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Judiciary, Media and Civil Society’s collaboration with the Establishment

True to form, Captain (retired) Safdar has been charged on some flimsy excuse at the behest of the PTI regime. How they managed that has now been revealed to the public. This is embarrassing. There are so many ways to be critical of Safdar. So why charge him on some flimsy excuse? Why the high handed ness which should be condemned.

This also highlights who really calls the shots. A section of urban “civil society” hides behind shady charities, over hyped “rights” activists and sellout mullahs like Nazir Taqvi for its politics. This is the same civil society that was circulating #DAWN’a dishonest reporting; specifically “The Killing Fields of Karachi” article by Farrukh Zaman and Nazeha Syedali.

In this article, the entire blame for police excess is laid on Zardari and Rao Anwar is said to be “Zardari’s man”. This lie was exposed when Zardari was sent to jail on another flimsy and collapsed charge while Rao Anwar was protected by the Rangers. How could Abid be Zardari’s man when he was free and protected while Zardari was in jail – both by the same powers!

Nasty and completely unsubstantiated rumors were circulated about Zardari and Benazir and their kids as a result of this DAWN article and many others before it. This is how civil society collaborates with the media and judiciary in attacking elected PPP governments. Civil society uses smut and lies that are so easily exposed.

Recently Nazir Taqvi, a sellout MQM mullah who disrupted COVID 19 quarantine in Sindh threatened to surround the CM house and disrupt the PDM and Karsaz Martyrs rally. The Karsaz rally was to commemorate the hundreds of PPP workers and supporters who were killed by the Taliban when Benazir returned back to Pakistan to stand for elections and lead the country out of crisis.

When it was pointed out to hypocrites like Nazir that not only FIRs but even arrests were made in Punjab, his threats seem to have fizzled out. Not only was Nazir exposed but so where his political orphan backers.

It is clear to everyone that the elected PPP Sindh government’s authority is constantly eroded and undermined. The following news should be an eye opener and expose many lies for those who want to accept reality. Of course, we can say nothing about the deluded.