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PML N’s Alliance with PTI in the Senate elections: A slap in the face of PDM, PPP and other Anti-Establishment Forces

For the last few years, we have been hearing nauseating nonsense from the #NajamSethi crowd and #HussainHaqqani network.

These two groups sit comfortably in the West while anointing themselves and their sponsors as the Second Coming of Che Guevara. For the last few months, they were typically spewing venom against PPP, Bilawal and Zardari while puffing up their fake heroes.

These puffed up heros have once again proven to be duds. PPP is the only federal party that has really stood up to the Establishment.

It is PPP that has not only proven to be a bulwark in Sindh but in (Southern) Punjab, KPK and #Balochistan. It is one thing to organise, unite and mount an effective campaign against the PTI while constantly facing threats like Zardari has to face.

It is another thing to count platelets and tweet Bajwa’s name from the comfort of a #Mayfair apartment. #Zardari had created a growing resistance to PTI in Southern Punjab when #PMLN panicked and brokered a #Senate election alliance with #PTI.

In reality, PML N knows that it’s political legacy and neoliberal economic policies are not very different from PTI. In a fair election, PML N might not even be the leading party in Punjab. In South and North #Punjab, and among labour and rural parts of Central Punjab, PML N has not delivered.

This was and is a PPP domain that was gerrymandered and rigged against them in both the 2013 and 2018 #elections. PML N’s #cowardly alliance with PTI is a true measure of this party. Always deal makers and opportunists.

While this hurts the #PDM, this is far from a death knell. In fact, it highlights that PML N will always fear a fair environment.