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Pakistan’s Establishment- Judiciary once again supports mass murdering Takfiri terrorists

Pakistan’s Judiciary has a track record of supporting and releasing terrorists – especially those Takfiri terrorists who are from the #SipaheSahaba – TTP – JeM axis. These terrorists subscribe to the (Takfiri) Deobandi viewpoint and enjoy immunity from the State.

The judiciary freed these terrorists using the same flimsy excuse of insufficient evidence – even as these terrorists brazenly boasted about their murders. The same thing happened with #MalikIshaq.

In Ishaq’s case, members of the #SupremeCourt even stood up to receive him and treated to him tea and biscuits at the exchequers account. Pakistan’s judiciary is admired by Pakistan’s civil society and liberal elites whose racism and chauvinism is more important to them than a sense of decency.

The judiciary allows these terrorist organisations to intimidate and/or eliminate witnesses. The judiciary then ignores even forensic evidence such as the bullet casings matching guns recovered from these terrorists when they were arrested. Civil society and liberal elites then trash the victims and the police.

The elites run interference for Sipah e Sahaba and those ethnic establishment parties who laid the network of target killings in Pakistan. These terrorists are part of the Establishment’s policy at both the domestic and foreign level.

As their foreign importance has dwindled, terrorist hate groups like Sipah e Sahaba are still important for the establishment’s domestic politics as they provide a distraction from Selected regimes like the current #PTI#MQM#GDA regime. The victims of these terrorist groups included world renowned Qawwal #AmjadSabri.

It also included a family of 4 brothers – two of whom were UK and US citizens visiting their relatives and attending Majalis of Imam Hussain.

That is why Pakistan’s commercial liberals and boutique leftists are not much moved by either these murders or the murderers being freed by the Judiciary.