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PPP: The aftermath of the rigged Senate defeat

The last couple of weeks were more than just political theater. They exposed the PTI as powerless stooges and forced the Establishment to reveal itself.

PPP supporters never expected it to get so close anyways. While Yusuf Raza Gillani was ultimately defeated in a rigged and controversial process, the events were very revealing and can be constructively applied by the PPP moving forward.

This Senate election thoroughly exposed the #CommercialLiberalMafia and other chattering class types. This segment, while pretending to be anti-establishment, were always cheering any setback and attacks against PDM and PPP. There is a big intersection between this lobby and the #ChickenHawks of PML N.

PML N chicken hawks were also parroting the Establishment propaganda against PDM and PPP.“Zardari has sold out” => someone should ask these morons that if Zardari sold out, how come Gillani was defeated in a rigged process.“PPP’s reconciliation politics is not the right approach, confrontation is” says PML N chicken hawks whose deal-making leadership runs away to London and Jeddah at the first sign of trouble.

“We prefer the destruction of Pakistan if it protects the Sharif family” => another PML N chicken hawks claim who have the audacity to chide PPP for lacking courage.

For PML N chicken hawks, PPP should sacrifice its third generation of workers and leaders so that the Sharif family can cut another deal and rule Punjab again. This should be an eye opener for PPP and they should now ignore the pressure from PML N. Instead PPP should focus on its organizing its party in Punjab and KPK.

This important process is not getting the full attention within the party. The lifeblood of PPP is the Jiyala. For some time, divisional office heads in PPP Punjab are from the elite segments of society. This requires an urgent shuffle and Jiyalas need to be trusted with these office positions.

A fresh round of intra-party elections is desperately needed in Punjab and KPK and parts of Sindh and this is what the party needs to focus on now.PPP should call out PML N’s bluff of “confrontational politics” because the Talal Chaudhry type louts can only shout at the powerless. Without power, PML N is just another gaggle of GT Road El Chapos and Jamaatiya Traders.

It is PML N that is desperate to cut a deal in Punjab. PPP should focus on reorganizing it’s party and focusing on combating the Neoliberal cancer that has caused economic havoc in Pakistan.