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Double standards on Broadsheets by the Liberal Takfiris – by Peja Mistry

It’s funny when you hear the defence of Nawaz Sharif’s guilt in Broadsheet saga by different commercial liberals and takfiri journalists. I have been closely listening every single of these takifiris.

Remember takifiri journalists come in all shapes and sizes, they can be hardcore extremists like Ansar Abbasi, Razi Dada, Salim Safi, Omer Cheema, Talat Hussain or “so-called” liberals like Marvi Sirmid, Gul Bhukhari, Murtaza Solangi, Raza Rumi.

They can be open supporters of takfiri military establishments or so-called anti-establishment (read anti-(anti-takfiri)-military-establishment). But when it comes to defending takfiri assets they join hands and even combine their ideas to build up a “solid” defence for such assets.

Let me share with you some interesting observations after watching all of these programs. As I mentioned in a previous post, that it is very rare that all of the takfiri assets join hands and come up with a combined defence on a certain issue. Only thing on which they are always together is “their hatred against Zardari and PPP”.

In the past 20 years, there have been only three issues on which Takfiri mafia openly worked together. These were “Judicial Movement”, “Memogate against Zardari” and “Panama Scandal”.

Broadsheet is the fourth such issue on which all segments of takfiri mafia openly join hands, which shows the gravity and importance of this issue.

Coming back to the analysis of all the programs from takfiri social media, I have watched in last week. Here are some interesting observations.

  1. Zardari – The Corrupt: One thing which you notice in all of these programs is that while Zardari’s name is not even mentioned by Broadsheet’s CEO even in passing (even when the journalists insist, he did not name Zardari explicitly), all the takfiri journalist ensure that they take the name of Zardari in the same breath when they mention Sharif of his guilt. Not just that, they actually tell brazen lies when quoting broadsheet documents. For example Talat Hussain mentioned that the alleged money against Sharif is one billion while against Zardari is 7 billion dollars. In each of these programs you will find that every takfiri journalist while defending Sharif’s corruption, ensures that he/she is not “defending” Zardari’s corruption to assert his/her impartiality.
  2. It is funny to hear the defences that are paradoxical in nature. For example in the same program one journalist will try to accuse Broadsheet of falsely alleging Sharifs but in the same program another will allege NAB that they did not sign the agreement because broadsheet did not pay them commission.

3. It is even funnier, when they hide the name of the generals who tried to bribe Broadsheet.

P.S. Just saw Matiullah Jan ‘s defence. He is a hardcore takfiri, how could he be left behind.