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When a Youthiya hack learns a new word

This DAWN article by Youthiya apologist, Fahd Husain, desperately tries to deflect from the failures of the crumbling PTI regime.

PTI’s violence in the bye elections is described in wishy washy terms where those responsible, like PTI’s “Nagin Crusher” Haleem Adil Sheikh are not even mentioned.

Fahd is making a pathetic attempt to blame PTI’s violence and thuggery on PDM. He even blames the PDM for fielding a popular candidate for the main Senate seat.

Yusuf Raza Gillani, a popular PPP prime minister, enjoys popularity in other political parties like PML N for his even handedness and for respecting the Parliament.

And somehow this is a bad thing according to Fahd. Who keeps using the word “Chaos” to attack PDM. If there is anything chaotic, it is the chaos in Fahd’s brain at the sight of PTI imploding. Because aside from using “chaos” in every other sentence of his poorly constructed arguments, he has nothing to say.

The same came be said of DAWN which had been reduced to an Establishment mouthpiece for a few years now. The PDM, under the guidance of Zardari and Bilawal, has pushed back against the “hybrid” PTI regime and in doing so, has once again exposed the follies of the ruling establishment.

What really needs to be calibrated is the right amount of therapy and medical help required for the implosions taking place inside Youthiya heads.