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Establishment loosing patience with Imran Khan Niazi

Reports of Niazi taking his temper out on his incompetent and corrupt cabinet have resurfaced and lead to at least one resignation in the form of Lota, Nadeem Afzal Chan. Apparently, Niazi’s outburst is related to a dressing down he recieved from his Selectors COAS General Bajwa and DG ISI General Faiz.

This dressing down is related to Niazi being unable to provide any economic relief to the Pakistani masses. While some high level professionals and corporate Sethiya cronies have done well, it has been at the expense of Pakistan’s economy.

The Chaudhry brothers of PML Q have relayed similar warnings to Niazi but given us arrogance and stupidity, Imran has ignored them. Meanwhile, PDM is alive and stronger now that it is listening to PPP.

It was Zardari who knocked down the reactionary and disastrous idea of resigning from the parliament. This would have allowed PTI to contest the Senate unopposed and distort the Constitution. Such details are of course either lost or ignored by the reactionary #CommercialLiberalMafia and their media proxies (Sethi, Safi, Cyril, Gul Bukhari etc) who wanted ultimatums from PDM. PDM should disregard such stupid reactionaries and focus on sustaining pressure on the Selected Niazi regime.

The people of Pakistan are being crushed by the horrific neoliberal agenda of Niazi. As per reports, PDM also has kept its channels open with PML Q.

That is the measured approach. Most of PDM is loathe to have the same channels with Establishment Fascist groups like GDA and MQM. Both these parties have exposed and weakened themselves in Sindh.