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PML N’s deals – by Peja Mistry

NA-75 Daska elections result

It was not surprising to note that many well meaning people got excited about the PML-N success in NA-75 by-election. The reason is that media hype created by the commercial liberals and the government sponsored media was deliberate and planned.

In order to understand this plan, we first need to understand the context of NA-75 elections. NA-75 is a very safe seat for PML-N, in 2018 elections PML-N got 100,000+ votes while PTI was a distant second with only 60,000 votes.In the last 2 and half years PML-N has lost huge ground in Punjab to both PPP and PTI.

In the cancelled election PML-N was indeed lost and they had to resort to violence as they used to in 90’s against PPP. And later on with the help of election commission and courts they managed to get the elections nullified as part of the deal they negotiated with Imran Khan and non-takfiri military establishment.

This deal has several contours , including a media campaign against PPP, followed up with NAB activism against PPP leadership. It is important to note that the greatest danger for PML-N is PPP in Punjab.In the past two and half years as PPP was allowed to have larger footprint in Punjab and relative ease of mass contacts due to the absence of target killing and terrorism.

PPP has been able to mobilise the masses in Punjab as was evident from the PDM jalsa in Multan and Lahore. This was a danger bell for PML-N as any ground PPP gains in Punjab will be at the expense of their votes. It was for that reason that PML-N got panicked and cut a quick deal with Imran Khan.

The deal included:

1. Unopposed senate elections in Punjab so that PPP can not cause a setback in Punjab assembly.

2. Daska elections

3. Maryam Nawaz bail

4. Other PML-N leaders bails

In return PML-N agreed to;

1. Break up PDM

2. Stop all mass mobilization activities.

3. Save Buzdar government in Punjab

4. Let PTI government bulldoze legislation in the assemblies.

In the coming weeks you might notice that Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif opposing PPP more than PTI.