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Of distortions and the shameless Pakistani urban elite

This is a distorted and out of context quote being attributed to Malala and is being spread by educated Pakistanis urbanites because they still refuse to acknowledge their past.

When Malala was shot by the Taliban, a significant section of Pakistan’s urban chattering classes started spewing the worst kind of rubbish.

They denied that Malala and other girls were attacked by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) and made up all kinds of rubbish and lies about Malala.

Meanwhile President Zardari and his kids stood by Malala.

They visited her and supported the initiatives for her family and her to get the specialized treatment required for some kind of recovery from her facial injuries.

Meanwhile, the PPP-hating educated urbanize elites who are slandering her character, are the same ones who support establishment right wing parties like PML N, MQM and PTI; as well as the religious right wing parties.

Seeing this latest stupid attack against Malala, reminded one of similar slanders and libels against Bhutto, Benazir, Zardari and now Bilawal. Bhutto is blamed for breaking up Pakistan because of a False quote that he never even said.

Benazir and Zardari’s character assassination was attempted by dirty goons like Nawaz Sharif and his henchmen like Najam Sethi, Sheikh Rashid, Hussain Haqqani, Cyril Almeida, Talat Hussain, Saif ur Rahman, Shami etc etc Bilawal, Benazir’s son and Bhutto’s grandson, is regularly attacked using the most nasty tactics by PTI, MQM and PML N supporters.

His images are altered to create Deep Fakes that are indicative of the twisted mindset of the attackers.There are valid critiques but engaging in character assassinations is not on.


Aitzaz Hasan is the Shia school boy who tackled a Taliban/Sipah e Sahaba suicide bomber and sacrificed his life to save potentially a hundred + school kids in Parachinar.

Mehzar Zehra is the young girl who was shot and paralyzed while her father was executed in front of her by the Sipah e Sahaba/LeJ.

Their crime was that they were Shia Muslims and the father was dropping his daughter to school. This was during another phase of the slow motion Shia Genocide in Pakistan.

These are the children that we don’t hear about. However, Malala was propelled to international fame and rather than acknowledging her and using her fame for the good of education in Pakistan, our educated elites continue to slander her.


That is why it is specially important to call out distortions. Just last year, a former MQM ticket holder, now residing in Canada, released a video claiming that former President Zardari was dead.

Obviously he was lying through his teeth but we never called him out on not just blatantly fake news but his accompanying slander against Zardari. So let’s now waste this opportunity.

This quote is taken out of context and is being used as slander and libel against Malala. Please call out those forwarding this. And also question the other rubbish THEY feed you.