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Science fiction and International Youthiyas

Lately, there is mainstream media chatter about Secret meetings between Aliens and our American overlords, Colonizing Mars and making Time travel possible.

While these are not outside the realms of possibility, there is no concrete scientific evidence that any are possible now or even in the near future. The Billionaire Elon Musk is intent on Colonizing Mars .

He should be challenged about what has been done to the planet we are currently on. We have idiots who think we can create a protective Ozone layer on Mars even as we cannot even protect the ozone layer we have on Earth!

While we want to Colonize Mars, rapacious Neo liberal economic policies and constant war have wiped out species at a record level here on Earth. Even our projections about supposed advanced Alien civilizations is that their behavior will approximate that of the United States and it’s presidents like Trump.

Musk is now the richest man on the planet and his wealth has grown during the largest upward transfer of wealth in modern history. Where the rich have manipulated corrupt governments to loot the tax payer and transfer wealth to the billionaire class.

Where billionaires without a college degree and whose billions came from stealing the products and inventions of others, have been deemed experts on science. And every thing else. In Pakistan, these sort of media-backed delusions are referred to as “Truck ki Batee”.

When audiences are brainwashed about Mars colonies, clandestine Alien meetings and Time travel – even as the powerful continue to destroy planet Earth.

The #TruckkiBatee tactic is a distraction and deflection mechanism. Here we have Selected Morons like #ImranKhan Niazi and his team of social media propagandists churning out half truths and outright lies to keep their cult supporters busy while Pakistan’s economy implodes.

The New Yorker’s favourable coverage of Avi Loeb’s theory (regarding Oumuamua’s being a space ship) is just a more sophisticated version of Youthiya* type propaganda in Pakistan. It does not meet up to the standards of evidence laid forth by the noted #CarlSagan whose careful scientific method is discarded by Loeb.

We have commercial liberals in Pakistan who keep celebrating the potential colonizing of Mars as the acme of scientific progress. The same liberals are actually often clueless about the scientific method, about evidence and even basic arithmetic and logic.

Schrodinger could be a German funded NGO for all they know, which is going to fund the next round of their moronic views.

Even Dawkins and Harris who have actual training in the scientific method start resorting to blind faith about the Exceptionalism of their favorite nations and ideologies.

Youthiya is a Pakistani term to describe the cult apologists of Imran Khan. However, Youthiya-Pun (Youthiya-ness) is a global phenomenon and affects quite a lot of us.