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Raisani’s insensitive statement cannot be compared to Imran Niazi’s abdication of duty

No doubt former PPP CM Raisani made a shameful , pathetic and insensitive statement back then.

However, PPP PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf also dissolved Raisani’s government as the Army and its proxies were intent on using Shia Genocide as a tactic to destroy civilian governments in Balochistan.

Other differences are:

1. Raisani did not have much control in the province and had publicly complained about the lack of civilian writ.

2. The 2008-13 PPP Federal government did its best to start a proper process of reconciliation in Balochistan and address long stand concerns with the Aghaz Huqooq Balochistan package. PPP started its tenure by releasing Akhtar Mengal .

3. That Raisani was not actively working with Sipah e Sahaba as Imran Niazi is. Ludhianvi was not endorsing PPP like it just did to Niazi yesterday.

4. Raisani, insensitive as his statement was, was not backed by the same Establishment that was also backing ASWJ-LeJ terrorists like Saifullah Kurd then and Ramzan Mengal today. Niazi is the Establishment’s stooge.

5. PPP and ANP were themselves decimated by the attacks of Takfiri terrorists belonging to interconnected Deobandi groups like TTP and ASWJ-LeJ.

Between 2007-13, Benazir Bhutto, Shahbaz Bhatti, Iftikhar Hussain’s son, Taseer, 3 generations of the Bilour family and 100s of PPP and ANP activists and workers were murdered between 2007-13. PTI and PML N remain largely unscathed.

6. In fact, TTP/Ehsanullah Ehsan publicly endorsed PTI and PML N while threatening PPP and ANP. They followed up these threats by attacking both parties in deadly incidents and kidnapping Taseer and Gillani’s sons.

7. Both PTI and PML N remained public supportive of these terrorists until the APS school massacre. After which it was no longer politically expedient to do so.

Those who are united in endorsing and supporting PTI (including its dwindling politics allies) are in no position to point fingers. Imran Khan was just endorsed by Sipah Sahaba/Lashkar e Jhangvi leader yesterday – just as he was endorsed by Ehsanullah Ehsan in 2013 and nominated by TTP in 2014. As was PML N.

Friends are surprised at Imran Khan Niazi’s callous and pathetic response to the grieving Shia Hazaras.

Don’t be. This is in keeping with the rest of his narcissistic career and should come as no surprise to those who remember his 1992 World Cup speech.

The real questions remains unasked. How much more innocent blood has to be spilled by Establishment created monsters. Khan is just a symptom of the nationwide brainwashing.

This is the brainwashing where brave politicians from PPP have been slandered as villains and sellout mullahs from different sects have been tasked to spill blood (Sipah e Sahaba), traumatise minorities (TLP) or to Broker Blood money (MWM).

Where GT road goons have been kept in reserve in the inevitable collapse of Niazi. How long can we continue in this state of denial?Dynastic politics are a reality when leaders like Bhutto and Benazir are killed in the prime of their lives.

How long will we continue to ignore the elephant in the room when it comes to cannibalising not just the resources of the State but the very State itself?How long will we continue to suffer from ALPS (Acute Lack of Proportion Syndrome) when it comes to PPP?

For how long are we going to swallow the rubbish published by sellout media hacks?For How long will we uncritically peddle the garbage “investigation” reports prepared by sleazy corrupt burueacrats?

Alternatively, how long before we start holding our unelected institutions like the judiciary, army, bureaucracy and the media to account?

Seriously, how much Shia blood is enough to fill the beasts within the Establishment? How many Forced conversions of Hindu and Christian children is going to make us feel secure about our sectarian and exclusivist ideologies?

Imran Khan will come and go to the back of the que just as Nawaz Sharif has done before him. The Establishment is already grooming other duffers like Shahid Afridi.