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PML N supports Yusuf Raza Gillani: Cautious optimism

Since Bilawal and Asif Zardari formed the PDM, they were under a two fold attack. One obvious attack was from the ruling Establishment lobby and its current PTI-MQM-GDA quislings.

The other attack came from another section of the Establishment – the #CommercialLiberalMafia that is lead by #NajamSethi and Haqqani network types. This branch of the Establishment has worked for more than a decade in misguiding PML N and spewing venom against PPP.

It was not in the interest of both sections of the Establishment that mainstream political parties like PPP are allowed to lead other right-wing parties like PML N in the joint struggle to regain civilian space and for ALL institutions to stay within their legal domains.

Commercial liberals wanted another deal which would secure their commercial interests but doom the future of civilian rule in Pakistan. Which in turn would doom Pakistan’s economic, environmental and federal future.

These commercial liberals often seek alliances with Far Right Takfiris like Tahir Ashrafis and right wing Fascists like Modi. Many of these sellouts openly wanted PPP to be thrown out of the very PDM that Bilawal and Asif Zardari founded.

Towards this end, these commercial sellouts kept planting false stories of rifts within the PDM and their script was the same as that of PTI-MQM-GDA. They wanted PML N to resign from parliament and not contest the Senate elections.

This disastrous move would have eventually lead to PTI overturning PPP-ANP’s 18th Amendment that has been the biggest obstacle to the Establishment.

Yusuf Raza Gillani’s nomination for the Senate seat by the PDM has sent a powerful rebuke to these dishonest liberal sellouts. This is the same Yusuf Raza whose prime minister ship was overthrown in a judicial coup. We could go in the past but PML N’s decision to now back YRG for the Islamabad Senate seat gives us pause.

This is a good move. And the image below is a stinging rebuke to those who still cannot get over their pathology of hatred against PPP. Even in acknowledging Zardari’s decision to contest the Senate and Bye elections, they could not help themselves and still use words like “wily”.

Guess they must be feeling pretty stupid after PPP and PML N both trouncing PTI in the bye elections. Then again.