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Covid Update : In response to “All vaccinated people will die in 2 years’

When you take a vaccine, it triggers your body into making ‘Antibodies’ against the virus, who remember the attacker and if infection occurs, block the virus from entering/destroying your cells.

These antibodies are than referred to as ‘Neutralizing antibodies’ In some viruses’ case the antibodies instead of neutralizing the virus may actually help it into entering the cells ‘The trojan horse phenomenon’ resulting in ferocious disease and emergence of newer strains consequently.

This is referred to as ‘Antibodies dependent enhancement’.(ADE) This has been witnessed especially in Dengue fever, a children virus (RCV) & with an older mumps vaccine which were all withdrawn as ADE was discovered in trials.

The concern the French virologist has raised (and it is repeatedly raised in medical community before) is that the earlier Corona viruses (MERS, SARS etc.)’s attempted vaccines showed ADE hence withdrawal of experimental vaccines for these & he is worried that Covid 19 vaccines may create ADE causing ferocious disease & new strains due to being similar to earlier Corona viruses ALL ADE’s are discovered in clinical trials usually (phase 3 involving humans) or before.

NO such thing has been seen so far with Covid vaccines after extensive trials and ‘real life clinical data’ from millions around the world.

Even if there were occasional ADE case there are management strategies involving convalescent plasma etc.So in brief forgive all the scientific jargon, read and share and reassure that Vaccinations are very safe and effective but keep your guard of social distancing and MASKS on despite having the vaccines as you don’t want to be the one who has the ADE the French virologist was talking about and people photo shopped his interview to demonize our only way out of this dreadful Pandemic.

Stay safe & Well

DR Kashif RizviMD,


UK Dual Board Certified

Consultant physician