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A sad tale of priorities, personal beliefs and sectarian Judgementalism

This is an old story. 3 years old. It is about the rare occasion when a Pakistani Judge did the right thing. This is about Justice Baqar Najfi’s report on the Model Town Massacre which was damning for the Sharif dynasty.

Very briefly, PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Shahbaz Sharif did not like that a prominent Sunni scholar, Dr Tahir ul Qadri (TuQ/PAT) who opposed the Genocidal TTP.

In 2014, PML N and PTI were both competing on who could be a bigger apologist and support of the TTP.

The PML N Punjab government taught PAT a lesson when it dragged out and shot down over a hundred unarmed men and women. Pakistani liberals, including the late Asma Jehangir not only kept mute on this massacre. Many of them gloated about it and saw it as “revenge” for the half-hearted and ultimately failed operation against the highly armed and dangerous Lal Masjid terrorists in 2007.

This notorious Masjid is now the hub of ISIS and Yazeed worshipping in Pakistan. The Lal Masjid practices the same sectarian ideology that some Pakistani liberals and Atheists also adhere to.

Those who follow this wall know that it has sided with the victims of PAT and Dr Tahir ul Qadri in the Lal Masjid massacre. While TuQ has a mixed record, like many clerics and scholars, he has come out on the right side on multiple occasions.

TuQ’s fatwa on #TakfiriTerrorism is a landmark ruling – especially coming from a Sunni Muslim scholar.

TuQ has also spoken out against the Omayyad Dynasty which serves as an inspiration and role model for not just ISIS. The Omayyad are also worshiped by fascist sectarian groups, Wahhabi atheists and Wahhabi Marxists in Pakistan.

Some of them were sharing and mocking #JusticeNajfi’s for doing Zanjeer Ka Matam.

It is quite revealing that most of them never supported his damning report that called out the powerful perpetrators of the #ModelTownMassacre of 2014.