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Another wave of Shia Genocide is about to start in Pakistan

Mass victimization of Shias being done by Sipah Sahaba under guidance and protection of the State. Shia Genocide is about to begin, yet again, Speak up before its too late.

The wall chalking and slogans of ‘Shia Kafir’ are back in the country. The outlawed terrorist Takfiri deobandi outfit leaders, Aurangzeb Farooqui and Ahmed Ludhyanvi, are spewing venom form their mouths and openly threatening to resume Shia Genocide.

Instead of arresting them, hundreds of Shias have been booked and arrested for blasphemy cases in the last week in the crime of not bowing down to the extremist ideology. In the prestigious month of Muharram, the trend of “Shia Kafirs” had been trending on top twice.

Had there been no differences in beliefs, there wouldn’t have been two sects in the first place. We hold our constitutional right of practicing our religion openly.

Not a single FIR has been lodged against those abusing and calling Shias infidels whereas a 3-year old Shia kid has been booked for having a majlis at his residence. Another guy was forced by mullahs in a police station to accept the Wahabi kalma and abuse those who do not accept it. in Karachi and Khairpur Sindh, two Shia guys have been tortured on video and made to denounce their faith on camera.

Thousands of Pakistanis have sacrificed their lives in order for the interfaith harmony to prevail in this country. Distance yourself from these terrorists by naming and exposing them.