it too much to ask for this blog to show some maturity and responsibility when we (and unlike Tarek Fatah I am based here in Lahore) are fighting a terrible Mullah menace?

  • YLH, it is my considered opinion that proxies of the establishment are not only found in the right wing but also in the anti-Mullah liberals.

    Proxies are only good at back-stabbing, they are NOT our allies!

    I think Qudsia has raised some important points about Samad’s narratives, motivations and his mentors and heroes.

    I have said all I had to say on this post. I leave it to you, Qudsia and other readers to take this debate further.

  • Thank you Qudsia for writing this excellent piece. I was amazed what this little kid want to prove as the Fatwa has nothing to do with his self acclaimed liberal stance. As it was directed to ve fascists mullas in their own words. But the pain he has taken in proving the picture posted with the Fatwa is not of the Mufti Usmani who issued the Fatwa.
    When he said, some people want an interview of him, he seriously was joking are wondering in his La La land where voices like Usmani are heard. In the land of the pure 85% of media organizations are promoting Qadri and the likes.
    Do someone hear any talkshow host talking of the death threats to Sherry R and the Fatwa by imam of Sultan Mosque.
    Samad will be pleased with the fact at least the mulla is genuine and his senses can feel it whenever he wants.

  • @YLH, why are you supporting this guy? Ask Raza to show you the twitter feeds where this Samad went into overdrive just to cast doubts on the fatwa post on LUBP! Why don’t you ask him why he does not go after all the fatwas that killed Shaheed Taseer! Friends and contributers of LUBP have forwarded me the links and twitter feeds about Samad’s obsession to dent the growing struggle from within muslims to take on the Islamofascists. Being secular does not mean we remain ignorant about faith and we will continue to provide our muslim readers with the tools to confront the jihadis and their supporters and their apologists. No compromise here, Ok.

    As for Tarek Fatah, he went to jail for taking on the IJT fascists in the late 1960’s when I suspect that you were not even born. For someone who is advising us on not being divisive, you are unnecessarily bringing in Tarek Fatah into this.

    Did you read Samad’s article in Express Tribune on Shaheed Governor Taseer’s murder being a lone wolf act.
    Actions speak louder than words and with people like Samad in any coalition, v r in big trouble.

  • @YLH, you are a lawyer. Inspite of our differences, my friends at LUBP tell me you are intelligent, well read and principled. I have read some of your more recent posts when you critisized the Judiciary (basic structure). I think you need to look into why these lawyer’s were showering petals on a murderer? Has the legal profession in Pakistan become so radicalized! Is there no one besides Asma as a Bar leader to take on these radicals and extremists. If you can write about this, that would be great. please read Samad’s editorial; his premature assesment that the public execution of Shaheed Taseer was the act of a lone ranger. read the comments also


    That is all.

  • Though I have disliked the way he has been given importance by pointing an excellent piece of writing to him. As these self centred people believe in self glorification and attempts like that provide them the opportunity to be discussed and highlighted.

    @ham talibe shuhrat hei hameim nang se kia kam
    badnam jo hon gey to kia naam na hoga…

    This confused lot can be misguided and utilised well by providing them the opportunity to be highlighted by showing false bravado, as he did last time when he reacted to the drone attacks infront of US ambassadors by the informations feeded by none other than the Taliban informant and intercessor Hamid Mir. What a joke?

  • very interesting article. I have heard Samad works at the British Council Islamabad. This guy refused the $10,000 award in public (he could have refused in a more dignified manner by correspondence) but then went to Harvard at $50,000 per year. Either he is very rich or he did not mind taking US money when it suited him. And now, he works at the British council. talk about hypocracy. LUBP should ignore fools like him. He has no credibility and nobody will believe him when he tries to attack the moderate muslim opinion.

  • Pakistani Tweeples slam pro-JI homophobe Samad Khurram



    A specimen of urban liberal hypocrisy on Salmaan Taseer:

    Case study: Samad Khurram

    1. Samad Khurram used to bad mouth against shaheed Taseer for his tough stance against ISI-backed judge Iftikhar Chaudhry;

    2. Samad Khurram used to co-moderate pkpolitics.com and Teeth.com, the two rightwing websites which published filthy pictures against the Taseer family.


    3. Samad Khurram published dirty propaganda against PPP on pkpolitics and Teeth.

    4. Samad Khurram published an article in which he said Taseer was killed by a lone wolf not by the Deep State or its jihadi proxies.

    5. Samad Khurram masterminded a mischievous campaign to discredit an important Fatwa against the killer of Salmaan Taseer and the apologists of the killers.

    6. Samad Khurram is notorious for his anti-drone stance.

    7. Recently Samad was dismissed from the British Council because of his pro-JI homophobic remarks.

    8. Samad Khurram mislead Tammy Haq, Urooj Zia and several others against the PPP and LUBP.

    9. Now pkpolitics is publishing filthy comments against Shahbaz Taseer.

    Do I need to provide more evidence of the hypocrisy of pro-military establishment urban liberals?


    This article was written by Samad Khurram for pkpoltics.com:

    Pakistani Law Students Shun Salman Taseer
    NOVEMBER 14, 2008 . 120 COMMENTS
    in Featured Articles


    Pakistani students shun Salman Taseer; tell him to stop anti-Pakistan campaign

    Pakistani Law Students today have done what the our elected members of National Assembly and the those in lucrative government offices have been unable to do so far: condemn Salman Taseer on his anti-Pakistan activities.

    The governor, who is also chancellor of the varsity, was the chief guest at its first convocation held here on Monday. Students of University of Sargodha were invited to recieve their diplomas from the Governor. But instead of sucking up to the governor, like many do, the students had in mind the anti-Pakistan statements and activities of Salman Taseer.

    The governor and his huge entourage were expecting a warm welcome as funds had been distributed in this regard. But to their surprise the students refused to accept their degrees from Governor Salman Taseer. Their message was clear: stop anti-Pakistan and anti-judiciary activities as they will not be tolerated by the people of Pakistan.

    The law students boycotted the convocation proceedings, while a group of lawyers staged a sit-in in front of the varsity’s main gate to express solidarity with them. The lawyers chanted slogans against the governor who, according to them, used derogatory language against the patriotic legal fraternity of Pakistan. They also marched from the district bar to university campus carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against the governor and President Asif Ali Zardari.

    The whiskey ridden Taseer did not quite comprehend what hit him. While he, like always, had covered his eyes, the shock in them could be seen from miles.

    The unfortunate part is that none of the 80 or so Pakistani news channels highlighted the incident. Why did we allow private Pakistani channels in the first place? Why did we fight for freedom of media from Musharraf? Wasn’t it to project the demands of Pakistanis? If this was the Indian media, if this was the Chinese media, if this was the Iranian media, if this was the Arab media, if this was Turkish media, this incident would have been repeated at the top of every news bulletin for the day.

    Not only did Salman Taseer’s Chamcha Times or Business Plus did not cover it but neither did any of the free channels. Is this the freedom of media Sherry Rehman boasts about?

    I hope some of the defeatist ‘liberal’ Pakistanis working for television news channels might be reading this. If you know someone there, please admonish them. We need to make sure the voice of Pakistanis is heard. It is sad that ordinary Pakistanis will always be more nationalist and patriotic than their so-called ‘liberal’ intellectuals and their non-intellectual politicians. Only Dawn covered part of the story which can be seen here.

    But students of Sargodha Law College, no matter what, we are proud of you.

    Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, you are moments away from restoration.

  • My point is that we should stick together. I have known Samad Khurram only through the net but from what I have seen he is not a Mullah or an ISI soldier.

    I for one don’t see the point of discrediting a fatwa even if it was doctored as is being alleged. However at the moment we have to throw a broad net and bring together all people against these religio-fascist bigots.

    That includes anyone and everyone who is willing to speak up against the blasphemy law charade of the Mullahs.

  • I agree with Mr. Tariq Fatah that persons like Samad Khurram are for some reason so obsessed with a hatred of the USA that they become blind to the Islamofascist agenda which will devour them before anyone else. They must pay attention to what happened to Khalid Khawajah and Musa Khan.

  • Mr. YLH talks sense.
    Samad also should refrain from name calling and comparing LUBP with terrorists outfits as AQ.
    As this ridiculous notion on his part is condemnable but LUBP is a group of sensible people and dedicated writers who can dare to speak the very incorrect political truths.
    That is why it should concentrate on the mentors and monsters not the minds polluted with the wish wash of people like hamid mir

  • میں سوچتا ہوں شہید سلمان تاثیر آسیہ بی بی کو رہا کروانا چاہتے تھے اور اسی جرم کی پاداش میں شہید کر دیے گئے – ان کی شہادت میں صرف میڈیا اور ملا ہی نہیں لاہور ہائی کورٹ بھی ذمد دار ہے کیونکہ جسٹس شریف نے آسیہ کی پھانسی پر اثبات کا اظہار کیا اور اس کے بعد ایک آرڈر کے تحت اس کی معافی کو بھی روک دیا – فوجی اسٹبلشمنٹ کی عدلیہ بحالی تحریک کے نتیجے میں جسٹس شریف اور باقی بد کردار جج بحال ہے تھے ان کے بحال کرانے میں صمد خرّم نے بھی حصّہ بقدر جثہ ڈالا تھا – اس اعتبار سے سلمان تاثیر کے قتل کی ذمہ داری صمد خرم اور اس کے سر پرستوں پر بھی عائد ہوتی ہے ایک ایف آئ آر ان پر بھی درج ہونی چاہیے – علی کامران چشتی قدم بڑھاؤ ہم تمھارے ساتھ ہیں

  • YLH, it is quite rich of you to suggest we “stick together” after years of attacking me both on and off the record. Those who seek comfort in slandering others as “neo-cons” or whatever new word they have picked up from their yuppie puppie groupies, should do some introspection of their own.

    Your friend Khurrum is a classic example of the class in Pakistan who are ‘millionaires mimicking misery’. faking socialism; faking Islam and faking outrage.

  • there are three types of people in pakistan right now:
    1. Like us who condemn this act of salmaan taseer’s killing in certain terms.
    2. Those who want to have an objective analysis as to why it happened yet they kind of condemn the killing.
    3. Those who are supporting his killing.

    Now in the 2nd category, there are some who are traditionally anti-ppp, anti-usa. They also traditionally belong to the class which has been well fed in all eras. Their roots can be traced to the military, bureaucracy or industrial class. They are the ones who have enjoyed the fruits of Pakistan in all eras. Whenever it is the ppp in power, they have to share some of the fruits with the elected class. Though the claim to fame of samad khurram is his refusal to accept an award in public from the us ambassador, he has been a vocal anti-ppp activist. I am sure a little background check would lead us to him being related to a bureaucrat or a military man. When cafepyala apologized on the ‘fake fatwa’ from lubp and quoted what samad khurram has been pointing out, it was quite obvious that the chattering class wanted the killing of salmaan taseer to be made diluted. The mufti saab who gave the fatwa said what we all wanted to say: that pakistani mullas and part of media have done wrong and are responsible for the killing of salmaan taseer.
    With likes on facebook a metric these days, more than 5k likes was a matter of satisfaction that there are some people who like what the mufti saab said.

    I ask samad khurram as to how many times he has questioned the reports given by pakistani media and their biased angling? Shahid masood, tariq butt, hamid mir, kamran khan, ansar abbasi, shaheen sehbai, talat hussain etc have written garbage which has been exposed by the likes of cafepyala,
    Pakistanmediawatch and to some extent by us at lubp. If samad khurram spends as much energy on exposing the truth by the pakistani media, he could do a phd.

    YLH, i loved your article in the dailytimes. That is the clarity of mind and thought we need. Your hatred for the jamaatis is as intense as mine and that of others at lubp. The only difference is that ppp is in our blood and we will go to all levels to protect our party and not individuals.

  • I wonder why did cafe pyala so willingly fall into Samad Khurram’s trap to defame LUBP?

    Ain’t they the same who had stated that:

    “Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Simply put, we can either shut up, resign ourselves to our fate and disconnect from this country and society or we can fight back and refuse to cede the space that the bastards want us to. Nobody ever said it would be easy.

    As a start, let us declare Qadri, all those who support Qadri and murderers like him, the Khatm-e-Nabuwat movement and its ilk as outside the pale of Islam. Let’s see how they like being referred to as blasphemers and murtids. Nobody said the fight would not be dirty.”


    It is evident that as an insider and outsider of Pakistani and international media, their blog is frequently “cited” and “linked” by their very own team members and networked friends in various news reports and columns; their principles of ethics and transparency are for all to see!

  • Kamila Shamsie writes in The Guardian:

    recently as many of those who had been insisting that a decisive response was needed in the name of anti-extremism blogged and tweeted their delight at a fatwa apparently issued by a previously unheard-of mufti, Muhammad Idris Usmani of the Jamia Islamia. He declared that, on examining all the evidence, it was clear Salmaan Taseer was not guilty of blasphemy; rather, the real blasphemers were those who praised or justified his assassination in the name of Islam. Their punishment, in accordance with the Qur’an, was “execution, or crucifixion or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile”. He then went on to list all those real blasphemers, including “200 lawyers who cheered up the killer; dozens of journalists, scholars and media persons who justified the killing”.

    The authenticity of the fatwa – and the man himself – is in serious doubt. But the responses to it from liberals were genuine enough. Some who expressed delight at the fatwa probably would be entirely pleased to see the execution of those cheering on the assassin – in Pakistan you can be both a liberal and a fascist, so long as you’re a secular fascist. But in other places the approval for the mufti seems indicative of a deep despair born of a certainty that extremism has won. We are left with the image of liberalism’s last act – the attempt to hurl extremism’s weapons back at it, not in the hope of causing serious damage but because there are no other weapons left. At least, that’s how it feels today. That is the cheeriest note it’s possible to strike at the moment.


  • I am surprised at Abdul and some other folks defending this Megalomaniac YLH. Within one day he has managed to abuse me and Tarek for no reason at all. He has a serious problem with people disagreeing with his half baked ideas and would resort to abuse right away.
    His only purpose being here is to disrupt the civil and cordial discussions on this blog and Abdul would learn it pretty soon.

  • Guys, we dont need to fight amongst ourselves. If mullas can join hands together even though on totally different ideals, then why cant we? Please keep the fights for a separate day.

    As far as Samad Khurram is concerned, I still hold him to be having an agenda….that is to defame LUBP and off course, bash the PPP.

  • If we are talking about the same Samad Khurrum who refused to take some award a few years ago, then I think this article is timely and contains some home truths. I read couple of his articles after the incident and realized that he was or probably still is Right wing or perhaps JI inspired kid.After that I just ignored him.
    ahmed iqbalabadi has covered it well and there is no reason to dispute the way he has categorized the folks that are in this debate.
    About Aitzaz Ahsan, the less said the better. He managed to fool some folks but I doubt that he can continue in the same vain in future. But still, we are talking about Pakistan. He might grab some new Jaal like many puranay Shikari that he is now.

  • @Hoss, I admire Tarek Fatah’s work and do not agree with YLH on Fatah or on giving Sarmad a pass. However, this is time to let it go. I do agree with Ahmed that we need to pool in everything. Yasir has been blistering against the Jamaatis and our camp needs that. Lets focus on that.

  • *When he relied on the data provided by the Taliban informant and spokesman Hamid Mir, he was not ashamed,
    *He is not ashamed of his hero whom he rendered freedom medal on behalf of his University Horward,where he was studying on American tax payer money, when His hero Chauhdry showed concerns over Parliaments right to secularize Pakistan.

    *Those who are insisting PPP to repeal the Laws, can provide an assurance that their temple of justice will not take a Suo Moto against it and will not hear to the arguments of lunatics like Shahid Aurakzai, who had the courage to struck the copy of Constitution of Pakistan before the honorable Judges.

    *Will the likes of the wonder kid assure that next time they will come out of their homes to cast vote for their own in support of secular and liberal party rather than the self acclaimed liberals.

  • Tarek Fatah,

    I have never called you a neo-con nor do I think you are one. I have never criticised – but have always supported- your crusade against the Islamist terrorist organisations operating in North America.

    My criticism of you is on entirely different lines and you know it. Besides you are irrelevant as far as I am concerned.

    I do not know Samad Khurram but he has spoken out against blasphemy law. I do not know if he is a socialist – I am certainly not.

  • Mai Kolachi,

    Thank you for standing up for reason. Hoss is a liar and I know things about this person that makes me believe he is on some other sinister game.

    Let us not forget he was the foremost defender of Shireen Mazari – the right wing fascist editor of right wing fascist Nawai-waqt’s English rag The Nation.

    Anyway I do not wish to prove my credentials to anyone. I write every Monday in Daily Times and everyone knows what I stand for. And I am glad my old friends at LUBP have now also realised this and removed my name from that god awful list.

  • can i please have some of the drugs you’re on???? Aitizaz Ahsan is pro-establishment? wow.

  • Speaking of Aitzaz

    Blasphemy law should remain intact: Aitzaz

    Staff Report

    ISLAMABAD: The blasphemy law (295-C) should remain intact, and if Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer committed any mistake or blasphemy, instead of killing him he should have been punished under the law of the country, Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said.

    While talking to reporters at the Supreme Court building, Aitzaz said no amendment of any kind should be brought in the blasphemy law and it should remain intact at every cost. He said that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani had given assurance for implementing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif’s agenda, and therefore the PML-N chief should also support the government.

    To a question, Aitzaz said that he had not been offered the governorship of Punjab. “Better and more eligible people than me are waiting for the governorship,” he added. Aitzaz further said that President Asif Ali Zardari as the co-chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party would decide the appointment of the Punjab governor.


  • LUBP has some fans at cafe pyala blog

    Ahsan said…
    LUBP is a very, um, strange blog, let’s put it that way. Don’t read it really, but whenever I’m directed towards there via Twitter/links on blogs I read, it’s always something weird as hell.

    January 7, 2011 9:32 PM

    Kashifiat said…
    Why not anyone is commenting on “Dhoka” of LUBP people,what is the level of their honesty. They are misguiding people. They are telling lies & no one is condemning them.

    Tayyab ! Basically u r giving a new “Fatwa”. Fatwa is very important & its always based on reasons & logic. Parliament is not able to issue any fatwa

    Anonymous said…
    LUBP is a hate rag. They have no interest in Salman Taseer or liberal ideals, they are just out to attack anyone who questions PPP. Remember way they lashed against Sherry Rahman and anyone who ever questions Rahman Malik type jyalas of PPP should have alerted everyone. Their tool is character assassination and please remember that is just one word away from assassination. They are no different from Murtid Mumtaz Qadri, just the issue is different. Lets be clear they are attack dogs with no ideology, just a taste for blood. On another issue they will do what Mumtaz Qadri did without blinking once!

  • Is Qudsia an ISI plant? Because she’s the one who causes the most serious dustups over here.

    Oh well. I guess I’m glad I stood on one side when the lawyers movement happened. Unfortunately I’ve been alone ever since.

    What a fractured federation we live in.

  • Oh, and LUBP, don`t look now folks, but some people were planning an anti-Blasphemy showing on Saturday at the Karachi Press Club. I`m not in Pakistan but action would be useful.

  • @TLW, I wish that was the case. I would be getting paid. Yes, many of us know about the rally and will be there. What about you? Practice what you preach? Also, if you have read me, then you know where I stand on that farce that our middle class types refer to as THE MOVEMENT

  • @Qudsia

    Kashifiat = Ummat = Jamat Islami

    As for the other guy, Ahsan, I can buy his blog for five rupees, a fair price!

  • What about you?

    Stuck outside Pakistan. Ordered not to return back to the Land of the Pure without a degree.

    Practice what you preach?

    Would love to. Was in Karachi when the Ahmedi attacks took place. Showed up at the Press Club for the anti-attack on Ahmedis meeting. News of that was likely drowned out by the attack on the flotilla. Yaad hein kitney khabrein Talat bhai nay paida kein? 🙂

    Any-whoo’s about reading what you write; I try to but its less like you’re writing and more like you’ve cut a vein and poured your bitterness into the keyboard. It maybe therapeutic for you, but the smell of vinegar from your writing nauseates sometimes.

    OK; enough abuse; is Sherry Rehman safe?

  • Oh, and good idea to change the picture of the Khurram from one in which Express Tribune tries to make him look like a scamp into one where he`s pictured with Chaudhry sahab. I didn’t bother to read this write-up for the longest time because I didn’t know if the boy in the picture was for or against the footsoldiers in the media. I didn’t peg that picture of him as the jerk-o who decided to go all fashionably anti-American in 2007.

    Our establishment has apparently had a serious falling out with the Amreekistanis. Apparently that’s whats pushing the anti-American line nowadays.

  • @TLW, truth hurts. for sugar coating and dense and obtuse analysis go to other blogs. Its straight up here. For someone to whom my writing is nauseating, you sure comment a lot on it :-). Now back to your books. We don’t want you to disqualified by the judiciary when you come here and run for office on the PTI ticket without a degree.

  • PTI? Screw you pyaarey! I`ve hated those fools since I was a kid.

    I come here for real news, and hell yeah, the truth hurts, but you sound like you`ve been hurt by it really bad.

  • @TLW, “pyaarey”!! Didn’t they teach you any manners (or grammar). I am not your country club buddy. Speaking of being “hurt by truth”, I am alright. You seem to have a hard time grasping it though. this was enjoyable. Gotta go.

  • Have you all seen tropic thunder? There was a famous line in which Ben Stiller says “What’s wrong with you people?” to two blacks (one actual black and the other playing a black). The guy playing a black guy (Robert Downey Jr.) says “What do you mean you people?”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAlVKgl_zCQ

    Stop fighting amongst yourself…please. There are so many who are out for our blood. We need to stick together. TLW, Qudsia and previously YLH….please dont fight.

  • Get a life fellows. You got nothing better in the world to do? You are a big conspiracy theorist yourself!

  • This is some seriously unwarranted and unsubstantiated nonsense amounting to nothing more than libel. Also, it completely avoids addressing the Only accusation Samad made: that the fatwa was fake.
    Which, as the facts currently demonstrate, it most certainly was. (regardless of whether other scholars think the blasphemy laws are wrong, which I’m sure they do)
    I think it’s LUBP, not Samad, who has some explaining to do. Why did you post a fake fatwa and dent the credibility of the anti-blasphemy law campaign, guys?

  • The “civil society eleven” (they are no more than eleven, believe me) in full charge against the LUBP.

    Have fun, folks. Defenders of Samad Khoram and Aitzaz Ahsan are coming after you. Run for your life!

  • I thought criticalpp had lost its marbles when open letter to Safdar Abbasi was posted. After reading this article I have come to realize that lunacy is getting incurable.

  • I do not think Hamid Mir is in charge of Samad Khurram anymore. I really think Samad’s real handler is Veena Malik who got trained at Big Boss and is now training Samad in Pakistan to bring Jahadis to power.

  • I really think Amna Khan is in fact Veena Malik who knows all these secrets. Welcome to LUBP Veena Malik. How is Asif?

  • Ahlian-e-Twitter Land Ke Naam Samad Khurrm Ki Kirpa

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @sanasaleem Sana we also need to be smart. We hardly have the strength to take them head on.@tammyhaq
    27 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @AmmarRashidT @Razarumi @theRealYLH YLH you agree, Raza bhai is silent with LUBP guys pull their stunts 😉
    33 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @sanasaleem If you can only convince half of them that the fatwa is fake you deserve the best mediator award @bolshevik @zburki
    35 minutes ago

    mehreenkasana Mehreen Kasana
    by samadk
    Dear LUBP, Kindly change your acronym to LUSP: Let Us Slander Pakistan.
    48 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @sanasaleem Sana I spent hours trying to tell them that a ‘jaali’ fatwa will harm us. They still say its true! @Bolshevik @zburki
    39 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @sanasaleem Sana yeh party loyalty aur tickets ka mamla hai; they wont listen unless you offer them senate seats @Bolshevik @zburki
    41 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    There is an unusual silence around @Razarumi when LUBP’s shenanigans are discussed. Kya yeh khula tazad nai hai @AmmarRashidT
    42 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @zburki Yea this is after they themselves posted my article on Imran’s support for Taliban http://bit.ly/eQrVG5 @Bolshevik @sanasaleem
    44 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @zburki when SAFMA had a campaign to raise voice for Sherry’s protection they wrote this http://bit.ly/hSFwSc @Bolshevik @sanasaleem
    46 minutes ago

    kaalakawaa Kala Kawa
    by samadk@
    @sanasaleem Absolutely nothing in that piece is Jihadi apologist. Fatah is a douche clearly. Needs to renew his eye prescription. @samadk
    52 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    If LUBP is to be believed, ISI is largest employer of Pak, including employees who don’t know they are working for it http://bit.ly/hSFwSc
    51 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @mehreenkasana khair hai yaar. this is nothing compared to what they wrote about sherry etc http://criticalppp.com/archives/28084
    53 minutes ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @AmmarRashidT Dude this is nothing compared to what they wrote about Raza etc earlier http://criticalppp.com/archives/28084 @Razarumi
    56 minutes ago

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    by samadk
    LUBP can’t possibly have anything to do with any political party that espouses democratic liberal views must be the fascist party mouthpiece
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @sanasaleem I am pretty sure Fateh sahib doesn’t even know a lot of what he has been saying on the internet @kaalakawaa
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @kaalakawaa do let me know if fateh comes with a reply, if any.
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @sanasaleem But mom, they started it. They called me ugly and shahid fat 🙁 @shahidsaeed
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    Every kid would like to be compared with @mohammedhanif. LUBP made that dream come true today. *sob*
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @kaalakawaa Enjoy this : http://criticalppp.com/archives/28084 @AmmarRashidT @umairjav @shahidsaeed
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @smokenfog What do you think man? I’ll let your opinion of me decide that !
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @mehreenkasana They called 5 people footsoldiers of the ISI with a feature article on me as one of them. My previous tweets for details
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @smokenfog 🙂
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @kaalakawaa As long as Gen Pasha pays me ISI style money I am fine 😛 @AmmarRashidT @umairjav
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @shahidsaeed compare writing style and words normally used by Sarah and the fatwa to see who wrote it @AmmarRashidT @kaalakawaa @umairjav
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @kaalakawaa Forget that. The damage they have done to the cause with this ‘jaali’ fatwa is beyond pardon @AmmarRashidT @umairjav
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @kaalakawaa dont underestimate the kids. when they go for party tickets 100000 articles in favor might come useful.
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @shahidsaeed When I wrote that on a tweet they responded with a slander piece. you sure you want the same treatment shahid 🙂 ?
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @AmmarRashidT Anyways mujhay baray loagon kay level pay elevate ker diya hai which i don’t mind 😛
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @AmmarRashidT They say I was wrong calling it a hate crime and not a conspiracy. Shehrbano did that too in her guardian piece. What now?
    1 hour ago

    sanasaleem Sana Saleem
    by samadk
    Disgusted by LUBP’s attempt to malign anyone and everyone that criticizes them. GROW A SPINE!
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    RT @tammyhaq what we need is the rule of law, lets not take our eyes of the ball now.
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @xabeen kya howa baji?
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    Five ISI “foot-soldiers” named in the article: @mosharrafzaidi @declanwalsh @cyalm @mohammedhanif and yours truly: bit.ly/gRtLVP
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    Must call Gen Pasha Sahib up to see where my cheques are http://bit.ly/gRtLVP
    1 hour ago

    samadk Samad Khurram
    @ijattala @mehreenkasana @kaalakawaa @AmmarRashidT I told @cpyala the fatwa was fake & LUBP started a smear campaign: http://bit.ly/gRtLVP
    1 hour ago

    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    @zburki hahahah! Yaar many of them are extremely retarded unthinking morons. Mazaaq k baghaer. Much like LUBP.

    umairjav Umair Javed
    Okay, @rshakoor aside, criticalppp is nothing more than a cyber jiyala headquarter. Of the non-rationalizing, siege-mentality kind.

    ijattala Imran Jattala
    #Fart #LUBP “role of the military establishment in the so called Lawyers Movement” @samadk @mehreenkasana @kaalakawaa @AmmarRashidT @cpyala

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    LUBP can’t possibly have anything to do with any political party that espouses democratic liberal views must be the fascist party mouthpiece

    iamnotfondofyou Mr Enamorado
    by samadk@
    @samadk Hey I defend you a lot. Now you read and share my article on criminal neglect to impose ag-tax. http://wp.me/p1hxbu-z
    5 hours ago

  • Qudsia, Abdul and everyone else on the LUBP site
    Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am quite the qattar jiyala. I have defended the party through thick and thin but this is taking it a bit too far. I know Samad Khurram personally and using such slanderous language about someone is unbecoming of those who follow the mission of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. Samad has been nothing but supportive of democracy and his stance is one based on concern for the movement to amend/repeal blasphemy laws. His pointing out the lack of legitimacy of a fatwa that was published on this site is not an attack on the government or a condoning of qadris horrific actions.
    As editors of this blog the onus is on you to prove the fatwa is real. No one is debating whether the logic behind the fatwa is real or not but rather whether some mullah actually had the balls to say the right thing. It is also understandable that you cant print the name of the person who passed on the information to you but getting the fatwa verified by the aalim in question shouldnt be so hard given that his name is already attached to the document.
    Instead of fighting between ourselves we need to rally together and fight off this extremist curse that Zia so kindly bestowed on us. Also it might be better in future to talk to people and clarify their sentiments before launching into a tirade that makes the site (which i greatly admire) look petulant and frankly speaking stupid.
    Hopefully all of us can learn from this and instead of pointing fingers and calling people agents of the ISI we can work together (across political beliefs and divides) for what is right and good for our country.

  • Instead of pasting Samad’s twitter feed in the comments section (honestly, how sad Are you people?) can Someone from LUBP PLEASE tell us why they posted a fake fatwa? Can you even tell whether or not you think it was fake?? Or if you didn’t know it was fake earlier and now you do? Do you have Any opinion on the fatwa at all?

    Honestly, Samad’s ISI-Mossad-MI6-Malaysian Intelligence links aside, does it matter at all to ANYone at LUBP that fake personalities and juridical opinions are created on this website and passed along as fact? No? Not at all?

    Any sane individuals around here? Please?

  • @Assad Khan

    You may be a qattar jiyala but so do claim Safdar Abbasi, Naheed Khan etc. Never saw you at this blog before.

    Nevertheless, the fatwa is only one of several issues raised by the author in this post. You conveniently ignored how Samad Khurram’s interpretation of Salmaan Tasir’s murder is surprisingly similar to that of Rana Sanaullah and quite opposite to the official stance of the PPP’s spokesperson Fauzia Wahhab, cited in this post: http://criticalppp.com/archives/36405

  • samad khurram is going to be appointead as the new ISI chief replacing Gen. Pasha on 18 March 2011. After Kallu, the ISI would again have a civilian chief.

    Aik zardari sab pay bhari!

  • صمد خرم کی برکت سے اس بلاگ پر نت نئی مخلوق دیکھنے کو مل رہی ہے – قدسیہ صاحبہ آپ کی پوسٹ لا جواب ہے پسند بھی خوب ہو رہی ہے

  • So let me get this straight Rizwan. Just because I havent blogged for the LUBP that means I am not a jiyala? Wow I never got the memo where all of us had to join the club. And on the point raised about Samad. Just because he doesnt share your point of view on the matter doesnt make him an ISI agent. to me that is equatable to being called a munafiq in the times of the sahaba. dont throw it around willy nilly.

    p.s: if you go through the archives and check for my mothers name, amna piracha, you might see a couple of things there.

  • Editor sahib(a),

    I am not spamming.

    I just know that Sarmad Khurrom has Veena Maliks number. I need that. Can you please get it please please?

    Aap ka tabidar shagird,

  • I told you pooray gayarah thay from Samad’s facebook and twitter. Their tactics are very similar to Imran’s PTI brigade.

    I am sure each one of them is a die-hard PPP hater and Zardari hater despite whatever some of them might claim!

  • I am fully and totally convinced that this LUBP is an ISI-Mullah inspired blog to infiltrate the liberal space and destroy it from within. Look at their tactics. Very simple. They take the most authentic and effective liberal voices – Sherry Rahman, Adil Najam, Yasser Hamdani, Samad Khurram – and they attack them with character assasination and lies to destroy them. Essentially the LUBP agenda is to destroy any authentic liberal voice in society. Thing about it, why? Who benefits from their lies. Answer that and you know exactly whose payroll LUBP is on.

  • This morning I got another cruel joke—yes, I call it a cruel joke. An imam masjid and his son (both Deobandis) in Dera Ghazi Khan were sentenced to life imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court.

    The charge: blasphemy!


    In this case the ‘crime’ was that the father and the son tore up an Eid Meelad poster that the Barelvis had put up on his property without his permission—most likely to annoy him because it is known that Deoband adherents do not like to celebrate Mawleed. This was considered a ‘serious offence’ by the Barelvi stalwarts who wasted no time to run to the Police station and have the complaint filed for blasphemy. The imam and his son were arrested about 8 months ago and this morning they were greeted with the news of life imprisonment.

    What is happening to our brain cells in Pakistan? Are we waiting for some—God forbid—heavenly punishment to befall us? Why are we so ignorant about the basic teachings of the Holy Book?

    Friends, I find all this pretty nauseating. We definitely need a break.


  • Considering the last 20 posts you people are seriously getting on my nerves. If you have nothing to add to the debate, get the hell out of here.

  • Listen, i would not argue what is your opinion about Mr.Taseer incident. But i will tell you that you just highlighted few events during Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) life and you forgot other important events from Sah-e-Bukhari which clearly entails important facts. Khan sahab opt for pluralistic approach just don’t look into one side. There are numerous events in which Prohet Muhammad (PBUH) himself announced among his companions which such and such person speaks wrong about me, is there anyone who will kill that person and Companions did this. I found ample of comments but no one has even read all hadiths. Please do read you all and then comment.

    • Have you read all the hadeeths? Please confirm.
      You may also like to read these four aayats.

      “When ye hear the signs of Allah held in defiance and ridicule, ye are not to sit with them unless they turn to a different theme.” [Qur’an, Al Nissa 4:140]
      “. . . But they uttered blasphemy . . . if they repent, it will be best for them, but if they turn back, Allah will punish them.” [Qur’an, Al-Tawba 9:47]

      “Have patience with what they say, and leaves them with noble (dignity).” [Qur’an Yunus 10:73]

      “And when they hear vain talk, they turn away therefrom and say: “to us our deeds and to you yours; peace be to you.”[Qur’an Al-Qasas 28: 55]

  • Rizwan your ignorance and lack of sense astounds me. I really would like to know your PPP credentials since you are so adamant that everyone else is as you so eloquently put it is a “die hard PPP hater and Zardari hater”. You should really have a long look at what the PPP stands for and what culture it inculcates (one of tolerance if you cant put 2 and 2 together) before you go around accusing everyone of being your worst enemy left right and center. how does that make you better than any of the mullahs who argue that you cant have rational discourse about religion?

  • “Amna Khan says:
    January 11, 2011 at 6:18 pm
    Editor sahib(a),

    I am not spamming.

    I just know that Sarmad Khurrom has Veena Maliks number. I need that. Can you please get it please please?

    Aap ka tabidar shagird,

    Did you just prove that you are a pervert? “Aap ka”?

  • Highly unfortunate and totally baseless.

    Saddened by what I see this blogger wasting her time, and pin pointing it on samad.

    I know this guy for a fact, and I can tell you, one senior head of the ISI( A DG) is an uncle of mine, and I can guage for a fact, this guy ain’t no ISI guy.

    For a fact, he is idealogicaly against the Army( that runs the show @ ISI).

    So please avoid inciting anger, and putting this guy in the limelight.

    You most definitely are that educated, but please do not make incite anger at him. I saddened here.

  • @Umer, do you really think your uncle in ISI will share information with you? If he does, then that is for sure not intelligence!

  • the more i read qudsia i am convinced she is an unattractive woman …(edited)



  • @Anas, that was one of the cheapest remarks I have come across and I think it should be twittered to show everyone what kind of people are supporting Samad. May I request the moderator to have this remark removed and Anas Butt suspended from commenting on this thread.

  • Until yesterday there were only 20 Facebook likes on this post and today they are already touching 100.

    The frenzied state in which Samad Khurram has been seen lately on Twitter and Facebook etc to mobilize support of his fans (yes, he has a fan page too) is SAD to say the least.

  • Looking at some of the names in Samad Khurram’s tweet chat pasted above, I can reassure the LUBP folks that they must be doing something right if douches such as Ayesha Tammy Haq and other aspiring souls are supporting Samad.

  • Pakistan has come to a point where thousands believe they are righteous and have divine authority to carry out God’s acts on this earth. The repugnant response by the supporters of Salman Taseer’s alleged killer has truly been mesmerizing. Qadri’s fan base has distorted Islam to such an extent that it has become laughable to comprehend how they perceive themselves to be protecting the sanctity of Islam. To read this article: http://bit.ly/i6eiYK

  • @Rizwan

    Just because some of the die-hard PPP don’t share the same myopic view of world and politics like the current ruling group of the party, does that mean they are no longer Jiyalas? You must be out of your damn mind if this is how you think. Samad Khurram is not PPP member and is still supportive of Democracy. Having a different point of view doesn’t make him a spy or establishment pawn.

    @ Assad Khan

    I think we are sincerely wasting time with them. They are lost in their own world with their eyes and ears closed, their common sense packed up for a very long vacation.

  • @Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi (any relation with Ansar Abbasi? or with Safdar Abbasi who you supported in a comment above)

    By criticizing the current ruling group of the PPP, you have clearly demonstrated that you suffer from Asif Zardari phobia. I wonder if Assad Khan has views similar to you on the “current ruling group”.

    You are as good a jiyala as are Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Aftab Sherpao and Safdar Abbasi. You and your leaders have no place in the party and no respect in the party workers.

  • If selective focus is your issue why selectively focus on samad khurram? why not focus also on mosharraf zaidi and cyral and declaan and others in pak establishment like salman butt?

  • @Mussalman, take your hatred somewhere else along with your Samad Khurrum. I don’t know how Cafe Pyala can associate with you guys; I don’t believe this.

  • @Mai Kola

    You hate Samad sahib as he has guts to speak against DRONE ATTACKS which are killing innocent civilians. He talks against our American puppet rulers. You hate him because he exposed PPP dirty propaganad against Gahzi Mumtaz Qadri.

  • @Mussalman, your racism against a Baloch name is just the same as what your Jamaat Islami did in Bangladesh in 1971. It is sad to think that Samad Khurrum’s has these kind of allies. Tarek Fatah sahib is absolutely right about Samad. His hatred of American has blinded him and he is being used by religious extremists and serving their agenda, whether by choice or even worse, by being manupilated by the types of Hamid Mir.

  • I agree with Wasio Ali Khan Abbasi bhai. PPPP need people like him who can speak againt corupt Zardari,Rehman and Babar Awan tola

  • @Mai Kola

    Tariq Fateh is evil. He speak against great servants of Islam Zaik Naik sahib and Farhah HaasHmi sahibah

  • @Mussalman, you are a disgusting racist and if you, Anas Butt, Amna Khan, Wasio, Assad Khan and Ammar R are the people supporting Samad, he comes across even worse than the above article.

  • Great Servants of Islam!!!!!:-)

    Zakir Naik tags Yazeed Paleed as an Ameer ul Maumineen and uses the successor of Rehmat Ullah E Tallah Allaih for the person who mascaraed the Alh e Bait.

    He furthermore calls the event of KRABAALAH a “A war for thrown between two princess.”

    According to Zakir Naik Yazeed was the hero of Islam and Imam e Hussain (R.A) was the criminal

    Guess what it is not only Tariq Fateh who speaks against the Ameer ul Munafiqeen but many of Muslaman’s beloved Islamists also speak against him. Tahir Ul Qadri is gust one of them.

    So according to Musalman, Tahir ul Qadri is a PPP Jiyala, blogs for LUBP and is on the payroll of Hussain Haqqani!!!!!!An Evil in short!!!!!

    Farhat Hashmi an ocean of Islam who’s channels are only open for the rich. Her knowledge about Quran e Kareem is so staunch and firm that she has in public rejected the Tasfeer of Sayedena Ibn e Abbas (R.A) and calls the interpretation of a Sahiba a vauge idea!!!!

    Her understanding of Hadith is so perfect that she considers interpretation of Imam Bukhari to be beyond reality.

    She claims to be a grater scholar of Islam than Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmed Bin Hambal, Imam Jaffar Sadaq and Imam Shafi.

    Her views are so brightly enriched that she rejects the Mutafiq Alleha hadith of Muadh ibn Jabal (R.A) about Ijtehad.

    Her supra trained commando preachers are well known for raiding every Jannaza they come to know about where they tell people not to recite Quran e Kareem as Dr. Farhat Hashmi does not believe in Esal e Sawab but has a DUA of her own for such occasions.

    Guess what it is not just tariq Fteh who speaks against Farhat Hasmi but many of Musalmanns Islamists believe her to be a fitna and have issued fatwas against her a glimpse is Mufti Muhammad Rizwan:-

    So according to Musalman, Mufti Muhammad Usman is a PPP Jiyala, blogs for LUBP and is on the payroll of Hussain Haqqani!!!!!!An Evil in short!!!!!

    Underlined is a list of other people who might qualify to the list of EVIL:-

    Buy a new log book the EVIL AXIS might be a bit too long!!!!

  • Extremism in general is a grave threat to Pakistan and that the print and electronic media have an “obligation” to set up some sort of code of conduct that would keep coverage minimal. Government supported a free press but insisted that the “code of conduct” would need to be announced in short order. Pakistan’s media has repeatedly criticized by many schools of thoughts in recent years for publishing embarrassing stories. Pakistani media have to take initiatives in determining their positive role in the society. Media outlets must stop covering extremist elements so much, it is severely damaging Pakistan’s image across the world.

  • Twitter

    An establishment tout (Samad Khurram) acting as defendant cum apologist for another establishment stooge (Aitzaz Ahsan)

    samadk Samad Khurram
    Aitzaz has clarified his statement http://bit.ly/fRQiVp He should sue Chamcha Times ! (Daily Times)

    Opportunity for PPP bashing

    samadk Samad Khurram
    Murree Road full of banners by PPP congratulating Latif Khosa, but not one condemning Taseer’s murder. Khula Tazaad?

  • Some gems by Samad Khurram

    Samad Khurram said:
    Sherry Rehman is as annoying as Farzana Raja or that Qaira guy. She does not know anything that is happening in her own ministry and talks in a super condescending tone, mostly sweeping, generalized statements.

    Perhaps this is the criteria these days – whoever is the most irritating gets the best post. It all starts from the very top of course – Emperor Zardari !

    20 January 2009 at 2:45 pm

    Samad Khurram said:
    @ Freemason

    There are many who wish not to speak up simply because of the threats given to them. The sources are those people who know their lives will be miserable if they revealed their name. Hence they must remain anonymous.

    At the end of the day its the word of Talat Hussain, Mazhar, Kashif, Rahim ullah and others against the word of Zardari Brigade. We can choose who we should believe, those who have struggled hard to stand for the truth, or those who dismiss promises as not Quran or Hadith.

    21 January 2009 at 1:16 am



    Samad Khurram said:
    Mushtaq Minhas is one of the few journalists left who are still keeping the interests of people of Pakistan alive! Nusrat Javeed has been exposed to a Lafafa journalist in the recent episodes.

    28 October 2008 at 10:25 pm


  • Samad Khurram’s USA phobia remain unabated

    Samad Khurram said:
    Great speech !

    Last year’s long march led to Musharraf’s end. This one will lead to Zardari’s !


    Samad Khurram said:
    My letter in The News on this issue:

    This is to express my uttermost disgust at the awarding of Hilal-e-Quaid-e-Azam to Richard Boucher. People are well aware of the anti-Pakistan role that Boucher and Negroponte have played and awarding one of them a medal instead of condemning their work has irreparably hurt many Pakistanis. The Bush regime is hated all around the world, welcomed with shoes in Iraq, unwelcome in Iran and our government is the only one that is honouring members of this failed regime. It is pertinent to mention that Zardari has the unique honour of being the only head of state who has claimed that the world has become a ’safer place’ because of wars waged by George Bush! Such statements show the stark disconnect from reality that Asif Zardari and his advisers face and corroborate the reports leaked earlier this year which claimed that Zardari suffers from severe dementia.

    Since Sept 6, the presidency of Asif Zardari has brought nothing but severe humiliation to the countrymen. Whether it is flirting with Sarah Palin or going around the world with a begging-bowl, the actions of Asif Zardari have reduced the sanctity of the President House to a machine for unending embarrassment.

    For democracy’s own future, the PPP must get rid of Asif Zardari before Asif Zardari gets rid of the PPP from the political spheres of Pakistan.

    Samad Khurram

    Samad Khurram said:
    I am still in a state of shock…


    Samad Khurram said:
    This is true democracy. People voting for who they thought was the best of the candidates and not on who had offered them money or threatened them. After completing an amazing year at SCBA Aitzaz Ahsan willingly and peacefully transfers power to the next President.

    The master stroke of course was inviting the Chief Justice for SCBA’s final ceremony’s photograph. Great planning by Aitzaz.

    I so wish the politicians would learn from the lawyers. In Pakistan’s history power from the top has only been transferred by 3 Ds – Death, Dismissal or Disgrace. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto faced all 3!

    Wondering which of the 3 Ds will Zardari fall to…

    28 October 2008 at 9:51 pm


  • It is widely know that the ISI released CJ Dogar’s daughter’s mark sheet through Samad Khurram to pressurize the Zardari government

    Samad Khurram said:
    Dogar’s daughter’s marksheet is here:


    At diceman:

    1) The allegation was sifarish, and not tampering with education system of Pakistan in case of Iftikhar Chaudhry.

    2) The government’s prosecution team dropped the charges before the SC because they could not substantiate this. However the news did detailed analysis of this before publishing it.

    25 November 2008 at 12:19 pm


  • Samad’s investigation to expose a pro-PPP poll (The same leak was also supplied to Ansar Abbasi by the agencies)

    Fake Poll Lifts Zardari’s Rating
    OCTOBER 7, 2009 . 102 COMMENTS
    in Featured Articles
    Update: Merchants of Death Strike Peshawar Again! – 42 Shaheed
    From: Samad Khurram
    Sent: Sunday, October 04, 2009 9:05 PM
    To: DI Press
    Subject: Pakistan poll inquiry

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in finding out more about an opinion poll allegedly conducted by Democracy International in Pakistan – please refer to the news item below. I am wondering if such a poll was actually conducted by Democracy International with the help of Public Poll International or whether this was a fake news item published in the Pakistani media.

    Zardari far ahead in popularity: poll

    Monday, October 05, 2009
    ISLAMABAD: President Zardari has emerged as the most popular personality on the Pakistani political landscape as 51 per cent of the people termed him the most popular personality.

    Democracy International and Public Poll International have conducted a survey to gauge public opinion about President Asif Ali Zardari to US and Kerry-Lugar Bill. The first question was about the popularity of President Asif Ali Zardari. The findings revealed that 51 per cent of the respondents’ favoured President Zardari, 47 opposed it while 3 per cent showed no response.

    The second question was about President Zardari’s visit to the US and his meetings with US officials. The results showed that 33 per cent favoured it while 60 per cent went against his visit.

    The third question was about President Asif Ali Zardari’s address to the UN. The findings showed that 64 per cent favoured it while 33 per cent went against his address. The fourth question was about the Friends of Democratic Pakistan.

    The findings revealed that 58 per cent answered, “yes it was fruitful” while 40 per cent answered negative. Similarly, to the fifth question about the Kerry-Lugar Bill, 67 per cent respondents answered in favour of the bill while 28 per cent answered in negative.

    Samad Khurram
    Harvard College
    394 Winthrop House Mail Center
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    E-Mail: *****@fas.harvard.edu


    From: Smith, Evan
    Date: Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 2:19 PM
    Subject: RE: Pakistan poll inquiry
    To: Samad Khurram

    Mr. Khurram,

    Thank you for your inquiry into the news piece you quoted. The report is incorrect in attributing such a poll to Democracy International. We have not participated in such a poll, and indeed we first learned of its existence shortly before you contacted us. Democracy International does not know how or why this poll was connected to us, and we have not been contacted by The News or any other Pakistani news organization about this matter.

    Again, thank you for your interest in Democracy International.


    Evan Smith
    Program Officer
    Democracy International
    **** ********* Lane
    Bethesda, MD ****** USA


    Samad’s Letter published in The News

    Zardari’s Popularity – by Samad Khurram
    Tuesday, October 06, 2009

    This is in reference to a news item published in this newspaper on Oct 5 titled “Zardari far ahead in popularity: poll”. The news item claims that a poll was conducted by Democracy International and Public Poll International at an unspecified date with an unknown sample size and polling method. The poll seems to suggest that the president enjoys a popularity level of 51 per cent in Pakistan. Since this figure completely contradicts the results of well-recognized pollsters such as the IRI, I decided to investigate the poll further.

    A google search for “Public Poll International” in quotes (the specified search term must be in quotes to find any results which use these words in the same order) only gives the above news story and its reprints on blogs. There seems to be no mention of “Public Poll International” anywhere on the internet, let alone a website of the organisation. It tends to suggest that such a name of a polling organisation was never used except in the above news story.

    On the Democracy International (DI) website (http://democracyinternational.com) one can easily see what this organisation does and its current projects. For Pakistan, DI had conducted three projects related to the elections of 2008 and it does not mention any particular project which involves public opinion polls in Pakistan. There are no press releases regarding this poll, nor are there any documents on the polling data, methodology or other essentials of an accurate poll. DI seems to be more interested in observing elections than finding out what a particular US Congress bill means to the people. Before publishing such items, the authenticity of such polls should be investigated and established.

    Samad Khurram

    Harvard University,
    Cambridge, MA, US


  • The Establishment’s B team: the PPP

    Posted by Samad Khurram

    May 9, 2008

    By Samad Khurram and Aqil Sajjad


    PPP sympathisers complain about the mysterious “Establishment” and their alleged role in destroying democracy in Pakistan for decades now. The Establishment, as defined by them, is a collection of dark, mystifying hands that apparently have many vested interests in upholding the status quo. This inexplicable group comprises rich army officers, the intelligence agencies and foreign hands who scheme together for their own economic and geo-strategic interests. To support this argument, examples of the Mullah-Military Alliance from the 1980s are repeated. The Establishment supposedly destroys institutions, murders politicians, blackmails judges and leaders, and sustains the Military Inc.
    One major threat to the Establishment’s hold would be an independent judiciary – a judiciary that will not bow down to pressure, sticks or carrots. Historically, many verdicts of our courts were not independent but extorted by threats and intimidation. Judges had regularly fallen victim to blackmail and “sex tapes” and received dictations from the Establishment. Judges who were bold enough not to obey the whims of the Establishment were conveniently removed.
    Things changed considerably when Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry took charge and reoriented the judiciary’s direction in favour of the people. He was becoming increasingly independent and was beginning to check the excesses of the establishment. Among the most noted examples in this regard were the attempted loot privatisation of the Steel Mills well below their real worth and the case of the missing people illegally abducted and detained by the intelligence agencies.
    As he became a growing threat to the Establishment, Iftikhar Chaudhry was summoned to General Musharraf’s camp office in the presence of serving military officers and the infamous Brig (r) Ejaz Shah on March 9, 2007. When he refused to resign, the nation stood up in his defence. This was unprecedented in the history of Pakistan and soon Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry became a national hero, arguably the most popular Pakistani alive today.
    After his reinstatement with the support of lawyers, students and civil society the judiciary was able to exercise its powers with increasing independence. Naturally, the Establishment could not allow such a judiciary to flourish, as their dirty games could now be brought to justice before an independent tribunal.

    Pervez Musharraf struck back with his Nov 3 martial law and 60 judges refused to recognise it as legitimate. New cronies were appointed in the place of those who refused to bow down and the judiciary was tamed once again.
    The results of the Feb 18 elections, however, have presented the PPP and PML-N with a golden opportunity to undo the illegal actions of Nov 3 and restore the real judiciary. Unfortunately, while the PML-N has maintained a clear stance in favour of restoring the judiciary, the PPP has been acting as the “B team” of the Establishment.
    It is commonly believed that the NRO prevented the PPP from including the widely popular demand for restoration of the judges in its manifesto. The IRI polls of November suggested that an overwhelming majority (73 per cent) of Pakistanis opposed the PCO judges and Musharraf’s re-election (72 per cent). In addition, 61 per cent of Pakistanis and more than half of PPP voters opposed a Musharraf-Bhutto deal in November 2007. By going against popular opinion and supporting an unconstitutional and widely hated president, the PPP was starting its political decline.
    Public sentiment swayed towards the PPP after the tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto. IRI’s January polls suggested that 50 per cent of Pakistan would vote for the PPP in the elections, up from 30 per cent in November. When the PPP refused to take a clear position for the restoration of the judiciary, its success was reduced to 31 per cent of the total votes in the country and 35 per cent of National Assembly seats. Many people still voted for the PPP in the hope that the absence of an unequivocal stance was only a reflection of different priorities and not as part of the Musharraf-Bhutto deal. The PML-N, on the other hand, gained 5 per cent more seats than earlier calculated — a reward from the people of Pakistan for clearly declaring a no-compromise policy on the restoration of the heroes of Pakistan.
    The stance for the restoration of the judges is not only popular but also in the greater interests of Pakistan. By restoring all judges who refused to take oath under the Nov 3 PCO, the judiciary would be cleared of those who could be bought or blackmailed. The judges would only be those who had refused to obey the Establishment’s instructions and stood for principles over positions or money. If the PPP plans to bring to justice the killers of Benazir Bhutto, this independent judiciary will be its best hope for the punishment of the culprits.
    Unfortunately, instead of standing up for such a judiciary, the PPP is deliberately confusing a straightforward issue when all that is needed is to provide administrative support to Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and the other deposed judges so that they can go to their chambers and resume their duties. Legally, they are still the real judges since the Nov 3 action was a clear violation of the Constitution.
    In the same way, the judges who agreed to collaborate with Pervez Musharraf in this conspiracy can and should be made dysfunctional and tried by a supreme judicial council in light of the last order by the real Supreme Court on Nov 3 barring any judge from taking oath under the new PCO. This is the constitutional position and there is no need to deliberately find excuses for retaining these PCO judges, as the PPP is doing.
    The PPP’s delaying tactics and the minus-one, minus-two formulas are seriously undermining its credibility among the people of Pakistan. This is not only threatening its vote bank and creating rifts within the party, it also suggests that the PPP of today is no longer the party of Zulfikar Bhutto – a party that promised justice to all. And worse, by not purging the Nov 3 conspirators from the courts, it is implicitly welcoming similar future takeovers. If an act of the Establishment were to be taken to a court dominated by PCO-powered scions we can easily tell in whose favour they would vote.
    We firmly believe that the only way for the PPP to put Pakistan on a sustainable path of democracy is to strengthen institutions and submit to the will of the real rulers — the people of Pakistan. As we had pointed out earlier, an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis not only wants an immediate restoration of the deposed judges but also the dismissal of the Nov 3 PCO judges. By not doing so and aligning itself with the Establishment, the PPP is committing political suicide which, as well as affecting its votes, will leave open the way for future coups by the military establishment.
    The writers are students at Harvard University and members of the Student Action Committees (SAC) of Islamabad and the US. Emails: skhurram@fas.harvard.edu & aqil_sajjad@yahoo.ca



    Shaheryar Ali’s comments on Samad Khurram’s article which was also published by Pak Tea House:

    May 18, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    First know what is “establishment”, Perhaps ask Homi Bhaba at Harvard! we are talking bout one of the classical Post-colonial neo fascist states here [One of the original 4 or 5 which made the bases of this theory of Eqbal Ahmad] . Judiciary in this state is part of the “establishment”, when they cant play directly through Khaki they have always used Judiciary to check the emerging democratic forces, the 90s is a classical example, Pakistan’s largest democratic party cant be a “B” team, its contradiction in terms.

    The last 8 years of Political mess in Pakistan represents a war between the sections of a dying neo fascist state, an “autophagy” of the sort between sections of establishment, the split between the “Islamist-ziaist” section and the “Pro Musharaf, pragmatic” section of establishment. From red mosque to fata its establishment vs establishment. The section which was rolled back is now re asserting itself with their traditional allies , the Right. The mantra of democracy on lips of General Hameed Gul, Roidad Khan [ vangaurds of ISI- funding election cells of 90, petition of Asghar Khan pending before Supreme Court which Justice Iftikhar forgot to take notice of!!!] and Qazi Hussein Ahmad is lecture of establishment who want the clock turned back to 90s, the Jihadi era .

    Look at the composition, from PNA of 77 to 88′s IJI to APDM , why same faces join together, in 77 it was Nizam e Mustafa [for which the secular Left too joined hands,] in 88 it was to stop Indian agents and now its restoration of judiciary, these unique right left alliances are signature interventions of Pakistani establishment, to quote Hussein Haqqani its IJI de ja vu. Restoration of Judiciary is same stunt as Nizam e Mustafa, once control is gained these slogans will disappear just as Nizam e Mustafa disappeared after 77.

    A party which has consistent grass level support in all federal units of Pakistan , the only party to have such support cant be judged on one act of trade union slogan of restoration of sacked comrades, its simply a negation of history . Especially since PPP’s manifesto doesnt say a single line about restoration. People will judge them in next elections.


  • This article and the comments section clearly demonstrate that this chap Samad Khurram is a deranged individual who suffers from acute PPP, Zardari and USA phobia.

    Soon he will be biting those columnists who are currently grooming and hiding this moron beneath their wings!

  • What a yank Samad is, all he desires is fame to pave way for his political career.. Samad you have had your 15 mins of fame and its over… so wake up accept reality and move on with life! Get a proper job man!

  • Ayesha Tammy Haq in praise of Geo TV, lashing out at the PPP and Zardari:

    APRIL 06, 2009


    [A guest post by Maha Atal, who works for Forbes and blogs here.]

    Once a week, I go to my grandmother’s apartment to watch Pakistani TV stations via satellite. Like many Pakistani-American families, we have spent the past two years glued to our screens as lawyers, politicians and citizens agitated for the restoration of the judiciary, disbanded by then-President Pervez Musharraf in 2007. Meanwhile, just as Pakistanis were tuning in, Musharraf and his civilian successors increased regulation of the televised and print media. Journalists ventured onto new media platforms and my mother and I spent many hours following the protests on news websites like GEO.tv, and when these too were restricted, on social media platforms like YouTube. Sometimes, we saw content from activists who used the web to promote their cause; sometimes, we saw journalists wander into the fray to cover it, and occasionally, to insert themselves into the protests. Now that the Chief Justice and the judiciary system have been restored, I asked Ayesha Tammy Haq, host of 24Seven on BusinessPlusTV what the convergence means for Pakistan’s Fourth Estate.

    SAJAforum: In some sense, there have been two protest movements underway here, one to free the judiciary and one to free the press. But the line between them is pretty thin, since many journalists have been active cheerleaders of and participants in the lawyers’ marches and rallies. Can you describe how this happened?

    HAQ: When this started [in November 2007], an independent press was a relatively new phenomenon in Pakistan. We didn’t have a formal code of conduct yet. The journalists and young reporters who went out to cover the movement were sympathetic as they saw it as a force for change. The clampdown on the press brought them in to direct confrontation with the state hence their active role [in the events covered].

    So the press became fairly partisan. During the marches, the producers would keep the frame tight so they never showed gaps in the crowd. People were killed in the streets in Karachi, but the media never showed the bad side.

    The Daily Times did a whole series about whether the movement should be transitionist or transformationist. They became active participants not because they were marching with the lawyers but by using [their coverage] to shape government policy and saw this as their role. It was a conceptual movement.

    Is there any concern about journalists giving up their objective stance to become newsmakers?

    HAQ: There is now a big concern about journalists giving up their objective stance because both Musharraf and the civilian governments have attacked the press on this point. The new Information Minister Qamaruz Kaira had a press conference saying there now needs to be press regulation.

    Has the censorship situation varied at all under Zardari and Gilani as compared to Musharraf?

    HAQ: The government in general has a short fuse as far as the media is concerned. They tolerate it for their first five minutes, while coming to power. Still, it’s sad to hear people in media say “Even Musharraf wasn’t this bad.” They’re wrong. He strangled GEO-TV, and these guys may threaten GEO but they haven’t taken it off the air. Memories are short. [SAJAforum note: in March transmission of GEO was blocked by cable operators, apparently at the direction of the Zardari government.]
    What thoughts do you have on the many new startups that have arisen in spite, or in response to the censors, like GEO?

    HAQ: GEO is under attack because it launched campaigns explicitly to bring down the government, as opposed to the lawyers’ movement that has no intention of bringing down the government. After the marches the lawyers disperse. Of course, GEO hasn’t shown anything that isn’t true.

    To what extent has this outpouring of media helped to create political pressure on government to tackle the judicial issue? What has the judicial issue and the media issue done to the PPP’s political position?

    HAQ: The issue is, the People’s Party (PPP) has never faced a free press, because the press really emerged under the Musharraf years. At the outset, the People’s Party was with the lawyers’ movement as was the PLM-N, really everyone but [the Karachi-based party] the MQM. The PPP used it to negotiate themselves back into the political scene, and then dumped it.

    [PLM-N leader] Nawaz Sharif came back to Pakistan without so much as a campaign slogan and he took this movement of “an independent judiciary” as a campaign slogan. The result is that Nawaz Sharif now has the strongest political hand in the country now because he’s actually delivered on an election pledge where the PPP, who actually won the election, hasn’t given anyone a roti yet.

    Yet the press and Nawaz Sharif are not natural allies.

    HAQ: Any serious journalist, most are pro-PPP, and they can’t ever think of going with Nawaz Sharif politically. But the PPP is not their party, anymore. In a way, they are almost all disenfranchised.

    What about the resignation of Sherry Rehman, the information minister, over the censorship of GEO? Are the PPP’s problems with the press endangering their political power?

    HAQ: The problem is that the PPP is the most non media-savvy party in Pakistan. They do not seem to realize that the way we do politics has changed, that media has changed, that it’s not two channels and that whenever you do something, everyone knows because it’s live on satellite. Sherry Rehman was trying to deal with this problem and unfortunately the party can’t change.

    The PPP needs to grow up. The press is quite happy to help them.

    –Interview by Maha Atal


  • My dream was to be one of the Supremes (Tammy Haq)

    What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

    I like myself, though I am sure there are many others who would be happy to answer this question.

    What is the trait you most deplore in others?

    Meanness, when someone is small-minded and petty.

    What is your greatest extravagance?

    Has to be shoes, I love shoes.

    On what occasion do you lie?

    I don’t lie but I can sidestep issues when required.

    What do you most dislike about your appearance?

    Nothing, though my treadmill is calling out to me.

    Which living person do you most despise?

    Despise is an emotion, I am indifferent to many whom I would not waste emotion on.

    What is the quality you most like in a man?

    A sense of humour. Of course, good looks help.

    What is the quality you most like in a woman?


    Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

    I need to sleep.

    When and where were you happiest?

    The years I lived and worked in New York and now in Karachi.

    Which talent would you most like to have?

    I would love to be able to sing. My dream was to be one of The Supremes — eyelashes, big hair, sequined miniskirts, the works.

    If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    Be more tolerant and empathetic towards others.

    What do you consider your greatest achievement?

    I have had no major achievements, lots of minor ones. But
    getting profiled by US Vogue was pretty cool.

    If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?

    A roach. Scientists say their brains can save lives, we use ours to take lives.

    Where would you most like to live?

    On Russian Hill in San Francisco.


  • Ayesha Tammy was the sister in law of Salmaan Taseer. Does she not see the role of media in inciting violence against her sister’s Shaheed husband? I have also come to know that ST was prompted alot by Tammy to be very vocal on the blasphemy matter.

  • I fail to understand the wisdom of promoting a ‘non-entity’ on front page of LUBP. Do Samad Khurram thing really matters in politics, civil society or any sane circles of Pakistan?

    He is another proxy and voice of hidden forces.

    Has he any connection with Aitazaz or Chief Justice? He was generously paid for his drama and that is all,he pretends to be voice of Aitazaz …why dont you give a call to Aitazaz and verify? You will be surprised to hear his remarks about this ‘drama’. And certainly Aitazaz would not appreciate the way Samad is making him controversial in hie party.

    The leave the kid, let him make his living.

    @YHL….Alliance with who? These fake nuts? Come on man, they are not going to add anything in PPP’s power. This is only PPP which can bring any change in present game being played by Mullah-military-judges alliance. The moment party decided to have show of power, these burgers are in alliance or opposition, does not matter. Frankly, PPP does not need them to be allies, do you seriously think that PPP will become more powerful with a dozen of these self styled righteous?

  • MUMBAI: A group of 50 Indian Muslim intellectuals, students and rights activists have written to Pakistan’s Dawat-e-Islami outfit head and questioned his silence over the assassination of a leading progressive politician in Islamabad on January 4.

    Mumtaz Qadri, believed to be a member of the group, assassinated Pakistani Punjab governor Salman Taseer for his vocal denunciation of the country’s controversial blasphemy law. Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari had pardoned a Christian woman, Asiya Bibi, convicted of blasphemy after Taseer visited her in jail and promised all support.

    The letter asked Maulana Ilyas Qadri to ponder over Mumtaz Qadri’s action “Did this conform to the teachings of Islam?” asked the letter. It quoted a poem, praising Prophet Muhammad “salam us par ke jis ney zakhm kha kar phool barsaye (salute to the Prophet who showered flowers even on those who inflicted wounds on him)” to make the point. The poem is regularly aired on a Dawat-e-Islami-run TV channel in Pakistan.

    The letter said Mumtaz Qadri is an antithesis of the Prophet’s qualities. It cites several incidents of the Prophet forgiving his tormentors “even when he could have avenged the persecution he and his companions suffered”. It refers to the siege of Taif on the outskirts of Mecca, where the opponents of Islam surrounded and stoned the Prophet.

    “Though badly injured, he didn’t even utter a word of hatred for those who were throwing stones at him. On the contrary, he prayed for them,” the letter said.

    Read more: Taseer death: Indian Muslims question Pak cleric’s silence – The Times of India


  • I didnt know that Samad Khurram was a stalker!!!!
    Harvard Probed Samad Khurram For Stalking A Lahore Lady Lawyer

    Samad Khurram snubbed the U.S. ambassador. Great. But he also stalked a respectable lady lawyer from Lahore who is also a commentator. Her crime? She disagreed with Aitzaz Ahsan. So are people like Samad a symbol of the good or the bad in Pakistani politics? Comments by YASMEEN ALI and Ahmed Quraishi.


    Wednesday, 25 June 2008.

    LAHORE, Pakistan-It is with some amusement that I followed the story on this blog about one Samad Khurram.

    The wah wah coming his way because we, as Pakistanis, are somewhat short on self respect these days. The joke our country has become owing to the likes of Aitzaz Ahsan & Co., who serve vested interests in the garb of serving the nation.

    Late last year, I had come in contact with Mr. Samad Khurram. His name was listed in the ‘To’ line in emails send to me by a friend. It was a mailing list. The subject inevitably was politics and politicians. Everyone, I believe, is entitled to his or her views. And has a right to share the same in an academic discussion.

    However, unfortunately, Mr. Samad Khurram did not think so. His grouse were my articles and my opinions did not agree with his. Until this point, fair enough. Unfortunately, he decided to handle this difference in political opinion in an ungentlemanly manner. First he accused me of being a non-existent person. Then he accused me of being a man by the name of Naveed Tajammal. At least three prominent individuals on the mailing list knew me personally.

    When this did not work, he accused me of ‘concocting stories with Mr. Ahmed Quraishi,’ a person known to be by his blog only. Further, he accused me of working for an intelligence organization. Much harm can come to me as Kidnappings are rampant and he “hoped” I may be done away with by “someone”.

    WHO is the someone who would kidnap and murder me? I was tempted to ask him, since this sounded like a threat to me, which would be criminally punishable in the United States, where he was residing.

    He had passed on his address to one recipient of the mails, who was kind enough to communicate the same to me reading these underhand threats.

    In January 2008, when this transpired, I got in touch with the Provost of Harvard University, whose scholarship Samad accepts despite snubbing the U.S. ambassador. I was informed by one Mr. Marshall, Project Coordinator of Office of Provost that Samad khurram is possibly registered as a student.

    Next I heard from Mr. Jay Ellison, Assistant Dean of Harvard College. He confirmed that the offender was asked to furnish copies of his mails to me and the same was done. The mails fully support my complaint against the said person. In his mail dated February 20, 2008, Harvard assured me that action was taken against the student accordingly but he said he could not tell me exactly what action has been taken against the student since U.S. law prohibited the university from disclosing to outsiders what action taken was in this case.

    That was the last I heard of Samad Khurram. Till now.

    What can one say? A person takes one action in public and another in private. In my considered opinion, this was a cheap ploy to gain publicity. People who value the lives of others do not go around threatening others. Or maybe I’m mistaken.

    I hear that some time ago, Samad Khurrum was also found hacking into private computers. I would suggest that his American visa be cancelled, and he be sent back to study in Pakistan. His scholarship should be given to another student who can represent Pakistan in a better light in America.

    Yasmeen A. Ali is a known lawyer. Her political commentary is widely available on this Web site and at other Pakistani blogs. She is based in Lahore. She can be reached at yasmeenal…@gmail.com

  • Imagine how bad Samad Khurram can be that even Ahmed Quraishi is complaining about him…

    Samad Khurram – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!
    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — For the past few months, Samad Khurram and another Pakistani student, Aqil Sajid, were responsible for creating many fake email IDs and then using them to send offensive emails, using an unusually grotesque and filthy language, to any Pakistani citizen who happened to disagree with their views on the lawyers and on the President.
    Samad has gained the respect of many Pakistanis, and mine too, because he snubbed the U.S. ambassador at a ceremony where he was to receive some award from her for being a student at an American university on scholarship.
    We at http://www.ahmedquraishi.com had the distinction of spreading out his story, Pakistani Student Snubs U.S. Ambassador, Payback For Attack , on June 18, within the first few minutes of the incident. Knowing firsthand about Mr. Khurram’s other unflattering and childish activities, we decided to overlook them and highlight his reaction to the June 10 U.S. military attack against the Pakistan Army, killing over 30 Pakistanis, half of them our soldiers.
    What we did at that time was the work of real Pakistani nationalists, overlooking frivolous issues for the sake of something that we thought was more important. During last year’s lawyers’ movement, Mr. Samad and Mr. Aqil had emailed me some of the most offensive emails containing language that I have not seen anyone use during political or intellectual discourse. I have almost the entire record of their emails. One of them made the mistake of using a mail server owned by Harvard University to send the offensive email. They didn’t repeat the mistake subsequently. They were smart. I never thought this could be the work of young students at good universities. I honestly thought this was the work of uncivilized supporters of a political party.
    I can’t reproduce here the dirty language used by these two gentlemen. It’s really sick. Instead of using their Harvard education to improve Pakistani politics, they spent hours prowling the net and planting abuses on every Pakistani forum that disagreed with the lawyers’ movement. Sometimes their writings were a smear campaign against Pakistan itself, hurling abuses at every Pakistani State institution, including, of course, the Pakistani military. In a short span of time, even Indian Internet campaigners and hackers have not been able to produce so much anti-Pakistan material like these two kids did. And their only problem is that they are blind supporters of Imran Khan and Aitzaz and won’t tolerate any legitimate opposite opinion.
    One of these two gentlemen even went as far as impersonating a lady lawyer from Lahore who is also a writer, Yasmeen Ali, and disagrees with Aitzaz Ahsan. These gentlemen used her name to post sexually explicit posts on various forums, including AhmedQuraishi.com.
    I endorse Samad Khurram’s act of refusing to take an award from the U.S. ambassador. He registered a peaceful protest, shared by a majority of Pakistanis. But the other side of Mr. Khurram’s face is an ugly one. Let’s hope he will not repeat it.

  • @ Raza and Mai Kolachi
    It is quite despicable of you to support blatantly the current PPP ruling group that has not just alienated all the members but has also destroyed the very fabric of PPP in Sindh and Punjab. There is no Zardari phobia, there is just Zardari and his group that is making one mistake after the other. I have no interest in opening a Pandora box by going into unnecessary details.

    What relations I have with Ansar Abbasi or Safdar Abbasi? Well, why don’t you Google and find out? Is it that hard?

    And get original guys and for Allah’s sake get some life. You are unnecessarily blaming Samad for something you should be blaming PPP leadership. So stop whining and be constructive.


    Urooj Zia aka Bolshevik (ISI troll and attention seeking pyscho)

    shehrbanotaseer Shehrbano Taseer
    Taseer family slams Urooj Zia’s imaginative reporting http://bit.ly/ebpozr This is why I hate media trials, reporters lust
    for 5mins of fame

    One stooge says Mumtaz Qadri was a lone wolf, the other stooge says Taseer killed by others in Police van. How many more stooges in #FCS

    NadeemfParacha Nadeem F. Paracha
    Qadri killed Punjab Governor in his own capacity says head of probe team. Must be probing their own navels.

    I find inaccurate facts here: http://www.uroojzia.com/work/?p=819
    An accurate rebuttal might help, and would be for the best 🙂

    More to Taseer’s assassination than Mumtaz Qadri
    Urooj Zia http://www.uroojzia.com
    Slain Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassin Mumtaz Qadri might
    have surrendered a Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) upon arrest, but an assault
    rifle was not the only weapon used in the murder. Moreover, snapshots
    of the murder site, available with Pakistan Today, indicate a
    discrepancy in the number of wounds….

    an #FCS wannabe columnist was “tasked” by “them” to muddy Taseer murder probe. Check her friends and connect the dots.

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    So w.r.t. to yesterday’s retweet of Urooj Zia’s piece questioning evidence in Taseer murder, the Taseer family strongly denies her

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    Believe the Taseer family has asked Pakistan Today for a full retraction for the Urooj Zia piece. Let’s see what PT has to say today.

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    Taseer family slams report on probe, claims investigation not deficient, report misleading, based partly on conjecture http://bit.ly/ebpozr


    Staff Report | Published: February 24, 2011
    LAHORE – The family of the late Punjab governor Salman Taseer, who was assassinated earlier this year, expressed shock and anger on Wednesday at comments in a news report claiming that it had not made sufficient effort to ensure that the investigation of the governor’s assassination was carried out properly.

    A source close to the family said that it was deeply upset by the comments, and said how it followed up on the investigation was entirely the family’s business. The late governor’s family said it was wrong to assume that the follow-up was deficient in any way simply because the family did not wish to advertise how it was pursuing the case. The family reportedly called the report misleading – and felt that parts of the story were based on conjecture, the source added.


    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    @zburki hahahah! Yaar many of them are extremely retarded unthinking morons. Mazaaq k baghaer. Much like LUBP.

    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    Dear LUDP jaahils,inciting murder now,eh? Real classy. Morons.

    Shahid Khan
    LAMO…Auntie is scared of death, no one suggested her to be dead though:)

    Khalid Aziz
    Urooj Zia is too cheap to be included in any list. Better leave her to bheegi billis, kalay kaway and major sab in Isloo.

    Beena Sarwar must take notice of the language used by some of her own (FAKE) civil society colleagues (Urooj Zia throwing Fuck You and Chutya at the LUBP team, Tammy Haq dubbing LUBP as LUDP, Mosharraf Zaidi condemning ‘rabid jiyalas’ etc). As Shoiab Mir very rightly said: Mujhe meray doston se bachao, Dushmanon se mayn khud nimat loonga. (Save me from my friends; I can deal with my enemies.)

    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    Logging off for a few days/weeks/months. Sick of attn-seeking nobodys. AND being told I “ask for it”. Fuck this. Have better shit to do. Bye.


    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    @Razarumi Yaar I don’t have a problem with that. I have a problem with lies and spin-doctoring. And Javed Ghamidi’s been caught outright. @smokenfog

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    @Bolshevik Look Comrade, he views the world/science/history from a theological angle unlike you; and @smokenfog the avid atheist – FFS

    TarekFatah Tarek Fatah
    @GhamidiView @Bolshevik I would give Ghamdi sahib the benefit of doubt. Perhaps u misunderstood him. I cannot imagine him denying evolution

    Razarumi Raza Rumi
    @Bolshevik Understand wht U R saying but thre hs 2 b a perspective. Ghamidi is a voice of sanity & discreditng him will >fascists @smokenfog

    nh_uk NH
    @Bolshevik ur quite often patronizing islam & Muslims

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @Bolshevik We respect your atheism, why can’t you respect Islam? @nh_uk @asyusuf @rizwan_ahmad

    @tarekfatah is actually deluded. @Bolshevik @ghamidiview @onetoon

    nh_uk NH
    @Bolshevik thts not a very elaborate response… but if it is the case, then with all due respect, it’s called racism

    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    @Rizwan_Ahmad Your ignorant tweets on Darwinism are a prime example of the #EducationEmergrncy in Pakistan. Jahalet ki hudd.

    Rizwan_Ahmad Rizwan Ahmad
    @Bolshevik Thank you for a personal attack. I believe in Darwisnism but not like it’s the end. We have a different opinion and that’s all.

    GhamidiView PGV
    @Bolshevik @TarekFatah maam, quoting out of context is a rather poor effort to distract the debate. Please don’t tag me hence forth


    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @sonamohapatra Why are you discussing gender with someone who opposed a woman, Benazir Bhutto just like other ISI trolls @Bolshevik

    sonamohapatra sona mohapatra
    @Bolshevik I believe that more people should ‘engage’ for the simple reason that it spreads the word.So chill.Ur RT’ ing her for a reason ?

    sonamohapatra sona mohapatra
    @Bolshevik good for you woman ! Its possible that I choose to do the same by talking to them ? Your not been tagged in anycase . Cheers

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @sonamohapatra Like @TarekFatah I support @Bolshevik’s right to be a gay but she mustn’t expect @GhamidiView to support her rants @rabayl_m

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @sonamohapatra No problem with the fact that @Bolshevik is an atheist and a lesbian, the problem is with her ISI connections @Razarumi

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @sonamohapatra I have only a fair demand: would @Bolshevik explain why did she try to muddy the Taseer murder probe? to save who?

    @sonamohapatra Material progress / capitalism strengthens patriarchy. I’m not surprised.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @Bolshevik you live on ISI’s money, travel by plane, stay in five star hotel, lecture against capitalism, HYPOCRITE @sonamohapatra

    sonamohapatra sona mohapatra
    I don’t agree . Nite. RT @Bolshevik @sonamohapatra Material progress / capitalism strengthens patriarchy. I’m not surprised.


    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    Wow, Aapa Firdous vs Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Claims Qureshi refused Cabinet after warrants were issued for Musharraf.

    Bolshevik Urooj Zia
    @Rezhasan I heard that in the morning. ‘WTF’ was my reaction too. Aapa Firdous vs Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Pahahahah!!!

    MM_992 MM
    @Bolshevik Is it true you’re an ISI agent? Isn’t it a Punjabi organisation?

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @Bolshevik was blocked by Ghamidi and previously by Salmaan Taseer family. Why? She is an ISI asset, major sab in Isloo knows @Rizwan_Ahmad


    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @Royal_Humanist @Vidyut @Indus_v @Bolshevik has a right to be an atheist and lesbian. Period. @taslimanasreen @Sengupta

    Vidyut Vidyut
    @Laibaah So do I. And every woman I know. Whether we exercise it or not. @Royal_Humanist @Indus_v @Bolshevik @taslimanasreen @Sengupta


    nh_uk NH
    @Bolshevik @laibaah @mm_992 malicious gossip?? it’s an exchange of writing in official newspapers! u really need to chill out!!

    RobotFilly Nefer
    @Bolshevik you called me bimbo and you do not even know me? So pot calling the kettle black? @Nadir_Hassan

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @Bolshevik wanted to say bamboo coz she can’t live without one. her stories are knonw in Isloo @RobotFilly @Nadir_Hassan

    Nadir_Hassan Nadir Hassan
    @Bolshevik Calling @RobotFilly a bimbo because you disagree with her is really uncalled for

    jhaque_ Jahanzaib Haque
    @Nadir_Hassan @RobotFilly in @Bolshevik’s defense, mocking ppl is a pr-etty sweet pastime

    samthehunk702 usama bin zahid
    @Bolshevik Am sorry for that whatever you are !! Its just proving that media guys are front agents of corrupt politicians !!!

    RobotFilly Nefer
    @Bolshevik you can call me or say it to my face. Seriously getting lame to argue online no? Later.

    RobotFilly Nefer
    @Nadir_Hassan @jhaque_ I love the loss of logic in her argument. @Bolshevik


    Aarishhasan Aarish Hasan
    @Laibaah Its very hard time on Pak comedians.1stly Soldier,Mastana & Baral & now Moen passed away.Now I’m afraid about da health of Altaf Bhai.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad
    @Aarishhasan If Altaf Bhai dies, @bolshevik be vidhwa @Nadeem_Gehla @ShahidKhakwani @ghausia

  • Bano Taseer slams the lone wolf theory:

    Shehrbano Taseer, a journalist and daughter of the former governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, said she is confused by the secrecy surrounding the operation. “I’d like to have seen the body for myself to believe he is actually dead,” she told IPS over the phone from the eastern city of Lahore. She fails to understand the hurried burial at sea.

    “My father always believed Osama bin Laden had been dead for years and would be produced whenever the need arose,” said Taseer, who reports for Newsweek magazine.

    “I’m happy Laden is dead because it was his ideology that killed my father,” said Taseer, whose father was assassinated in January by his own security guard, who disagreed with the governor’s opposition to Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

    But getting rid of bin Laden, she said, does not mean his ideology dies with him. “The poison is in the scorpion’s tail, and new leaders will graduate to take his place and it will be the same,” she added.


  • Birds of a feather

    Adil Najam praises Samad Khurram

    Samad Khurram: Harvard Student Refuses Award from U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan

    Samad Khurram, the homophobe:

    Mr. Samad Khurrum’s claim to fame is his orchestrated protest against
    the drone attacks which are killing Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders and
    minimizing the casualties of our troops stationed in Afghanistan as
    part of the NATO mission there. For this “act”, Mr. Samad Khurrum was
    allegedly garlanded by the activists of the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba at
    the Punjab University. Social media and Google have made it possible for us to expose hatred and Bigotry. Let us not be intimidated by Samad Khurrum’s powerful contacts which include the avowedly Pro Taliban journalist, Hamid Mir, fashionista and failed Imran Khan candidate, Ayesha Tammy Haq and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and known supporter of Jamaat-e-Islami, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry himself.

    This homophobe needs to be exposed just like Imran “Taliban” Khan or
    homophobic supporter of the late OBL, Zakir Naik.

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    #FF only @SamadK – the empire strikes back

    RiazToori Riaz Ali Toori
    FF stands for Fake F? RT “@tammyhaq: #FF only @SamadK – the empire strikes back”

    Some influential people eg @TammyHaq and an SCP judge R behind @SamadKhurram


  • Inspector Hakim Khan corroborates Samad Khurram’s lone wolf theory. The court must summon Samad Khurram to be a witness in this case:

    RAWALPINDI – The Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Rawalpindi Number 2 Judge Syed Pervaiz Ali Shah has recorded the statement of former Station House Officer (SHO) Police Station (PS) Kohsar Hakim Khan in former governor Punjab Salman Taseer murder case here on Saturday.
    During the trial held at Adyala Jail, the prosecution produced its 14th witness Inspector Hakim Khan out of total 44 witnesses of the murder case of Salman Taseer.
    On the questions of defence lawyer, the witness Inspector Hakim Khan said the murder of former governor Salman Taseer was the individual act of Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri while governor’s meeting with Aasia Bibi in the jail and later issuance of his statement was the reason of this murder.
    He said that no one motivated or instigated Qadri religiously. He said that he was deployed for guarding former governor Salman Taseer as per security plan approved by SP Security and Qadri did not get himself appointed the task. No person was sent from PS Kohsar for the security of governor, he added.
    ATC No 2 Judge Syed Pervaiz Ali Shah, after noting down the statement of the witness, adjourned the hearing of the case till September 10, 2011.
    Talking to media outside Adyala Jail, the defence lawyer Raja Shujah-ur-Rehman denounced the abducting of Shehbaz Taseer, son of late governor Salman Taseer, from Lahore by unknown kidnappers. He said that Malik Mumtaz Qadri has nothing to do with this kidnapping case or has no links with Taliban or any other banned outfit. He said, “We never asked Salman Taseer’s family to withdraw the case against Qadri rather we prayed to God for the save recovery of Shehbaz Taseer.”
    Earlier, the murder of former federal minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti was also tried to be pinned with Qadri but at the end it was proved that there was some property dispute. “Shahbaz Taseer kidnapping case seems similar to Bhatti’s case as late Salman Taseer had left big property behind him,” Raja Shujah stated.


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