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NA249 Bye Election once again reaffirms Bhutto versus Anti-Bhutto Divide in Pakistan

In spite of the Establishment publicly backing PML N and PSP, PPP has somehow taken the lead. PML N is also being backed by JUI F and ANP – both parties withdrew their candidates to support PML N is an urban constituency that has a significant Pashtun presence.

In spite of constant media support from both GEO and ARY, PML N has slipped to third. This is after the PML N section of the Establishment was recently reactivated by laundering compromised Patwari characters like Qazi Faez Issa and Bashir Memon.

TLP is at the second number and we should not be surprised. The Establishment rigging to cut PPP votes had to go somewhere after PTI and MQM have flopped so badly and for so long. Like 2018, the votes that the Establishment cut from PPP have gone to TLP.

It’s called the Fear Factor. In the GB elections, these votes were “diverted” from PPP and given to Sipah e Sahaba, MWM and Tehrik e Islami. Chances are still high that this election too will be snatched from PPP. But Kudos to PPP Sindh for reorganizing itself.

MQM ruined Karachi since the 1980s and PTI failed to do anything despite being given the highest number of seats in Karachi in 2018.

PPP always had a marginal presence in Karachi and was initially a Punjab-based party before decades of crackdown by the Establishment who used PML N, Sipah e Sahaha/TTP and TLP to devastate PPP in Central Punjab. NA 249 is a clear signal for PPP Central Punjab. Chaudhry Manzoor and Hassan Murtaza have asserted themselves well recently but more work needs to be done as highlighted by Jiyalas.

To our PML N Patwari friends, relax, take a slip of cold water and a deep breath.

You cannot rig every election especially if your leadership feels that protecting their corruption is more important than solving people’s problems. Which is the real point of elections.

Not that you would know having benefited from rigged elections since 1985. So how are your multiple deals with the establishment coming along?? Starting with Maryam Nawaz’s Deal to protect this failed PTI regime.

Next time try spending more time on solving the many problems of the masses as opposed to boasting and false image building on social media.

Raza Rumi and Murtaza Solangi will require overtime pay for all the spin doctoring they will have to do on your behalf. Some of your affiliates are trying to deflect by talking about Malik Riaz (no relation) takeover of land and evicting poor tenants.

Of course, your affiliates will never tell the truth that Malik Riaz is backed by the same judiciary and PTI that you are backing too. Other burnt Patwaris will spew nonsense about how the Senate opposition and NA 249 “is just peanuts” that “you don’t care for” – while moaning non stop about it for the next few days.

So predictable. How about growing a spine and talking about the problems faced by real hard working Pakistanis like Bilawal is doing. Because most of us could care less about your dishonest image building and media hacks that you hide behind.

PPP’s Victory in NA 249 Bye Elections is the defeat of False Establishment narratives For over a decade, notorious PML N hack, Najam Sethi has peddled the narrative that PTI and PML N are the only political parties in Pakistan.

Yesterday, PPP defeated them both. Similarly, racist and chauvinist anti-Sindhi chauvinist elites (also Sethi) kept spewing the rubbish that PPP is limited to some deal souls in a corner of Sindh. This is the contempt that these elites have for people who don’t bend the knee to establishment parties like PTI and PML N.

Yesterday’s by-election also proved that MQM and its various splinters like PSP, MQM P etc cannot win an election without violence and intimidation. Yesterday, the working class Jiyalas (activists) of PPP worked non-stop for weeks to prepare for the election where a working class Karachiite represented their hopes.

Meanwhile PML N was represented by a billionaire industrialist – whose elitest background includes an Ivy League Phd, stints at imperialist institutions and crony deals that allowed him to act as a front for a bank acquisition costing less than 1 Cent!!

Miftah used to drive around in a latest model Mercedes that costed Rs 8.3 million in the late 1990s. This was when a Suzuki Fx still cost about a Lakh, and Honda and Toyotas cost about 0.5 Million.

This is the kind of pomp and show that Pakistan’s chattering elite considers as achievements. Meanwhile Qadir Khan Mandokhel looks like a Marxist professor from the 1970s. Someone who has come up the hard way but who cares about the underprivileged and will fight for them.

He is like another PPP worker, Saeed Ghani whose tireless dedication and hard work has seen PPP establish itself in Karachi like never before. PPP is now stronger in Karachi than it was even in 1990 – when MQM murdered Najib Ahmed and other PSF leaders to destroy PPP.

This election victory scrapped the rubbish about electibles and showed how dedicated PPP workers can replicate this model countrywide. So that finally the only party that has shown proper opposition to PTI has a chance to work for the Pakistani worker, labour and farmer. For women’s rights and for political and financial reforms. For a whole host of issues that PML N and PTI have shown they couldn’t care less about.

I hope this victory means that Pakistan’s disgustingly compromised and corrupt media sellouts become just a little less insufferable. Or better yet, we just tune out these liars. In fact it is funny to see the reactionary posts by supporters of Ziaist parties. Their pettiness provides so much needed humour.

Kudos to PPP Karachi and their workers like Lala Murad Khan Meer Haceeb Gorgage Asad Badvi Aamir Khoso and others who worked hard 24/7 to achieve this People’s victory. You assured us that PPP had a chance and made us believe in a people’s party in the rest of Pakistan and the world.