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The PPP worker is the party’s lifeblood

The PPP worker is the party’s lifeblood – all matters related to party members require full transparency, Since the last few hours, many PPP workers and supporters are understandably upset at the contents of a video.

In this video, a member of Bilawal’s security team (Junaid Jadi, himself a party worker) is seen as being rough with another party worker. Regardless of what went down, it is poor optics.

Even if Jadi is pushing someone for security reasons (which cannot be dismissed given Benazir’s murder and that of 100s of PPP supporters in suicide attacks), this is a problem. However, no problem can be solved emotionally and without taking into account both sides of the story.

There are PPP haters who are typically taking full advantage of the situation and inflaming the sentiments of the young PPP supporters. It is requested, from both sides,

1. to listen to each other calmly,

2. Resolve this situation fairly,

3. Learn from it——————However, this incident does raise other issues that the PPP leadership needs to address with greater urgency than it has so far.

There needs to be proper transparency in party membership and promotion to office bearers. A proper electoral process needs to be set in place. Over 50 years of nasty and dirty establishment meddling in civilian affairs has created tremendous confusion.

PPP is not an establishment party like PTI, MQM and PML N. It has to live up to a different and better standard. There is growing resentment amongst the older Jiyalas of PPP who have witnessed and experienced some of the worst attacks in Punjab (by PML N) and Sindh (by MQM). These older and experienced party workers have stood by the party in the worst of times and and many have been bypassed.

Younger members need to understand and appreciate this. This process has to take place. And leadership has to lead this process. That is why it is sometimes distressing to see the Chairman being led to posh drawing rooms to meet with the typical anti-PPP types when time could be better spent in corner meetings with PPP Jiyalas – both young and old. These problems are representative of deeper issues which have crept into PPP.

These are global issues like neoliberalism which falsely equates virtue signalling, posturing and NGO style “activism” with real work at the grass roots level. Real work requires educating oneself on the divisiveness of identity politics – a dirty form of politics which divides struggling working classes into race and lifestyle categories.

PPP needs to educate its cadres about the destructive effects of Neoliberal economics which seeks to destroy the public sector and is set up to benefit the economic elite at the cost of labour.

It is based on shallow, NGO-driven activism of Selfies and privatized solutions whose limited scale simply cannot address the global issues of health, education, housing and employment. In the absence of transparency and awareness of issues among the party, these problems will get worse.