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The Winter Establishment Tournament: Final results pending – by Brandon Wallace

So MQM finally quits the PPP-lead Coalition Government. It’s not a surprise and neither would be the role of the military establishment in nudging one of its favorite offspring to do so. As sure as night brings darkness,, the security establishment in Pakistan will continue to undermine the mandate of the masses. The coming days will tell us how much further the establishment wants to take this and if Pir Pagara and the FATA and other MNA jump on this bandwagon, the results of the current game being played by the establishment will become more clearer.

For now, let us, the spectators, try and make sense of the games and its players midway through:

The Establishment:

Today, the Pakistan military establishment can no longer tolerate an anti-Taliban PPP government which is asking uncomfortable questions regarding the BB murder case where even senior army officer’s role is being questioned in the ongoing investigations.

They never trusted the PPP and after having disposed of the charismatic ZAB and BB, they thought it would be smooth sailing from there on. Having jailed Zardari for nearly a decade on trumped up and politically motivated charges, they thought the latter would fold. Unfortunately for them, nothing of the sort happened.

Zardari got the PPP to pursue the 2008 (therby thwarting the ambitions of the establishment’s own Aitzaz Ahsan) elections, form a coalition government and start working on BB’s agenda of provincial autonomy, long-term economic health and an expanding social welfare net with the BISP. He also sought to undo the devestation that was wrought on the Constitution by the collusion of military dictators and a pliant and deeply chauvinist, Islamist and compromised Judiciary.

Nonetheless, the establishment did not sit quietly by. When Zardari’s friendship overtures and prospects of mutually beneficial economic ties with India were publically made, the Mumbai attacks were allowed to be launched within days. For supporting the Kerry Lugar Bill, the NRO which sought to bury the politically motivated charges against Zardari were overturned by the Establishment’s Judicial Proxies and his case along with a couple of others were the only ones that were revived out of total of over 8000 other cases! Finally, when Zardari once again disobeyed the Establishment and visited the UK during the floods of 2010, all hell broke loose and the media minions of the Establishment went into overdrive. The protests by an Islamofascist UK-based group, the Hizbul Tahrir were treated as the Decembrist Revolt and no mention was made of the fact that at that time, the UK was the largest donor of aid to Pakistan for the floods and Zardari’s trip was necessary to calm the strained ties between the UK and Pakistan after the establishment’s continual support to Islamofascist terrorist groups.

Today, the establishment thinks that it continue to double cross US by taking their money and supporting the Taliban which it can conveniently tag as “Good” when it suits them.

United States:

The view here is divided into two. Gen. Petreaus thinks that the Taliban must be militarily defeated before any talks are conducted with them. The White House has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in the form of Dalia Mogahed; a fervent defender of Saudi-funded Wahabi groups like ISNA and CAIR. And to the Saudis, Zardari is unacceptable. Its not just their virulent and historic hatred of Sufi and Shiite muslims but their man is Nawaz Sharif.

For their project of turning Pakistan into various “Islamic” Emirates, Zardari and the PPP (After BB took over the PPP leadership, she was very clear in her vision unlike her father and was fully cognizant of the Islamist threat to civilization.) are a big impediment. As a result of this and the infiltration of the State Department by the Saudi lobby, the Obama White House is no different from the Dubya White House in dealing with Pakistani Generals. Unlike the previous White House who made no pretense of discomfort in dealing with military dictators, President Obama likes to portray that he supports the democracy whilst continuing to bolster the security establishment.

While this US establishment continues to fund the establishment more than the people of Pakistan, the irony that US tax dollars are being used to kill NATO troops in Afghanistan is lost on the politically correct and apparently clueless President Obama. They are either too weak or too blind to see the games being played by China and Saudi Arabia via their proxies, the Pakistani Generals. The only thing that has been delivered to them from the latter is the Haqqani network that is slowly being delivered from North Waziristan to Kurrum Agency.

So clueless and inept is the current Adminstration that they have not even made a good case for the drone attacks that have taken out such luminary Pakistani “citizens” such as Baitullah Meshud! Gen. Petreaus like his predecessor Gen. McChrystal is the only one talking sense. Lets hope that he does not give any Rolling Stones interviews as the White House is tending towards “talking” with the Taliban in much the same way that the Pakistani Generals have.


It is painfull to see how much of the Western media has accepted the viewpoint of the Pakistani security establishment. Today, the current US administration is bending over backwards to accommodate what it feels are the Pakistan Army’s concerns over India’s role in Afghanistan. India has invested heavily in Afghanistan’s infrastructure. Nonetheless, good sense dictates that such developments are good for Pakistan the country even if they are bad news for Pakistan the State that is the security establishment.

Furthermore, geography dictates that a stable Afghanistan will be an economic bonanza for Pakistan; as a transit port for Indian goods to CIS states, Pakistan as a country can earn billions just from trade routes. However, this is unacceptable to the establishment in Pakistan that wants to promote a drug trade and encourage a volatile and lawless Afghanistan. This is good for the Saudis who can continue to engage in their Wahabi social experiments in the region and for the Chinese who know that they have reliable employees in the Pakistan army to maintain their imperial designs in Balochistan and Afghanistan.

Without the financial and material help from the Pakistan army, Saudi Arabia and very discreetly via China, the so-called insurgency in Afghanistan would end within days. However, for that to happen, the US media would have to engage in facts. However, after coming across such embeds such as Decclan Walsh (of the Guardian) one can safely say that these journalists and academics amongst others, are simply parroting the viewpoint of the ISI!


A fascist party whose leadership was carved out of the Islami Jamiat Tuleba (the student wing of the Jamaat Islami), the MQM is a wily operator that knows when to spout words like “secular” and “Talibanization” and when to join the Jamaat Islami in protesting the innocence of Al Qaeeda Mata Hari, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui.

It knows when to talk of “democracy” and when to welcome “revolutions” by “generals”. For a brief period, even respectable political analysts were lulled into accepting the MQM as an evolved political party that had mended its violent and criminal ways of the 1980s and 1990s. With a pliant and intimidated media, the MQM ensured that it got a disproportional share of the credit for improving Karachi’s (Pakistan’s metropolis) basic infrastructure (as well as a disproportional share of the billions of rupees in kick backs and commissions).

Nonetheless, with a declining vote bank even within the 30% of the migrant origin (Mohajir) population of Karachi (and not all Karachiites of migrant background vote MQM as a significant percent votes for the PPP too) the MQM was not willing to accommodate any other of the diverse ethnic groups of Karachi represented by the PPP and the ANP and soon resorted to its violent and fascist past.

This most recent betrayal is completely in keeping with the party culture of the MQM and its contempt for the other ethnic groups of Pakistan. As a junior coalition partner for nearly 3 years and after a contentious elections in which it gerrymandered and fraudulently increased its parliamentary seats by atleast 3-4 in Karachi alone, MQM finally undertook what it had been blackmailing from day one.

Inspite of its tall claims for being secular, MQM was conspicuously silent in the Blasphemy debate while PPP atleast made some token protest. Similarly, MQM stabbed the government in the back at nearly every step. As a fiefdom of an ex-gun runner for the Jamaati Islami and self-declared Fuhrer of Karachi, it is unlikely to change and evolve and far more likely to disintegrate unless another able thug is developed by the establishment.

The Sharif Brothers and their version of the King’s Party, the Muslim League Nawaz:

Nawaz Sharif may be the most popular leader as per the polls conducted by right-wing establishment henchmen but his party has taken a battering even in his strongholds of North and Central urban Punjab. Nawaz and his party are in an informal coalition with the founding party of the Taliban, the Jamaat Islami and with the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammah formerly known as Sipah Sahaba, Al Qaeeda’s most reliable affiliate in Pakistan; something that is a death knell for the significant minorities that reside in Punjab.

When the Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanullah is seen with the masterminds of the shrine bombings like Sipah Sahaba leader, Maulana Ludhianwi, the moderate vote in Punjab has clearly migrated. For now, the Sharifs are biding their time and waiting for an even more Islamist army chief than Kiyani before signaling their willingness to form the next government. The floods and an economy that has been sucked dry by the tens of billions of dollars of unaudited military budget and concealed mismanagement by previous military dictators makes even the Sharif’s uneasy.

The educated middle class and the elite:

One of the most venal, fickle, shallow and hypocritical segment that can be found on this planet, this segment is the bane and definitely not the solution of Pakistan’s myriad problems. Since its inception, this class that is largely comprised of Punjabi and Migrant elites has been a willing collaborator with the security establishment.

They have created and maintained a noxious blend of toxic lies that is then forced down the throats of every Pakistani child in the form of the official Pakistani ideology.

Furthermore, this has been the same class that has welcomed every military dictator. In a recent inter-establishment struggle for power between Gen. Kiyani and Musharaf which was packaged as the Lawyer’s movement by the media, this class was firmly with the dark Islamist forces and other shady remnants of the Zia ul Haq regime. Now that the false halo that surrounded the movement has receded, this class continues to place its hopes in another military adventure that will intrigue to overthrow another PPP elected government.

On a recent visit to Lahore and Karachi, it was tragical and comical to see yuppies at expensive cafes spout Marx and Lenin interspersed with the rantings of Imran Khan and Maudodi (twentieth century ideologue) as they simultaneously cursed BB and Zardari and then proceeded to defend the Taliban and their violent acts. All within the space of an expensive evening after which they drove off in chauffer driven cars where the Pushtun chauffers probably voted for the PPP and inwardly cursed the Taliban for destroying their lands.

The voice of this class is the shifty advisor to governments, Mosharraf Zaidi. This is the typical Pakistani yuppie analyst who hides his admiration for the establishment under the thin veneer of perfunctory criticism that misses the real picture. This is the type of analyst who portrays themselves as neutral even as they frequently give in to unsubstantiated rants against Zardari and energetic defense of the establishement. These are the ISI-inspired analysts whose prejudiced and elitest analysis is part of the opinion manufacturing process; we can only give such consideration to such rubbish at our own costs!

Today, the rest of the world can no longer ignore the dangerous games being played by the Pakistani Generals. The short term success of their objectives is a volatile region and the long term effects are the acts of terrorism in every European , American and Australian city and capital because some of us could not see the writing on the wall and choose sides between the establishment and State of Pakistan vs its elected government and civilians.

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Abdul Nishapuri


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  • بھتہ خور،ڈیزل پینے والے کس منہ سے جمہوریت کی بات کررہے ہیں،رانا ثناء

    Updated at 2240 PST

    لاہور…وزیر قانون پنجاب رانا ثنا اللہ نے کہا ہے کہ پاکستان کا معاشی دارالخلافہ تباہ کرنے والے،بھتہ خور،پنجاب کو گالی دینے والے اور ڈیزل پینے والے پریشر گر وپوں کی بلیک میلنگ پر قومی اہمیت کے فیصلے نہیں کئے جا سکتے۔پنجاب اسمبلی کے باہر میڈیا سے گفتگو کرتے ہوئے رانا ثنااللہ نے کہا کہ جن لوگوں نے معاشی دارالخلافہ کراچی کو تباہ کیا وہ کس منہ سے جمہوریت کی بات کرتے ہیں۔ان کا کہنا تھا کہ صدر زرداری کو چاہیے کہ وزیراعظم کو اعتماد کا ووٹ لینے کا کہیں۔وزیرقانون نے کہا کہ مسلم لیگ ن قومی جماعت ہے اپنے فیصلے خود کرے گی اور مستقبل کے لائحہ عمل کا فیصلہ سینٹرل ایگزیکٹو کمیٹی میں کیا جائے گا۔


    PML-N’s leader Rana Sanaullah said PML-N always practiced the ideological politics and never took decisions on the external wishes rather what we did was in the best national interest. He further said PML-N will never be blackmailed by extortionists or diesel scammers.

    He said extortionists want to grab powers in Punjab whereas on the other hand they verbally abuse Punjabis.

    He blamed these extortionists have hijacked the country’s economic hub Karachi and have ruined it. They didn’t allow Chief Justice of Pakistan to enter the metropolitan city and also hostage high court judges he said adding that they held massive killings in Karachi when their leader Dr. Imran Farooq was killed in London. He also said everyone is well aware of the stories of diesel scandal.

    He reiterated that PML-N will never back the agenda of such parties and rather will freely make its own decisions that will be in the best interest of nation.


  • the establishment is simply the armed version of the educated urban class which has needed to rule by force since partition since it obviously doesn’t have the numbers to establish its hegemony any other way.

    the basic creed of this class is that pakistani society must be used as a weapon for their hawkish foreign policy interests wrt india. They complain about feudalism, but consider the case of Ajmal Kasab – a pakora seller’s son from southern punjab, used as a strategic weapon against Mumbai and sent there to be slaughtered after being brainwashed. Can anything be more “feudal” than this cynical use of the poorest of the poor as a means of establishing parity with India?

    At the same time this class seeks to legitimize its domestic hegemony by claiming that Pakistanis are too bigoted and too illiterate for democracy. The irony of this situation is that as Pakistan is made more and more radicalized and ever more terrorist networks are established to serve the foreign policy interests of this class, the poor and disempowered are told that they are too backward to rule themselves and so must submit army rule until they are more “advanced”.

    Khwaja Asif of PML-N explained this hypocrisy in his brave speech in the NA in 2006 which every Pakistani should watch:




  • very well written and balanced analysis which simply confirms the theory that Pakistan is either pro ppp or anti ppp. There is no mid path

  • Greatly done!
    It was really arduous to expose the interests of all stake-holders in a single write-up which has been done so comprehensively.

  • Excellent article, Mr. Wallace.

    Let us link the above analysis with two very apt analyses by Kamran Shafi and Nadeem Paracha:

    MQM: Losing the plot? – by Nadeem F. Paracha

    The MQM-JUI drama being directed from you-know-where – by Kamran Shafi


    Now compare the above honest analyses with the civil society crap (the establishment talk) by Mosharraf Zaidi whose analysis is as foggy as is his honesty:

    “So on the night of March 15, 2009, when the phone calls were coming in fast and furious, expressing trepidation about more than a million angry Pakistanis converging in front of parliament in Islamabad, the re-instatement of the chief justice represented, on the part of a quiet, but deeply invested Gen Kayani, an admission of his institution having been wrong.”

    “The rehabilitation and cleansing of the military’s image in Pakistan since March 15, 2009 has been one of the most powerful lessons in managing change we’ll see in our lives.”

    “No country should have a national discourse that is constantly bad mouthing its military and intelligence agencies.”

    “Luckily, Gen Kayani’s sense of security and his method means that few people are talking about an outright takeover of power.”

    “While frolicking in an orgy of condemnations of the incompetence of elected politicians, from the “corrupt” PPP, to the “thuggish” MQM, to the “sinister” PML-N, we might consider biting our lips, once in a while. The choice to reject these adjective-laden parties is a sovereign right of the people of Pakistan. It must be exercised by the Pakistani people. Spoon-fed governance from soldiers is a baby formula that we’ve consumed before.”

    In the thickness of fog
    The NewsJanuary 4th, 2011
    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

  • ۔ 1980ء کے عشرے میں وہائٹ ہاؤس کے دروازے پر دستک دیئے بغیر دربانوں کو غلط انداز نظروں سے دیکھتے ہوئے کشادہ ہالوں میں عالمی مقتدرہ کے کشادہ دل حکمرانوں سے راز و نیاز کرنے والوں پر 1990ء کے عشرے کے اختتام پر وہی دروازے اس شرط پر کھولے گئے کہ وہ نئے عالمی فرمان کے تحت سرد جنگ کے تزویری اثاثوں کو ٹھکانے لگانے کیلئے دہشت گردی کے خلاف نئی جنگ میں فرنٹ لائن اسٹیٹ کا کردار ادا کریں۔ اس جنگ کا آنگن اتنا ٹیڑھا اور اتنا حدت آمیز تھا کہ فرنٹ لائن اسٹیٹ کی طاقتور مقتدرہ کے پاؤں اب تک جل رہے ہیں۔ اس وقت پاکستان کی ریاستی مقتدرہ کا مسئلہ پیپلز پارٹی کا برسراقتدار رہنا یا نہ رہنا نہیں۔ بے چارے آصف علی زرداری بار بار اعلان کرتے ہیں کہ ہم بے نظیر کے قاتلوں کو زندہ دیکھنا چاہتے ہیں مگر یہ معاملہ اتنا سیدھا سادا نہیں۔ اصل مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ عالمی مقتدرہ اس راز سے پردہ اٹھانے کیلئے بے تاب ہے۔ اسے اپنے سرد جنگ کے تزویری اثاثوں سے گلو خلاصی کرانی ہے۔ پچاس برسوں تک سرمایہ داری کا انتظامی میکنزم چلانے والی عالمی مقتدرہ کی ضرورت مارشل لاء کی پشت پناہی اور آمروں کی ناز برداری رہا ہے۔اب عالمی مقتدرہ کی ضرورت جمہوریت، عالمگیریت، آزاد منڈی کی معیشت، شہری آزادیاں، انسانی حقوق اور ماحولیات ہیں۔ عالمی مقتدرہ کی ایک پرانی ضرورت ایٹمی اسلحہ کا عدم پھیلاؤ، عالمی ایٹمی اثاثوں کی نگرانی اور ایٹمی اثاثوں کیلئے ایک عالمی کنٹرول اینڈ کمان سسٹم کا قیام بھی ہے۔ ایسے گنجلک، پیچیدہ اور گمبھیر ماحول میں اگر جنوبی ایشیا اور وسطیٰ ایشیا میں نئے عالمی فرمان کے نفاذ کا راستہ بے نظیر بھٹو کے قتل کے محرکات اور قاتلوں کی نشاندہی کے ذریعے نکالنے کا فیصلہ کیا گیا تو یہ سمجھا جائے گا کہ 50 سالہ طویل سرد جنگ کے تزویری اثاثہ جات سے گلوخلاصی کی مہم میں تیزی پیدا ہو گئی ہے۔ ان حالات میں پیپلز پارٹی کے موجودہ اور سابقہ اتحادیوں کی قربتوں اور فاصلوں کو سمجھنے میں بھی بڑی مدد ملے گی۔

    پیپلز پارٹی کا اقتدار اور تزویری اثاثہ جات
    ….عرض حال…نذیر لغاری


  • Engineered Betrayal
    By: Deepika Jaitley

    The MQM’s apparently populist maneuver of leaving the federal government rings of how the Leftist parties abandoned the United Progressive Alliance after the US nuclear deal.

    A week after Altaf Hussain made an impassionate appeal to the obedient masses of Karachi whether they will support the MQM if it leaves the PPP-led government or not, the party that controls Karachi has finally decided to jump the wagon – despite overtures by President Zardari and Interior Minister Rehman Malik – ostensibly because of the ‘petrol bomb’, or price hike in the petrol cost throughout the country. It is common knowledge that the MQM and the PPP – erstwhile allies in the Sindh province as well as the center – were going through a rough patch, with insecurity and target killings rampant in Karachi, the economic situation of the country in the doldrums, the local government system (introduced thoughtout the country but specifically to conform to MQM’s requirements vis-a-vis governing Karachi) and the flurry of aggressive statements flying between MQM and the Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza. Yet, everyone hoped that sense would prevail, and that the MQM would remain part of the PPP coalition.

    The events of Sunday night remind me of how the Leftist parties opted out of the UPA coalition – and even initiated a vote of no confidence in the Congress-led government – after the controversial Nuclear agreement with the US. It was against the manifesto and policies of the CPI-M and other Leftist parties to allow more capitalist intervention in the Indian economy, especially if it meant greater partnerships with the West (read: the US). The NDA opposition spearheaded by the BJP was waiting any such fissure to capitalize from, but it failed miserably because of structural upheavals within the BJP top brass and its ideological connections to the Sangh Parivar. The Congress continued to govern with its allies, and gained a thumping majority in the pursuant Lok Sabha elections, courtesy aggressive politicking by Rahul Gandhi, India’s PM-in-waiting. Most commentators believe it was Rahul’s youthful and dynamic image – in contrast to Modi’s effective but controversially sectarian outlook – that led the Congress to such a resounding victory.

    The same cannot be said for the PPP, in the case of a vote of no confidence, or in the case of the 2013 elections. The PPP has a very bad track record concerning good governance, handling of the economy, management of the war on terror (especially the internal security situation, which – surprisingly – was better managed during Musharraf’s time) and now, their relationship with their allies. The parting of ways with the MQM happened after PM Gilani sacked one of his ministers and one of the JUI-F coalition partner’s ministers for “administrative reasons” – the ministers had engaged in allegations of corruption against each other while still in office. It did not matter that the PM was right in pointing out that any intra-cabinet disagreements should be brought to the PM first and then taken to the media or the public. The JUI-F immediately pulled out of the coalition, asked for more cabinet positions if the government wanted it back in the coalition, and immediately jumped on the blasphemy law bandwagon – Maulana Fazlur Rehman took an aggressive stance by saying that the present dispensation was dangerous for Islam in Pakistan. Evidently, Maulana Fazlur Rehman felt more comfortable with the ‘ghairat’ brigade, a term coined by Pakistani bloggers and intellectuals about the so-called custodians of the faith and defenders of Islam in Pakistan.

    It seems as if this ‘betrayal’ of the PPP has been engineered by the MQM to hurt the most wherever it can. First, the timing of the withdrawal – especially after the right-wing JUI-F left the coalition – has made the international community feel that the PPP isn’t fully up to its secular/left-leaning credentials, since it is scared of moving on the blasphemy laws and on releasing Aasia bibi, a Christian woman falsely accused of blaspheming against Islam’s Prophet Mohammad, and sentenced to death thereafter. Second, the MQM is never known as a trustworthy political ally, and Nawaz Sharif’s first term as PM – as well as the current trading of barbs between Chaudhry Nisar and Waseem Akhtar – has shown. Thirdly, the MQM was increasingly seeing the PPP as a competitor to its awesome sway in Karachi – the ability to conjure crowds of thousands if not millions to listen intently and respectfully to Mr. Altaf Hussain’s lunatic rants sitting in the comforts of his palace in Edgware Road. The MQM was arguably created by General Zia ul Haq – Pakistan’s hated Islamo-fascist dictator of the 70′s and 80′s – to break the PPP’s hold in Karachi, Sindh’s urban capital. However, the MQM transformed into a quasi-terrorist organization, controlling the mafias and the very lives of Karachi citizens.

    The MQM could plunge Karachi into chaos at the beck and call of its ‘Quaid’ sitting in London and completely oblivious to the ground reality of Karachi; it could wantonly murder anyone in broad daylight if he or she was even suspected of saying anything against ‘Altaf bhai’; it could suddenly restore order and call for peace despite the murders of more than a hundred Karachi’ites each month in 2010. There were over a thousand deaths in Karachi till October 2010 alone – more than the casualties suffered by the civilian population in their fight against the Taliban.

    A lot of speculation is afoot regarding the PML-N’s role after the PPP’s weakening at the federal level. Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N Quaid and supremo (the N in PML-N stands for ‘Nawaz’) has said that he is not a friend of the government, but he will support the system; a veiled threat towards disabling the government but letting it see through its current term. This means that the PML-N might not call for a vote of no confidence against the PM – not because it doesn’t like the PPP, but because it will have to nominate an alternative name for the PM, and finding such an acceptable person at least within the PML-N is a difficult task. This is why the PML-N isn’t as eager as the BJP was in July 2008. For one, the President – Asif Ali Zardari, Co-Chairman of the PPP – isn’t likely to ask the PM – another Co-Chairman of the PPP – to obtain a confidence vote from the National Assembly legislators. That, coupled with the absence of a viable and workable alternative for the PM slot, is reason to believe that the PPP may continue functioning as a minority government – if it is unable to bring the PML-Q on board, that is. The main drawback with a minority government is that if it fails on a money bill, like the budget that is coming up in June 2011, then the government may “automatically fall” according to the wisdom of Khawaja Asif, former Sports Minister and PML-N’s legislator from Sialkot.

    Only time will tell what cards the PPP – or Mr. Zardari or Mr. Gilani for that matter – will pull out from their sleeves to play this hand.

    Source: http://deepikascorner.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/engineered-betrayal-2/