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As per Hamid Mir, Protection for Journalists is the same as protecting Takfiri terrorists

Journalists and even propaganda spouting stenographers have rights. The continuous targeting and harassment of those from the media industry needs to be condemned. It is unacceptable.

There have been numerous instances of harassment, enforced disappearances and attacks on those from the media industry.

This should be condemned. At a recent protest, Hamid Mir, a leading media stenographer whose remuneration is upwards of Rs. 3,000,000 per month (minimum wage is less than Rs. 20,000) lectured and did point scoring on this crucial debate.

Hamid Mir’s main grouse was former General Musharaf’s (half-hearted) support for the United State’s campaign against Al Qaeda/TTP in the tribal areas of Pakistan. For Hamid Mir, gradually reversing Pakistan’s Deep State policy of supporting Takfiri militant proxies was a bad idea!

Similarly, Hamid Mir has also conflated the TTP/LeJ/Jaish/Jundullah to Baloch nationalists!For Hamid Mir, the operation to get rid of OBL was a bad thing!How these stances support freedoms for Journalists and media stenographers is something that should be asked of Hamid Mir.

Musharaf was allowed to flee Pakistan by Hamid Mir’s sponsor, Nawaz Sharif – who himself cut a deal and fled the country.

Military dictators like General Musharaf should be held accountable for many things. Violating the Constitution, coups, nepotism, economic mismanagement and yes, being a dictator are the things Musharaf should be held accountable for.

Musharaf’s rise coincided with the rise of private media houses that continue to misinform the public and which hire stenographers like Hamid Mir.

We try and Stand with Independent journalism striving for the truth and condemn those corporations and institutions that exploit workers – like media owners do in Pakistan.

Hamid Mir is neither independent or a journalist. Mir also does not have a sustained record of standing up for the rights of media employees denied their fair wages by shady billionaire media tycoons like his bosses at GEO.

Unlike Hamid Mir who ratted out Khalid Khawaja and had him murdered by the Taliban, we condemn violence and enforced disappearances against civilians.

Whether it is the (Deep) State or the Takfiri Terrorists (TTP/Sipah e Sahaba/Jaish/LeJ/Jundullah) buddies of Hamid Mir who are perpetrating it, violence against civilians must be condemned. That principle applies across the board even if Hamid Mir applies it selectively.

In the recent protests, Hamid Mir blackmailed the Deep State about revealing secrets. We thought that was part of his job anyways and we should not be denied the truth. What secrets is Hamid Mir not telling us and shouldn’t he have informed us about these secrets from his show that went on for a decade and a half!!

Otherwise what is so special about Hamid Mir and how is he on the right side of history? We are lectured by his supporters that he is on the right side now.


We all condemn the attacks on bloggers, vloggers and any and all citizens and don’t deny that these attacks could have been possibly carried out by those institutions whose stenography Hamid Mir did for decades.

Hamid Mir’s job function is to literally inform us but he operates more like a blackmailing goon. He waited for nearly 2 decades to finally inform us that Nawaz Sharif knew months in advance about the fall of Benazir Bhutto’s government that was caused by the murder of Mir Murtaza Bhutto!

Hamid Mir has both access and has earned hundreds of millions of rupees during his career. Some of us try to stand with the principle of independent journalism, worker rights, freedom of information, free speech – none of which Hamid Mir stands for.

We still apply human rights to Hamid Mir whose public bigotry denies these rights to others. If you want to signal virtue, choose a better character than Hamid Mir for your posturing.