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Test Tube Niazi: Cronyism and the manufacturing of the Imran Khan cult

Imran Niazi was being built up for launching into politics since the 1980s. Imran Khan was a Gen Zia Ul Haq and General Mujeeb ur Rahman (info secretary) project, their test rube Frankenstein incase Nawaz Sharif needed a jolt. Niazi was at the intersection of 3 tribal Dynasties (Burki, Zaman and Niazi).

These tribes benefitted from Partition Cronyism and Nepotism by getting choice jobs in the civil military bureaucracy and Evacue Property Trust Land. One hopes research is done as to whether Zaman Park itself was part of the Evacue Property Trust that was gobbled up and parcelled out between the Zamans and their Burki and Niazi relatives and in laws. Let’s see, wasn’t there a General Burki who was Imran’s Uncle Niazi’a daddy was a corrupt WAPDA employee.

Imran himself was a complexed and below average intelligent student. He grew up in an enclosed Park community in Lahore and attending private schools and colleges in England – probably from his father’s bribery income.

Imran has genetic physical gifts but his intelligence and integrity leave a lot to be desired. And no one dares to ask how he lives such a privileged life in a 30 acre Islamabad Estate. By 1992, his cricket and advertising earnings were ending. So many question marks are there that have never been answered properly.

His cult fans don’t like it when the gap between his earnings and lifestyle is mentioned. Niazi’s cancer hospital is neither free nor does it handle terminal cancer cases as per reports.

The most damning are Imran’s connections with the now jailed owner of the Abraaj group. Seems that whenever there is a mega-corrupt business man (Tareen, Arif Naqvi, Khusru Bakhtiar, Zulfi Bukhari, Yousuf S etc) Imran Niazi is their friend. Forever the beggar and mooch.

That works in high society but it has been destructive for Pakistan as Niazi’s friends have run amock in looting the country. Plus he is a rubber stamp and a stooge. His 1992 World Cup acceptance speech, based on a fluky win, was deeply revealing of an arrogant and ignorant mindset.

That was the ending for many of us who had tolerated his attitude because of his talent in playing cricket. One keeps hearing that Imran Niazi is “at least honest” and “cares”. But there is no evidence to back these claims.

Therefore, it is best to dismiss them as that of overgrown Fan boys who still think Imran is bowling in a Lahore or Karachi cricket ground in 1982. I hope his fans wake up and realise that it is now 2020. For the sake of 200 million + Pakistanis please stop your hero worship of this has been cricketer and playboy.