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NayaDaur and it’s lobby failed to undermine PDM against the Selected Niazi Regime

The #Commercial LiberalMafia was desperately working with the Establishment to break up the PDM – the alliance of Opposition Parties that are struggling for civilian space.

In these dirty establishment games, #Commercial Liberals aligned with the Pro- #SipaheSahaba Jamaatiya lobby lead by #SaleemSafi. #MatiullahJan is also part of this nexus. Just as in 2007, there are two tussles going on in Pakistan.

One is the obvious struggle of PDM with the Deep State to wrest back civilian control and protect the Constitution. The other one is the fight going on within the establishment.

There is a Takfiri General Zia faction in Pakistan’s Establishment that also includes some members of the Judiciary and media. This is evidenced in the Commercial Liberal – Sipah e Sahaba alliance that also includes funding from the old guard of the PML N.

This alliance resurfaced during the 2007 Liars Movement when Civil Society (Commercial liberals + Boutique Left) marched and danced together with Sipah e Sahaba. This alliance was apparent when liberals started promoting #LashkarEJhangvi enablers like #TahirAshrafi.

Those who have forgotten the results of the Liars Movement need to remember the destructive Judicial Coups by the then corrupt Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, #IftikharChaudhry. Under Iftikhar Chaudhry, the Supreme Court freed Terrorists like #MalikIshaq – some judges even treated him (Ishaq) as a celebrity and stood up to respect a mass murderer.

Under Iftikhar Chaudhry, the Supreme Court undermined parliament and legislation, scrapped much needed judicial reforms, further transformed the judiciary into an unaccountable Holy Cow and lynched folk singers like #nasibolaal The Old Guard of PML N wants a return to the Status Quo of the Good Cop- Bad Cop routine of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.

They want another alliance with the Deep State. Their opposition to the Selected Government of Imran Khan Niazi has nothing to do with the struggles of the working class, hyperinflation, increasing unemployment and the destruction of the public sector.

This alliance of sellout liberals and Sipah e Sahaba offer the same brand of #Neoliberalism with better optics. That is why Matiullah Jan is supporting the Supreme Court’s decision to free terrorists like Omer Sheikh.

Ironically, some Reactionary Right-wing Modi supporters in India take their que from the Takfiri liberals of Pakistan. Talk about working against one’s own (stated) positions. Pro-Modi reactionaries in India quote the same liberals who support terrorists like Omer Sheikh, Osama Bin Laden and Malik Ishaq! Decades before Imran Khan praised Osama Bin Laden as a “Martyr”, PML N’s old guard actively worked and collaborated with #OBL to undermine elected PPP governments in Pakistan.

PML N’s new guard under Maryam Nawaz wants a different future for the party. That is why commercial liberals tried their typical sycophancy for Maryam Nawaz by comparing her to Benazir Bhutto.

When that did not work, they went back to abusing PPP. That is why #NayaDaur continues it’s smear tactics against PPP. The newly formed PPP was instrumental in the ouster of Ayub Khan and #NayaDaur’s recent video completely ignores that context.

This is typical of #NayaDaur when it tried to dishonestly conflate issues by joining Pervaiz #Hoodbhoy’s recent troubles with other out of work liberals.

Currently, we have seen multiple voices that are trying to undermine #PDM coming from the Liberal-Lefty-Jamaatiya alliance in Pakistan. This alliance has existed since at least the 1970s.

This alliance was united during PNA, Liars Movement, support to CIA’s destructive wars (in Yemen, Libya, Bolivia, Syria and Venezuela). It is a nasty group of opportunists and sectarian bigots. Some carefully camouflaged while others quite blatant.

Voices like #NayaDaur#SaleemSafi#SipaheSahaba#NajamSethi want to force PPP out of PDM – the movement that PPP created when Nawaz Sharif cut a deal and ran away to London again. And when Shahbaz Sharif did nothing in terms of opposing the PTI regime.

Nothing.The only opposition to PTI came from the PPP and its government in Sindh. PML N has supported PTI and, similar to PTI and the Judiciary, feels that Terrorists like Osama Bin Laden and Omer Sheikh are assets of Pakistan.

That is why “anti establishment” “journalists” like #MatiullahJan are supporting the Supreme Courts decision to free Omer Sheikh.So why does this shifty alliance of commercial liberals, boutique left and Sipah e Sahaba want to oust PPP from PDM?

PPP, for all its flaws and mistakes, still stands for something. It stands for the Constitution and the 18th Amendment which guarantees essential rights to all Pakistanis. PML N does Not share the same goals.

PML N is desperate for another Deal with the Establishment that gives them their Fiefdom in Punjab. Because without the Establishment, PML N has no real roots outside of the rabid Right-wing trader classes of Central Punjab.

That is why PML N is insisting on the stupid strategy of demanding resignations. This strategy allows the Establishment to scrap the 18th amendment and provides space for PMLN to jump back into the establishment’s lap. Without Establishment backing, PML N cannot win in South and even parts of North Punjab.

They could even loose to PPP and PML Q in some parts of Central Punjab. The Baloch, Pashtun, Seriaki and Sindhi know that PML N is essentially a GT road party of traders and cronies. It is still strong in this limited area thanks to much of the last 40 years of backing from various Generals, Jihadis and Judges.

PML N journalists and liberals support Takfiri terrorists like Ahmed Omar Sheikh. Which is kind of comically ironic given that liberals and Reactionaries in India take their lead on Pakistan from the same PML N Patwari hacks!