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Media bias and liberal perfidy

Some of our commercial liberals keep claiming that Bilawal is not the real deal. These are the liberals like the Najam Sethi Mafia, who are trying to undermine PDM from the start.

These liberals have not acknowledged how BBZ has supported PTM and ANP. They never acknowledged BBZ’s sensible and timely approach to FATF and COVID 19.

These liberals are no where to be found in countering the hate and slander against Bilawal, PPP, it’s workers and the Bhutto Zardari family.

These liberal sellouts failed to support Bilawal and PPP when PTI and the establishment rigged the recent elections in Gilgit Baltistan. They failed to support PPP today when Ali Musa Gillani was thrown in jail in Multan today on the Trumped up charges of stealing a 95 cents lock.

Bilawal and Maryam Nawaz made similar statements on civilian space and the establishment but Bilawal was trashed and Maryam was praised.

Yesterday (25th November), PTI’s Fascist brigades stunk it up again. A video of a dance party was circulated on social media that claims it is of Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari’s engagement gathering.

The problem is that the engagement is taking place on the 27th – two days from the date of the doctored video!

Early on, PTI trolls under the ISPR shill Cynthia Ritchie were caught lying about Bakhtawar s fiancé and future in laws. PTI resorted to nasty anti-Ahmadi tactics and their typical sleaze.

Of course we know that Pakistan’s media or its liberal sellouts have never and will never take on fascists.