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Killing their own and blaming others is part of Sipah e Sahaba’s ideology

Maulana Adil, a leading Sipah e Sahaba mullah, has been murdered. He along with others like Hanif Jallandhari were considered to be “reasonable” by comparison. They just worshiped Yazeed and their rhetoric was not as blood thirsty as other Sipah e Sahaba types.

In 2013, Sipah e Sahaba/ASWJ/LeJ murdered their own Punjab leader, Shams ur Rahman Muavia. Then also, Sipah e Sahaba terrorists were in the midst of a killing spree of Shia Muslim doctors. In the case of murdering Pakistan’s leading eye surgeon, Dr. Ali Haider, Sipah e Sahaba even killed his 11-year old son. Because such cowardly acts are part of Sipah e Sahaba’s Takfiri identity. Refer to this detailed report in the News (“Murders They Wrote”, April 2014, link below) which identifies that those murdering Shia Muslim doctors and their children, are also murdering their own Sipah e Sahaba.

These are the typical tactics of Banu Ummaya and Banu Abbas dynasties. Sipah e Sahaba types worship these dynasties who massacred and murdered the Holy Prophet’s family.


Maulana Adil and Qari Hanif are considered to be the “reasonable” people connected to Sipah e Sahaba. They run a massive network of Deobandi madrassas; especially Hanif Jallandhri who predictably runs the Wifaq ul Madaris Al Arabiya. Madrassas are in the news these days because of the abuse of children attending such madrasses.

A month ago, Sipah e Sahaba took out illegal hate rallies where they justified their hatred against Sufi Sunnis, Shias, Christians and Hindus. In the same rallies, Sipah e Sahaba justified their hate (for Pakistan and its Shia Muslim founder). In the same rallies Sipah e Sahaba reaffirmed their worship of Yazeed and other historical personalities.

Pakistan’s commercial liberal mafia tacitly backed these hate rallies with their silence or token condemnation. They did not ask Sipah e Sahaba to limit their illegal use of public space. In contrast to the same liberals who chide, mock and abuse Shia Muslims for following the law and applying for legal permits for their centuries old annual processions.

These hate rallies backfired spectacularly as Shia Muslims, Sufi Sunnis, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan united together in record crowds to pay homage to Imam Hussain (as) on Chehlum.

Sipah e Sahaba probably murdered their own mullah to distract attention and reignite their hate politics. Whatever the final conclusion, Sipah e Sahaba’a legacy of hate, murder, pedophilia, terrorism and genocide will only cause its implosion in the long run. Without the backing of the establishment and its spawn, Sipah e Sahaba has weak roots.