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Inspite of wholesale rigging, PTI still unable to even get a majority in Gilgit Baltistan

Jiyalas should not be disappointed. They ran a rousing campaign and exposed PTI like never before. This was lead by Bilawal.

This campaign by Bilawal and the workers of PPP has exposed PTI and its Selectors like never before. This has exposed them to the Pakistani public.

For PPP, it is nothing unusual. They have been denied their proper democratic mandate since 1977. But this time, the establishment seems more divided than ever.

There are factions that are still clutching on to incompetents like Niazi. The faction backing PML N is on the decline. There are third, fourth and fifth factions as well. Some of these factions are backing sectarian groups. Others are backing hyper nationalists.

There is declining overlap between these various factions. These divided factions have pushed Pakistan to the edge. PPP is the only party that has and continues to make a coherent case to the masses. Can anyone tell us what PTI/PML N/MWM/Tehrik Islami/Sipah e Sahaba stand for?

Besides hate and division. Instead of demanding that its leadership should go on a suicide mission, Jiyalas need to document, they need to follow up. That has been the one failure of PPP. They need to document the narrative of this establishment. That is fhe most important thing.

It was always a pipe dream to assume that the Eatablishment was going to allow PPP a fair elections. The fact that PPP was simply allowed to run a rousing and uplifting campaign is victory enough. It is time go now document the story and lessons of these elections. And to replicate this over the rest of Pakistan.

PPP workers and leadership should protest and contest. But PPP can never afford multiple suicide attacks like PML N. They do not have Saudi despots and the US State Department + hordes of sellout media hacks to bail them out.