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PSL should be based on the love of the game (Cricket): not as Window Dressing to fool FATF

PSL tournaments should be based on the love of the game (Cricket): not as Window Dressing to fool FATFIn the spring of 2009, the ISIS-affiliated, Takfiri, terrorist group #SipaheSahaba (aka ASWJ-LeJ) launched a violent attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore.

This incident has derailed international cricket in Pakistan ever since. In the last few years, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has hosted a tournament of retired and 2nd tier players. This has come at great cost to the tax payer.

Moreover, these long tournaments paralyze traffic in Pakistan’s largest city, Karachi. The purpose of this tournament is not to boost cricket or earn some much needed foreign exchange for Pakistan – it is essentially a window dressing exercise to #FATF that Pakistan is safe.

The reason that PSL causes massive traffic during its one month duration is because the city center is shut down for security reasons.

This is a mockery of any safety claims because if things are safe, then why the Draconian security measures. #Youthiyas#Yuppies often (falsely) claim that Lahore is better than Paris as far as infrastructure goes while Karachi is a gutter and a cesspit.

But apparently the smog in Lahore, caused by increasing air pollution, makes it impossible to host the PSL in Lahore for months and thus Karachi’s traffic is held hostage.

Yuppies and liberal elites who abuse and mock the average Pakistani for participating in Ashura and Milad processions once a year, are silent about this one month traffic mess for PSL.

This is because this elite segment is not just full of sectarian bigotry – they are also hypocrites. Moreover, this elite segments of society are also blind supporters of the Imran Khan cult.

The Niazi regime cannot even host this costly expensive tournament properly. And ironically, the reason for these security measures and subsequent traffic jams are terrorist hate groups like Sipah e Sahaba.

This hate group is not only allowed to function freely in Pakistan; it even has the backing of the State. Given this context, it is pointless to host PSL. Especially now that this hosting has also lead to a further outbreak of Covid 19.