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Shia Hazara Genocide is an outcome of Establishment’s Dirty Games to usurp Civilian space

hia Genocide in Pakistan can be traced back to at least 1999 or even 1978 when the State became a party to Faith Based violence and Takfir. So far, we have not seen Shia Mullahs ask for accountability from anyone EXCEPT the 2008-13 PPP government.

Whose leaders including Benazir Bhutto, Shahbaz Bhatti, Taseer etc were themselves killed by the Takfiri menace. Has Shahenshah Naqvi or anyone of the many sellout Mullahs held the Establishment responsible?Have they asked the head of Rangers or FC to resign?

Have they asked for the resignation of Senior Army officers?Has any sellout Shia Mullahs called for the arrest and trial of Ramzan Mengal, Dawood Badini and the leadership of ASWJ-LeJ??

These Shia mullah sellouts from MWM, MQM/JDC etc could only make these demands against PPP in 2013. When they forced the ending of PPP civilian rule and imposing Governor Raj in Balocistan.

Balochistan was formally handed over to the army again based on the pressure of the same mullahs. Weeks later in 2013, there was another horrific blast against Shia Hazaras that claimed nearly the same amount of innocent lives. And the massacre of Hazaras has continued on till the present.

Once again, have the sellout mullahs held those responsible. It is 2021 and the Establishment sellouts of MWM and MQM/JDC are still attacking PPP in Sindh while the atrocity against Shias has taken place in Balochistan.

There were 2 major events of Shia Hazara Genocide between 2003-4 when over 100 Shia Hazaras were massacred on Ashura and in the imambara. The heads of LeJ terrorism in Balochistan were Usman Saifullah Kurd and then Daud Badini.

This was during the military dictarship of General Pervaiz Musharaf of which MQM was a key part of. Kurd was subsequently caught and jailed by a civilian authority (CID) but was allowed to escape from a high security facility in Quetta in the late 2000s. Kurd’s facilitated “escape” was followed by the most intense period of violence against Shias in Balochistan.

The objective was clear. It was to weaken the elected PPP government and divide Pakistanis on the basis of faith. Classic Ziaist tactics. And Shia Hazara blood was deemed expendable for this latest establishment project. Saifullah Kurd was killed in an “encounter” in 2015.

But his murderous legacy lives on in Balochistan. Ramzan Mengal is still allowed to roam freely. And he knows that the same Shia Mullahs who curb Azadari and who will censor the hardship of Bibi Fatima, also lack the guts to call him out.

These Shia Uncle Tom mullahs, who lecture us to support Salafist groups like Hamas, don’t have the guts to stand up to the Establishment and its Takfiri proxies.